Clearly something is wrong in America.  At least something is wrong to roughly fifty percent of the American People.  On the other hand, over the eight years of the Obama Administration, it seemed as though something was wrong as well; but to the other fifty percent of the American People.  Similarly, the same feeling was prevalent with the eight years of the GW Bush Administration and the Clinton Administration; but not the administrations of the  George HW Bush Administration or any before it; at least not until the end.  It seems to have started with President William Jefferson Clinton. Maybe it was George H W Bush saying “They’ll try to get me to raise taxes and I’ll say no. Then they’ll try again ad I’ll say no. Then they’ll try again and I’ll say “Read my lips…no new taxes.”  Then he raised them.

Maybe it was Clinton saying “I did not have sex with that woman, Miss Lewinsky,” when he did.  Maybe it was the semen on the dress that just happened to be Bill Clinton’s. Maybe it was Clinton attempting to redefine the word “is” when he was asked about the door to the Oval Office being open. Maybe it was the United States Government openly murdering women and children of the Weaver Family at Ruby Ridge.  Maybe it was the murder of dozens of innocent people including mostly women and children for a “gun violation” in Waco Texas by an agency, the ATF which is not even constitutional.  Maybe.

Regardless.  Something happened to the American People and to the government.  Something bad.  Something very, very…very bad.  It led to the rise of American Militia Groups in the 1990’s and one man who had enough and took matters into his own hands and destroyed the federal building in Oklahoma City killing dozens of innocent people in a vain, misguided attempt to strike back at the U.S. Government.  Timothy McVeigh was given the death penalty for his troubles.  Later, we saw the birth of the TEA Party (Taxed Enough Already) in the two thousands;  which was immediately labeled as a right wing “extremist group” by the mainstream media and the American Left.

It led to the election of the “Hope and Change” candidate, Barack Hussein Obama, America’s first Black President who promised to “fundamentally transform” America. Unfortunately, only a few were intelligent enough to realize this meant transforming America into a European-Style democracy; including cradle to grave help from the federal government; starting with socialized medicine; or at least the first step with that being the ultimate goal. Indeed Obama and his extremist wife blurred the lines between acceptable and unacceptable behavior, trashed law enforcement and ridiculed longstanding American Traditions, celebrations and rituals which had been honored for over two hundred years; replacing them with communist Christmas Ornaments on the White House “Holiday Tree,” because Christmas was a bad word and Chairman Mao was a hero.  Obama continued in lighting up the “People’s House,” with rainbow lights to celebrate the LGBTQRSTU…whatever community, while condemning and ridiculing heterosexuals and straight, traditional marriage.

While the world burned, Obama drew imaginary lines ibn Syria and dared the Russians to cross it.  They RAN across it and sent Syria further into a genocidal civil war.  Meanwhile, Obama was championing transgenders and allowing men into women’s bathrooms and vice versa!  He turned America upside down and dumped gasoline on the culture clash in America, while hollowing out America’s military and nuclear deterrent.

It led to the election of Donal J Trump; a New York Real Estate  Tycoon, who promised to “Make America Great Again.” He promised to cut taxes, get rid of Obamacare and undo all of the regulations Obama had busily put in place to bypass Congress. He promised to get rid of all of Obama’s unconstitutional executive orders and to build a “Big beautiful Wall,” on the U.S. Mexican Border and round up and deport criminal illegals in America. He promised to renegotiate the ridiculous, one sided and unfair trade deals that have crippled American Industry since the 1990’s and Ross Perot’s “Great Sucking Sound” that he promised would happen if NAFTA was passed and it was and it did.  He promised to rebuild the American Military which had basically been “used up” by George W Bush in a senseless war in Iraq and allowed to wither on the vine by Obama.  He promised to rebuild our nuclear deterrent forces and replace military hardware which in most cases was much older than the troops using it! Planes couldn’t fly and ships couldn’t leave port. Trump promised to restore the American Military to its former glory and state of readiness.

But Trump wasn’t supposed to be elected. Hillary Rodham Clinton was. Despite her probable commission of multiple felonies, constant lies and embellishment of her career as well as he seemingly cavalier attitude toward the Benghazi Debacle where brave Americans were allowed to die and her treacherous and bloodthirsty laughing comment about Libyan Leader Muammar Al Gaddafi, when she said, “We came, we saw, he died,”  even as she, as US Secretary of State  had helped destabilize the entire Middle East from Syria, to Libya.  As she joked. Gaddafi’s bloody, mutilated body was stripped and dragged through the streets.  Surely, had a Republican Secretary of State made such comments, there would have been immediate calls for his firing.  Yet not for HRC.  Despite her deliberate mishandling of tens of thousands of ultra-sensitive classified government documents and a “home brew” computer server in a bathroom of a private residence, her use of multiple, unsecured email devices and cell phones as well as private email addresses, she was STILL supposed to be elected.

Despite her signing off on a deal which sold twenty percent of America’s uranium; something we have to import,  to Russia in a backroom deal, she was supposed to be elected.  Despite illegally using her office as secretary of state to funnel hundreds of millions of dollars to the highly dubious “Clinton Foundation,” which was nothing more than a bank for influence pedaling and a private piggy bank for the Clinton Family, she was still supposed to be elected.  Despite labeling half the country as “deplorables,” she was still supposed to be elected.  Despite not campaigning in several traditionally democrat states like Wisconsin and Pennsylvania and Michigan while Donald Trump did, she was still supposed to be elected.

Indeed, despite one catastrophic train wreck after another, the election was simply supposed to be a mere formality…. the coronation of “Queen Hillary” and the furtherance of the Clinton Dynasty, because after all….she deserved it and after all… it was “time” for a woman president; as if a vagina and breasts had some mystical impact on the presidency and some how made her more qualified.

But this time, the American People had had enough. At least 42% of them had, including this author and we elected Donald Trump in an electoral landslide as he decisively won states that hadn’t been won  by a republican since Reagan like Pennsylvania and Michigan not to mention Wisconsin.  Meanwhile, HRC was busy “resting” while Trump was barnstorming the nation talking to overflow crowds in massive venues where there were so many people, speakers had to be set up outside! The people who had been lied to by democrats for the past fifty years as they watched their jobs go away and their communities slowly die despite democrat promises had finally had enough.  The people who were told their jobs were no longer needed had finally had enough.  The people who saw what “hope and change” really meant had finally had enough.

But something funny happened.  Something that has never happened before in American History  at any time, in any era.  As soon as HRC lost, she decided that if she couldn’t win, she would destroy the Trump Presidency one way or another even if it meant  getting him outright impeached.The plan was ingenious and had never been tried before.

To do this she would use dozens of “deep state” operatives…left wing civil servants who were simply appalled by the very existence of Donald Trump and who would slow walk, stall and ignore his programs and initiatives; in some cases even refusing to take down the portraits of Obama and replace them with President Trump.  She would also use a fake dossier which reportedly contained numerous disgusting and salacious facts about President Trump and his collusion and cooperation with the Russian Government in order to get him elected.  Of course the dossier was totally fictitious as former FBI Director Jams Comey had said; since NONE of it could be verified an in fact many points had been disproved.  The Clinton Campaign paid for this opposition research by themselves, colluding with Russian Agents via Michael Steele, a former British MI-6 Agent.  The information was collected and pt into a dossier; none of which was ever proven or validated.  Then, HRC had this dossier passed onm to her deep state contacts at the FBI in order to obtain a FISA Warrant to spy on President Trump and his associates, before, during and after the election.  All the while maintaining that President and Candidate Trump had colluded with Russia to steal the U.S. Presidential Election.  Ironically it was HRC who had ACTUALLY colluded with Russia!

The last component of the Clinton Plan to hobble, if not outright destroy the Trump Presidency  before it even began was the mainstream media.  Sean Hannity, conservative commentator had declared the death of the independent, watchdog media in America in 2007.  He was right.  During the presidential campaign, the U.S. Mainstream Media had OPENLY sided with the democrats.  Many in America had talked about left wing bias in America for many years, especially during the Obama Years, but this election put it font and center for the entire country to see.  In the debates, moderators attacked Trump.  On the campaign trail, the media attacked Trump.  Regardless of what he said, what he did, where he went, the media attacked Trump.  Likewise, the bestowed endless praise on HRC.  It was like living in “Bizzaro World” from the Superman Comics.

Trump was portrayed as a sadistic, homophobic, xenophobic, anti-immigrant, racist, misogynist, war mongering dunce!  Basically, a pile of steaming dog shit, while Clinton was portrayed as the progressive, experienced, sable, learned wise political sage who had worked her way to the top and whose reputation was simply beyond question!  A gleaming gold bar!  And while they dug for dirt about Trump and even invented and created it, they dismissed, covered up and ignored the real tarnishes and outright criminal acts of HRC.  The mainstream media, with the exception of Fox News (minus Megyn Kelly) had simply shown itself to be nothing more than the media arm of the democrat party. Indeed, they had become the “Destroy Trump Media.”

And no sooner than Trump took office, did the far left begin protesting saying horrible, vile, disgusting things about Trump and his family. They demonstrated and accused him of destroying the country before he had even had a chance to sit down in the oval office! The Soros backed Tides Foundation and MoveOn.Org had decided to wage a permanent war against Trump.  The “Deep State” which Washington Insiders scoffed at and dismissed also declared war on Trump. They weren’t going to allow this elected person to just come in and rain on their far left, career civil servant parade. Oh no.

They would go so far as even to refuse to take down Obama’s photos and replace them with Trump which is both custom and law! The deep state vowed silently to stop Trump from even being elected if they could and to have a backup plan if he was elected as we now know, thanks to the memo from Republican House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devon Nunez; which was declassified by he president and released.  Meanwhile, armed with a fake, Clinton bought and paid for dossier, special Counsel, Robert Meuller, who has clear conflict of interest with the president was chosen to take down and impeach Trump.

Even after the House of Representatives Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence released its report after fourteen months of investigation showing zip, zero, zilch, not one iota of collusion between the Trump Campaign and Russia; the Special Counsel WIDENED HIS investigation to include the Trump Organization!  Instead of wrapping up his fruitless investigation which is little more than a witch hunt, he began looking even wider and deeper in the hopes of finding SOME SHRED of evidence to destroy President Trump.

Maybe he took a newspaper in 1971 without putting a quarter in the box.  Maybe he spat on the sidewalk in 1993!  Maybe he didn’t help an old lady across the street in 1978 when he was a Boy Scout.  Maybe he tore that tag off a mattress in 1986 that says “Do not remove.”  Meuller was going to ind SOMETHING!  Even if he had to manufacture something, like he did against former National Security Advisor General Michael Flynn, he was going to get Trump!  He has already squandered millions of taxpayer dollars and hundreds of man-hours in a meaningless, open-ended search for something that doesn’t exist.  But he and the left know as long as his “investigation” continues, the Trump Presidency is hobbled and cannot focus on governing.  Wat’s been done to President Trump is sickening, disgusting and unAmerican.  It actually smacks of the days of the USSR.

Meanwhile, in what the left in America has labeled with contempt, “flyover country,” life goes on.  Yes, in the real America…the land between the East Coast establishment liberals and the left coast liberals, more Americans have jobs, as unemployment has reached record breaking low levels because of President Trump!  Americans are taking home more money in their paychecks after one of he largest tax cuts and tax reforms in American History, because of President Trump!  Americans are feeling better about themselves, about the economy and about the future, because of President Trump!

But you’d never know it if there was no Fox News, because the rest of the mainstream media has simply ignored the best economy in forty years, the lowest unemployment ever recorded for Blacks, Hispanics and women.  The lowest overall unemployment in thirty years, the highs rate of home ownership, the highest stock market and on and on!  He was a president who finally had the BALLS to keep his promises; regardless of the political consequences!  He slapped tariffs on steel and aluminum being illegally dumped into America by our “trading partners” in the name of “free trade.”

He slapped tariffs on China for all of the multiple trade offenses they had been committing against America for the last thirty years!  It seemed as though wen it comes to China, the only thing America exported was empty shipping containers.  The Chinese in turn filled them up with cheap,  low quality disposable goods and sent them back to America; where they were greedily devoured by Wal-Mart shoppers who were always looking for low price of quality, as their friends and neighbors were put out of work and entire towns and cities in America were devastated by job losses.  No more would other countries prosper at the expense of American Jobs and American Workers.  THESE were ALL of the things democrats and republicans alike had been promising for the past forty years without ever delivering.  But Trump was a different kind of politician.  He was actually doing it! He was actually KEEPING his promises!

If these things had happened under Obama we would be inundated and SUFFOCATED by them!  The mainstream media would deluge us with these facts!  But because President Trump is responsible, these facts are simply ignored, if not vilified!  Vilified, as though somehow they were bad!  HRC was supposed to be president; NOT Trump!  If he achieved world peace, eliminated the national debt and made every American a millionaire, the left would still condemn him and would NEVER accept him; because he wasn’t a liberal, left wing democrat!  They hate him and yet are afraid of him because he had taken their constituency.  He had proven they were liars repeatedly and labeled outlets like CNN and MSNBC as “fake news.” Ironically, they were caught in one lie after another, even inventing “news stories.” No longer was the mainstream media, ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN and MSNBC the final word.  Their credibility was now in question and Americans were waking up to their bias and lies.  Aided by FoxNews, President Trump was using social media to tell the truth and fight the lies and was succeeding!

At Trump’s rallies and public appearances, his supporters remain strong, vocal and proud and his support among his voters is rock solid.  TRY AS THEY MAY TO DESTROY HIM; HIS APPROVAL RATING STILL HOVERS AROUND 50%!  So what we have right now, on March 23, 2018 is  divided, truly polarized nation.  Indeed as I write this, I have NEVER, EVER seen the country like this in my 51 years; and I am a political and news junkie, indeed my undergraduate degree in in political science and I did an internship in Washington, D.C. under President Reagan.  Even then, the atmosphere was not he toxic, poisonous gas that it is today.  I’m not ashamed to say I’m afraid; not for me but for my fifteen year old son.

It seems as though the left will stop at nothing to forward its agenda, even using school children to further their anti-gun agenda, turning a student walk-out o memorialize the kids killed in Florida into anti-gun rallies all over the country without telling parents. And of course Hollywood and the Music Industry have jumped on the left wing band wagon as well.  I think for me it really came to a head last week when it was reported that president Trump will met with the leader of North Korea.  For months the media had portrayed Trump as an out of control mad man who was itching to start a nuclear war; then when his strategy woks, they criticize him for THAT!  The strategy became clear.  No matter what Trump says or does they will attack him.  And that’s ALL it is.  If you tune into CNN or MSNBC at any time of the day, there simply is no other news.  It’s Trump Hatred, 24/7, unless of course there’s a mass shooting or something else they can blame Trump for.  I have never sen anything like it.

When I was in college doing MY internship in Washington, D.C., Reagan was president and Tip O’Neil was the House Speaker.  The democrats had both houses of Congress and yet there was civil discourse and the government worked together for the people of the country. Now that’s a pipe dream.  It’s constant warfare and attack, obstruction and obfuscation by the democrats regardless of the issue! We have imbeciles like Nancy Pelosi saying that an extra thousand dollars is “crumbs” to a single mom making te n dollars and hour and calling the Trump Tax Cut “Armageddon,” while for the past eight years they spent money like there was no tomorrow! Yet somehow, giving Americans back some of their own money is somehow a bad thing!

The left is truly unhinged.  We now in a world where innocent people are beaten for wearing a Trump Hat or T-Shirt; yet conservatives didn’t do those kind of things to Obama Supporters. People lose their jobs for questioning the left wing agenda!  They lose their jobs for showing they are conservatives and now the online world is beginning to systematically stamp out any and all conservative views on websites and in videos from Google to Youtube.  Americans are being herded toward the left wing view as any dissent is simply eliminated in an Orwellian nightmare!  We will be at the point where  conservative viewpoints are simply not available to be read anywhere on the internet.  Next, the bookstores will stop selling conservative thought.  It’s just like the USSR.  Eliminate undesirable ideas; exempt the liberal left….those who claim to be about tolerance and understanding are the ones  eliminating all opposing views.

Finally, the coup degrasse…in a move reminiscent of the days leading up to the shots at Fort Sumter and the Civil War, the State of California has apparently decided that Jerry Brown, aka Moonbeam is no a governor, but a president and California is no  longer a state, but an independent country and they no longer need to obey US Law or the US Constitution!  They have not only declared numerous “sanctuary cities” around the country, but now California has declared itself a “sanctuary state!”  They have gone so far as to pass laws which PUNISH citizens who Dare…..DARE to cooperate with the federal government!  Here I thought we were SUPPOSED to OBEY the law!  I guess if you’re a liberal, you have to obey only “certain” laws!  Yes, this is really happening!!!  In fact they have enacted laws CONTRARY to the US Constitution, which deliberately break the law as they are champions of what the liberal left calls, “the resistance.”  I keep wondering resistance to what?

Resistance to low unemployment and good paying jobs?  Resistance to more take home pay?  Resistance to less crime?  Resistance to enforcing our border like every other nation in the world? Resistance to being proud Americans again instead of apologizing for our wealth, power, prosperity and standard of living?  Resistance to enforcing the US Constitution which created this great nation?  Resistance to protecting American Industry and American Jobs?  Resistance to protecting the American Middle Class and the American Standard of living?  These ae the things the left is resisting?  REALLY???

Then I remember just who the people who are “resisting” are.  These are the people who don’t believe in freedom of religion or religious rights.  These are the people like Joy Behar, who belittle and ridicule Christians who worship God as delusional and mentally ill. These are the people like Barack Hussein Obama, who want to scrap the Constitution and have labeled it as a “quaint piece of history” that’s not relevant today and believe it’s an obstacle to be circumvented, not obeyed.  These are the people who cheered at Barack Hussein Obama governed by executive order because e refused to cooperate with Congress and operate as a constitutional president.  The people who want to disregard the Bill of Rights.  The same people who want the Second Amendment  repealed.  The people who want the First Amendment curtailed.  The people who want unilateral nuclear disarmament.  The people who want teenage boys and girls in the same shower and locker rooms.  The same people who have joyfully advocated for the murder of of fifty six million American Babies through abortion.  Then I realize why they are “resisting.” They don’t like America.  They never have.  They created the Federal Reserve and embarked on a one hundred year plan to destroy America circa 1905.  It’s a hundred years later and they are well on their way.

I could go on.  In fact I could write a book and may some day about just how polarized and divided America has become.  We have had over forty presidential elections in America.  We have always had ugly, mudslinging campaigns that were down and dirty.  But afterwards we always cam together as Americans.   AMERICANS!  NOT hyphenated Americans, but Americans.  We banded together for better of worse and fought the Spanish- American War.  We came together after the horrific scale of the American Civil War where brother killed brother and neighbor killed neighbor.  We cam together after the killings which led to the Civil Rights Act.  We came together to save Europe an the first world war.  We came together stamp out Hitler and Tojo!  We came together to stand up to communism, brought down the Berlin Wall and freed the people of the USSR.  President Ronald Reagan and House Speaker Thomas, “Tip” O’Neil sat and drank beer together while cutting taxes and rebuilding America’s Defenses because they were Americans and though they were democrat and republican they KNEW that was secondary and that AMERICA was what counted.  I did my internship during those days.  It was incredible to work and learn among giants of American History.

Who are the giants today? Congresswoman Maxine Watters who is clearly mentally ill? Former Speaker Nancy Pelosi who is clearly suffering from Alzheimer’s Disease?  Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer who is a complete and total hypocrite and liar and who has flip flopped more than  a pancake in a frying pan? Maybe it’s Congressman Adam Schiff who repeatedly claims he as all of this “evidence” about President Trump, but never reveals it.  There IS no cooperation!  There IS no working together!  There is no America anymore to these people.  It’s all about THEIR left wing liberal agenda and if you oppose it, you need anger management classes or sensitivity training or need to be silenced because there is clearly something wrong with you and YOU are not an American.

Not only won’t they work with a duly elected President of the United States, but they have actively opposed and undermined him since before he was sworn in attacking him on everything from the way he wears his tie to his foreign policy and everything in between.  And while they cry “investigate, investigate, investigate,” over alleged Trump ties to Russia, and Russian attempts to undermine our electoral process, they happily ignore the fact that former President Barack Hussein Obama was warned about possible Russian meddling all the way back in 2014 and did NOTHING!  Yet somehow Trump is the bad guy!

From the America I grew up in, in the 1970’s and 1980’s where I graduated from high school in 1984 and college in 1988 to 2018 there are no similarities between then and now.  I grew up in a traditional American Family with traditional American values with a sister and a brother and a mom and dad.  We respect police officers, say please and thank you and yes ma’am and yes sir.  We go to church, celebrate Christmas and work hard to get what we want.  I was the first to graduate from college. I was the only one to get a master’s degree. We get together for every holiday and every birthday….every birth and death ad wedding and everything in between.

Now, I am supposed to believe that the way I have lived for the past fifty on years is somehow wrong?  I m supposed to believe that I am defective?  That my way of thinking cannot be tolerated and I must keep my mouth shut and my views to myself less I b fired from my job or worse?  Like the David Bowie song says, “This is NOT America.”

Perhaps the most ironic thing of all is just WHO is spewing the hate, the poison and the venom…..the intolerance, the judgements and the hatred.  It’s not conservatives.  Nope.  We always behave ourselves, use nice language and even pick up our trash when we have political rallies.  It’s liberals.  LIBERALS!  LIBERALS! The irony is that the very people who claim to be all about tolerance are completely IN-tolerant!  The people who claim to be all about civil rights want to curtail and CUT freedom of speech, freedom of religion and repeal the Second Amendment.  They aggressively and violently advocate their position and if you don’t agree with them you are immediately labeled and marginalized, then ignored.

I went to school with a lot of liberals at a small liberal arts college back in the 1980’s which has since expand and become a university, and we had spirited debates.  Then we went out and had a few beers, went to dances, partied and played sports.  Now colleges have “safe spaces” because liberal students are actually in fear of hearing opposing view points.  We have free speech zones which are the only places you may speak opposing views.  We give out hot chocolate and Lego Blocks to calm the nerves and soothe hurt feelings of co-eds who have been exposed to opposing viewpoints.  What happened?  Where is the tolerance?  Where is the acceptance?  The polarization is NOT stopping, weakening or lessening.  It’s getting worse and worse and worse and I fear for the future.

Common language, common culture and secure borders are things that are vital for a nation to survive.  In 2018, not only do liberals not believe these simple facts, but actively fight against them and as the polarization worsens and the divide widens talk of secession by states has started and talk of states breaking apart has begun.  America is on the path to a civil war.  Anyone looking at the way the federal government worked under the Obama Administration can see that America has become a “Banana Republic,” where the apparatus of government was actively used against opposition politicians.  If you asked anyone in 1860 if they really, really believed there would be a civil war, they would have laughed at you.  By 1865. no one was laughing.

I close with this.  It’s something that happened to me almost a year ago today.  We here in Pennsylvania were hit by a blizzard and received over two feet of snow.  As the only guy on the block with a snowblower, I always take care of my property and my next door neighbor’s as well when we get a good pile of snow.  Well, this storm really dumped a pile of snow on us, so I figured  would go right down the block and help everyone who needed to be dug out.  I never ask for money more anything else.  I do it because I believe in being a good neighbor.  Well, I  walked behind the snowblower working my way down the block and I got to the last house.  Just then a woman, who I guess is in her mid twenties came out of her house and started digging out her porch and clearing off her car with a broom.

I noticed a magnet on the back of her car that read “My cat is a democrat.”  I shouted over to her, “So your cat is a democrat.  Are you a democrat too?”  She shouted back in a really snippy tone as though I should no better than to ask and said “What else would I be? Why what are you?”  I shouted, “I’m a conservative libertarian.  But isn’t it great we live in a country where we can all have our views and still get along and help one another?”  She shouted back, “NO, it’s not!”  With that she tossed the broom into the snow and stormed into the house and slammed the door!  I was shocked and amazed.  I stood there flabbergasted!  Was I suddenly transported to the streets of Beirut?  I turned the snowblower around an just went home without finishing her walks.

I was angry, disgusted, but most of all I was sad.  She made me feel like I was less of a person because I wasn’t a liberal and she was so disgusted she couldn’t even be in my presence….even though I was doing her a favor!  Excuse my language, but that’s fucked up!  Any way you slice it, that’s fucked up and if that’s happening in my little town of 5000 people, I can understand what’s happening in the big cities of America. Sad.  Very Sad. I weep for the future.  Maybe we should just take a vote and let the liberals go their own way and break away from America and allow the rest of us to live free, strong, courageous and brave as proud Americans.  I don;t know.  I only know this can;t keep going the way it is now.











So the “Schumer Shutdown” is over.  The despicable piece of dog shit, Senator Charles Schumer caved in when he realized he was digging himself a deeper and deeper hole; one he would never get out of.  Even as his hard left supporters criticized him, he realized how the republicans had felt during the Ted Cruz led Obamacare shutdown.

Perhaps the saddest fact of all is that Schumer didn’t care about you, or me, or the American Military, or the average American who pays his taxes and goes to work every day and plays by the rules or even the LEGAL immigrants who stood in line and became American Citizens the right way.  Nope.  He showed all and I mean ALL he cared about was some 800,00 illegal aliens who are continually and errantly referred to as “The DACA Kids.”  Well, they may have been kids when their parents brought them to America illegally, but the average age now is 34.  Hardly kids.

Whether they came here willingly or unwillingly, they came here illegally.  They are illegal aliens.  So they have been here for years.  Ok.  They are working.  Ok.  They are in school.  Ok.  According to California State Statistics they are five times more likely to commit property and other crimes than U.S. Citizens.  They are also more likely to join the wonderful youth groups which have traveled across the border like MS-13!

They utilize government services like schools and pay no property taxes.  They utilize hospital emergency rooms at a rate 10 times higher than U.S. Citizens costing taxpayers billions of dollars.  If they work, they either work under the table or work with stolen Social Security Numbers, which California State Lawmakers encourage!

I guess what infuriates me the most is when they are called “Dreamers.”  I have a fifteen year old son in Catholic High School.  Isn’t he a “Dreamer?”  Doesn’t he have dreams?  Aren’t HIS dreams important too?  Isn’t it important for him to go to college, get an education and get every opportunity America has to offer?

Sadly, NO!  Because he was born here and is Caucasian.  He is no Latino or Hispanic or whatever we’re supposed to call them today.  No, he is White and was born in America and to a conservative family, who never have and never will vote for Schumer and his democrat ilk; so he simply doesn’t matter.

You see, the problem is that the right, including me are just fine with LEGAL immigration based on merit…JUST LIKE COUNTRIES LIKE AUSTRALIA AND IRELAND!  But then of course, that wouldn’t suit the lefty democrats.  No.  Not at all.  You see, somehow they have twisted the minds of immigrants, especially Hispanics into voting for them.  So they get the votes of the Hispanics already here who either vote legally or illegally, PLUS they want the votes of the “DACA People,”  PLUS they want “chain migration” to continue so they can each bring in, perhaps a dozen or so family and friends, who will also vote for the left!  It is thus, that they guarantee their future power-base and electoral superiority at the poles.haiti_0

(Ahhh, Port Au Prince.  Lovely isn’t it?)  I don’t know about you, but to me it qualifies as a shithole!  Just sayin’.

Now let’s look at Norway….,oslo

Definitely NOT a shithole!!!!!

President Trump was criticized for calling places like Africa and Haiti “Shitholes.”  Oh no!!!  Not a healthy doe of the truth!  Can’t have that clouding the debate!  Have you seen what Monrovia looks like?  Senegal?  Cameroon? Port Au Prince?  Guess what?  THEY ARE SHITHOLES!  They further did what they do best….played the race card when the president said why don’t we have more people like Norwegians coming to America?  No, no, no!  Can’t have that!  THAT would make too much sense!!!  Why would we want educated people who come from societies, cultures and backgrounds to our to come to America and become citizens?  Why would we even think that would work?  The stupidity of the left is so bad they make me just want to scream!!!!!monrovia-slum-2

(The lovely outskirts of Monrovia, capital of Liberia)  Shhhh….don’t tell anyone, but it’s a shithole!

No, it’s better to bring in people with all sorts of illnesses, who aren’t vaccinated against most anything, who are uneducated, have few if any marketable skills in a fast paced, digital economy like ours.  That way they can go on welfare, because they don’t speak the language, don’t understand the customs and have no way of getting jobs.  Of course as the handouts flow from the democrats they guarantee themselves a dedicated and loving voter base for generations to come!  Meanwhile, they destroy the very fabric of this country just like what happened in France and Belgium and increasingly the Scandinavian Countries where they are regretting their generosity!

The fact that they are changing the basic complexion and culture of this country is no matter.  The fact that they are destroying the traditions that made this nation great is no matter.  That scum sucking slug Nancy Pelosi has the unmitigated gall to say that Trump’s immigration plan is to “Make America White Again.”  Are you F-ing kidding me?!?!?!?!  The democrat party’s plan is to make America Black!  Guess what boys and girls, America was founded…yes founded by….wait for it…..WHITE GUYS!!!  Yes there were Indians here but don’t give me that “stealing the land” bullshit!  The American Indian was doing the same thing to one another long before the Whites arrived and stole THEIR land.  It’s gone on on every continent with every group. So get over it.  There is NOTHING wrong with America being predominately White!  It was that way for over 200 years and it seems to me the country has done pretty well!

The fact that most of the people Pelosi and Schumer and their ilk want to bring into America are illiterate and have no viable skills and a huge percentage will end up on welfare or some other government assistance  programs is of no consequence.  The only thing that matters is that they have a steady stream of fresh new voters.  After all, who cares.

They will all be old and retired living off the taxpayers with fat pensions and healthcare in additions to the millions they stole while in office in things like stock deals and insider trading that would put you or me in prison forever!  You know….doing things like getting stock tips that would send us to prison, insider trading….just the things the ruling class writes laws to prevent, but conveniently excludes members of Congress because after all…..they’re special boys and girls!  Didn’t you know that?  It’s always amazed me how someone could become a member of Congress with a net worth of maybe two hundred thousand dollars and leave worth MILLIONS!  It’s sure not from the Congressional Salary, which is currently, $174,000 per year, plus benefits.

What President Trump has offered, to be honest, feels like he has stabbed me and millions of others who supported him in the back. He is basically offering amnesty for the DACA People.  If he wants to legalize them, fine but they do NOT deserve citizenship in ANY way, shape or form.  Sometimes bad things happen to good people and that’s just the way it is.  Perhaps they were children when they were brought here and didn’t ask to come to America.  But I didn’t ask them to come here either and why should I be held responsible?  Why should my son lose out on something because of an illegal?  See my point?

The only thing that is acceptable is for President Trump to do as he said and build the “Big Beautiful Wall,” STOP chain migration, STOP the immigration lottery and legalize the DACA People—DON’T give them citizenship!  He must also include E-Certify and put in ALL of the changes today! Not amnesty now and laws later!  What Trump’s proposal does is give amnesty now and put all of the restrictions in later and we all know how Congress works.  We also know that future Congresses are not bound by anything done by a current Congress!  THAT and ONLY THAT should be the deal on the label with the democrats.  It’s time to take control of our border like every other country in the world (including Mexico) already does AND make our immigration system merit based, rather than some ridiculous, warm and fuzzy attempt to “Brown” and dumb down America!  Just sayin.’












Las-Vegas-shootingUnless you live under a rock, or on a desert isle or somewhere with no communication with the outside world, you know about the tragic shooting at the Mandalay Bay Casino in Las Vegas.  What we know for sure is that SOMEONE or some people, killed or wounded some 500 concertgoers on the Las Vegas Strip. Of those, SOME 59 have died.  Local hospitals and trauma centers struggled to cope with the sheer numbers of wounded.  They saw not only gunshot wounds, but multiple types of cuts, lacerations, broken bones and other injuries from people being trampled and falling on concrete.

The next day it began. A slow dribble of information started from the FBI & LVPD.  Then it built to a crescendo and voila:  We were told it was a single gunman; a 64 year old White real estate agent named Steven Paddock who must have snapped; despite ISIS taking credit for the shootings and reports that Paddock may have self a radicalized.

He left no suicide note but apparently killed himself as the SWAT Team breached the door to his hotel room from where he was spraying bullets down onto an innocent crowd.  That was supposed to be it.  Case closed, great  police work; let’s tweak a few gun laws and have a few memorials and get on with our lives.  At least that was the official line which was spoon-fed to the mainstream media drones, who quickly gobbled it up and quickly regurgitated it.

Then something unexpected happened.  Just as quickly as the officials thought they had wrapped this up, the questions began as REAL evidence started rolling in bit by bit.  First, multiple receipts for room service meals in Mr Paddock’s  hotel room.  Then, eyewitnesses who saw him with others.  Then, contradiction to the official line when hotel officials revealed Paddock had checked into his room four full days before officials told the public.

Mr Paddock had also reserved other rooms all over the country in Chicago and Boston.  Then they found his car which was loaded with the explosive tannerite.  Of course officials said the explosives were in the car but not wired to explode.   Almost immediately this was contradicted by “anonymous” insiders.  It also seems as though Paddock had NOT intended to die, but rather to accomplish his killing spree and then flee.

Paddock had apparently accumulated more than forty guns over the past year; both rifles and handguns.  He also had thousands of rounds of ammunition.  He also somehow managed to  smuggle in lumber and power tools and constructed two shooting platforms; one in each of his rooms so he could look directly down and fire on the crowd.  He was also able to get nearly a dozen weapons into the hotel and no one noticed a thing!

Perhaps the most damning evidence is that we are now seeing reports that both hotel management AND  law enforcement officials have been coercing witnesses to change their stories…change the truth and lie about what they saw.  If that wasn’t enough,  there are reports of a shooter on the ground, IN THE CROWD as well as at least one more shooter on the fourth floor which Video, with sound clearly shows.  NONE of this was released through mainstream media outlets.  Why?  What are they covering up and why?  Where are the photos of the thousands of shell casings?  Why was the photo of his body so carefully staged?  Why is no one listening to the victims saying there was more than one shooter?  Why do hotel and law enforcement officials want eyewitnesses to lie and why are they being threatened? Just sayin’.


I don’t know about you, but it’s been a rough week.  Well, maybe not a rough week….yeah, a rough week.  I did some things I wasn’t supposed to and I can barely move.  I am really looking forward to the weekend.  I have been asked by my niece to be Godfather to her baby and I can’t wait.  So I figured we’d get some laughs in today.

So let’s look at the American Left.  ALWAYS good for a laugh!  Call them what you will.  They are interchangeable: lefties, democrats, progressives, they are ALL synonymous with the word HYPOCRITE!  You can find them, on CNN and PMSNBC.  You can find them in the pages of the New York Slimes and the Washington Compost.  That’s right; and it doesn’t matter which issue you want to choose. You will ALWAYS find a liberal, left-wing hypocrite running his/her mouth, proclaiming loudly and proudly that they have all of the answers and they are better than you!  You know the people I’m talking about.  They are in your own family!  Sometimes they are vegans or vegetarians, or claim to be up for some other ridiculous cause.

Let’s look at a few of these issues.  It’s always good for a laugh.  Let’s look at “Climate Change.”  Well, back in the 1970’s it was global cooling.  Then in the late 1980’s and 1990’s it was global warming.  Then when that didn’t work, it morphed into climate change.  OF COURSE THE DAMNED CLIMATE CHANGES!  IT ALWAYS HAS AND ALWAYS WILL!  IT’S NORMAL!  Yes, it’s been happening for literally, BILLIONS of years!  But “climate change” scientist tell us Man is responsible.  Really?  Something as insignificant as man can alter the climate?  We have volcanoes spewing more greenhouse gases in a month than all of the cars in the U.S. do in a year!  But only Man is to blame.  Can’t blame those pesky volcanoes, even though the “Year without a Summer” in 1816 was caused by Mt Tambora, in the Indian Ocean.

What a cluster fuck!  Where do we start on the hypocrisy regarding “climate change” from the left?  Well, I guess we should start with the dean of the ass clowns, former U.S. Senator, former U.S. Vice President Al Gore.  Al Gore has been a self-styled, environmental crusader since he left the White House.  He jets around the world on gas guzzling, carbon polluting private jets claiming to be a climate expert, even though in college he studied government and later studied spirituality, then law.  This buffoon has absolutely O training or education in climatology or anything climate related!  Nothing!  Yet somehow, Gore grew a beard and has convinced himself and millions of useful idiots that he is an expert on the climate!  THIS, on top of every single one of his predictions from his bumble fuck movie “An Inconvenient Truth” have proven wrong.  I mean, come on folks….how many time can we be told that the tipping point is in two more years?  Though he lost the beard, he continues making his dire predictions like:  “There are only two years left to save the planet…”  Really?  How many times have we heard this?

We we first told that in the early 90’s!  Hasn’t happened yet!  Hell, we were told that by now, every coastal city on the planet would be flooded and underwater due to the melting polar ice caps.  Didn’t happen either.  In fact there is more ice at Antarctica than ever before since records were kept!  There is so much ice in the Arctic, that several expeditions have had to be rescued.  RESCUED!  No chunks of ice breaking of with polar bears floating on them!

In short, global warming and “climate change” simply haven’t happened.  In fact, there have been several studies showing either no global temperature increases, or actual temperature decreases!  In several instances the data was falsified by lefty climate scientists.  In fact there were several scandals because of this.  I mean, if the data doesn’t support your conclusions, simply falsify it right?  Ah, liberal hypocrisy!  We know there has been no real temperature increase on Earth for the past 18 years or so.  18 years!  Yet the lies continue from Al Gore and others.  In fact Al Gore released a sequel to his first climate change movie, “An Inconvenient Truth” called “An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power,” a movie which flopped in theaters because Gore has been proven to be nothing more than a snake oil salesman.  He is a man who made millions ensnaring millennials and other weak-minded fools who believe his drivel!

Gore even supports what are called “carbon credits” which you would purchase from a “carbon exchange,”which of course would be set up by Gore and his associates.  What a con game this would have been had it actually been enacted.  You see, the scheme is that you would have to purchase “carbon credits” if you wanted to pollute the atmosphere by using anything that emitted carbon dioxide….a sort of “feel good” gimmick that made you feel ok for burning fuel.  Of course this would have had no effect whatsoever on the environment, but would have massively impacted ordinary Americans and the economy and made Gore and his pals rich!  Carbon credits….are you fucking kidding me?

Meanwhile, Al Gore flies around the world on private jets, which have a massive carbon footprint, he drives around towns and cities in gigantic SUV’s, several at a time in gas guzzling, carbon polluting entourages.  Then of course there’s Gore’s mansion; his base of operations in Nashville, Tennessee…a 20-room mansion (not including 8 bathrooms) that consumes more energy in a month than the average American household does in a year!  THIS, while Gore tells you and me to cut our energy use, turn down the thermostat, walk or bike whenever possible, even reduce the amount of meat we eat!  WHAT A HYPOCRITE! Between speaking engagements, his movies, writing, etc… Gore has become the first climate change millionaire!For Gore, it’s about one thing….using useful idiots and groups for MONEY!

Of course Gore is not to be outdone by Hollywood ass clown, Leonardo DiCaprio, the darling of the United Nations, who also claims to be a climate crusader and engages in the same behaviors!  More hypocrisy…but from Hollywood!  Anyone surprised?  And of course we find out that the United Nations Organization for Climate Change falsified climate data to make it appear as though the climate was warming and suppressed date and it showed the global temperature was actually stable then falling!  Way to go U.N. Hypocrites!  Another group of ass clowns who want one thing:  MONEY!

Of course there are others; most notably Bill Nye, “The Science Guy.”  This ass clown is actually a militant climate change proponent who has actually said and written that “climate change deniers,”  you know…people with common sense should be jailed!  Jailed!  You should be treated as a criminal and put in jail if you don’t believe in this pseudo-science.  Of course the problem is that Bill Nye is no science guy.  He doesn’t have a PhD., in fact he has no “climate change” or climatology education at all!  He has a B.S. in mechanical engineering!  Somehow, he believes this makes him a climate expert, simply because he says so?  As clown!

Indeed, all of these self-appointed climate crusaders and other, who want to preach to the average American; live lives of luxury, opulence and wastefulness.  They do the very things they rail against!  For them, it is do as I say, not as I do.  It seems as though somehow they believe they are superior to you and I and so THEY are entitled to destroy the very climate they claim to love and want to save.  While you and I must ride our bikes and read recycled newspapers by candlelight, they should be eating Filet Mignon in 20 room mansions.  How does that work?  HYPOCRITES!

The of course there is the topic of abortion; better known as murdering babies.  Yep, there it is.  It’s disgusting and morbid and tasteless and vulgar to even say; but it’s true.  Since Roe v Wade, in the United States we have allowed the murder of approximately 54 million babies. 54 million!  Yet ass clowns like Hillary Clinton want to talk about the “village” it takes to raise our children and how important our children are and how much democrats and lefties want to protect and cherish our children….yeah, the ones you don’t kill!  Of course at the same time, the twisted fucks are sympathetic to things like NAMBLA and in general pedophilia, which they believe is really not so bad.  Are you kidding me???  HYPOCRITES!

Then there is one of my very favorites:  GUNS!  Yes, GUNS!  GUNS!  GUNS! Shout it with me folks! “The right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed!”  That’s right, say it with me, “Shall not be infringed.”  It doesn’t say the government can infringe sometimes or partially, or a certain percentage, it says, “Shall not be infringed.”  But apparently those on the left are either to stupid or too ignorant or just to rock-headed to understand this.  Americans have a God-given, natural right to defend and protect themselves with guns!  And not single shot shotguns from a bygone era, but the most advanced contemporary firearms, just like the government has and uses.  THAT is the meaning and intent of the Second Amendment!

In fact, the amendment is very specific, yet somehow the United States Supreme Court has said it IS LEGAL for states to regulate firearms and even for the federal government to do so as well.  That’s why we have the BATF, which in reality is totally unconstitutional!  I’m still not sure how ANYONE cannot understand what “Shall not infringe” means.  In order to exercise your supposed, God-given, natural right to keep and bear arms, in various places, there are:  safety courses, special taxes, special fees, special licenses, background checks, waiting periods, limits on quantities, limits on ammunition and on and on and on; ALL of which is/are unconstitutional because all constitute INFRINGEMENT! 

Moreover, how can a God-given, natural right be taken away by man?  If you have written bad checks and are a felon, you lose the right to keep and bear arms.  If you are convicted of domestic abuse, you lose the right to keep and bear arms.  In some states, if you have more than three DUI’s,  you lose the right to keep and bear arms.  It goes on and on and varies by state; but ALL are unconstitutional!  How can a man-made court take away a right given to you by God?  How the Hell does that work?

The Second Amendment DOES NOT SAY that “you have the right to keep and bear arms, ” if you can afford to buy a special license, or “you have the right to keep and bear arms, ” if you can pass a background check, or “you have the right to keep and bear arms, ” if you can afford to pay the special fees and taxes.  It simply says, “you have the right to keep and bear arms,  and it shall not be infringed!”  Looks like infringement to me!  Strangely enough, this country’s first president and arguably one of the greatest American Founders to ever live, George Washington said that “Americans should have the very same weapons the government has.”  Washington said this was important to keep the government from tyrannizing its citizens which was the whole purpose of the Second Amendment!

Moreover, these same lefty, liberal dumbocrats who complain about guns and want guns taken away from the average American are surrounded by well armed groups of body guards or single, armed body guards.  So they don’t believe you or I have the right to a gun to protect ourselves and our families, but they do because they’re special?  Of course democrat, lefty Governors and senators and congressmen carry guns or have security details.  They’re especial.  Didn’t you know that?

These people on the left will not be satisfied until the government “has all of the guns.”  Even though it has been shown that most mass shootings occur in “gun free” zones, as with every other topic, facts don’t matter to the left.  Only how they “feeeeeel.”

There are soooooooo many topics we could expose liberal hypocrisy in that there probably isn’t room to talk about them all here.  But happily another one has been dropped right in our laps.  Yes, last week the wonder world of Harvey Weinstein was revealed.  This Hollywood Scumbag who spends a great deal of time in New York City is a case study in liberal hypocrisy in several areas, from  misogyny, to sexual harassment, to exploitation and immorality.  Yes, this part-time nare do well is a real beauty and a perfect example of liberal, lefties at their very best.

Harvey Weinstein, is an American film producer and former film studio director. He and his brother, Bob, co-founded Miramax, which produced several popular films including: Pulp Fiction, Sex Lies and Videotape and The Crying Game.  Harvey won an  Academy Award and garnered seven Tony Awards.

Seems like a real success story and he is.  He’s also a pile of dog shit who has either sexually harassed and/or raped multiple actresses! So serious are the allegations that he has been fired from his own company, (The Weinstein Company), his wife has left him and he is under investigation by numerous law enforcement agencies.  His accusers are many and include dozens of famous A list actresses including: Gwyneth Paltrow, Rose McGowan, Kate Beckinsale and Ashley Judd just to name a few!

Wait a second!  This scumbag is a lefty and was groping and maybe even raping lefty women?  How can this be? Lefty’s are feminazis who believe in “girl power!”  If you look at a lefty woman the wrong way she is filing sexual harassment charges against you!  Why and how would they tolerate this behavior?  Oh yeah……..the dreaded “casting couch” we have always heard about.  Everyone has joked about it for YEARS!  But guess what?  It was REAL! Indeed actress Rose McGowan has accused this maggot of raping her!

But why now?  Why is the entire world collapsing on this degenerate piece of scum now?  The NYPD has recorded evidence of this maggot harassing a model and yet they said they didn’t have enough evidence to prosecute.  Others who have heard the recording have said they would have had no problem locking this guy up!  Make no mistake.  Weinstein is a serial, sexual predator!  Yet he has never been arrested!

In fact, not only has he not been arrested, but he has been defended by people on the left!  He has been allowed to operate unfettered while “making it rain” cash to multiple lefty groups and causes like political campaigns, etc…including the many campaigns of Hillary Clinton!  I mean, this maggot is a virtual fixture in liberal political campaigns!  And the hypocrisy is BREATHTAKING!!!

Hillary Clinton once said “Every woman deserves a chance to be heard when she claims she has been sexually assaulted.”  Yet this is the same Hillary who decided to destroy ever woman who accused her husband, “Slick Willie.”  This while she viciously attacked President Trump for doing nothing more than engaging in some spicy locker room banter with Billy Bush!  She did the same for Weinstein for YEARS and finally just came out against him!  Of course while others returned campaign contributions or donated them to charities, NOT SO with Hillary.  She is a HYPOCRITE with a capital H!

Yes, those on the left claim to be the CHAMPION of women and women’s rights and they not only tolerated this maggot for years, but partied with him, mucked it up and gladly accepted his money, even though these allegations have been around for years.  They were always just joked away!  Meanwhile, he was having a genuine impact on these women’s lives and in some cases destroying them!  Liberal hypocrisy knows no bounds.  And the stories and accusations continue to surface as we speak!

In closing, I think it’s fair to say, just from a small snapshot of liberals that they are enormous hypocrites.  The live in a fantasy land where they are special “snowflakes,” are BETTER than you and I.  They believe THEY know best on every issues, all of the time.  Yet behind the scenes, they are back stabbing kleptomaniacs who will steal the silverware and you ATM pin!(LOL)  They are never to be trusted as they are the biggest hypocrites on the planet.  They cannot be trusted in any way and I will close with this infamous phrase from former president (it pains me to say that) Bill Clinton:  “I did not have sex with that woman…Ms. Lewinsky.”  Pretty much sums up liberal lies and hypocrisy because Hillary stood by him…semen stained dress and all!  Just sayin’.



Some Thoughts After Las Vegas

Posted: October 6, 2017 in politics


I was sitting today looking at a wonderful video that my niece sent me of my great niece and Great Goddaughter.  She was born in July and is not quite four months old.  When the video went off, my phone went to its home screen, which is a picture of my 14 year old son in his football uniform.  He is a freshman at a local Catholic High School.  Then I saw a picture of him on the wall firing an AR-15 pellet rifle.  I thought to myself,

“My God, I am 51 years old, and I have been shooting, and around guns my entire life!  Shotguns, rifles, AR-15’s, pistols, you name it.  I have hunted, target shot and sport shot.  Yet I never, ever even THOUGHT about even the possibility of shooting another human being!”  I turned the television off and started staring out the window and I started to wonder.  My mind went in circles……..

What if people actually loved each other?  What if we respected each other?  What if we took care of each other?  What if we took each other seriously?  What if we actually listened to each other?  What if we thought about the consequences of our actions? What if we had a government that worked FOR us instead of against us? What if people were allowed to just live their lives and be left alone?  What if we stopped bashing things others hold dear?  What if our government tried to shrink instead of grow? What if everyone had enough to eat? What if government didn’t try to control every aspect of our lives? What if government officials lived by the same rules they impose on us?  What if government officials went to jail when they committed crimes? What if countries all got rid of nuclear weapons?  What if we didn’t want to control one another?  What if people didn’t covet what their neighbors had?  What if everyone had enough money to live a descent life?  What if we actually OBEYED the Ten Commandments?  What if marriage was between a man and a woman?  What confusionif people didn’t make of those who believe ion God?  What if people stopped trying to take guns away from good people?  What if we stopped murdering innocent, unborn babies and calling it healthcare?  What if we had a government that lived like the average American does?  What if we were not forced to do things that were against our religion? What if we stopped slapping labels on people we don’t agree with? What if our government stopped borrowing money and lived within its means?  What if we stopped accusing everyone of being a racist?  What if people stopped sticking their hands out looking for a check and started working for a check instead?  What if we realized that people kill people…not guns?   What if we stop trying to legislate morality?  What if there were no Obama-phones?  What if I was still allowed to keep my doctor and keep my plan?  What if the government stopped lying to us and started telling the truth?  What if we were allowed to treat the government the way it treats us?  What if we stopped trying to divide our nation instead of unite it?  What if we all lived as Americans…..not hyphenated Americans?  What if the government stopped writing idiotic laws?  What if we all spoke English and nothing else?  What if the government went after real criminals instead of people who make silly mistakes?  What if politicians stopped being hypocrites?  What if the government stopped ruining people’s lives by giving them criminal records that last forever?  What if the only flag we flew was the Stars and Stripes?  What if we all stood, took our hats off and put our hands on our hearts when the National Anthem was played?  What if we all actually appreciate the rights we have and loved our country?  What if we stopped trying to destroy public officials because we don’t like them?  What if we stopped trying to rewrite American History because we don’t like it? What if, in the famous words of Rodney King:  we could all just get along?  I wonder……

Here We Go Again…..

Posted: October 4, 2017 in politics


Sandy Hook, Aurora, Columbine, Newtown, Orlando…we all know the names.  America is no stranger to mass shootings and mass casualty events.  But here we go again.  The latest lunatic, Mr. Stephen Paddock shot over 500 innocent concert attendees and at the time this was written had killed at least 54 from windows of the Mandalay Bay Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada.   Meanwhile, the liberal left in America, led by the disgusting and putrid Hillary Clinton hadn’t even waited for the blood of the victims to dry before they blew the dust off and wheeled out their usual tired, nonsensical, gun control bullshit with the help of their usual flunkies on the Clinton News Network(CNN) and PMSNBC and in the pages of the New York Slimes and Washington Compost!

As one of their heroes, Rahm Emanuel once famously said, “Never let a good crisis go to waste.”  It started immediately:

“How did he get these guns?”

“Why did he have these guns?”

“Does anyone need these types of guns?”

“We need to monitor people more closely!”

“How could he have purchased so many guns?”

Then Hillary Clinton, “When will Congress stand up to the NRA?”

and “The NR has blood on its hands!”  Really?  Really?

and my personal favorite…..the liberal dog whistle, “When will we have common sense gun reforms?”  In other words, when will we disarm law-abiding Americans?  And you see that’s really the heart of the matter isn’t it?  Sadly, this lunatic purchased more than 43 rifles and handguns and all legally!  He passed background checks for every weapon he had!  He purchased bump stocks for the rifles, which again are legal and were developed to assist handicapped persons to fire rifles!  So exactly which “common sense” gun reforms would have prevented this tragedy?  Oh yes….only having guns in the hands of the military and law enforcement.  THAT is what the liberals REALLY want, and they NEVER pass up a good massacre to roll out their tired agenda!

The liberals always believe they are the smartest people in the room.  Just ask the noted narcissist, Barack Hussein Obama.  Yet they NEVER seem to understand that age old statement which is as true now as it was when first uttered, “Guns don’t kill people…people do.”  We have seen in recent months ISIS Fighters in Europe and the U.K. driving cars and trucks through crowds killing dozens of people in mass casualty events.  We have seen machete attacks.  We have seen acid attacks.  What “common sense” reforms need to be instituted in those cases?  Perhaps we will ban cars and trucks?  Registration and background checks for machetes and knives?

Most importantly, what “common sense” laws and reforms will we institute to stop foreign and domestic terrorists and criminally insane individuals?  Will we write a law that makes them illegal?  I can see it, “From this day forward, terrorists and lunatics are illegal in the United States.”  I’m sure the president would sign it.  What would it prevent?  NOTHING!  I guess if all vehicles were self driven they could no longer be used as weapons.  Unless of course they were hacked.  You see there is always some criminal or lunatic element looking for ways around laws or simply breaking them; and in a free society there is no such thing as an absolute right OR absolute safety.  THAT is part of living in a free society.

While it’s true there was very little crime in the U.S.S.R., there was also just as little freedom.  Much the same can be said for places like China, North Korea, Cuba and Myanmar.  There is no absolute right to free speech, nor is there an absolute right to the second amendment.  As Americans, for over 200 years we have understood that we have limited rights in our republic and along with them we have limited protection.  No one knows when the next lunatic will plow a car though a crowd, but someone will.  No one knows when someone will go on a stabbing and slashing spree with a knife or sword, but they will.  Lastly, no one knows when someone will go on the next shooting spree with a gun.  But they will.

In a free society, where there are no absolute freedoms, there are no absolute guarantees either and unfortunately, crime does exist.  Criminals and lunatics exist.  The immediate knee-jerk liberal attitude is “We need common sense gun reforms.”  They have talked about that for YEARS, but have never told us exactly what these reforms are and when pressed, they always say, “We’ll have to start a discussion.”

GOVERNMENT STATISTICS showed that the “Assault Weapons Ban” did NOTHING……NOTHING to stop gun deaths which is why President GW Bush allowed it to sunset!  Last night, that LEGENDARY lawmaker, Congressman Kevin Colbert on his tv show said we must do SOMETHING!  ANYTHING!  Really?  That’s what we need?  Hysteria?  Of course he’s not a congressman but you’d swear he was, just like his Mongoloid colleague Jimmy Kimmel who is a self-professed healthcare expert and let’s not forget that vaunted climate scientist Al Gore! (LOL)  Since when did America start legislating on late night television by supposed comedians?

I also find it completely transparent and hypocritical that the very liberals who shout the most about taking guns away from Americans are themselves SURROUNDED by gun-toting security details like Senator Dianne Feinstein and Nancy Pelosi.  So in their minds, clearly THEY are important and THEY deserve to be protected by guns, while the average person YOU doesn’t deserve the right to protect himself or his family.  How can these fools in the House and Senate expect the average American to take them seriously under such circumstances?

It’s bad enough they are climate change hypocrites flying private and military jets and driving around in gas guzzling SUV entourages.  It’s bad enough they talk about “protecting our children” in every other breath while they have murdered over 54 million in the name of “Women’s Healthcare.”  It seems the left is hypocritical on ALL the major issues!

Where were the lefties and where was the lame-stream media, ESPECIALLY, CNN AND PMSNBC when Emanuel Kidega Samson, while wearing a mask, entered Burnett Chapel Church of Christ in Antioch, a small community outside Nashville, and killed one person in the parking lot and wounded six other people, including the minister?  Where were the cries for “Common sense gun laws?”  Is it that enough people weren’t killed or wounded for the left?  Or was it because the shooter this time was Black and that doesn’t fit the narrative of the left?  And why did the left NEVER mention that the shooter was neutralized by a licensed gun owner who retrieved his gun from his vehicle and took down the killer?

Or maybe….just maybe was it because people close to the investigation said they found a note in the gunman’s car which indicated he may have been seeking revenge for the 2015 shooting at Emanuel AME, a historically black church in Charleston?

I mean, after the 2015 shooting at Emanuel AME in Charleston, there were riots, rallies, people shooting police officers and any manner of insanity.  But this time, a strange silence by the left and the left-wing media.  How does that work?  What are the triggers for them to cover such an event?  Do they have a checklist?

The BIGGEST, MOST GLARING ISSUE IS ALL OF THE DEATHS IN CHICAGO!  Indeed over the 8 years of the Obama Presidency HUNDREDS of young Black Men were murdered in a city with the toughest gun laws in the country.  More and more and more gun laws have done NOTHING to stop the killing in Chicago!  Do they need MORE “common sense” gun laws?  Where is the outrage?  Where are the marches and protests?  Where are the lefties in the parks with loudspeakers and bullhorns?  Indeed, Chicago was Barack Hussein Obama’s hometown and he said nothing and did nothing during his two terms in the White House!

Nancy Pelosi, Democrat Speaker of the House under Obama, said nothing and did nothing! Harry Reid, Senate Majority Leader under Obama said nothing and did nothing!   Crying Chuckey Schumer Senate Majority Leader under Obama, said nothing and did nothing! The city of Chicago was and still is one, gigantic, slow motion mass shooting and where are the lefties and the liberals and the democrats that run the city and the state?  Where are the democrats in Washington?

They seem to “CARE” and “feel” deeply “EMOTIONAL,” each time there is a mass shooting; yet the constant carnage of young Black Men killing each other and in Chicago’s cities fails to elicit even a peep.  Where are the politicians and the outcry on Capitol Hill?  Where are the demonstrations?  Where are the talking heads on CNN and PMSNBC?

Each time there is a mass shooting whether real like Mandalay Bay or a false flag like Newtown, we hear about the need for “common sense” gun laws which, inevitably after a few days devolve into what the left really wants and that’s confiscation.  I often wonder why the left ALWAYS speaks in what I call “politi-speak.”  They never talk about what they mean.  They use code words like “common sense gun laws” when they really mean confiscation, Australia Style.  They talk about “Women’s Healthcare” and a “Woman’s Right to Choose” instead of saying abortion or murder.

And the cry goes up, each time:  MORE LAWS, MORE LAWS, MORE LAWS.  What really REALLY need to do is start institutionalizing the mentally ill…..the very same people the left insisted had to be released in the 1980’s.  It always, or almost always seems to be a homicidal lunatic that does these killing….that is when they’re not false flags.  Maybe if we locked the lunatic up they wouldn’t be able to lie and get guns.  But the left would never allow that.  Makes too much sense.

I know one thing that’s UNIVERSAL…..ABSOLUTELY UNIVERSAL!  That is that criminals, drug dealers, gang bangers and lunatics DO NOT fill out forms and get background checks.  They don’t buy their guns at Wal-Mart or Gander Mountain or other sporting goods stores.  They don’t apply for background checks.  In short, they are criminals and criminals are by definition people who commit crimes!  Europe: specifically Belgium and France have some of the strongest gun laws in the world.  THE WORLD!  Yet they have had mass gun killings as well.

Laws don’t stop criminals or lunatics.  Here are some surprises for you folks:  We have laws against murder, yet we still have murders.  We have laws against theft, yet we still have robberies, shoplifting and burglary.  We have laws against rape, yet we still have rapes.  We have speed limits and yet the very lawmakers who came up with speed limits break them routinely because they feel THEY need to get somewhere quickly!  I could go on.  But you get the point.  We have laws against all of society’s ills and they are all routinely broken, because criminals don’t care.  This will come as a real shocker.  We have laws against shooting people and we have Mandalay Bay.

As a free society, we do the best we can.  We no longer lock up the mentally ill.  We don’t profile criminals. We have rights guaranteed to us by God and we do our level best as a society to maintain the thin veneer of civilization that keeps us sane and makes the trains run on time.  We are the freest people on this swirling blue ball called the Earth.  But nothing is guaranteed…not even our lives.  What happened at Mandalay Bay was the work of pure evil….PURE EVIL!  If we want to live with good and benefit from it, then as free people sometimes we must also confront evil.

I for one am tired of being called a murderer, a killer and made out to be some kind of gun-toting, red neck Tarzan who just wants to run around shooting guns in every direction!  Why are my rights and the rights of law-abiding gun owners, hunters and sportsmen always in question?   Why am I told I am a tool of the NRA and that I am under their thumb?  Why am I as an NRA Member compared to this murdering madman and every one of these killers each time they decide to commit a mass killing and told that I have blood on my hands because I want to protect my rights?  Does the left really think this is helpful?

Then…..less than 24 hours after this horrific act, the degenerate criminal Hillary Clinton goes on late night television and tells ME I am COMPLICIT in all of these murders!  She tells me I have blood on my hands!  HOW DARE SHE!  HOW DARE THIS GHOULISH, OUT OF TOUCH PIECE OF DOG SHIT say I am complicit because I am a conservative who believes in the Second Amendment and the NRA!  HOW DARE SHE!  And she wonders why she lost the election!  She wonders why the country is so divided!  All she need do is look in the mirror for the answers!  Does she realize how horrible and hateful the things are that she says?  Sadly, I believe she does.  After all, she called people like me, “deplorables.”

And it’s not just Hillary Clinton.  No, no, it seems every left wing moron on the east coast or the left coast is suddenly telling me I am complicit and have blood on my hands!  These left wing, liberal ass clowns who neither own a gun and probably have never even held one; preach to me from their ivory towers in New York City and Hollywood!  How dare they!  HOW DARE THEY!  WHO THE HELL MADE THEM MORALLY SUPERIOR TO ME?  These are the same fucktards who come running to people with guns to protect them in a disaster or bad situation; yet every chance they get, they bad mouth guns and people who own them!

Word to the ass clowns like Steven Colbert and Jimmy Kimmel, but I have a family too and I want to protect them! Who the Hell nominated you to speak for me?  Because you don’t!  Why, if someone has multiple guns in their home does that make them some kind of “gun nut?”  Guns are tools and if you are a hunter and a target shooter you NEED several types of guns.  If you want to keep your family safe there are yet, other types of guns.

Further, the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution DOES NOT MENTION OR REFERENCE IN ANY WAY, HUNTING!  The Founders had just fought a horrible, brutal war against the largest, most powerful standing army in the world controlled by a tyrannical dictator.  As such, they determined that the best way to guarantee the freedom of the newly formed nation was to ensure that every citizen had the right to bear arms to protect themselves from the possible rise of another tyrannical government.  NOT so they could go hunting!

I repeatedly hear from imbeciles on the left, including Congressmen, asinine statements like, “You don’t NEED an AR-15 to kill a deer.”  Then there is of course the argument, “Well, no one in America NEEDS a gun like this.”  Yes.  That’s right.  No one NEEDS an AR-10, or AR-15, or AK-47.   No one NEEDS 8 pairs of Levis.  No one NEEDS 3 cars.  No one NEEDS 10 wristwatches.  No one NEEDS 2 or 3 homes. No one NEEDS 4 pairs of Jordans. You get the picture.

Americans don’t NEED a lot of things, but in this country, if we want something and we work hard we can get it.  Rosa Parks was able to get from place to place with no problem.  She was able to ride the bus each and every day the buses were running.  She didn’t NEED to sit in the FRONT of the bus.  But she WANTED to.

I cannot even BEGIN to empathize with or understand the losses of those victims and their families who were guilty of nothing more than attending a concert.  We lost our dog a few months ago and I am still devastated.  It kind of reminds me of the 3000 people who lost their lives on 9/11 whose only crime was going to work.  The only crime these people committed was going to a concert.  But freedom isn’t free.  God Bless the victims and their families and welcome them into the Kingdom of Heaven.  They are all in my thoughts and prayers.

More laws just won’t help.  You can ban this and restrict that.  But with the internet, the Black Market, 3D printing, etc… criminals and evil-doers will get whatever they need to carry out their twisted, evil plans.  You can’t outlaw evil and this world is full of evil and people who are happy to carry out plans and do the Devil’s work!  And to the House and Senate and the president:  Please don’t pass some knee-jerk, half-ass, feel good legislation.  Because you will NEVER, EVER stop every criminal, or every lunatic.  YOU CAN WRITE ALL OF THE LAWS YOU WANT REGARDING ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING YOU WANT AND SOMEONE WILL ALWAYS BREAK THEM!  Just sayin.’

















You know a few years back, former NFL Coach Jerry Glanville, one of the more colorful, past NFL Coaches shouted at an NFL Referee after a bad call….”You know what NFL stands for?  Not for Long buddy!”  Truer words were never spoken!

This nonsense was started last season by former San Fransisco Forty-Niner, Colin Kapernick.  He repeatedly took a knee and refused to salute the flag or stand for the national anthem and as frequently happens with ignorant shows of defiance, it caught on with other players and before we knew it, it had swept through the NFL like a plague.

Before we go further let’s review a few things. Colin Kapernick started his demonstrations on the field  while a Black Man had been president for 8 years.  That man, Obama had promised to united the country.  The country however, became more divided under Obama than ever before!  Black on Black violence increased five fold! Colin Kapernick started his demonstration s on the field while we had a Black President!  Not under President Trump!

Let’s also look at the NFL.  The composition of the league is almost 80% Black.  There are Black Coaches and there is something called the “Rooney Rule” which says Blacks must be interviewed for coaching positions in the NFL.  So, Blacks make up most of the NFL, most have multi-million dollar contracts and are paid those millions for playing a game….a game they enjoy and while billionaire owners and millionaire players complain, they are supported by fans and attendees who earn an average of approximately $50,000.00.  Some of these players have only high school educations and still others are nothing but millionaire thugs protected by billionaire owners!

Fast forward from the 2016-17 season to this season and it has all started again, but has gotten worse; while at least one owner, Dallas Cowboys Owner Jerry Jones told his players the behavior would not be tolerated by the Cowboys, other owners actually decided to stand WITH the players!  The ultimate insult was yesterday when the Baltimore Raven played the Jacksonville Jaguars in London, England and the Ravens’ Owner actually joined the players in their demonstration!  It was like a bad page out of the 1960’s demonstrating against the Vietnam War!  Bad enough to demonstrate against your country but even worse when you do it in another country!

Unlike Obama or most others who would simply shake their heads in disbelief or wouldn’t even care, President Trump, injected himself either by accident or design into the discussion; NOT out of racism, but for love of country.  Friday night, at a political rally in Alabama, President Trump spoke about our military and the brave men and women who protect and serve this country and how some people disrespect our country and our flag.  Then he specifically focused on the NFL and the behavior of many of the players who have refused to stand, hold their hand on their heart or show any respect at all for the United States National Anthem and/or our flag.

The president said, “Wouldn’t you love to see one of the NFL owners when the players kneel down and don’t salute the flag say get that son of a bitch off the field right now!  You’re fired!” 

That was it.  There was no racism.  There was no hate.  There was no stripping anyone of their civil rights.  It was plain spoken English to the average American and like it or not most people agreed including this author!  Trump looks at the NFL for entertainment but more importantly as a workplace.  Players are EMPLOYEES!  If I decided to pull a stunt like this at work I would be warned and then fired.  Period!

I am a life long Pittsburgh Steeler Fan.  I was only a small boy but remember the glory years of the 1970’s.  I also suffered through Cliff Stout and Mark Malone and Kordell Stewart and Bubby Brister!  For the past decade or so, My Steelers have been winners again.  I’m not so sure now.  My  I am lucky in that my wife of 27 years is also a football fanatic!  Specifically, she is also a Steeler Fanatic!  Moreover, she is a conservative, libertarian like I am and she loves this country and our flag.  She worships my dad who is a Vietnam Veteran as I do.

Well, I was embarrassed, disgusted and ashamed with my Steelers yesterday, with the exception of number 78, Alejandro Villaneuva, offensive lineman.  He is a former U.S. Army Ranger who served 3 terms in Afghanistan, IN COMBAT.  HE, and HE ALONE disobeyed head coach Mike Tomlin, went out and stood, hand on heart, proudly for the National Anthem, while the rest of the Steeler Team remained in the locker room.  The explanation was later forthcoming from Team Coach Mike Tomlin who said, “Look, we couldn’t decide as a team whether to kneel, stand or what so I decided we would simply stay in the locker room.  This would protect those who wanted to kneel as well as the rights of those who wanted to stand and salute.  We’re here to play football not for politics and I’m not going to let this divide our team.”

My question to the coach, whom I like would have been, “Coach, you’re right.  Why should this be an issue at all?  You’re here to play football, not for political or social demonstrations. Stand with your hand on your heart and be respectful of the country and the flag that has given you the right to stand here in the first place.  Off the field you do what you feel you must.

Apparently Coach Tomlin was not happy with Villenueva’s decision to disobey him and go onto the field to salute the symbol of our nation.  Too bad.  Tomlin said “I wished he had respected my wishes to respect the Pittsburgh Steelers and we had 100% compliance.”  REALLY Mike???  Respect to the Steelers?  How about respect to the country?!?!  At least there is one, true American Patriot on the Steeler Roster.  While I can understand what Coach Tomlin did, I wish he had sent the players onto the field who DID want to stand and salute, and leave those in the locker room who wanted to take a knee.  That way everyone would have had their rights respected.

Aside from Jerry Jones and the Dallas Cowboys, and the Cincinnati Bengals, almost every other NFL Team caved in to the players’ demands to disrupt and disrespect the National Anthem, the Flag and the country.  And the NFL can’t understand why it has already lost for 33 million dollars this season as ad revenues fall and Americans simply turn the channel.

Meanwhile, the people in charge of NASCAR told their teams and drivers point blank, “You stand for the national anthem or you’re on a greyhound bus out of here…you’re fired!  BRAVO!!!! 

I never understood the whole watching cars go really, really fast in a circle over and over again while drinking beer, but maybe I’ll have to rethink my position and look a little bit closer at NASCAR!  From what I understand there are also occasionally scantily clad women involved and well and that can’t be a bad thing! (LOL)

So what did we end up with?  Well, what I watched yesterday was team after team disrespecting the flag, the National Anthem and not just the country but the men and women….the mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, sons and daughter who have lost legs, arms hands, eyesight and many of whom have paid the ultimate price, so a bunch of overpaid snowflakes can play a game….A GAME they love to play and be paid obscene amounts of money for doing something they love!  These are not doctors or firefighters or EMT’s or surgeons, they are FOOTBALL PLAYERS, GETTING PAID MILLIONS TO PLAY A GAME!

HOW DARE THEY!  HOW DARE THEY COMPLAIN ABOUT ANYTHING!  YES, they are a small percentage of truly great athletes with incredible physiques and physical skills and yes they are talented.  But they are paid millions and millions of dollars and live lives of fame and fortune very, very few anywhere will ever live!

Is there discrimination in America?  Absolutely!  Anyone who would deny that is simply lying to themselves.  But Americas 2017 is NOT America of 1960 or even 1980!  Newsflash, we just had 8 years of a Black President!  We have Blacks in Congress, in the Senate in the Cabinet.  There are no segregated schools or bathrooms or any of the horrible things that used to exist in America in decades past.

I make no apologies for America.  We are a country that is just like any other in many ways; yet in in many other ways, America is the greatest nation on Earth.  One need simply look at the NFL itself to realize that.  Sadly, I think that’s a fact that is LOST on almost every single player in the NFL!  Where else can a high school kid with no skills and almost no education go to earn millions of dollars and earn fame and fortune because of his athletic skills?

What Colin Kapernick started last year as a protest against racist treatment by police against Blacks and discrimination in America has been twisted into everything from Kapernick wearing socks that said “Police are pigs,” to Black Power Fist salutes on the field.  Where do the owners draw the line?  Where does it stop?  Now we have 8 year old kids….8 year olds taking a knee when the National Anthem is played at Pee Wee Football Games.  What are we teaching them?  To hate?  To be intolerant?  To disrespect?  To be ignorant of the rights of others?  Is this really what we SHOULD be teaching 8 year olds with all of the other problems facing the United States and the world?

The bottom line is that the National Football League is an entertainment concern.  They earn money in three ways:  endorsements, advertising money and attendance and all of those things depend on one thing:  fans!  You and me decide how much money, if any money at all entertainment concerns make.  This Summer has been terrible for the Movie Entertainment Industry in America.  People simply aren’t going to the movies, for whatever reason and they are hurting financially.  A large part of their falling revenue is due to actors and actresses injecting themselves into politics, like the Emmy Awards, Oscars, etc…

Perhaps the NFL should take a good look at what’s happening to them and then take a long look in the mirror. Already attendance at NFL Games this season is WAY, WAY down!  In fact the NFL is down as I mentioned earlier over 33 million dollars.  The econo0my is improving for some, but for the average family of four to attend and NFL Game, all things considered it costs about $1000.  That’s a lot of money and how many families want to spend that kind of money to watch a bunch of overpaid athletes tell them their National Anthem and their flag suck and watch them be disrespected?  There are a lot of entertainment options these days and $1000 is a lot of money and can buy a lot of fun at amusement parks, etc…  At the end of the day, the Team Owners had better look long and hard at themselves and remember that at the end of the day they are simply an entertainment organization and they are bosses and their players are employees.  Employees do what they’re told or they’re fired or like Jerry Glanville said oh those many years ago….”If this keeps up you know what NFL stands for?  Not for long!”

America has problems.  Always has and always will.  You can’t make 100% of the people happy 100% of the time.  We are destroying our history, our culture and our nation little by little.  We are damaging, destroying and removing statues, monuments, etc…  The Confederate Battle Flag is treated like a Satanic Monument!

When I turn on the boob tube on Sunday, I want to see the Steelers take the field with another team and beat their ass!  I want to see great football, hits, catches, tackles and sacks,  I am not interested in political symbols, political demonstrations, kneeling,etc… and if it keeps up, I like many others will simply stop turning on the tv on Sundays to watch the NFL.  I will stop buying NFL Team Merchandise and I will stop frequenting their advertisers and when enough like minded people do that, maybe they will get the message.  If I want politics I will tune in to Fox or CNN or C Span….NOT The NFL on CBS or NFL Network.

The flag means a lot of different things to a lot of different people.  Many hundreds of thousands of Americans have returned home for over 200 years in flag draped coffins.  My father, a Vietnam Veteran who didn’t wait to get drafted, but VOLUNTEERED, because like his father, my grandfather, who fought in WWII that it was his duty.  He has burned his Philadelphia Eagles merchandise and is finished with the NFL.  To him, the flag is sacred.

With flags, it’s all about perception and a simple fact of life is that perception is reality.  Yes, the American Flag, just like the Confederate Battle Flag stands for many good, yet many bad things.  If you look around not just America but around the world, there are very few flags that don’t represent both good and bad.  But at the end of the day, the flag is the symbol of the United States.  A country with problems, a country with flaws but still the greatest country on the face of this Earth and if you really, really, really hate America, the flag and everything it stands for, then maybe you should ask yourself:  Where else would I want to live?  If you come up with an answer, then maybe that’s where you belong.  Just sayin.’













then-and-now-how-new-york-citys-world-trade-center-has-changed-in-the-15-years-since-the-911-terrorist-attackSeptember 11, 2001…. At the time I was teaching high school in Sullivan County. The office secretary called me and said, “It’s terrible, a plane just crashed into the World Trade Center.”  I figured some off course idiot in a Cessna had crashed his plane.  I was teaching current events so I turned on the television just in time to see the second plane…or what I thought was a plane hit.  I couldn’t believe what I was seeing.

A child of the Cold War, I lived through the Reagan Era and though I loved President Reagan,  I, like most kids in my generation really thought there was going to be a nuclear war.  We really, really thought World War III was going to start anytime and fully expected to see the mushroom clouds of Soviet ICBM’s exploding in the distance as we huddled for safety.  Thank God it never happened.

Through the nineties, there were hiccups in world events like the Balkans Crisis and the disintegration of Yugoslavia.  Even the first bombing of the Twin Towers in 1993; which was vastly ignored by the Clinton Administration.  The Soviet Union was gone and we were helping them dismantle and destroy the missiles that used to be aimed at us.  Boris Yeltsin, the President of the Russian Federation seemed a lot like everyone’s harmless, drunken uncle who walks around with a bottle and tells dirty jokes.  The mighty Russian Bear was no more.  Meanwhile, nit-wit Kim Jong IL ran his mouth a bit; but was never considered a serious threat; nor were the Iranians and Hell, we had supplied weapons to Iraq and then invaded them.   So they weren’t a problem either.  Occasionally they challenged the “no fly” zones we had set up over the north and south of the country, but we shot them down and giggled.  Why, we had American Military Bases and Forces in 133 countries.  It seemed like we were safe and nothing could touch us.

Then on a beautiful, bright, sunny, cloudless day, two planes that looked like passenger airliners were flown into the two World Trade Center Buildings, both the North and South Towers and within an hour, both had completely collapsed.  It was like watching a controlled demolition of two old casinos in Las Vegas; but there were people in these buildings….real, live people!  They were jumping from windows to keep from being burned alive; preferring to fall dozens of stories and hit the concrete below.

Less than an hour later, the Pentagon was attacked.  The very nexus of American Military Might and the symbol of American Strength had a huge hole blown in its side.  The Pentagon, one of the most visible, observed buildings in the world; we were told was also hit by a passenger jet in a kamikaze style attack.  Yet there was, we were told, no video evidence; except a few frames from a nearby camera that showed a blurred streak that could have been anything.   The video was so bad it could have been a circus clown fired from a cannon!

The next thing you know, we were told it was terrorists who had hijacked the planes that were used as missiles and there was yet another one in the air, even though all  civilian air traffic above the United States had been grounded.  We were told one of the passengers on United Flight 93 had gotten together with a group of men and decided to try and take the plane back from the terrorists.  When they were ready, his famous last words were, “Let’s roll.”  A few moments later the plane disappeared from radar and crashed in a field in southwestern, Pennsylvania….in my home state.  Did it crash because of the struggle?  Or was it shot down?  We will probably never know.

Even worse, it seemed this plane was headed for Washington DC to hit a target there and there might be yet another plane in the sky.  Thankfully, it turned out to be false.  We later learned the plot, supposedly was even larger and was not only to involve the planes that hit the East Coast, but there were also to be planes hijacked in Singapore and elsewhere which were to hit targets in Seattle, Los Angeles and San Diego, but Usama Bin Laden, the alleged mastermind,  felt the operation was too complex and scaled it back to just the East Coast.

We were told a lot of things, by a lot of people; seemingly for a lot of different reasons.  As I reflect back on that day and the immediate aftermath, I remember what it actually felt like.  It felt different.  We felt vulnerable.  It felt like something was wrong, but you couldn’t put your finger on it.  Then came the agencies:  DHS, FISA Courts, Homeland Security…..if Homeland Security doesn’t sound like something right out of the Nazi Era  don’t know what does.  Suddenly our rights, which, for over 200 years we were told had been God Given were being slowly eroded.  At some points it felt like we were living in a police state with daily reports of “colored” threat levels.  Then we found out that the government was spying on us, allegedly to keep us safe.  We were told:  “If we have nothing to hide we have nothing to worry about.”  It was Orwell’s 1984, for real.  In fact they were building the largest data collection center in the world for the NSA in the western U.S.

But they weren’t just spying on terrorists.  They were spying on everyone!  You, me and everyone we know were being spied on.  In fact, the government, in its bid to “protect” us was collecting:  Every landline phone call, every text message, every fax, every cell phone call, every email, in fact every electronic communication in the United States AND about a dozen other countries!

Our wives, mothers, sister and daughters were being sexually molested by TSA Agents before they could board an airplane while we had to remove our shoes and belts and sometimes were even strip searched like common criminals.  It seemed as though our right to free travel was gone and we gladly rolled over and just took it like good little sheeple!

The next thing you know we’re at war with Afghanistan and Iraq.  I wanted the Navy and Air Force to bomb Afghanistan until there was nothing left; because we were told that was where Bin Laden was.  But invade Iraq?  A war I didn’t believe in and didn’t back because there was no proof Sadaam Hussein had ANYTHING to do with the 9/11 Attacks.  But we went to war and invaded a free, sovereign country.  It was a new concept the Neocons had come up with called “preventative war.”  It seemed that now we were going to invade and take over countries BEFORE they became a problem.  Not a bad idea except it’s illegal.  It’s against the United Nations Charter.  Of course it’s also unconstitutional for the federal government to invade the privacy of Americans; yet that didn’t stop the bureaucrats in Washington either.

I watched all of the Youtube Videos… least all of the big ones because God knows there are hundreds of them; and slowly I began to question the government narrative about 9/11.  Something wasn’t right and I didn’t know what; especially when Building 7….a building that wasn’t even damaged in the “attacks” collapsed a few days later.(BLDG 7 Collapse).

Then I saw a video that REALLY peaked my curiosity and made me ask more questions.  The video clearly…CLEARLY showed that the jets that hit the twin towers were NOT   commercial passenger liners.  Were they military?  Were they something else?  I don’t know.  But I know we were lied to because I believe my own eyes.  Besides…’s NOT like the United States Government has never LIED to us before.  Like with the real reasons for the Civil War, the Bonus Marchers, the Vietnam War, Watergate, Iran-Contra….I could go on, but you get the  picture.(Mystery Aircraft Hitting Towers).  And what the Hell was the bright orange flash just before the first plane hit?

Then the real killer.  A lot of people don’t know it, but the Empire State Building was hit by a B-25, Mitchell Bomber on a foggy day in 1945. Empire State Building Crash).   This was a building built during the Great Depression.  A building built with decades old technology.  A building that was NOT reinforced for anything like a plane crashing into it.   Yet it took a direct hit.  Not a glancing blow.  The aircrew on the plane was killed, along with a few unfortunate souls in the Empire State Building.   The plane was totally destroyed.  Yet the Empire State Building was repaired and stands today as a shining beacon of freedom in New York City.  It didn’t teeter.  It didn’t tilt.  It didn’t collapse.  NOTHING!  A heavy, World War II Bomber struck the building and the plane was shredded, but the building stood!

Yet we are to believe that in 2001, two buildings which were constructed with radical new technology were destroyed by two commercial airliners.  In fact the WTC Twin Towers were the first buildings of their kind, built to withstand hurricanes and yes…EVEN PLANE CRASHES!  We were told to believe they were suddenly, easily destroyed in an instant.  This of course happened when two supposed, light weight, commercial airliners hit the towers.  These planes were not tough or rugged like a B-25 Bomber!  Not even close!  In fact they are made of extremely lightweight materials designed to maximize profit by lightening weight to use less fuel.  These planes didn’t even have much steel in them!  They are made of aircraft aluminum, boron, a myriad of composite materials and lightweight internal honeycomb structure in fact mimicking the wings of birds.

To say they are fragile is accurate.  Over the years in fact, we have seen parts of these planes sheered off when they are on the ground taxiing.  Two wingtips clip one another and are sheered off easily!  A tail fell off one plane during a landing test!(MD80 loses tail).  We have seen entire sections of planes simply sucked out and torn apart in flight!(737 loses section in flight).  Commercial planes are constantly inspected for metal fatigue which causes cracks.  Constantly pressurizing and depressurizing the plane; cycle after cycle create these cracks.  Commercial aircraft are simply not that strong.  They are designed to be lightweight flying gas tanks with seats.  Period.

Yet when the planes hit the towers, they weren’t shredded to pieces and splattered like bugs on a windshield.  No.  We are to believe these fragile aircraft sliced through hundreds of high tensile, high strength, load bearing, grade A steel beams like a hot knife through butter!  Really?  If I take a full can of soda and throw it as hard as I can against a sharp, steel street sign pole….like the pole that holds a stop sign up, the can explodes and is shredded.  The sign post still stands.  there will be a nice mark on it, but it still stands.  Now that is a RIDICULOUSLY CRUDE EXAMPLE.  But it illustrates my point.

The wings should have been torn off those planes and the back of the planes should have compressed forward like an accordion to the front of the plane.  The front of the plane, by the way is where the radar is in the nose.  It’s called a radome and it is made of a brittle composite materials over aluminum.  Look at the damage a BIRD did on a 737 AND AT LOW SPEED!!!.(Bird Crushes Nose of Plane).

911wileyThose planes should have looked like Wiley Coyote splattered on the buildings! (Government Test Crashing Planes) But they didn’t.  Why?  Simple.  Because they weren’t commercial, passenger planes.  They were either military planes flown by some truly dedicated individuals, or they were military drones, but commercial passenger planes don’t have the large humps on their underside shown in the video earlier in this article.  Further, there were no windows on these planes.  Sorry.  I have flown all over the United States and every single plane I have flown on has had windows.

Then there is the Pentagon and a blurry video showing “something.”  Not a single, recognizable piece of wreckage that looked like it came from a commercial airliner was initially seen in the wreckage of the Pentagon.  At least none that was shown.  And the video….. as  I said; ONE SINGLE VIDEO of “something.”  All of he surveillance of he Pentagon and there is one and only one blurry, lousy, piss poor image of what I think looks a Hell of a lot more like a cruise missile than an airplane.

Again, we have what I call the Wiley Coyote Affect where a supposed, lightweight airline, this time slams into a solid, reinforced concrete building and instead of a situation where the plane was destroyed with a little damage, the “plane” penetrated through several concentric rings of steel, reinforced concrete!!!  It didn’t even slow down!  Astounding!  Because it wasn’t a plane.  Again, take a full can of something.  I don’t care what; soda, beer, and throw it against a concrete wall.  What gets destroyed?  The wall or the can?  Again, simple, but very illustrative.

And lastly, United Flight 93, where the heroic passengers supposedly saved another target in Washington, D.C. from being hit.  Or did they?  Call me morbid or macabre, but I have studied plane crashes over the years.  I find them fascinating.  We are to believe that Flight 93 was driven into the ground at hundreds of miles per hour and it created a crater.  Period.  There was no wreckage, no engines, no wheels, no landing gear, nothing!  Again we are told by the government, “Trust us.”  As they continue to dilute our civil rights.

Have we LOST any civil rights?  Not really.  But our rights HAVE been minimized AND we have seen the government doing very, very, very strange things like the Social Security Administration putting out requests for bids on rifles, handguns and shotguns and MILLIONS of rounds of ammunition!  Really?  Why would that be?  Same thing with the U.S. Department of Education.  In fact almost every federal agency has decided it needs to be armed.  Why?  Doesn’t ANYONE find that a bit strange?  The mainstream, drive-by media hasn’t covered it at all!  Yet I have been told by people I am a conspiracy theorist.  No.  I am someone who asks questions.  I have no theories.  I simply ask questions, but don’t get answers.

Were these flights actually real?  Were any passengers actually killed?  Were they all paid huge sums of money and told to keep quiet or else and put into the witness protection program.  The government makes people disappear all of the time and gives people new identities.  If someone offered you several million dollars, and a new identity, would you keep your mouth shut?  Especially if they told you that if you ever blabbed you’d just disappear?  Because we all know the government has done that too.

REMEMBER, there is also a little matter of 3 TRILLION DOLLARS.  Yes, I said 3 TRILLION DOLLARS, that the Pentagon “lost.”  Yep, they can’t account for it and there was a huge internal investigation by the inspector general.  In fact all of the paperwork and materials regarding the missing money was in the very officers where the Pentagon was destroyed! In Building 7, paperwork and casefiles for ENRON and the MASSIVE California Power Swindle were destroyed.  No one ended up being prosecuted; just a few slaps on the wrist.  Some of that money would have made pay off’s to the people who were supposed to be on those planes quite simple.

There is plenty of evidence.  There is plenty of fake news.  There is what we have been told to believe, what we have been led to believe and then what really happened.  Did anyone in those “planes” die?  I don’t know.  Are all of those supposed passengers alive somewhere with new identities and fat bank accounts?  I don’t know.  Will one of them or someone else some day break their silence and really tell us what happened?  I hope.  Who did it?  I don’t know.  Was it the U.S. Government?  Was it the Israeli Mossad?  Was it the Saudi Secret Service or a combination?  Was it some “Deep State” Group?  I don’t know.  Maybe George W. Bush knew.  Maybe he didn’t.

I DO KNOW that people jumped from the towers and died.  I DO KNOW that people were killed at the Pentagon.  I know that there are still 3 trillion dollars unaccounted for that Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld was worried about on September 11th, 2001 and was going to report on.  That seems to have just been quietly allowed to fade away.  3 TRILLION DOLLARS, just forgotten!  I know that a lot of business executives got away with a lot of crimes because all of the records of the SEC, FBI and other agencies in Building 7 were destroyed.  I also know when I have been lied to and I think we should ALL, be asking a lot more questions and demanding answers.  Just sayin.’










Multiculturalism DOES NOT WORK!

Posted: September 17, 2017 in politics

It seems as though common sense is gone.  It doesn’t exist; especially in politics and government.  Further, if you dare mention anything related to common sense you are labeled immediately.  Take for example “multiculturalism.”  Multiculturalism is the mantra of the American left and indeed the left worldwide; especially in Europe and even more specifically Belgium and France.

Multiculturalism and the multicultural movement started in the 1990’s in California; when we were first told that the bastardization of the English Language known as Ebonics was to be accepted as mainstream and where illegal and legal Mexican Immigrants alike; after a lull due to the Ronald Reagan Amnesty, once again began to surge across the border.  One would assume that in a good, solid country with solid cultural foundations and underpinnings, immigrants would be thrilled to assimilate and join the culture, just as millions before them had done. But wait! Stop! No!

The geniuses on the left coast in California decided that Americans…….well, Americans just weren’t good enough.  No.  We needed something more descriptive.  Something more colorful and thus began the multicultural movement, primarily on the campus of Berkeley; surprise, surprise.

No longer would it suffice to be an American.  No, no,no,no.  THAT implied White & European.  That simply wouldn’t do at all!  Now we were going to be Mexican-Americans and Colombian-Americans and African-Americans and all other sorts of hyphenated Americans because after all, we may all be Americans, but we all have to  express our ideas and the various traits of our own cultures.better…something more descriptive.

But wait.  If you live in a country, your culture then becomes the culture of that country doesn’t it?  I mean; if you’re a Swede, then your culture and heritage are Swedish right?  Likewise, if you’re an Englishman, your culture is that of England isn’t it?  So it would follow that if you were an America your culture would be American right?  Nope.  In the 90’s that all came to an end.  Now we were going to  be a multicultural nation.  Born in 1966, I was raised with the idea that America was a melting pot.  A melting pot where all different cultures and people jumped into the melting pot as separate cultures wight separate identities and all melted together into  kind of American soup.  No longer were they people from Ireland, or Zambia or Egypt.  No. Now they were Americans.

Yes, when immigrants came to the United States they always tended to huddle and eventually settle together; whether it was Chinatown in San Fransisco, Little Italy in New York City, the Irish in the Five Points in New York City….you get the picture.  But one thing was common throughout ALL of the ethnic communities in America and that was the fact they were ALL PROUD TO CALL THEMSELVES AMERICANS!  AMERICANS!  My Irish Great Grandparents stepped off the boat and their biggest concern was learning to speak English because they spoke Gaelic!  They weren’t waving the Irish Flag, but were handed little American Flags and hey were overwhelmed they were so happy to be American!

This somehow ended in the 90;s when the left decided we were a mosaic…a mosaic like the Balkans where autonomous region was made up of many separate states like Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia, etc…  And so began what I call the balkanization of America.  Instead of one nation, under God, with liberty and justice for all, we were going to have one nation, broken into separate pieces with separate cultures, speaking different languages with no God, just a bit of liberty and different types of justice for all.

As Americans, we had ALWAYS…..ALWAYS celebrated our SIMILARITIES.  Language, culture, you name it.  Immigrants came to America and adopted OUR customs.  The native population didn’t adopt THEIRS!  NOW we are told that we must celebrate our DIFFERENCES!  OUR DIFFERENCES!!!  MADNESS!  UTTER AND COMPLETE MADNESS!  If world history has taught us one thing it’s that countries only survive if they are unified.  Like him or hate him, Dr. Michael Savage has summed it up right when he says it’s all about borders, culture and language.  It’s just that simple. I mean, my God, we’ve come to the point where it is almost a crime  say Merry Christmas!  Merry Christmas!  A greeting of love and fellowship regardless of your religion has somehow been twisted into an insult according to the left! Even something as innocuous as a Christmas Tree has been demonstrated against because their mere “presence” can make some people feel “uncomfortable,” or “threatened!”  COME ONE!  IT’S A FUCKING CHRISTMAS TREE!  IT’S NOT EVEN A RELIGIOUS SYMBOL!

A third grader knows what happens when  you accentuate and celebrate differences.  Differences qualify people for different treatment.  Differences mean that unity is no longer part of the equation.  Differences mean that every individual group is to be treated differently and their specific differences are more important than our similarities and our identities as AMERICANS!

At a time when America needs to be unified and stand together more than ever, it seems as though all the left and the Alt Left want to do is accentuate the differences of individual groups in America.  How can this POSSIBLY be helpful to the national debate or the national identity?  Well….it can’t and it isn’t.  If we are to learn from history, we need not look far.  the implosion of Yugoslavia happened in the 1990’s and ended up in ethnic cleansing, genocide and bloody civil war that sucked NATO and the United States into military operations along with the United Nations.  Millions were killed!  Killed because of their “differences.”

I have watched it grow from the late 1980’s when I was in college right up to the radical, RADICAL behavior of today with groups like Black Lives matter and ANTIFA.  How about, American Lives Matter?  How about ANTI-ANTIFA?  No, Blacks don’t deserve any special treatment, nor do Muslims, Whites, Christians, or any group, whether racial, religious, you name it!  We are all supposed to be treated equally.  We are ALL Americans.  Destructive, hateful, destructive groups like I just mentioned are not only counterproductive but in many ways criminal!  They are completely un-American!

John Wayne  said it over forty ago in a poem he wrote and narrated and it is even more true today than it was when he put pen to paper.   All we need to do is look at the destruction  of statues and monuments currently going on in America where thugs are destroying things they don’t like and Colleges are removing monuments and statues to prevent riots because they are gutless and lack any moral center or moral courage.  And of course, after all, we can’t upset any of our little campus snowflakes who might need to go to a “safe place” for hot cocoa and Legos if they see a statue of Robert E Lee!

Even more disappointing is watching our politicians dance around issues when they are on camera and interviewed.  God forbid they defend traditional American Values.  No, it’s better to continue letting mobs and mob mentality and group think dictate policies for colleges and towns and cities all over America.  Accept of course for President Trump, who is on a mission to save traditional America and traditional American Values.  God help us, I’m sure there won’t be any Chairman Mao Ornaments on the Whitehouse Christmas Tree this year….thank God.  And the bust of Winston Churchill has been returned to its rightful place after Barack Hussein Obama  moved it into the hallway.

Perhaps the most glaring example of what’s going on worldwide is with Islam.  You see, unlike Catholicism or being a Methodist or Baptist or Hindu or many other religions, Islam is MORE than just a religion.  It is much more.  It is a cleverly contrived system of religion, laws, administration and a blueprint for how people should live their lives  each and every day and provides a strict system of laws codified into Sharia.

The Founders of this great nation determined early on that freedom of religion was crucial to the new republic and was a God-given right.  Not freedom FROM religion, but freedom of religion.  They had borne the injustice of state mandated religion in Britain with the church of England and forbid establishment of a state or government sponsored religion.  They  determined that Americans could worship any way they wanted….or not at all.

Islam \removes that.  Islam creates separate communities within countries.  it’s happened all over the world, particularly in Belgium and France.  Yet these countries remain blinded to the truth that their countries, traditions and culture are being sublimated and subjugated by slam and if things continue as they are, French and Belgian Culture will simply cease to exist.  They will still be France and Belgium; but Muslim versions of the former nations, governed not by the Napoleonic Code, or Belgian Law, but by Sharia.  We can see the inroads here in America where one need look no further than  Minneapolis-St Paul and Detroit, where huge Muslim Populations have all but taken over parts of these cities and the states of Michigan and Minnesota.

What’s going on is NOT multiculturalism.  It is cultural takeover and cultural destruction.  Moreover, many Muslim Leaders have said that they are simply using the American Constitution and American Laws to take over this country legally.  hey are fighting us with our own laws and never having to fire a shot or detonate a bomb.

Lest you, my valued reader think I am anti-Muslim, the same thing is going on with Mexicans; both legal and illegal and has been for many years….decades in fact.  The group La Raza is a perfect example.  While weak-willed, Lilly livered left wing pussies battle with their White Guilt and allow other cultures to denigrate and replace American Culture, groups like La Raza are actively and successfully I might add, working to take back multiple U.S. States;states like Texas, Arizona, California and New Mexico believing they are rightfully part of Mexico and were “stolen” by America.

In many parts of the American Southwest, if you don’t speak Spanish, you need not bother going there while in others going to certain areas is unsafe and in fact dangerous if you’re not Mexican.  Meanwhile, Mexican Extremists sit by and laugh at the weak American Fools…our so called “political leaders,”  who are in fact accelerating the destruction of their own culture and watching its replacement where the Mexican Flag has replaced Old Glory and go on television singing the praises of multiculturalism.  You can see it on the streets in California, Arizona and South Texas…..fields of Mexican Flags,  but not an American Flag in sight.  If these people have ALL come here to be Americans, why are they all flying the Mexican Flag?

The answer is simple and plain to see.  That is unless you are a politician from ANY party or a left-wing, wining democrat/liberal progressive.  Then  you can’t see it at all even with a giant magnifying glass.  Other cultures, particularly those who worship Islam and those who emigrate from Mexico don’t WANT to be American.  They don’t want to be and WON’T be!  They don’t and won’t pledge allegiance to the flag or the nation.  They speak their native tongue, even though a condition of citizenship is learning  and speaking English.  No, these people want to REMAIN Mexicans and Muslims, living in America.  They want to enjoy the freedom America offers, the safety, the benefits, the beauty of living in America; yet they don’t want to be and don’t call themselves American.


America is quite simply being balkanized.  A Russian political scientist a few years back predicted that within the next fifty or so years, America would disintegrate and break up into several smaller countries; but America would be no more.

Multiculturalism is a myth, a lie, an invention of the far left to sooth their White Guilt Complex and ease their suffering while PUNISHING White America, because after all….that nasty White Privilege….they have too much anyway, thus killing two birds with one stone.  Separate cultures are for and from separate countries.  Multi racialism and multiculturalism are two different things and the left seems to simply lump them together because after all, isn’t everything warm and fuzzy and happy with magic dust, sprinkles and unicorns.  America can function just fine thank you with Whites, Blacks, Asian, Browns, you name it.  But to really, really believe in any way that different cultures a can be put together and live side by side under the same laws, same rules and same government is simply delusion and leads to the break up of nations.  But don’t take my word for it.  Simply look at history.  You know, the thing the left is trying so hard to destroy and sanitize right now.  If you look at Rome….its rise and fall you can see the effects of multiculturalism.  Look at modern day Belgium.  Look at what happened in after the breakup of Yugoslavia.

While all things being equal, different races have no problem, different cultures can live side by side ONLY when they are on opposite sides of a border; NOT within the same border.  It has repeatedly led to civil war, murder, death and destruction.  Ethiopia, and Sudan both come to mid where different cultures resorted to settling their differences by simply slaughtering one another including women and children with machetes and knives since only the military had guns and ammunition.  Is this REALLY where we want America to be in fifty years?  The entire Southwest part of Mexico?  After all it was a democrat who gave away the Panama Canal.  So why not the state of Texas and a few others.  What’s the big deal in the name of multiculturalism?  After all, now we are taught that Columbus was a murderous butcher and Thanksgiving was nothing more than a White sponsored bloodbath where the English killed the Indians.

Like it or not, the United States of America was founded as a Judaeo Christian Nation.  Our system of laws, the United States Constitution, even the Declaration of Independence ALL reference a Christian God.  Even our Founding Documents like the Federalist Papers, the Anti-Federalist Papers and other writings speak of a nation that worships God and is God-Fearing.  Our money, our mottoes, our federal buildings, prayers at the Supreme Court, the House and Senate, the chaplains are all Christian and ALL speak of God!

For over two hundred years, the United States stood as a great nation.  Powerful, independent and strong, with values and morals that allowed us to grow and prosper.  Founded as a Christian Nation, yet the Ten Commandments are not allowed to be displayed.  Crosses are out as is prayer in school.  These things BELONG in America and are part of the very fabric of this country!  The Constitution allows freedom OF religion, not freedom FROM religion.  As with every freedom in America, as long as you don’t yell “Fire” in a crowded movie theater, just turn the channel.

Atheists, Muslims and those on the far left seem to have an impassioned desire to destroy America, its values and traditions.  Barack Obama led a one man crusade to do just that.  Instead of working on unemployment, he was either golfing or raving about transgender bathrooms!  When my father was a child they prayed in school and had the Ten Commandments displayed in school.  It was so terrible that we split the atom, sent a man to the moon and started the computer revolution.  There was far less crime, far less hate and America was a safer place, a better place and a moral country.

I find it unacceptable that I am IMMEDIATELY labeled as a hater, or “anti” this or “anti” that because I love my White, European Heritage!  It’s MY heritage!  Yet when Blacks celebrate their heritage, it is a badge of honor an it is to be celebrated somehow and somehow it is superior to my heritage.  I am sick, sick, sick of it.  The  Black Lives Matter crowd wants reparations for Blacks, wants Whites to give all of their property and possessions to Blacks….simply because they are White and apparently Whites need to be stamped out as though we are vermin!  They cleverly and conveniently seem to forget that slavery, for example was going on all over the world when it was happening in America.  In fact it is still going on today and ironically it is dark skinned peoples making slaves of and trading Whites, mainly in the Middle East and North Africa.

They conveniently forget that slavery was practices in Africa for THOUSANDS OF YEARS and it was Blacks making slaves of other Blacks, raping, pillaging and plundering and yes enslaving each other!

The very same thing was done in North America by the American Indian, who, just as the Europeans did to them, went to war and used force to take the hunting grounds of other tribes and yes, took prisoners and made slaves of other American Indians, and also raped, pillaged, plundered and enslaved each other.  Conveniently, you’ll never see this taught in the left wing indoctrination centers we call public schools.  N. Never.  American Students are only taught about how evil Christopher Columbus was and how he made slaves of the Indians in the New World and how the Pilgrims who landed  at Plymouth Rock murdered the Indians.

Am I condoning these things?  No.  But I am not to judge what was happening at that time in history.  Raping, pillaging, plundering and enslaving today in 2017 is completely uncivilized and barbaric and is unacceptable by any standard.  However, in 1540 things were different.  In 1778 things were different.  In the 1860’s things were different.  Every era has its own idiosyncrasies and there is no doubt that if this world lasts another 100 years, anthropologists and sociologists will look back at us as barbarians!  They too will be  wrong; because you cannot apply contemporary standards and norms to past eras in history.  You just can’t do it.  It seems as though those on the left lack the gray matter to understand this.

At some point the madness needs to stop or we will not be a country any more.  When a country  has no borders, lacks a common language and culture, it ceases to exist.  It happened to Yugoslavia it happened to Rome and it WILL happen to the United States of America.  WE NEED  TO COME TOGETHER AS AMERICANS!  STOP waving the Mexican Flag!  STOP waving the Puerto Rican Flag!  If you love those places so much go back, or be an American and wave the American Flag!

If we really had a government that functioned and we really had political leaders who were elected and took their oath of office seriously, they would put a complete stop to ALL immigration for 10 or 15 years.  Of course we don’t and they won’t because they are not worried about you, me or the country.  They are only worried about how much they can lie, steal, cheat and line their pockets to get re-elected even if they never introduce a piece of legislation or author a bill.  It’s all about getting re-elected over and over and over until they wheel you out on a slab.  The Constitution never intended that; but that’s what we have today.  Self-serving vermin who are elected simply for their own enrichment and who are willing to surrender their values, ideals and morals on the altar of political correctness because THAT is how you get elected!































Mushroom_Cloud_by_Wittman80Sadly, that’s the choice that President Donald J Trump faces.  It is an unfortunate Hobson’s Choice:  attack or don’t attack.  An ardent student of history and politics, I consider myself somewhat of an expert.  I have studied North Korea from its very inception on September 9, 1948, to the present…….through the three totalitarian, communist leaders and the anti-Americanism from Kim IL Sung to Kim Jong IL, to Kim Jong Un.

What many don’t realize is that the Kim regimes through the years have used nationalist propaganda to keep control of the populace, to prop up their regimes and to motivate the military and civilian populations.  In the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK), there is a constant air of war, as though the North Koreans are still at war with the United States and could be attacked any moment.   Of course public enemy number one, just as in the Middle East, is yep….you guessed it:  The United States of America.

Technically, they are still at war.  There was NEVER a formal peace treaty signed between North and South Korea and/or the United Nations and the United States.  What has been in effect since the end of the hostilities on July 27th, 1953 is a simple cease fire.  Yes, a cease fire, along with a demilitarized zone along the 38th Parallel which divides North and South Korea.

Since then, a small building has been built at the 38th parallel with a long conference table and chairs.  Inside, a truly surrealist scene plays out.  A North Korean Soldier stands on the north side of the building to prevent anyone crossing the border which runs through the middle of the building while a South Korean Soldier stands guard on the Southern side doing the very same thing.  They are armed with live ammunition and don’t speak to one another.  It is a tense, bizarre, hair trigger situation.

Over the years there have been numerous provocations by the North, with soldiers from the South sporadically killed in what the North has called “accidents” or “unfortunate incidents.”  There have also been some major naval actions between North and South Korea, but it seemed as though both understood what would happen if the cease fire were broken in a major way and escalated and all-out hostilities resumed.

Since the cease fire, South Korea has grown into an economic powerhouse; and is truly one of the largest economies in Asia.  Korean Culture and growth has flourished.  The government is a true democracy with a president, cabinet, etc… and regular elections.  South Korea’s capitol, Seoul, is a modern, cosmopolitan city with all of the modern conveniences of the West including mass transit, massive skyscrapers, etc…  South Korea has been a true success on every level and has shown the power of democracy and capitalism with companies like KIA, Hyundai and Samsung.  The South Korean People enjoy all of the freedoms of a free society….speech, religion, you name it as well as electronics like personal computers, cell phones,  and a wide variety of consumer goods.  Food is plentiful and the difference between the North and South are glaringly visible!  The city of Seoul looks in many ways just like the New York City!

The North, however, backed by the Soviet Union initially and later by China is a backward, destitute Hell hole with few major cities outside off Pyongyang.  Food and goods are scarce.  There are “Tourist Stores” for propaganda purposes that appear fully stocked with a myriad of wide ranging food and other items giving the illusion of a plentiful supply of food and goods.  However they are purely for show and the items are made of plastic, wood, etc…and no one is actually allowed in them.

North Korea is so poor, so backward and goods are in such short supply that when orbiting the Earth, astronauts have observed that South Korea is brilliantly lit at night, while nearly the entire whole of North Korea is dark due to electricity shortages.  Freedoms are savagely curtailed if there are any at all.  Aside from the military, starvation is the norm.  There are very few fat North Koreans.  Of course as I mentioned, the military is fed and housed relatively well since they are necessary to prop up the regime.

Kim on the other hand, along with his inner circle, lives a lavish lifestyle and has very expensive tastes.  He receives nothing but the best in food, liquor,entertainment, etc…and regularly feasts on foods like prime rib and reportedly has a penchant for Courvoisier Cognac and Western Whiskey.  He also reportedly has a sweet tooth, mainly for chocolate; but not just for regular chocolate.  No Hershey Bars here.   It’s only Swiss and Belgian Chocolate for Kim!

He has these items imported using the money he earns from counterfeiting U.S. and other currency and weapons technology sales as well as weapons themselves while the citizens of North Korea subsist on potatoes, turnips, and at times kill and eat dogs and cats that are unfortunate enough to pass their way. They are allowed to fish, but many parts of the country including streams and rivers are contaminated with toxic chemical wastes.

The regime also has an extensive trade relationship with its communist neighbor to the north; China.  Still, there are shortages of EVERYTHING…..EVERYTHING!  Clothing, food, personal items, ALL are constantly in short supply or are simply not available.  Amazingly enough, the deal President Bill Clinton made with North Korea in the 1990’s was supposed to help North Korea develop nuclear power for electricity generation.  Instead, it was used for the nuclear weapons program.

Life is bleak and harsh and even clothes are all shades of gray, aside from special groups and special days and celebrations.  Life is Orwellian with loudspeakers on poles everywhere spewing hatred of the South and America and the party line.  The entire population from cradle to grave is programmed with the party line and are constantly bombarded with lies and propaganda. There are ornate, mandatory celebrations with extravagant flags, bunting, parades, etc… for things like the founding of the nation and celebrating their “dear leader.”

Those who dissent are scooped up in the dead of night and find themselves in work camps which are simply Nazi-like concentration camps by another name.  A sentence to one of these camps is generally a death sentence.  Guards are sadistic and happily administer beatings, rape, torture and kill with impunity; sometimes just for fun and resemble the Soviet Gulags of old!  We have numerous first hand accounts because a small number of North Koreans manage to escape each year, even though the border is heavily guarded and soldiers are authorized to simply shoot to kill anyone trying to get in or out.

While South Korea built a free, open society, North Korea continued to fortify its Marxist Hell hole and build a huge military machine with the goal of one day, reunifying the peninsula under communist control.  On the South Korean Side of the DMZ, there is a huge mine field to impede the North if they ever decided to invade the South.  On the Northern Side there are literally thousands of self-propelled and towed artillery pieces.  Estimates are between 11,000 – 15,000, all within striking distance of the South Korean Capitol.  The vast majority are stored in caves and dug into mountain sides and would simply come out to fire and them go back into their shelters making them very difficult to target and destroy.

Though these weapons are all from communist or former communist countries including many  Soviet and Chinese guns, they are still effective and if unleashed would absolutely devastate the city of Seoul in minutes, killing hundreds of thousands if not millions of South Koreans in a matter of minutes and unlike missiles, there is no way to defend against artillery fire.  Kim has said he would level the city if provoked by the South or the United States.

Though South Korea does have a formidable military, if the North decided to open fire at Seoul with these artillery tubes, it would take time to knock them out.   The ROK (Republic of Korea) South Korean Military is stocked with modern U.S. Weapons like F-15 Fighters, a smaller, clone of the M-1 Abrams Main Battle Tank, Apache Helicopters, etc… Additionally, there are about 28,000 U.S. Combat Troops stationed in the ROK along with U.S. Air Force planes, equipment and personnel.  The United States has also stationed anti-ballistic missile systems such as the THAAD System and Aegis armed U.S. Naval Ships in the South to protect South Korea from missile attack.

Even with modern weapons, however, a ground war in North Korea would be difficult at best as Korean War Veterans know and was vividly illustrated in the documentary “Fire and Ice.”  The North is predominately rolling hills and mountains and craggy terrain which is very difficult to move and and doesn’t allow for the type of rolling maneuver that the U.S. Army prefers.  There would be no walls of armor sweeping through wide areas like there were in Desert Storm.  Maneuver is on one or two main roads of by helicopter or not at all.  Given that, the U.S. and South Korean Ground Advantages would be greatly nullified.

What’s left is air power and fortunately the United States Air Force has the ability to forward base in South Korea and Guam  as well as Japan and several other places to allow strikes on North Korea.  Further, strikes can be mounted from the CONUS with B-1B Lancers and B-2 Spirit Bombers using  in- flight refueling.  The immediate need would be to attack and knock out the North’s artillery pieces and ICBM launch sites along with R & D enters and scientific and technical facilities.  In some cases this could be done with thermobaric bombs, pgm’s, cruise missiles, bunker buster bombs and even low yield tactical nuclear weapons.


One thing is for sure, and that is if the United States decides to strike, it can’t be a pin prick, surgical strike because Kim has spread out his infrastructure and military assets across North Korea in an effort to keep them safe from attack.    They are spread out widely, underground or inside mountains.  The United States will have to commit to destroy all of the North’s Military Forces and capabilities and though regime change is NOT the goal or in the plan, it might end up being an unintended outcome.

So the Hobson’s Choice the president is left with is quite simple: Destroy the North Korean Military/industrial Complex, or allow Kim Jong Un to continue developing his nuclear, ballistic missile capabilities until he strikes the United States.  And he will.  Yes, eventually, he will.

This is an unbalanced little fat boy with a big chip on his shoulder and a lot of money, who has never been told “No,” coupled with absolute power who believes he is on the level of a God and also believes he must continue a war started by his grandfather.  A truly, TRULY dangerous situation!  He actually believes it’s his DUTY to destroy America!

Undoubtedly if there is an American Strike on North Korea there will be dead North Koreans; probably a lot of them!  To destroy on the scale required will undoubtedly and unfortunately, include collateral damage.  Is this a price America is willing to pay to remove the Sword of Damocles hanging over our heads? Or do we simply allow the North Koreans to continue on their path and wait until an American City is incinerated?

Would you want to be the American President who knew….KNEW that an enemy, rogue state was going to launch a nuclear attack on your country and you did nothing to stop it?  Of course the flip-side is, would you want to be the American President who killed potentially hundreds of thousands or millions of North Koreans in a preemptive strike?  It’s either…..or.  It’s a true Hobson’s Choice.

Then of course what if President Trump does nothing?  What if he allows Kim to continue to build up his military industrial complex and pump out more ICBM’s armed with thermonuclear warheads?  What if we continue to kick the can down the road?  What if then Kim actually does it and launches a nuclear attack on the United States?  What if it is accurate enough and it actually hots its target?  What if it hits Seattle or Los Angeles or San Fransisco or San Diego?  What if hundreds of thousands or a million Americans are killed in the attack?

We know what America’s publicly stated posture is and that is what doctrine calls “Massive Retaliation.”  America would retaliate with nuclear weapons and not with one or two, but with many.  North Korea would cease to exist.   What would the repercussions be with the regional powers?  China, South Korea, Japan, Taiwan…the United Nations?  Would America then be condemned by the world?   I have no doubt that President Trump would locate would the closest SSBN and launch perhaps one or two Trident Missiles.  They are MIRV’d and carry 8 warheads each.  So 16 separate targets would each get hit with a 100kt thermonuclear weapon.  There would be nothing left.  We’re now talking not, about bombing two cities like Hiroshima and Nagasaki and killing perhaps 250,000 people.  No.  Now, we’re talking about the complete destruction of a country.  Erasing it from the map.

It also begs another question and that is do we stop with North Korea?  If America decides it cannot sit by and allow nations to threaten nuclear attack on our country and launches a preemptive strike on North Korea is that the end?  What about Iran?  Iran and North Korea have, in fact been working and exchanging technology to build nuclear, ICBM’s.  If we decide to take out the North Korean Threat, do we also mount a preemptive strike on Iran?  What about Pakistan?  A Middle Eastern Country which harbored Usama Bin Laden and Al Qaeda and the Taliban.  An unstable federal government and unstable military and a terrorist haven?  Do we take them out as well?  Where does it stop?  Would India be on the list as well?

You see it becomes a slippery slope; yet, at the same time something MUST be done.  America cannot simply sit idly by and watch our enemy construct the weapon and fire it at one of our cities and do nothing.  The Constitution clearly outlines the primary job of the federal government and that is quite simply, to protect the people of the United States!  But does that mean the total destruction of another country?  If the federal government can’t keep Americans safe, then why do we need a federal government?  They failed on 9/11 at the World Trade Center.  They failed at the Pentagon.  They failed in Pennsylvania when the third plane slammed into the ground.  If an American City were struck by a nuclear weapon, do you really think the American People would stand for it?  Americans have always rallied when we were attacked, regardless of party affiliation.  Whether it was impressment of sailors and the War of 1812, the attack on Fort Sumter, the U.S.S. Maine, Pearl Harbor, or 9/11, Americans have always rallied around the president and h flag.  But if we knew an attack was coming and allowed it to happen, the government might face rebellion rather than unity.

As bad as a single American City being incinerated, it could be even worse.  What if Kim fires a high yield nuclear weapon not AT the United States, but OVER it?  This would create an EMP (electromagnetic pulse) which would fry every electrical circuit in the country, knocking out generators, transistors, circuit chips , you name it.  America would be plunged back into the nineteenth century in an instant!  Everything with an electric circuit would become useless.  No cars, television, radios, refrigeration, nothing!  The only things that would survive would be those things that were specially hardened against EMP, or in Faraday Cages.  Cars built without electronic ignition and modern electronics, say pre-1970 would still run, but they are few and far between.

While a strike on a city would be bad, and EMP attack would kill many, many more millions, perhaps 2/3 of the population.  There would be no running water, no hospitals, no emergency services.  It would be survival of the fittest, except for those who had prepared.  That handful of preppers would be the only ones with a real chance of any kind of normal existence.

President George H.W. Bush used diplomacy and talk toward North Korea and kicked the can down the road.  Bill Clinton used diplomacy and talk against North Korea and kicked the can down the road.  He made a deal where billions of dollars went to North Korea as payment for North Korea halting their nuclear program and developing civilian energy.  They took the money and ran and actually ACCELERATED their nuclear program!

George W. Bush KNEW the North Korean problem was getting more deadly!  He labeled North Korea along with Iran and Iraq as the “Axis of Evil.”   Sadly, once again, like his predecessors, Bush used talk and diplomacy and kicked the can down the road.   Lastly, Barack Hussein Obama appeased the North Koreans and sat by and watched North Korea detonate its first nuclear weapons. Of course, led by secretaries of state “Crooked Hillary” Clinton and later, John “Swiftboat Kerry”, Obama’s Administration again used talk and diplomacy and kicked the can down the road..

Meanwhile, North Korean Leaders from Kim IL Sung to Kim Jong Un have sat back and laughed at the United States and our seeming impotence to deal with them in any meaningful way.   Administration after administration used talk and diplomacy and unenforceable deals that North Korea immediately broke and got nowhere!  Nowhere!  Meanwhile the weapons programs continued while the population slowly starved.  The United Nations passed toothless resolutions that North Korea simply ignored because no one was willing to use military force to enforce them.

The situation in North Korea has truly illustrated that the United Nations is nothing more than a financial black hole used by nations to reward a chosen few special people at the top with diplomatic immunity to live in the United States in lavish style eating the best food, drinking champagne and being pampered while they party, talk and pass pointless, meaningless, impotent resolutions that have no power, no teeth and are nothing more that illustrations of annoyance by nations of the world.

Look at the “Kim” Regimes present and past.  Is it mental illness passed down genetically from one North Korean Leader to another?  Is it a form of induced psychosis?  Is it out of control nationalism or is it something else?  Perhaps delusions of grandeur or just plain insanity.  These imbeciles seem to actually believe their own propaganda, or at least they do a good job pretending!  Regardless, the North Koreans have broken every agreement they have made with  United States.  So why would any American President want to waste any more time or effort trying to make deal with these people?  They hate America.

They have to!  They simply have no choice, because without the American Boogeyman to direct all of their nationalistic fervor at, they would lose control of the people. Most people don’t realize that it seems as though the entire country of North Korea exists to hate America and one day destroy America.  Sad.  Twisted.  Scary!  How can an entire population be so very brainwashed and programmed?  The fact is that they are bombarded with anti-American Hatred, literally from the crib to the grave.  At home, in school, in public, it is always “Hate America,” and “The U.S.” is the enemy.  In town squares there are posters and billboards spouting anti-American propaganda.  At times they even refer to Americans as “Yankees,” hearkening back to the early days of the Cold War when North Korea was founded in 1948.

It is almost inborn and is a universal truth in the country that everyone hates America and one day the “dear leader” will destroy the “Yankees.”  The question is, will President Trump let him?  Or will he cross his fingers and hope Kim’s words are just bluster and like all of his predecessors, try to kick the can down the road?  The problem is that the can has almost totally disintegrated and we are at the end of the road.