then-and-now-how-new-york-citys-world-trade-center-has-changed-in-the-15-years-since-the-911-terrorist-attackSeptember 11, 2001…. At the time I was teaching high school in Sullivan County. The office secretary called me and said, “It’s terrible, a plane just crashed into the World Trade Center.”  I figured some off course idiot in a Cessna had crashed his plane.  I was teaching current events so I turned on the television just in time to see the second plane…or what I thought was a plane hit.  I couldn’t believe what I was seeing.

A child of the Cold War, I lived through the Reagan Era and though I loved President Reagan,  I, like most kids in my generation really thought there was going to be a nuclear war.  We really, really thought World War III was going to start anytime and fully expected to see the mushroom clouds of Soviet ICBM’s exploding in the distance as we huddled for safety.  Thank God it never happened.

Through the nineties, there were hiccups in world events like the Balkans Crisis and the disintegration of Yugoslavia.  Even the first bombing of the Twin Towers in 1993; which was vastly ignored by the Clinton Administration.  The Soviet Union was gone and we were helping them dismantle and destroy the missiles that used to be aimed at us.  Boris Yeltsin, the President of the Russian Federation seemed a lot like everyone’s harmless, drunken uncle who walks around with a bottle and tells dirty jokes.  The mighty Russian Bear was no more.  Meanwhile, nit-wit Kim Jong IL ran his mouth a bit; but was never considered a serious threat; nor were the Iranians and Hell, we had supplied weapons to Iraq and then invaded them.   So they weren’t a problem either.  Occasionally they challenged the “no fly” zones we had set up over the north and south of the country, but we shot them down and giggled.  Why, we had American Military Bases and Forces in 133 countries.  It seemed like we were safe and nothing could touch us.

Then on a beautiful, bright, sunny, cloudless day, two planes that looked like passenger airliners were flown into the two World Trade Center Buildings, both the North and South Towers and within an hour, both had completely collapsed.  It was like watching a controlled demolition of two old casinos in Las Vegas; but there were people in these buildings….real, live people!  They were jumping from windows to keep from being burned alive; preferring to fall dozens of stories and hit the concrete below.

Less than an hour later, the Pentagon was attacked.  The very nexus of American Military Might and the symbol of American Strength had a huge hole blown in its side.  The Pentagon, one of the most visible, observed buildings in the world; we were told was also hit by a passenger jet in a kamikaze style attack.  Yet there was, we were told, no video evidence; except a few frames from a nearby camera that showed a blurred streak that could have been anything.   The video was so bad it could have been a circus clown fired from a cannon!

The next thing you know, we were told it was terrorists who had hijacked the planes that were used as missiles and there was yet another one in the air, even though all  civilian air traffic above the United States had been grounded.  We were told one of the passengers on United Flight 93 had gotten together with a group of men and decided to try and take the plane back from the terrorists.  When they were ready, his famous last words were, “Let’s roll.”  A few moments later the plane disappeared from radar and crashed in a field in southwestern, Pennsylvania….in my home state.  Did it crash because of the struggle?  Or was it shot down?  We will probably never know.

Even worse, it seemed this plane was headed for Washington DC to hit a target there and there might be yet another plane in the sky.  Thankfully, it turned out to be false.  We later learned the plot, supposedly was even larger and was not only to involve the planes that hit the East Coast, but there were also to be planes hijacked in Singapore and elsewhere which were to hit targets in Seattle, Los Angeles and San Diego, but Usama Bin Laden, the alleged mastermind,  felt the operation was too complex and scaled it back to just the East Coast.

We were told a lot of things, by a lot of people; seemingly for a lot of different reasons.  As I reflect back on that day and the immediate aftermath, I remember what it actually felt like.  It felt different.  We felt vulnerable.  It felt like something was wrong, but you couldn’t put your finger on it.  Then came the agencies:  DHS, FISA Courts, Homeland Security…..if Homeland Security doesn’t sound like something right out of the Nazi Era  don’t know what does.  Suddenly our rights, which, for over 200 years we were told had been God Given were being slowly eroded.  At some points it felt like we were living in a police state with daily reports of “colored” threat levels.  Then we found out that the government was spying on us, allegedly to keep us safe.  We were told:  “If we have nothing to hide we have nothing to worry about.”  It was Orwell’s 1984, for real.  In fact they were building the largest data collection center in the world for the NSA in the western U.S.

But they weren’t just spying on terrorists.  They were spying on everyone!  You, me and everyone we know were being spied on.  In fact, the government, in its bid to “protect” us was collecting:  Every landline phone call, every text message, every fax, every cell phone call, every email, in fact every electronic communication in the United States AND about a dozen other countries!

Our wives, mothers, sister and daughters were being sexually molested by TSA Agents before they could board an airplane while we had to remove our shoes and belts and sometimes were even strip searched like common criminals.  It seemed as though our right to free travel was gone and we gladly rolled over and just took it like good little sheeple!

The next thing you know we’re at war with Afghanistan and Iraq.  I wanted the Navy and Air Force to bomb Afghanistan until there was nothing left; because we were told that was where Bin Laden was.  But invade Iraq?  A war I didn’t believe in and didn’t back because there was no proof Sadaam Hussein had ANYTHING to do with the 9/11 Attacks.  But we went to war and invaded a free, sovereign country.  It was a new concept the Neocons had come up with called “preventative war.”  It seemed that now we were going to invade and take over countries BEFORE they became a problem.  Not a bad idea except it’s illegal.  It’s against the United Nations Charter.  Of course it’s also unconstitutional for the federal government to invade the privacy of Americans; yet that didn’t stop the bureaucrats in Washington either.

I watched all of the Youtube Videos… least all of the big ones because God knows there are hundreds of them; and slowly I began to question the government narrative about 9/11.  Something wasn’t right and I didn’t know what; especially when Building 7….a building that wasn’t even damaged in the “attacks” collapsed a few days later.(BLDG 7 Collapse).

Then I saw a video that REALLY peaked my curiosity and made me ask more questions.  The video clearly…CLEARLY showed that the jets that hit the twin towers were NOT   commercial passenger liners.  Were they military?  Were they something else?  I don’t know.  But I know we were lied to because I believe my own eyes.  Besides…’s NOT like the United States Government has never LIED to us before.  Like with the real reasons for the Civil War, the Bonus Marchers, the Vietnam War, Watergate, Iran-Contra….I could go on, but you get the  picture.(Mystery Aircraft Hitting Towers).  And what the Hell was the bright orange flash just before the first plane hit?

Then the real killer.  A lot of people don’t know it, but the Empire State Building was hit by a B-25, Mitchell Bomber on a foggy day in 1945. Empire State Building Crash).   This was a building built during the Great Depression.  A building built with decades old technology.  A building that was NOT reinforced for anything like a plane crashing into it.   Yet it took a direct hit.  Not a glancing blow.  The aircrew on the plane was killed, along with a few unfortunate souls in the Empire State Building.   The plane was totally destroyed.  Yet the Empire State Building was repaired and stands today as a shining beacon of freedom in New York City.  It didn’t teeter.  It didn’t tilt.  It didn’t collapse.  NOTHING!  A heavy, World War II Bomber struck the building and the plane was shredded, but the building stood!

Yet we are to believe that in 2001, two buildings which were constructed with radical new technology were destroyed by two commercial airliners.  In fact the WTC Twin Towers were the first buildings of their kind, built to withstand hurricanes and yes…EVEN PLANE CRASHES!  We were told to believe they were suddenly, easily destroyed in an instant.  This of course happened when two supposed, light weight, commercial airliners hit the towers.  These planes were not tough or rugged like a B-25 Bomber!  Not even close!  In fact they are made of extremely lightweight materials designed to maximize profit by lightening weight to use less fuel.  These planes didn’t even have much steel in them!  They are made of aircraft aluminum, boron, a myriad of composite materials and lightweight internal honeycomb structure in fact mimicking the wings of birds.

To say they are fragile is accurate.  Over the years in fact, we have seen parts of these planes sheered off when they are on the ground taxiing.  Two wingtips clip one another and are sheered off easily!  A tail fell off one plane during a landing test!(MD80 loses tail).  We have seen entire sections of planes simply sucked out and torn apart in flight!(737 loses section in flight).  Commercial planes are constantly inspected for metal fatigue which causes cracks.  Constantly pressurizing and depressurizing the plane; cycle after cycle create these cracks.  Commercial aircraft are simply not that strong.  They are designed to be lightweight flying gas tanks with seats.  Period.

Yet when the planes hit the towers, they weren’t shredded to pieces and splattered like bugs on a windshield.  No.  We are to believe these fragile aircraft sliced through hundreds of high tensile, high strength, load bearing, grade A steel beams like a hot knife through butter!  Really?  If I take a full can of soda and throw it as hard as I can against a sharp, steel street sign pole….like the pole that holds a stop sign up, the can explodes and is shredded.  The sign post still stands.  there will be a nice mark on it, but it still stands.  Now that is a RIDICULOUSLY CRUDE EXAMPLE.  But it illustrates my point.

The wings should have been torn off those planes and the back of the planes should have compressed forward like an accordion to the front of the plane.  The front of the plane, by the way is where the radar is in the nose.  It’s called a radome and it is made of a brittle composite materials over aluminum.  Look at the damage a BIRD did on a 737 AND AT LOW SPEED!!!.(Bird Crushes Nose of Plane).

911wileyThose planes should have looked like Wiley Coyote splattered on the buildings! (Government Test Crashing Planes) But they didn’t.  Why?  Simple.  Because they weren’t commercial, passenger planes.  They were either military planes flown by some truly dedicated individuals, or they were military drones, but commercial passenger planes don’t have the large humps on their underside shown in the video earlier in this article.  Further, there were no windows on these planes.  Sorry.  I have flown all over the United States and every single plane I have flown on has had windows.

Then there is the Pentagon and a blurry video showing “something.”  Not a single, recognizable piece of wreckage that looked like it came from a commercial airliner was initially seen in the wreckage of the Pentagon.  At least none that was shown.  And the video….. as  I said; ONE SINGLE VIDEO of “something.”  All of he surveillance of he Pentagon and there is one and only one blurry, lousy, piss poor image of what I think looks a Hell of a lot more like a cruise missile than an airplane.

Again, we have what I call the Wiley Coyote Affect where a supposed, lightweight airline, this time slams into a solid, reinforced concrete building and instead of a situation where the plane was destroyed with a little damage, the “plane” penetrated through several concentric rings of steel, reinforced concrete!!!  It didn’t even slow down!  Astounding!  Because it wasn’t a plane.  Again, take a full can of something.  I don’t care what; soda, beer, and throw it against a concrete wall.  What gets destroyed?  The wall or the can?  Again, simple, but very illustrative.

And lastly, United Flight 93, where the heroic passengers supposedly saved another target in Washington, D.C. from being hit.  Or did they?  Call me morbid or macabre, but I have studied plane crashes over the years.  I find them fascinating.  We are to believe that Flight 93 was driven into the ground at hundreds of miles per hour and it created a crater.  Period.  There was no wreckage, no engines, no wheels, no landing gear, nothing!  Again we are told by the government, “Trust us.”  As they continue to dilute our civil rights.

Have we LOST any civil rights?  Not really.  But our rights HAVE been minimized AND we have seen the government doing very, very, very strange things like the Social Security Administration putting out requests for bids on rifles, handguns and shotguns and MILLIONS of rounds of ammunition!  Really?  Why would that be?  Same thing with the U.S. Department of Education.  In fact almost every federal agency has decided it needs to be armed.  Why?  Doesn’t ANYONE find that a bit strange?  The mainstream, drive-by media hasn’t covered it at all!  Yet I have been told by people I am a conspiracy theorist.  No.  I am someone who asks questions.  I have no theories.  I simply ask questions, but don’t get answers.

Were these flights actually real?  Were any passengers actually killed?  Were they all paid huge sums of money and told to keep quiet or else and put into the witness protection program.  The government makes people disappear all of the time and gives people new identities.  If someone offered you several million dollars, and a new identity, would you keep your mouth shut?  Especially if they told you that if you ever blabbed you’d just disappear?  Because we all know the government has done that too.

REMEMBER, there is also a little matter of 3 TRILLION DOLLARS.  Yes, I said 3 TRILLION DOLLARS, that the Pentagon “lost.”  Yep, they can’t account for it and there was a huge internal investigation by the inspector general.  In fact all of the paperwork and materials regarding the missing money was in the very officers where the Pentagon was destroyed! In Building 7, paperwork and casefiles for ENRON and the MASSIVE California Power Swindle were destroyed.  No one ended up being prosecuted; just a few slaps on the wrist.  Some of that money would have made pay off’s to the people who were supposed to be on those planes quite simple.

There is plenty of evidence.  There is plenty of fake news.  There is what we have been told to believe, what we have been led to believe and then what really happened.  Did anyone in those “planes” die?  I don’t know.  Are all of those supposed passengers alive somewhere with new identities and fat bank accounts?  I don’t know.  Will one of them or someone else some day break their silence and really tell us what happened?  I hope.  Who did it?  I don’t know.  Was it the U.S. Government?  Was it the Israeli Mossad?  Was it the Saudi Secret Service or a combination?  Was it some “Deep State” Group?  I don’t know.  Maybe George W. Bush knew.  Maybe he didn’t.

I DO KNOW that people jumped from the towers and died.  I DO KNOW that people were killed at the Pentagon.  I know that there are still 3 trillion dollars unaccounted for that Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld was worried about on September 11th, 2001 and was going to report on.  That seems to have just been quietly allowed to fade away.  3 TRILLION DOLLARS, just forgotten!  I know that a lot of business executives got away with a lot of crimes because all of the records of the SEC, FBI and other agencies in Building 7 were destroyed.  I also know when I have been lied to and I think we should ALL, be asking a lot more questions and demanding answers.  Just sayin.’











Multiculturalism DOES NOT WORK!

Posted: September 17, 2017 in politics

It seems as though common sense is gone.  It doesn’t exist; especially in politics and government.  Further, if you dare mention anything related to common sense you are labeled immediately.  Take for example “multiculturalism.”  Multiculturalism is the mantra of the American left and indeed the left worldwide; especially in Europe and even more specifically Belgium and France.

Multiculturalism and the multicultural movement started in the 1990’s in California; when we were first told that the bastardization of the English Language known as Ebonics was to be accepted as mainstream and where illegal and legal Mexican Immigrants alike; after a lull due to the Ronald Reagan Amnesty, once again began to surge across the border.  One would assume that in a good, solid country with solid cultural foundations and underpinnings, immigrants would be thrilled to assimilate and join the culture, just as millions before them had done. But wait! Stop! No!

The geniuses on the left coast in California decided that Americans…….well, Americans just weren’t good enough.  No.  We needed something more descriptive.  Something more colorful and thus began the multicultural movement, primarily on the campus of Berkeley; surprise, surprise.

No longer would it suffice to be an American.  No, no,no,no.  THAT implied White & European.  That simply wouldn’t do at all!  Now we were going to be Mexican-Americans and Colombian-Americans and African-Americans and all other sorts of hyphenated Americans because after all, we may all be Americans, but we all have to  express our ideas and the various traits of our own cultures.better…something more descriptive.

But wait.  If you live in a country, your culture then becomes the culture of that country doesn’t it?  I mean; if you’re a Swede, then your culture and heritage are Swedish right?  Likewise, if you’re an Englishman, your culture is that of England isn’t it?  So it would follow that if you were an America your culture would be American right?  Nope.  In the 90’s that all came to an end.  Now we were going to  be a multicultural nation.  Born in 1966, I was raised with the idea that America was a melting pot.  A melting pot where all different cultures and people jumped into the melting pot as separate cultures wight separate identities and all melted together into  kind of American soup.  No longer were they people from Ireland, or Zambia or Egypt.  No. Now they were Americans.

Yes, when immigrants came to the United States they always tended to huddle and eventually settle together; whether it was Chinatown in San Fransisco, Little Italy in New York City, the Irish in the Five Points in New York City….you get the picture.  But one thing was common throughout ALL of the ethnic communities in America and that was the fact they were ALL PROUD TO CALL THEMSELVES AMERICANS!  AMERICANS!  My Irish Great Grandparents stepped off the boat and their biggest concern was learning to speak English because they spoke Gaelic!  They weren’t waving the Irish Flag, but were handed little American Flags and hey were overwhelmed they were so happy to be American!

This somehow ended in the 90;s when the left decided we were a mosaic…a mosaic like the Balkans where autonomous region was made up of many separate states like Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia, etc…  And so began what I call the balkanization of America.  Instead of one nation, under God, with liberty and justice for all, we were going to have one nation, broken into separate pieces with separate cultures, speaking different languages with no God, just a bit of liberty and different types of justice for all.

As Americans, we had ALWAYS…..ALWAYS celebrated our SIMILARITIES.  Language, culture, you name it.  Immigrants came to America and adopted OUR customs.  The native population didn’t adopt THEIRS!  NOW we are told that we must celebrate our DIFFERENCES!  OUR DIFFERENCES!!!  MADNESS!  UTTER AND COMPLETE MADNESS!  If world history has taught us one thing it’s that countries only survive if they are unified.  Like him or hate him, Dr. Michael Savage has summed it up right when he says it’s all about borders, culture and language.  It’s just that simple. I mean, my God, we’ve come to the point where it is almost a crime  say Merry Christmas!  Merry Christmas!  A greeting of love and fellowship regardless of your religion has somehow been twisted into an insult according to the left! Even something as innocuous as a Christmas Tree has been demonstrated against because their mere “presence” can make some people feel “uncomfortable,” or “threatened!”  COME ONE!  IT’S A FUCKING CHRISTMAS TREE!  IT’S NOT EVEN A RELIGIOUS SYMBOL!

A third grader knows what happens when  you accentuate and celebrate differences.  Differences qualify people for different treatment.  Differences mean that unity is no longer part of the equation.  Differences mean that every individual group is to be treated differently and their specific differences are more important than our similarities and our identities as AMERICANS!

At a time when America needs to be unified and stand together more than ever, it seems as though all the left and the Alt Left want to do is accentuate the differences of individual groups in America.  How can this POSSIBLY be helpful to the national debate or the national identity?  Well….it can’t and it isn’t.  If we are to learn from history, we need not look far.  the implosion of Yugoslavia happened in the 1990’s and ended up in ethnic cleansing, genocide and bloody civil war that sucked NATO and the United States into military operations along with the United Nations.  Millions were killed!  Killed because of their “differences.”

I have watched it grow from the late 1980’s when I was in college right up to the radical, RADICAL behavior of today with groups like Black Lives matter and ANTIFA.  How about, American Lives Matter?  How about ANTI-ANTIFA?  No, Blacks don’t deserve any special treatment, nor do Muslims, Whites, Christians, or any group, whether racial, religious, you name it!  We are all supposed to be treated equally.  We are ALL Americans.  Destructive, hateful, destructive groups like I just mentioned are not only counterproductive but in many ways criminal!  They are completely un-American!

John Wayne  said it over forty ago in a poem he wrote and narrated and it is even more true today than it was when he put pen to paper.   All we need to do is look at the destruction  of statues and monuments currently going on in America where thugs are destroying things they don’t like and Colleges are removing monuments and statues to prevent riots because they are gutless and lack any moral center or moral courage.  And of course, after all, we can’t upset any of our little campus snowflakes who might need to go to a “safe place” for hot cocoa and Legos if they see a statue of Robert E Lee!

Even more disappointing is watching our politicians dance around issues when they are on camera and interviewed.  God forbid they defend traditional American Values.  No, it’s better to continue letting mobs and mob mentality and group think dictate policies for colleges and towns and cities all over America.  Accept of course for President Trump, who is on a mission to save traditional America and traditional American Values.  God help us, I’m sure there won’t be any Chairman Mao Ornaments on the Whitehouse Christmas Tree this year….thank God.  And the bust of Winston Churchill has been returned to its rightful place after Barack Hussein Obama  moved it into the hallway.

Perhaps the most glaring example of what’s going on worldwide is with Islam.  You see, unlike Catholicism or being a Methodist or Baptist or Hindu or many other religions, Islam is MORE than just a religion.  It is much more.  It is a cleverly contrived system of religion, laws, administration and a blueprint for how people should live their lives  each and every day and provides a strict system of laws codified into Sharia.

The Founders of this great nation determined early on that freedom of religion was crucial to the new republic and was a God-given right.  Not freedom FROM religion, but freedom of religion.  They had borne the injustice of state mandated religion in Britain with the church of England and forbid establishment of a state or government sponsored religion.  They  determined that Americans could worship any way they wanted….or not at all.

Islam \removes that.  Islam creates separate communities within countries.  it’s happened all over the world, particularly in Belgium and France.  Yet these countries remain blinded to the truth that their countries, traditions and culture are being sublimated and subjugated by slam and if things continue as they are, French and Belgian Culture will simply cease to exist.  They will still be France and Belgium; but Muslim versions of the former nations, governed not by the Napoleonic Code, or Belgian Law, but by Sharia.  We can see the inroads here in America where one need look no further than  Minneapolis-St Paul and Detroit, where huge Muslim Populations have all but taken over parts of these cities and the states of Michigan and Minnesota.

What’s going on is NOT multiculturalism.  It is cultural takeover and cultural destruction.  Moreover, many Muslim Leaders have said that they are simply using the American Constitution and American Laws to take over this country legally.  hey are fighting us with our own laws and never having to fire a shot or detonate a bomb.

Lest you, my valued reader think I am anti-Muslim, the same thing is going on with Mexicans; both legal and illegal and has been for many years….decades in fact.  The group La Raza is a perfect example.  While weak-willed, Lilly livered left wing pussies battle with their White Guilt and allow other cultures to denigrate and replace American Culture, groups like La Raza are actively and successfully I might add, working to take back multiple U.S. States;states like Texas, Arizona, California and New Mexico believing they are rightfully part of Mexico and were “stolen” by America.

In many parts of the American Southwest, if you don’t speak Spanish, you need not bother going there while in others going to certain areas is unsafe and in fact dangerous if you’re not Mexican.  Meanwhile, Mexican Extremists sit by and laugh at the weak American Fools…our so called “political leaders,”  who are in fact accelerating the destruction of their own culture and watching its replacement where the Mexican Flag has replaced Old Glory and go on television singing the praises of multiculturalism.  You can see it on the streets in California, Arizona and South Texas…..fields of Mexican Flags,  but not an American Flag in sight.  If these people have ALL come here to be Americans, why are they all flying the Mexican Flag?

The answer is simple and plain to see.  That is unless you are a politician from ANY party or a left-wing, wining democrat/liberal progressive.  Then  you can’t see it at all even with a giant magnifying glass.  Other cultures, particularly those who worship Islam and those who emigrate from Mexico don’t WANT to be American.  They don’t want to be and WON’T be!  They don’t and won’t pledge allegiance to the flag or the nation.  They speak their native tongue, even though a condition of citizenship is learning  and speaking English.  No, these people want to REMAIN Mexicans and Muslims, living in America.  They want to enjoy the freedom America offers, the safety, the benefits, the beauty of living in America; yet they don’t want to be and don’t call themselves American.


America is quite simply being balkanized.  A Russian political scientist a few years back predicted that within the next fifty or so years, America would disintegrate and break up into several smaller countries; but America would be no more.

Multiculturalism is a myth, a lie, an invention of the far left to sooth their White Guilt Complex and ease their suffering while PUNISHING White America, because after all….that nasty White Privilege….they have too much anyway, thus killing two birds with one stone.  Separate cultures are for and from separate countries.  Multi racialism and multiculturalism are two different things and the left seems to simply lump them together because after all, isn’t everything warm and fuzzy and happy with magic dust, sprinkles and unicorns.  America can function just fine thank you with Whites, Blacks, Asian, Browns, you name it.  But to really, really believe in any way that different cultures a can be put together and live side by side under the same laws, same rules and same government is simply delusion and leads to the break up of nations.  But don’t take my word for it.  Simply look at history.  You know, the thing the left is trying so hard to destroy and sanitize right now.  If you look at Rome….its rise and fall you can see the effects of multiculturalism.  Look at modern day Belgium.  Look at what happened in after the breakup of Yugoslavia.

While all things being equal, different races have no problem, different cultures can live side by side ONLY when they are on opposite sides of a border; NOT within the same border.  It has repeatedly led to civil war, murder, death and destruction.  Ethiopia, and Sudan both come to mid where different cultures resorted to settling their differences by simply slaughtering one another including women and children with machetes and knives since only the military had guns and ammunition.  Is this REALLY where we want America to be in fifty years?  The entire Southwest part of Mexico?  After all it was a democrat who gave away the Panama Canal.  So why not the state of Texas and a few others.  What’s the big deal in the name of multiculturalism?  After all, now we are taught that Columbus was a murderous butcher and Thanksgiving was nothing more than a White sponsored bloodbath where the English killed the Indians.

Like it or not, the United States of America was founded as a Judaeo Christian Nation.  Our system of laws, the United States Constitution, even the Declaration of Independence ALL reference a Christian God.  Even our Founding Documents like the Federalist Papers, the Anti-Federalist Papers and other writings speak of a nation that worships God and is God-Fearing.  Our money, our mottoes, our federal buildings, prayers at the Supreme Court, the House and Senate, the chaplains are all Christian and ALL speak of God!

For over two hundred years, the United States stood as a great nation.  Powerful, independent and strong, with values and morals that allowed us to grow and prosper.  Founded as a Christian Nation, yet the Ten Commandments are not allowed to be displayed.  Crosses are out as is prayer in school.  These things BELONG in America and are part of the very fabric of this country!  The Constitution allows freedom OF religion, not freedom FROM religion.  As with every freedom in America, as long as you don’t yell “Fire” in a crowded movie theater, just turn the channel.

Atheists, Muslims and those on the far left seem to have an impassioned desire to destroy America, its values and traditions.  Barack Obama led a one man crusade to do just that.  Instead of working on unemployment, he was either golfing or raving about transgender bathrooms!  When my father was a child they prayed in school and had the Ten Commandments displayed in school.  It was so terrible that we split the atom, sent a man to the moon and started the computer revolution.  There was far less crime, far less hate and America was a safer place, a better place and a moral country.

I find it unacceptable that I am IMMEDIATELY labeled as a hater, or “anti” this or “anti” that because I love my White, European Heritage!  It’s MY heritage!  Yet when Blacks celebrate their heritage, it is a badge of honor an it is to be celebrated somehow and somehow it is superior to my heritage.  I am sick, sick, sick of it.  The  Black Lives Matter crowd wants reparations for Blacks, wants Whites to give all of their property and possessions to Blacks….simply because they are White and apparently Whites need to be stamped out as though we are vermin!  They cleverly and conveniently seem to forget that slavery, for example was going on all over the world when it was happening in America.  In fact it is still going on today and ironically it is dark skinned peoples making slaves of and trading Whites, mainly in the Middle East and North Africa.

They conveniently forget that slavery was practices in Africa for THOUSANDS OF YEARS and it was Blacks making slaves of other Blacks, raping, pillaging and plundering and yes enslaving each other!

The very same thing was done in North America by the American Indian, who, just as the Europeans did to them, went to war and used force to take the hunting grounds of other tribes and yes, took prisoners and made slaves of other American Indians, and also raped, pillaged, plundered and enslaved each other.  Conveniently, you’ll never see this taught in the left wing indoctrination centers we call public schools.  N. Never.  American Students are only taught about how evil Christopher Columbus was and how he made slaves of the Indians in the New World and how the Pilgrims who landed  at Plymouth Rock murdered the Indians.

Am I condoning these things?  No.  But I am not to judge what was happening at that time in history.  Raping, pillaging, plundering and enslaving today in 2017 is completely uncivilized and barbaric and is unacceptable by any standard.  However, in 1540 things were different.  In 1778 things were different.  In the 1860’s things were different.  Every era has its own idiosyncrasies and there is no doubt that if this world lasts another 100 years, anthropologists and sociologists will look back at us as barbarians!  They too will be  wrong; because you cannot apply contemporary standards and norms to past eras in history.  You just can’t do it.  It seems as though those on the left lack the gray matter to understand this.

At some point the madness needs to stop or we will not be a country any more.  When a country  has no borders, lacks a common language and culture, it ceases to exist.  It happened to Yugoslavia it happened to Rome and it WILL happen to the United States of America.  WE NEED  TO COME TOGETHER AS AMERICANS!  STOP waving the Mexican Flag!  STOP waving the Puerto Rican Flag!  If you love those places so much go back, or be an American and wave the American Flag!

If we really had a government that functioned and we really had political leaders who were elected and took their oath of office seriously, they would put a complete stop to ALL immigration for 10 or 15 years.  Of course we don’t and they won’t because they are not worried about you, me or the country.  They are only worried about how much they can lie, steal, cheat and line their pockets to get re-elected even if they never introduce a piece of legislation or author a bill.  It’s all about getting re-elected over and over and over until they wheel you out on a slab.  The Constitution never intended that; but that’s what we have today.  Self-serving vermin who are elected simply for their own enrichment and who are willing to surrender their values, ideals and morals on the altar of political correctness because THAT is how you get elected!































Mushroom_Cloud_by_Wittman80Sadly, that’s the choice that President Donald J Trump faces.  It is an unfortunate Hobson’s Choice:  attack or don’t attack.  An ardent student of history and politics, I consider myself somewhat of an expert.  I have studied North Korea from its very inception on September 9, 1948, to the present…….through the three totalitarian, communist leaders and the anti-Americanism from Kim IL Sung to Kim Jong IL, to Kim Jong Un.

What many don’t realize is that the Kim regimes through the years have used nationalist propaganda to keep control of the populace, to prop up their regimes and to motivate the military and civilian populations.  In the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK), there is a constant air of war, as though the North Koreans are still at war with the United States and could be attacked any moment.   Of course public enemy number one, just as in the Middle East, is yep….you guessed it:  The United States of America.

Technically, they are still at war.  There was NEVER a formal peace treaty signed between North and South Korea and/or the United Nations and the United States.  What has been in effect since the end of the hostilities on July 27th, 1953 is a simple cease fire.  Yes, a cease fire, along with a demilitarized zone along the 38th Parallel which divides North and South Korea.

Since then, a small building has been built at the 38th parallel with a long conference table and chairs.  Inside, a truly surrealist scene plays out.  A North Korean Soldier stands on the north side of the building to prevent anyone crossing the border which runs through the middle of the building while a South Korean Soldier stands guard on the Southern side doing the very same thing.  They are armed with live ammunition and don’t speak to one another.  It is a tense, bizarre, hair trigger situation.

Over the years there have been numerous provocations by the North, with soldiers from the South sporadically killed in what the North has called “accidents” or “unfortunate incidents.”  There have also been some major naval actions between North and South Korea, but it seemed as though both understood what would happen if the cease fire were broken in a major way and escalated and all-out hostilities resumed.

Since the cease fire, South Korea has grown into an economic powerhouse; and is truly one of the largest economies in Asia.  Korean Culture and growth has flourished.  The government is a true democracy with a president, cabinet, etc… and regular elections.  South Korea’s capitol, Seoul, is a modern, cosmopolitan city with all of the modern conveniences of the West including mass transit, massive skyscrapers, etc…  South Korea has been a true success on every level and has shown the power of democracy and capitalism with companies like KIA, Hyundai and Samsung.  The South Korean People enjoy all of the freedoms of a free society….speech, religion, you name it as well as electronics like personal computers, cell phones,  and a wide variety of consumer goods.  Food is plentiful and the difference between the North and South are glaringly visible!  The city of Seoul looks in many ways just like the New York City!

The North, however, backed by the Soviet Union initially and later by China is a backward, destitute Hell hole with few major cities outside off Pyongyang.  Food and goods are scarce.  There are “Tourist Stores” for propaganda purposes that appear fully stocked with a myriad of wide ranging food and other items giving the illusion of a plentiful supply of food and goods.  However they are purely for show and the items are made of plastic, wood, etc…and no one is actually allowed in them.

North Korea is so poor, so backward and goods are in such short supply that when orbiting the Earth, astronauts have observed that South Korea is brilliantly lit at night, while nearly the entire whole of North Korea is dark due to electricity shortages.  Freedoms are savagely curtailed if there are any at all.  Aside from the military, starvation is the norm.  There are very few fat North Koreans.  Of course as I mentioned, the military is fed and housed relatively well since they are necessary to prop up the regime.

Kim on the other hand, along with his inner circle, lives a lavish lifestyle and has very expensive tastes.  He receives nothing but the best in food, liquor,entertainment, etc…and regularly feasts on foods like prime rib and reportedly has a penchant for Courvoisier Cognac and Western Whiskey.  He also reportedly has a sweet tooth, mainly for chocolate; but not just for regular chocolate.  No Hershey Bars here.   It’s only Swiss and Belgian Chocolate for Kim!

He has these items imported using the money he earns from counterfeiting U.S. and other currency and weapons technology sales as well as weapons themselves while the citizens of North Korea subsist on potatoes, turnips, and at times kill and eat dogs and cats that are unfortunate enough to pass their way. They are allowed to fish, but many parts of the country including streams and rivers are contaminated with toxic chemical wastes.

The regime also has an extensive trade relationship with its communist neighbor to the north; China.  Still, there are shortages of EVERYTHING…..EVERYTHING!  Clothing, food, personal items, ALL are constantly in short supply or are simply not available.  Amazingly enough, the deal President Bill Clinton made with North Korea in the 1990’s was supposed to help North Korea develop nuclear power for electricity generation.  Instead, it was used for the nuclear weapons program.

Life is bleak and harsh and even clothes are all shades of gray, aside from special groups and special days and celebrations.  Life is Orwellian with loudspeakers on poles everywhere spewing hatred of the South and America and the party line.  The entire population from cradle to grave is programmed with the party line and are constantly bombarded with lies and propaganda. There are ornate, mandatory celebrations with extravagant flags, bunting, parades, etc… for things like the founding of the nation and celebrating their “dear leader.”

Those who dissent are scooped up in the dead of night and find themselves in work camps which are simply Nazi-like concentration camps by another name.  A sentence to one of these camps is generally a death sentence.  Guards are sadistic and happily administer beatings, rape, torture and kill with impunity; sometimes just for fun and resemble the Soviet Gulags of old!  We have numerous first hand accounts because a small number of North Koreans manage to escape each year, even though the border is heavily guarded and soldiers are authorized to simply shoot to kill anyone trying to get in or out.

While South Korea built a free, open society, North Korea continued to fortify its Marxist Hell hole and build a huge military machine with the goal of one day, reunifying the peninsula under communist control.  On the South Korean Side of the DMZ, there is a huge mine field to impede the North if they ever decided to invade the South.  On the Northern Side there are literally thousands of self-propelled and towed artillery pieces.  Estimates are between 11,000 – 15,000, all within striking distance of the South Korean Capitol.  The vast majority are stored in caves and dug into mountain sides and would simply come out to fire and them go back into their shelters making them very difficult to target and destroy.

Though these weapons are all from communist or former communist countries including many  Soviet and Chinese guns, they are still effective and if unleashed would absolutely devastate the city of Seoul in minutes, killing hundreds of thousands if not millions of South Koreans in a matter of minutes and unlike missiles, there is no way to defend against artillery fire.  Kim has said he would level the city if provoked by the South or the United States.

Though South Korea does have a formidable military, if the North decided to open fire at Seoul with these artillery tubes, it would take time to knock them out.   The ROK (Republic of Korea) South Korean Military is stocked with modern U.S. Weapons like F-15 Fighters, a smaller, clone of the M-1 Abrams Main Battle Tank, Apache Helicopters, etc… Additionally, there are about 28,000 U.S. Combat Troops stationed in the ROK along with U.S. Air Force planes, equipment and personnel.  The United States has also stationed anti-ballistic missile systems such as the THAAD System and Aegis armed U.S. Naval Ships in the South to protect South Korea from missile attack.

Even with modern weapons, however, a ground war in North Korea would be difficult at best as Korean War Veterans know and was vividly illustrated in the documentary “Fire and Ice.”  The North is predominately rolling hills and mountains and craggy terrain which is very difficult to move and and doesn’t allow for the type of rolling maneuver that the U.S. Army prefers.  There would be no walls of armor sweeping through wide areas like there were in Desert Storm.  Maneuver is on one or two main roads of by helicopter or not at all.  Given that, the U.S. and South Korean Ground Advantages would be greatly nullified.

What’s left is air power and fortunately the United States Air Force has the ability to forward base in South Korea and Guam  as well as Japan and several other places to allow strikes on North Korea.  Further, strikes can be mounted from the CONUS with B-1B Lancers and B-2 Spirit Bombers using  in- flight refueling.  The immediate need would be to attack and knock out the North’s artillery pieces and ICBM launch sites along with R & D enters and scientific and technical facilities.  In some cases this could be done with thermobaric bombs, pgm’s, cruise missiles, bunker buster bombs and even low yield tactical nuclear weapons.


One thing is for sure, and that is if the United States decides to strike, it can’t be a pin prick, surgical strike because Kim has spread out his infrastructure and military assets across North Korea in an effort to keep them safe from attack.    They are spread out widely, underground or inside mountains.  The United States will have to commit to destroy all of the North’s Military Forces and capabilities and though regime change is NOT the goal or in the plan, it might end up being an unintended outcome.

So the Hobson’s Choice the president is left with is quite simple: Destroy the North Korean Military/industrial Complex, or allow Kim Jong Un to continue developing his nuclear, ballistic missile capabilities until he strikes the United States.  And he will.  Yes, eventually, he will.

This is an unbalanced little fat boy with a big chip on his shoulder and a lot of money, who has never been told “No,” coupled with absolute power who believes he is on the level of a God and also believes he must continue a war started by his grandfather.  A truly, TRULY dangerous situation!  He actually believes it’s his DUTY to destroy America!

Undoubtedly if there is an American Strike on North Korea there will be dead North Koreans; probably a lot of them!  To destroy on the scale required will undoubtedly and unfortunately, include collateral damage.  Is this a price America is willing to pay to remove the Sword of Damocles hanging over our heads? Or do we simply allow the North Koreans to continue on their path and wait until an American City is incinerated?

Would you want to be the American President who knew….KNEW that an enemy, rogue state was going to launch a nuclear attack on your country and you did nothing to stop it?  Of course the flip-side is, would you want to be the American President who killed potentially hundreds of thousands or millions of North Koreans in a preemptive strike?  It’s either…..or.  It’s a true Hobson’s Choice.

Then of course what if President Trump does nothing?  What if he allows Kim to continue to build up his military industrial complex and pump out more ICBM’s armed with thermonuclear warheads?  What if we continue to kick the can down the road?  What if then Kim actually does it and launches a nuclear attack on the United States?  What if it is accurate enough and it actually hots its target?  What if it hits Seattle or Los Angeles or San Fransisco or San Diego?  What if hundreds of thousands or a million Americans are killed in the attack?

We know what America’s publicly stated posture is and that is what doctrine calls “Massive Retaliation.”  America would retaliate with nuclear weapons and not with one or two, but with many.  North Korea would cease to exist.   What would the repercussions be with the regional powers?  China, South Korea, Japan, Taiwan…the United Nations?  Would America then be condemned by the world?   I have no doubt that President Trump would locate would the closest SSBN and launch perhaps one or two Trident Missiles.  They are MIRV’d and carry 8 warheads each.  So 16 separate targets would each get hit with a 100kt thermonuclear weapon.  There would be nothing left.  We’re now talking not, about bombing two cities like Hiroshima and Nagasaki and killing perhaps 250,000 people.  No.  Now, we’re talking about the complete destruction of a country.  Erasing it from the map.

It also begs another question and that is do we stop with North Korea?  If America decides it cannot sit by and allow nations to threaten nuclear attack on our country and launches a preemptive strike on North Korea is that the end?  What about Iran?  Iran and North Korea have, in fact been working and exchanging technology to build nuclear, ICBM’s.  If we decide to take out the North Korean Threat, do we also mount a preemptive strike on Iran?  What about Pakistan?  A Middle Eastern Country which harbored Usama Bin Laden and Al Qaeda and the Taliban.  An unstable federal government and unstable military and a terrorist haven?  Do we take them out as well?  Where does it stop?  Would India be on the list as well?

You see it becomes a slippery slope; yet, at the same time something MUST be done.  America cannot simply sit idly by and watch our enemy construct the weapon and fire it at one of our cities and do nothing.  The Constitution clearly outlines the primary job of the federal government and that is quite simply, to protect the people of the United States!  But does that mean the total destruction of another country?  If the federal government can’t keep Americans safe, then why do we need a federal government?  They failed on 9/11 at the World Trade Center.  They failed at the Pentagon.  They failed in Pennsylvania when the third plane slammed into the ground.  If an American City were struck by a nuclear weapon, do you really think the American People would stand for it?  Americans have always rallied when we were attacked, regardless of party affiliation.  Whether it was impressment of sailors and the War of 1812, the attack on Fort Sumter, the U.S.S. Maine, Pearl Harbor, or 9/11, Americans have always rallied around the president and h flag.  But if we knew an attack was coming and allowed it to happen, the government might face rebellion rather than unity.

As bad as a single American City being incinerated, it could be even worse.  What if Kim fires a high yield nuclear weapon not AT the United States, but OVER it?  This would create an EMP (electromagnetic pulse) which would fry every electrical circuit in the country, knocking out generators, transistors, circuit chips , you name it.  America would be plunged back into the nineteenth century in an instant!  Everything with an electric circuit would become useless.  No cars, television, radios, refrigeration, nothing!  The only things that would survive would be those things that were specially hardened against EMP, or in Faraday Cages.  Cars built without electronic ignition and modern electronics, say pre-1970 would still run, but they are few and far between.

While a strike on a city would be bad, and EMP attack would kill many, many more millions, perhaps 2/3 of the population.  There would be no running water, no hospitals, no emergency services.  It would be survival of the fittest, except for those who had prepared.  That handful of preppers would be the only ones with a real chance of any kind of normal existence.

President George H.W. Bush used diplomacy and talk toward North Korea and kicked the can down the road.  Bill Clinton used diplomacy and talk against North Korea and kicked the can down the road.  He made a deal where billions of dollars went to North Korea as payment for North Korea halting their nuclear program and developing civilian energy.  They took the money and ran and actually ACCELERATED their nuclear program!

George W. Bush KNEW the North Korean problem was getting more deadly!  He labeled North Korea along with Iran and Iraq as the “Axis of Evil.”   Sadly, once again, like his predecessors, Bush used talk and diplomacy and kicked the can down the road.   Lastly, Barack Hussein Obama appeased the North Koreans and sat by and watched North Korea detonate its first nuclear weapons. Of course, led by secretaries of state “Crooked Hillary” Clinton and later, John “Swiftboat Kerry”, Obama’s Administration again used talk and diplomacy and kicked the can down the road..

Meanwhile, North Korean Leaders from Kim IL Sung to Kim Jong Un have sat back and laughed at the United States and our seeming impotence to deal with them in any meaningful way.   Administration after administration used talk and diplomacy and unenforceable deals that North Korea immediately broke and got nowhere!  Nowhere!  Meanwhile the weapons programs continued while the population slowly starved.  The United Nations passed toothless resolutions that North Korea simply ignored because no one was willing to use military force to enforce them.

The situation in North Korea has truly illustrated that the United Nations is nothing more than a financial black hole used by nations to reward a chosen few special people at the top with diplomatic immunity to live in the United States in lavish style eating the best food, drinking champagne and being pampered while they party, talk and pass pointless, meaningless, impotent resolutions that have no power, no teeth and are nothing more that illustrations of annoyance by nations of the world.

Look at the “Kim” Regimes present and past.  Is it mental illness passed down genetically from one North Korean Leader to another?  Is it a form of induced psychosis?  Is it out of control nationalism or is it something else?  Perhaps delusions of grandeur or just plain insanity.  These imbeciles seem to actually believe their own propaganda, or at least they do a good job pretending!  Regardless, the North Koreans have broken every agreement they have made with  United States.  So why would any American President want to waste any more time or effort trying to make deal with these people?  They hate America.

They have to!  They simply have no choice, because without the American Boogeyman to direct all of their nationalistic fervor at, they would lose control of the people. Most people don’t realize that it seems as though the entire country of North Korea exists to hate America and one day destroy America.  Sad.  Twisted.  Scary!  How can an entire population be so very brainwashed and programmed?  The fact is that they are bombarded with anti-American Hatred, literally from the crib to the grave.  At home, in school, in public, it is always “Hate America,” and “The U.S.” is the enemy.  In town squares there are posters and billboards spouting anti-American propaganda.  At times they even refer to Americans as “Yankees,” hearkening back to the early days of the Cold War when North Korea was founded in 1948.

It is almost inborn and is a universal truth in the country that everyone hates America and one day the “dear leader” will destroy the “Yankees.”  The question is, will President Trump let him?  Or will he cross his fingers and hope Kim’s words are just bluster and like all of his predecessors, try to kick the can down the road?  The problem is that the can has almost totally disintegrated and we are at the end of the road.








DACA: Americans Are Dreamers Too!

Posted: September 5, 2017 in politics

We heard about it from our former Muslim, Marxist President, Barack Hussein Obama as far back as 2011, when he told an audience on Univision that he “Didn’t have the authority to grant amnesty and that Congress would have to send him something to sign because that’s the way the system works.”  A few short years later Barack Hussein Obama, the most recent American President who held the U.S. Constitution in complete contempt; signed an executive order allowing the so called “Dreamers” to stay in the U.S. for a limited time.  They would be “off the radar” and could live and work and go to school in the U.S. without fear of deportation.  Well, the executive order expired yesterday and the issue is now in President Trump’s hands.

dreamers_daca_eu_0What is DACA and who are these “Dreamers?”  DACA stands for Deferred Action against Childhood Arrivals.  The idea was that when many illegal aliens from Mexico entered the U.S., they brought their children with them and they also became illegal aliens through no fault of their own; so it was not fair to punish them, even though immigration law makes no distinction.  Illegal is illegal.  Again, these people, the “Dreamers,” nearly a million of them were brought here as children when their parents illegally sneaked into the country.  As a result they were in America through no fault of their own, but are just as illegal as their parents who brought them here.

Obama and the left simply wanted to grant these million people blanket amnesty since they were brought here, willingly or not.  Obama signed an executive order called the “Dream Act,” which allowed these illegals to stay in America with no fear of deportation for a limited period of time as long as they were in school or the military and had no serious criminal convictions.  The problem is that the executive order was and is illegal.  The executive branch and specifically the president has no power to do what Obama did.  That power rests with the Congress.

President Trump has said “We love the Dreamers.”  He also campaigned on “America First.”  So he has taken the road to an elegant solution.  He decided he will take no action on DACA for six months.  This will allow Congress six months to act and send him legislation to sign to save the “Dreamers.”  If they don’t, these people will all be deported as U.S. Immigration Law dictates.

While this is an elegant solution for the president, in actuality it creates several problems.  The first is that right now, today, DACA is illegal.  Not six months from now, but today; so these people all remain in the U.S. as illegal aliens.  Second, President Trump ran on a comprehensive platform of “America First” and “Make America Great Again.”  Allowing the Dreamers to stay in the U.S., even handing this off to Congress is in direct conflict with this platform.  Trump should keep the promises he made to his supporters and deport all one million of them.  It’s important to remember, this is NOT Trump’s doing.  It is OBAMA who created this problem by signing the executive order that he crafted.

If President Trump deports these million people, he is simply following the law.  A law that I might add, HE did not write, or sign!  As former DHS Secretary Kelly said to Congress, there are many, many immigration laws which have been sent to various presidents and signed into law over the past two hundred plus years.  If you don’t like the immigration laws Congress, change them.  But we DO HAVE LAWS on the books that are legal and lawful and the Trump Administration WILL BE ENFORCING THE LAWS.

There are also many misconceptions surrounding DACA.  These “Dreamers” are not, NOT as it is often asserted, young children.  YES, there are some young children; but the vast majority of the “Dreamers” are twenty five years old, or older.  The left would have us believe these are a million eight year olds, which is simply not true.  The left uses this to play on people’s emotions.  However, the United States is a nation of laws.  We are NOT a nation of emotions.  LEGALLY, these “Dreamers” all should be sent home regardless of age or when they arrived.

As far as breaking up families, it is NOT U.S. Immigration Law that would be breaking up families, but the parents who brought these children to America when they sneaked in illegally.  If they don’t want their families broken up the answer is simple.  They should return home with the Dreamers.  After all, they are illegals as well and are the people responsible for smuggling their children illegally into the U.S.!

YES, these people have attended American Schools, etc… and many have lived here most of their lives.  They have goals and hopes and yes, dreams.  But what about all of the people who are in line, LEGALLY, doing things the right way trying to LEGALLY become U.S. Citizens?  Are their dreams any less important?  Moreover, what about my son?  He is fifteen and just entered high school.  He has hope, goals, aspirations and dreams as well and he was born here, to a family that can trace its lineage all the way back to 1754!  What about HIS dreams?  Are they any less important?  Should he be punished because he was born in America?  Should others be punished because they are trying to LEGALLY become citizens?

Lastly, another major issue with the “Dreamers’ whether you agree with amnesty for them or not is simple economics.  The average “Dreamer” is twenty five years old.  They are prime working age and entering the economy.  They are competing against people who ARE here legally and are willing to take jobs for less money in lucrative fields as not to “rock the boat” because they are here illegally.  It boils down to the fact that illegals, even college educated illegals taking jobs from legal Americans.  This is simply in direct conflict with “America First.”

It’s important to remember that while the Mexican Government is completely against the U.S./Mexican Border Wall proposed by President Trump, Mexico has its own wall on its southern border!  It’s also important to remember that Mexico has STRICT, Draconian immigration laws and illegal immigrants are IMMEDIATELY DEPORTED and in some cases are shot.  Yes, I said shot by the Mexican Army who patrols the southern border.  Mexico does not have nor allow “Dreamers” from Costa Rica, or Guatemala or El Salvador, etc…

Mexico does not care about emotions or the dreams of illegal aliens.  They are dealt with swiftly and harshly.  In Mexico, illegals DO NOT get education, food, medical care or shelter!  In fact the majority of the nations of the world have similar immigration policies.  Those are facts!  It’s also a simple fact that if you don’t have borders then you don’t have a country.

The bottom line is that there are an estimated one million “dreamers” in the U.S.  They were brought here illegally.Their parents are illegal aliens.  THEY are illegal aliens.  How long will the United States Government continue to reward criminals while at the same time punishing those who abide by the law?  President Trump said he was going to change the status quo and work every day for the American People.  He pledged that every decision he took would be done with the American People in mind and whether or not it was good for America.  Well….how can it be good for America, American Workers and American Students to reward illegal aliens for breaking the law?  What’s next…..government checks for bank robbers?  Just sayin’.























Posted: August 28, 2017 in politics

Robert E. Lee, Supreme Commander of the Army of the Confederacy

We have all seen history being destroyed on tv.  ISIS has destroyed priceless works of art, statues, churches and many other pieces of Christian History and items that conflict with their views.  Things that can never be replaced and are now lost to future generations.

Now we watch the very same thing being done not in the Middle East, but right here in America.  Statues of Confederate Generals and political leaders toppled, vandalized, covered up and removed!  Why?  Because the political correctness on the left has now entered what I call the “danger phase.”  Like Stalin, who renamed cities and purged hundreds of thousands of people, the politically correct socialists, anarchists and communists have moved beyond words.  They have now moved to action and the police simply stand by and watch.  Meanwhile, gutless college officials give in to ridiculous demands to remove pieces of history that a small handful find offensive.

Well I AM OFFENDED!  Who the Hell elected these people judge and jury?  Who gave them the right to decide which parts of my history I and my family can and can’t see?  Who decided that THEY are the supreme arbiters of American Culture?  If they don’t like General Stonewall Jackson or Jefferson Davis or Christopher Columbus or the Pilgrims that’s fine.  THEN DON’T LOOK!  These things are part of American History and if we remove them in  an effort to purge our history of everything one group finds offensive, we will quickly find ourselves repeating the same parts of history they have removed!

Like it or not, Confederate Soldiers are legally considered United States Veterans by the Department of Defense!  To many, they are heroes and the vast majority of Southern Soldiers had no slaves and weren’t fighting to continue slavery in the South.  They were fighting for states’ rights and to defend their homes and property.

The leftists seem to simply disregard any and all parts of history that don’t coincide with their political or social views.  They judge what they like, see and say what they like and then act like a pack of rabid animals.  Well where does it stop?  They have decided that ANYTHING to do with the Confederacy must go! That’s it.  It simply must go.  Now George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and others are under attack.  Even Christopher Columbus!

Well what about statues of American Indians?  What about monuments to them as well?  They must also go, because most of the American Indians were practicing slavery, rape, murder and genocide long before the first White set foot in the new world.  Yes, many American Indian Tribes took women and children as war prizes and made them slaves.  Yet others simply raped, pillaged, plundered and slaughtered women and children.  I wonder…will the politically correct imbeciles want them banned as well and purged from history?

What about Bill and Hillary Clinton’s hero, former Senator Robert Byrd of West Virginia, who was a member of the Ku Klux Klan?  He voted against the Voting Rights Amendment and the 1964 Civil Rights Act.  Will his statues, monuments, post offices, etc… be vandalized and torn down?  What about Bill “Slick Willie” Clinton’s racist mentor J. William Fulbright who actually filibustered the 1964 Civil Rights Act?  Will he too suffer the same fate?  Or will the left practice their usual brand of hypocrisy?

You see, once the genie has been let out of the bottle, it is very, very, VERY difficult to put back in and it becomes what I call the “Bullwinkle Effect” where a small snowball starts rolling down the hill and by the time it reaches the bottom it is a gigantic snow boulder that crushes and destroys everything in it’s path.

So goes the destruction of American History.  Has the left learned nothing?  Did they even go to school?  Are they completely uneducated or simply just fanatics?  Or is something more sinister at work?  Are they being paid to do what they’re doing?  Regardless, it has to stop.  PERIOD.  I don’t have the right to destroy anyone else’s history and they have no right to destroy mine.  The Constitution and over two hundred years of Supreme Court decisions have made it clear that the rights of one person END where they infringe on the rights of another.  Well I am tired of having my rights infringed.

We have seen the disgusting, vile, vulgar displays on the left.  The Hollywood scumbags who spew the most vile and vulgar things imaginable.  They shout disgusting things through loudspeakers equating women’s menstrual cycles to blood and death in demonstrations and shout about their vaginas and wear hats shaped like female breasts and involve young children in their disgusting displays and rallies!

Of course what do they care?  They are pro-abortion and have cheered at the murder of over fifty four million American babies…mostly Black Babies.  We have seen the people like Madonna who dream of blowing up the White House and Johnny Depp who dreams of assassinating President Trump.  So do they WANT to be compared to and equated with Chairman Mao’s Cultural Revolution?  ISIS and the destruction of Christian History in the Middle East?  Maybe that makes them happy.  Their views ARE extreme.

Yet the mainstream media is a willing accomplice.  Over the past few years I have wondered why they are called the “mainstream media.”  Their views and the ideas support are FAR FROM MAINSTREAM!  When the media like the CNN (Clinton News Network) and PMSNBC and NBC, CBS and ABC start talking about the president being mentally ill and unfit to serve, they are no longer the mainstream. These are the radical lefties who believe enforcing immigration laws is wrong.  Returning illegal aliens to their home countries is wrong!  Yet Congress passed these laws and many presidents past have signed them.

While Barack Hussein Obama simply decided that he wouldn’t do his job and enforce the laws passed by Congress, President Trump has decided that he WILL do his job and the left is going crazy!  Their heads are literally exploding!  You watch idiots like Van Jones talking on CNN and you would think America has been transformed into Nazi Germany or the Soviet Union!

They support this madness, because President Trump is NOT democrat or republican in reality.  He is fairly non-ideological  and they simply can’t handle it.  They also can’t handle the fact that their lying, cheating, swindling, embezzling, treasonous hero Hillary Clinton…..who by all rights should be behind bars at Leavenworth was not elected.  The media has truly become nothing more than a multi-media arm of the democrat party and the far left.  They also despise Trump because he calls them out on their lies, smears and innuendos like no other president ever has.

So what are we left with?  A small, vocal, apparently well financed left wing radical group of Americans who are socialist, communist and even anarchist.  They are funded by people like George Soros and the Tides Foundation and the left wing groups and are supported by the so called “mainstream media,” who daily pound the insanity home in an effort to reinforce the lunacy.


I might be showing my age but it’s kind of like in the 1980’s when the Coca Cola Company decided to “make a change” and stir things up a bit and that Coke needed to be changed and decided they would make “New Coke” and also market Coke as it had always been as “Coca Cola Classic.”  There was outrage!  The overwhelming sentiment was “LEAVE MY COKE ALONE!”  The “New Coke” lasted for a very short time and was discontinued.

I’m sorry that the left doesn’t like the right.  I’m sorry the left doesn’t like the Confederacy.  I’m sorry the left doesn’t like slavery.  I’m sorry the left doesn’t like George Washington.  I’m sorry the left doesn’t like Robert E Lee.  I’m sorry the left doesn’t like Thomas Jefferson.  I’m sorry the left doesn’t like a lot of American History.  TOO FUCKING BAD!  GET OVER IT! 

Because now I AM OFFENDED!  What about me and the 80% of the American Public who think like I do?  What about us?  I am offended that Christopher Columbus is slandered.  I am offended that my history is being vandalized, modified and destroyed!  What about me?  Does that mean that I and the 80% of those who think like me get to go on vandalizing sprees too?  Do we get to destroy, damage, smash and destroy everything that offends us?

God help the left when I and the 80% of the people who think like me decide we’ve had enough and we start doing what the left is doing, because there are a lot more of us than there are of them and the “silent majority” won’t remain silent forever!

It’s time for slimy, spineless, gutless weasels, also known as politicians grow a pair of balls and stop the madness!  Stop pandering to the left and going along with them because they think they will lose votes!  It’s time that college and university presidents do the same!  City leaders likewise!  It’s time for US to mobilize!  If they want a civil war then let’s give them one.

It will be very short and very decisive because the left is also anti-gun, remember?  We on the right will be armed with guns  while those on the left will be armed with sticks. You figure it out!  I just want it stopped!  You don’t like Trump….vote him out!  You don’t like republican majorities in the House and Senate…vote them out.  But LEAVE MY HISTORY ALONE!











No More Monuments…No More History

Posted: August 21, 2017 in politics

We’ve all heard for years about the coming of a second civil war in America for a long time.  The first shots have now been fired. What happened in Charlottesville, Virginia was one of the first shots in the coming war. One group of Americans believes that there is history and culture in America which should be remembered, studied and respected.  The other group believes that each and every thing that offends them must be silenced, stamped out, shut down and erased from the public eye and history altogether with no regard for the damage they are doing to the country or future generations.  Their idea of America is some sort of twisted, Marxist/Orwellian nightmare where everyone conforms.

America, like every country has a past.  In some cases it is a noble past.  While in others, it is brutal, repressive, sometimes savage and even barbaric; but a nation’s past is something unique. A nation’s past is its history.  Some may not like that but it’s part of who we are as a nation and as a society.  It gives us direction for the future.  Sometimes, it stings us and smacks us in the face.  Other times, it punches us in the gut with the mistakes we have made and threatens us not to go there or do those things again.

But no more.  The left in America has long hated this country.  Our former Marxist President Barack Hussein Obama and his communist wife were the first White House Occupants in history openly and publicly denigrated and outright trashed America, her history, values and beliefs, even the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution.  Indeed Michelle boasted that her husband “Understood how difficult it was going to be but he was going to fundamentally transform America; our beliefs and traditions included.”

Obama started the job and hammered it home for eight years; focusing more on transgender bathroom rights than national defense or the economy.  Now, funded by George Soros and the Tides Foundation, and other left wing “philanthropists” who hate this country; the American Left, led by groups like ANTIFA, Black Lives Matter and others have become so vile, so anti-American, so hateful; that they believe it is their duty to eradicate, destroy, shut down and otherwise silence anything and everything they disagree with.

ANTIFA has in particular become a caricature of itself, acting exactly like the fascists they claim to despise.  Black Lives Matter and other pro-Black Groups like the New Black Panthers are no better, doing the very same thing they accuse White groups of:  Racism!

You can be pro-Black and espouse Black Lives, Black Culture, Black Music, etc… but if you are pro-White and are proud of being White and love the White Race and White History, Culture, etc…you are a backward, racist, hate filled redneck.  How does that work?

Let me pose a simple question.  How can you teach students about the Battle of Gettysburg if everything Confederate or related to the Confederates has been removed from the battlefield and the museum?  How would one teach about the Nazis without referencing Hitler and the Nazis and the Swastika?  In post war Germany they had the intelligence and forethought to keep relics of the Nazis, the death-camps, etc… so that what the Nazis had been done would NEVER be forgotten.  Are there Neo-Nazis that saluted and celebrated these icons?  Of course.  Just like White Supremacists celebrate Confederate Generals, etc… But these things are HISTORY!  They are real, tangible reminders of a person, a place, a real event that occurred and like it or not we can’t just collectively decide theses people didn’t exist or these things didn’t happen!

Oh sure, we can act like Al Qaeda, and ISIS and the Soviets, the Khmer Rouge and Mao and his “Cultural Revolution,” and decide to eradicate every statue, temple, building, bust, painting….everything we don’t agree with.  But has anything been fundamentally changed?  No.  These groups destroyed countless art, history, buildings, transcripts, you name it.  Anything and everything that they disagreed with or that didn’t follow their narrative was destroyed.  It was chilling when the Soviets did it,  It was chilling when Mao and the Chinese Communists did it.  It was even worse to watch ISIS doing it in 2017 on televisions around the world.  Priceless statues, art, etc… destroyed because one group didn’t like it.

Perhaps even more chilling is where these groups went next.  To people.  People just like you and me.  Teachers, politicians, doctors, scientists and dissenters of all types were rounded up by these groups and were either “re-educated,” ie…tortured and reprogrammed or murdered,  Is that where the American Left is headed?

These groups including the American Left have just shown their intolerance, their propensity to violence and their hate.  Not the hate of the right but the hate of the left!  Can you imagine a right wing group toppling statues of Martin Luther King?  The left would never stand for it.  Yet somehow when the left decides to go on a destructive rampage, they are celebrated while the right is vilified for trying to protect history and what they feel is their heritage like it or not.

Yes, the neo-Nazis and Skinheads showed up in Charlotte with clubs and shields.  But as President Trump and many others including the Black, Charlotte Police Chief said, Black Lives Matter and the leftist protesters who showed up at the rally, many of whom were paid, ALSO showed up with weapons.  Were those weapons for show or to be put on display?   No!  They were there to be used.  Again as Trump and others pointed out, BOTH sides were guilty of violence…..both sides were guilty.  Then of course the mainstream media, controlled by the democrats and the left immediately condemned Trump for not just singling out those on the right!  It was ridiculous and defied reason and reality.  But then that’s what the left is trying to do…create a new reality in classic Orwellian Style!

And as predicted, every left wing nut in America immediately decried Trump as a racist, DESPITE his past that is anything BUT racist because he DARED to say that the left was also guilty of violence.  Not to be outdone, the RINO’s in the House and Senate like “Little Marco” and Lindsay “Amnesty” Graham followed suite, as did members of his business council.  Of course anyone with any gray matter between their ears realizes the politicians denounced Trump for votes, while the business people denounced Trump to stop boycotts and save sales.

NONE of them except Trump had the guts to speak the truth.  Ironically, it seems like that’s where we are today:  Truth is a lie, freedom is slavery, beauty is ugliness, love is hatred….just like Orwell’s Ministry of Truth said.  Winston Smith learned the hard way and now it seems traditional Americans are as well.

I watched over the weekend as several of these left wing, self-appointed truth police openly spoke about where they go from here.  As predicted, it’s George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and even Abraham Lincoln…you know…the president who “freed the slaves” and wrote and delivered the Emancipation Proclamation?  Well, these guys are next and according to the left they are illegitimate, especially our Founders, because they were almost all slaveholders. Maybe we will have to dynamite Mount Rushmore and sand blast Stone Mountain as well!

Of course the logical argument then follows that if these men were illegitimate, shouldn’t their writings and everything else they stand for be illegitimate? Sadly, that’s the way they feel.

So will we be removing statues of Washington, Jefferson, and others?  What about the state of Washington and Washington DC?  What about our Founding Documents?  Barack Obama had no use for the Constitution and openly said so.  Will we shred it now?  What about the Declaration?  Same thing?   What about all of the post offices and schools and streets and towns and colleges and universities?  Will they have to be renamed too?  Why stop there?  What about coins and paper money and everything in and related to the federal, state and local governments in this country?  Will we just have anarchy?  After all, that’s what Soros who is the real puppet master of the left wants.

All we need do is look back at history; a history that the left would like to destroy to see what’s next.  The radical left will finish going after statues, monuments, etc… and then will start going after people.  Anyone they disagree with will be targeted not just to keep them off campus or out of the town square but to kill them.  We need not look far to see the examples from the Nazis. to the Soviets, to the Cubans, North Korea, the Cultural Revolution, etc…

I get a personal kick out of the ultra-left Southern Poverty Law Center where everything left is right and right is wrong.  Even here in my backyard in Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania there were protests over a radio DJ because he DARED support several right wing groups.   He and his radio station were picketed and they demanded his termination.  The radio station of course capitulated because they feared loosing ad revenue.  But the dj is now unemployed because he dared exercise his First Amendment Rights.

Perhaps the scariest part is not even that he said anything on air!  No, he dared post some things on Youtube!  I watched on the local news as a woman was interviewed and said “If we don’t like what you say, we’re gonna shut you down.”  Really?  She and all of the rest of these left wing buffoons need an education on the Constitution.  It doesn’t just protect happy, hearts and roses and popular speech.  It protects ugly, hateful nasty, vile speech whether people on the left like it or not.  So what we are witnessing is the gradual destruction of the First Amendment.

You see, the left doesn’t want to just turn the channel and listen to someone else.  No.  They want speech they don’t like shut down and stopped.  Let me ask, where do they think that right comes from?  Every American has the right to freedom of speech whether lefties like it or not.  The First Amendment doesn’t’ just provide for “freedom of speech as long as everyone likes what you’re saying.”  No.  It says free speech as long as you don’t infringe on the rights of others.  By the way, the First Amendment DOESN’T just protect warm, fuzzy speech about unicorns and Teddy Bears.  It was made SPECIFICALLY to protect ugly, vile, despicable speech!  THAT is why it exists!  Because what you or I might find rude and offensive, someone else might find endearing!

My God it’s like we have Word Police now.  Some words dare not be spoken like shhhhhhhh….. the “N” word.  You see in America we’re allowed to say Nigger!  We’re allowed to say Cracker and Honkey!  Yes, they are words of hate. Vile, ignorant and nasty.  But that’s free speech.  We also have freedom of association and can distance ourselves form anyone who would speak such words.  We’re allowed to criticize the government without being arrested and tortured or thrown into prison or both!  That’s what free speech is all about.  If you don’t like something, walk away, turn the channel, turn it off, tune it out!  But you DON’T stamp it out!

When Henry Ford introduced the “Model T”  he said “It is available in any color the customer wants as long as it’s black.”  We are rapidly reaching a point where free speech is just fine, as long as those on the left agree with what you say.  We have already passed the point where words and speech matter as facts.  If you are pro-White, you have not espoused to be anti-anything.  You have simply said you are pro-White.  But immediately, the left resorts to what they do so well.  They label you and then marginalize and minimize you.  You see, according to the left you can’t simply be anything.  Unless you’re a liberal, lefty.

If you are pro-White and want simply to promote the White Race.  You are automatically a racist and HATE every other race.  If you are Pro-life, you hate women and you are against a woman’s right to choose and a misogynist.  Yet, if you are pro-Black, say a, a member of Black Lives Matter, it is perfectly fine if you love your race and hate other races?  of course not.  You just believe no other lives matter.  Just ask them/  I think that’s the very double standard President Donald Trump was calling out, and of course you see the fallout.

Yes, we have rallies, parades, groups etc…that are pro-Black,  pro-gay,  pro-Mexican, etc… and those things are WONDERFUL!  But don’t DARE say the words pro-White!  No, the left wing White Guilt Complex has now been transferred onto the entire nation!  We even have a Congressional Black Caucus!  Why not a White Caucus?  Isn’t that fair?  If not ask yourself why.

The left in America still hasn’t figured out, nor does it want to that contemporary ideals cannot be applied to historical events, figures, etc… NOTHING in 2017 is the same as it was in 1917, as it was in 1817 as it was in 1717.  Yet the left wants to apply today’s cultural ideas and standards to all of those by gone eras.  The fact is that slavery WAS legal and it was horrible.  But destroying everything and anything that mentions it doesn’t make it go away, nor does it ease the suffering of all of those who suffered as slaves.

So let’s stop this problem going forward.  No more monuments of any kind.  NONE.  ZERO! No more buildings, bridges, roads, post offices, parks or anything else named after anyone, anywhere going forward.  NONE, zip, zero,zilch, nada!  This way in fifty years or so, we won’t have riots to destroy the very things we decided that were good in 2017.  Going forward we will live in a plain, clean, antiseptic, sterile world of plain white buildings and everything else.

And by the way, no more historical records or for that matter even teaching history in schools or colleges or universities.  Because after all, what we think is history today might just be propaganda and in fifty years we may decide it was all lies and propaganda.  Yes, it’s time that we think of George Orwell’s 1984 NOT as a work of fiction, but as a guide on how to live our lives going forward.  Because after all, everyone knows that only Black lives matter right?   And everyone knows BLM and ANTIFA are peaceful right? LOL!!!

We are living in dangerous times and the danger is not from the little fat, retarded boy in North Korea. No.  The danger is from within. From the left wing radical fringe in America.  The Hollywood Elites.  The George Soros funded left wing zombies who don’t even know anything about the history of the statues they are destroying, or the monuments they are defacing. It is just pure mob mentality and group think.  They have no respect for anything including themselves and it is sad and frightening that the greatest country in the world and arguably one of the freest in the world should spawn such hatred from its own citizens.

Never mind that someone like Robert E. Lee was the commanding general of the Confederate States of America.  How about that fact that he graduated first in his class at West Point.  Will we erase that too?  Nevermind that he and his wife were actually abolitionists who helped smuggle hundreds of slaves to the North.  Will that even be mentioned or just forgotten?  Nevermind that he refused to fire on his own people and returned to Virginia.  That showed class, courage and loyalty.  Nevermind he actually cried over the civil war because he genuinely loved America.  I guess that didn’t happen either.  And why mention that Arlington National Cemetery is on Lee’s former estate and is now home to America’s most honored and respected war dead.  So much for history.  Forget that too.  Nevermind.  Just sayin’.


The photo above illustrates some of the Black Lives Matter protesters in Charlotte that President Trump DARED to criticize.  As you can CLEARLY see, they were just going to demonstrate peacefully.  Ignore the masks and baseball bats and clubs.  They are just props.  They never intended to use them.(ROFLMFAO)!!!!!!


When? Can Somebody Please Tell Me When?

Posted: February 26, 2017 in politics


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When did this country become so polarized that we can’t even talk anymore?  When did saying certain words offend people so badly we would have to make laws to stop them from being said?  When did we decide free speech was only allowed in “free speech zones?”  When did free speech and freedom of expression leave our college campuses?  When did our colleges and universities decide we needed “safe zones?”  When did Americans decide that someone else owed them something for nothing?  When did we decide that every little group in America had special “rights” even if they were mentioned no where in the Constitution?  When did we decide that murdering babies was healthcare?  When did we decide that American Citizens shouldn’t be allowed to have a gun?  When did we decide to take away the freedom of speech of people whose speech we disagree with? When did we decide that if one American committed a crime, all others must also be punished?  When did we decide that if we don’t like an idea it should be suppressed or even outlawed or destroyed?  When did we decide we have the right to impose our values on everyone else?

When did we decide that our country no longer need or had borders?  When did we decide it was just fine for some people to break the law and be rewarded while others were punished?  When did we decide that groups of people were allowed to do whatever they wanted with no repercussions?  When did we decide that American Citizens had no right to decide what they put in their bodies?  When did we decide that people should be elected to office on the because of their skin color or sex?  When did we decide that one’s sexual orientation gave them special rights not afforded them anywhere in the law?  When did we decide that the Constitution was old, outdated and just a nice notion? When did we accept the notion that the government knows best?  When did communism and socialism become fashionable in our free republic?  When did our public schools become indoctrination centers for the left?  When did political correctness destroy common sense in America and when will we wake up and stop the insanity?  When did we decide as a nation to ban certain words?  When did the United States Constitution become invalid?

When did we decide that only some people can exercise their religious freedom and others would be punished for exercising theirs?  When did we decide that controlling our borders like every other nation on Earth made us evil?  When did we decide that we had no control over who entered our country?  When did America become the Make-A-Wish Foundation for the rest of the planet?  When did it become bad to call America’s enemies by name?  When did it become acceptable to treat every religion with respect accept Christianity?  When did we decide that forty year old men had the right to go into the restroom with ten year old girls?  When did we decide that men and women who like to play “dress up” and pretend they are the opposite sex had Constitutional Rights?

When did we decide that the climate didn’t go through natural cycles but that man was destroying the Earth?  When did it become “truth” that man was responsible for climate change even though there have been scandals, falsified data and lies by advocates?  When did it become acceptable for the main stream media to take sides and back one political party over another?  When did it become acceptable for the media to act as a wing and attack dog for one particular political party?  When did we decide that a former politician with no scientific training was the global expert on the Earth’s climate?  When did people decide to follow him as though he were a Messiah even after all of his predictions were proven wring?  When did it become acceptable for the media to invent then news to match their narrative? When did colleges and universities stop being places for debate and discussion and the free flow of ideas and turn into communist lecture halls?  When did Americans  become so closed minded they refused to even LISTEN to another view point?  When did the Tenth Amendment to the United States Constitution disappear?  When did Americans decide they have the right to force their ideas on other citizens?

When did we decide to accept the idea that the government can force Americans to purchase goods and services even though the Constitution forbids it?  When did we decide to punish Americans who refuse to comply? When will  we wake up and return to what made this country great?  When will we return to our senses and live within our means?  When will we start treating each other with decency and respect and stop believing we all have special rights?  When will we stop trying to force our ideas and beliefs on others?  When did we become so divided that when we disagree with someone, we simply label them, then marginalize them, then vilify them?  When did things become Constitutional even when they’re clearly not?  When did we start respecting Saul Alinsky and Cloward & Piven and stop respecting Washington, Jefferson and Adams?  When will we simply start living by the Founding Documents, ideas, values and traditions that made America the greatest nation in the world?  And when…….when will we come together not as hyphenated Americans, but as Americans and will we do it before it’s to late, or will we destroy ourselves in a second civil war?


Run!  Run!  Run!  Duck and cover!  The Russians are coming!  The Russians are coming!   Yep.  It’s time.  It was fun while it lasted.  The change… I mean REAL CHANGE that the silent majority wanted and was just on the cusp of is all but over now.  President Donald Trump I predict will continue to become more and more impotent until he completely loses the ability to govern.  Then, just as he is about to be impeached, he will resign a la Richard Nixon and he will simply become a hiccup in American History.


The good ole’ boys will take control again and the globalist agenda will march on without skipping a beat.  You don’t think so?  Wake the fuck up sheeple!!!  It’s happening right now before your very eyes!  Donald Trump’s election signaled the end.  The end of globalism, business as usual and the people working for the government instead of vice versa.  It was nothing but absolute PURE FOLLY to think ANYONE could change the direction of the hijacked ship that is America.  If you are ANYTHING other than left of center, this country is quite simply UNGOVERNABLE.


Yes Donald Trump won a HUGE electoral victory in November.  But the vast majority of the government never changes.  90% of the government is made up of career civil servants.  More than half of them are yes, you guessed it…LIBERALS!  So they can slow or even stop a republican president dead in his tracks.  If they don’t like his agenda they can take time implementing it or refuse to implement it.  They can leak like a sieve important government information.  They can basically make it so the president is nothing more than a mouthpiece for his entire term.


We are seeing that today.  We already saw it i the justice department where Sally Yates simply refused to defend the president in court.  Why?  because she disagreed with his policy.  THAT is he problem.  Who the Hell is Sally Yates to decide SHE is not going to defend the president and do her job?  FUNNY, NO CONSERVATIVE EVER DID THIS TO OBONGO!  No, we play by the rules like good little sheep while when the liberals get the chance they shit all over us!  All Trump could do was fire her.  In the meantime, his agenda is stalled.  The same thing happened in part to GW Bush when he was president.  What you end up with is a massive, uncontrollable monster that has its own agenda and simply does what it wants to do.  That’s why the Founders NEVER envisioned such a large government, but rather a small, efficient government.  Quite simply the federal government needs to be cut in half.


You must realize that Trump is also fighting the media.  Look at his  executive order for a temporary ban on entry to the USA from 7 countries previously identified by the Obongo Administration.  He was completely within his rights legally to do what he did, but a liberal court with no authority stopped him.  The liberal media at the same time went on the attack and IMMEDIATELY BEGAN MISCHARACTERIZING THE EO AS A MUSLIM BAN WHICH IT WAS NOT!  Again, the career government people are majority liberal and Trump will have to fight his own government  every step of the way to get anything done; while at the same time attacking the main stream media.


It’s no mistake that the fastest growing area of the country is in the greater suburbs of Washington DC in Maryland and Virginia and that same area is solid democrat.  The area is demographically, almost all government employees.  Their jobs pay well, with pensions and great benefits and they are recession proof.  While the rest of the country suffered over the past 9 years, they were insulated and prospered.


I’ll go further.  If you are ANYWHERE right of center, you are out of luck, because no matter WHAT you win on or what you try to do; you will fail because the MASSIVE  I mean MASSIVE leviathan that is the government complex will simply keep moving o  like a juggernaut gobbling up civil rights and eating up the Constitution until we live in a total and complete totalitarian state where even the “illusion” of freedom is gone.I was in high school when President Ronald Reagan was in the White House.


Let’s face it.  Trumps election was a COMPLETE AND UTTER FLUKE!  By ANYONE’S account, Hillary Rodham Clinton as supposed to be elected, PERIOD!  Even the DNC knew it and helped destroy the candidacy of Senator Bernie Sanders.  It was written into the master plan the day Obongo was elected.  She was the “heir apparent.”  When the silent majority finally woke up and went to the polls in record numbers to give Donald Trump a huge electoral win, the apple cart was not just upset; it was blown up!


The democrats didn’t want Trump!  The independents didn’t want Trump!, The liberals didn’t want Trump!, The republicans didn’t want Trump! , The good ole’ boys didn’t want Trump!, The Globalists DEFINITELY didn’t want Trump!, ONLY the middle class American…..the poor slob who gets up for work every day, crushes it in the morning to get the kids fed and off to the liberal government/education complex school and then suffers through terrible traffic on roads that are unfit to drive on only to arrive at a dead end job with wages that haven’t really increased since the early 1970’s.  HE IS THE ONE WHO ELECTED TRUMP!


Perhaps mo0st importantly, he is WHITE.  WHITE!  Yes, I said it!  He is White and he is SICK of hearing about the “rights” of minorities that have been created out of hole cloth by past liberal governments; while is rights are slowly eroded because of his skin color!  These are the people who see “White Shaming” going on at our colleges and universities where our kids are being indoctrinated to believe that somehow, because they were born White, they are guilty for all of the evils in America and they should drown in “White Guilt.”  Even worse if they are men, because they are automatically predators.  If they haven’t already done it, they will become rapists, misogynists and haters in general.  Yes, the White Male is enemy number one to the left and those White Males and their wives and girlfriends have had enough and they voted by the millions for Trump!


Now we must deal with all of the garbage, lies and deception that all of those who DID NOT want Trump spew daily verbally, in print, online and on television.  Trump is an idiot!  Trump is a puppet of the Russians!  Trump has no clue!  Trump is a fascists!  You name it!  Next, it will be that Trump is the Anti-Christ!  All you have to know is that Donald J Trump is the focus of evil in the world, EVERYWHERE, ALL OF THE TIME!  THAT is the message of the left, the globalists and everyone else that didn’t want Trump!


It’s much the same as when Ronald Reagan was elected.  Ronaldus Magnus was the first president I voted for.  I actually met him and was able to shake his hand when I was a Washington Intern in 1986.  I remember the rhetoric that was around then.  Reagan was a war monger!  Reagan was going to blow up the world!  Reagan wanted war with the Soviets!  It never happened and of course ALL of this sage wisdom was coming from the left.  After all, where else would it come from?  Yes, according to the American Left, Reagan was a warmonger who wanted to destroy the innocent communists in the USSR who just wanted nothing more than Detente and peaceful coexistence.  Why, the left would have let the Russians take over Canada and Mexico and would have justified it!  That was then.


Fast forward 40 years to 2017 and NOW, the American Left sees Russians EVERYWHERE!  King Obongo famously said to candidate Mitt Romney during a presidential debate “The 80’s called and they want their foreign policy back.”  This after Romney said that the Russians were the biggest foreign policy issue the United States was facing.  Now, they are  Lurking around the White House, sabotaging elections, looking for war, compromising NSC Director Flynn, compromising President Trump, they are so evil they MUST be stopped!  WOW!  What a change!  The Russians went from being the darlings of the left to the “Evil Empire,” that President Reagan once spoke of.  But how does this happen?  How do you go from a love to a hate relationship in such a short span?  The American left is screaming about Ukraine, the Crimea, provocations by Russian Aircraft, you name it!  The American Left has gone from almost complete surrender to war mongering with Russia!


Now General Mike Flynn, a real American Hero has been destroyed by the left because he was in contact with the Russians during the campaign and may have violated the 1799  Logan Act which was passed because a state legislator pursued diplomacy with France.  The Logan Act!  OOOOOOH!  A law from the 1790’s that NO ONE has EVER been prosecuted under.  Imagine that!   Meanwhile the liberal press doesn’t mention the fact that the BIGGER crime is that Mike Flynn  was illegally recorded as an American Citizen which is completely illegal.  While the government is well within its rights to intercept foreign calls like the Russian Ambassador, when and if there is an American on the other end, when he speaks, they must shut off the recorder until he is finished speaking.  It is illegal to record an American Citizen without a warrant.


So who in the Obama Administration went to the FISA Court and got a warrant?  Probably no one.  Or is the FBI going rogue again?  The fact is Flynn should NEVER have been recorded and was well within his rights to speak to the Russians since it was within his job description and would make perfect sense to break the ice and speak with counterparts.  So who in the Obama Administration should be prosecuted?  Maybe Jim Comey?  But Mike Flynn should still be on the job and this is much adieu about nothing!


Then the mainstream news is all abuzz because there is a Russian Spyship70 miles off the east coast of the United States.  Oh no!  Are they spying on us?  Maybe they are friends of Trump?  What are they doing and what’s the connection?  What did the president know and when did he know it?  THOSE are the type of yellow journalist headlines we are seeing ESPECIALLY on cable news networks when EVERYONE KNOWS, they are 70 miles off our coast.  I mean it’s getting to the point of absolute hysteria!  We declare 12 miles as U.S. Territory.  So they are well within their rights to be there.  Not to mention, we do the very same thing to the Russians all of the time!  During the cold war we used a submarine to tap into0 an underwater cable INSIDE Soviet Territory and listen to ALL of their calls!  But the media makes this spyship out to spell gloom and doom!


The we see at the same time that oh no!  Russian Fighter Jets are buzzing U.S. Aircraft Carriers and ships in the Black Sea and elsewhere!  Cable news is playing the pictures over and over again! They seem to forget that the Russians did THE VERY SAME THING TO OBAMA and they said nothing.  The mainstream media yawned and moved on.  But now there is a republican in the White House and they are buzzing our ships!  oh no!  The sky is falling!  What would they have us do  Maybe shoot them down and start a war?  While Lindsey Gramnesty and John McShame, his butt buddy would love that, the rest of the world wouldn’t!


And even worse!  Oh No!  Others in the Trump Administration have also been in contact with the Russians during the campaign.  Now many of these people had business dealings with Russia for many years before they even THOUGHT about politics!  So you would think it would only be natural for them to be in contact with the Russians.  Nope!  Sorry!  There’s a man in the White House who the powers that be don’t want there; so the MUST be something nefarious going on!  And when you look at the imbeciles who suddenly want to “investigate” the Trump Administration, you see an all star cast of court jesters and complete buffoons like John McShame…. oops I mean McCain and Lindsay Gramnesty….I mean Graham!  Only Utah Congressman Jason Chafetz had the balls to say that Flynn had resigned and it’s done.  There’s no need for an investigation.


The dumbocrats led by that champion of justice, John Lewis who still thinks it’s 1964 almost had a stroke on television yesterday when he was talking about a crisis that could completely destroy thew republic!  I thought his head was going to explode!  My God, this was the end of the United States and was worse than Watergate!  Trump was the next Nixon according to Lewis and the democrats and he MUST be thoroughly investigated!  Funny this same, completely partisan, ass clown had nothing to say about Hillary Clinton’s NUMEROUS issues from Benghazi to her email problems!  They see an opening and now they’re going to take it.  There’s blood in the water and they will now use a crowbar to pry open the administration and destroy it!  An administration that has not even been in office a full month is under full scale attack from all sides!  Seems to me he must be doing something right!


And oh, by the way……just nevermind that Hillary Clinton had the REAL Russian Connection with the company called Uranium One where she, in her capacity as United States Secretary of State basically sold almost all of our uranium to the Russians for a kickback…oops I mean donation to the Clinton Foundation!  Where was John Lewis then?  Where was Lindsey Graham and John McCain then?  Nope.  That was just fine.  A ok, because after all, the United States doesn’t need any of threat pesky uranium lying around anyway.  It would be used for nuclear weapons and we don’t like those so let the Russians have all the uranium they want. Wonderful.  The Russians could launch nuclear weapons at America and the warheads would use our own uranium!!!  Way to go Hillary!  Another one of her outstanding achievements as secretary of state!


There was no inquiry, no investigation, not a peep from ANYONE!  But somehow, we are to believe that Vladimir Putin is basically running the White House through his puppet, President Trump!  Fake news?  How about fake media?  How about the powers that be basically creating news and creating the narrative they want Americans to believe.  The narrative that the average slob will buy, hook line and sinker because he gets his news from the lame stream media.


Well, the key is simple.  There is a republican in the White House.  This republican is a republican no one wants except the middle class an the witch hunt has begun.  Trump will be resisted from every corner of the government:  republicans, democrats and of course the massive governmental bureaucracy itself.  Will he be able to govern?  His enemies are taking aim at everyone around him one by one and knocking them off.  How will he get any legislation passed?  I guess we’ll see.  In the meantime, stay tuned.  Who knows what will happen next!  Maybe Jimmy Hoffa will show up in the White House and the media will tell us he has been a secret Trump adviser!

Can You Hear Them?

Posted: February 1, 2017 in politics




Can you hear that beautiful sound?  It’s the sound of liberal, democrat, progressive left wing ass hats’ heads exploding all over America.  They must truly be in a tizzy!  Or maybe they’re in mourning.  One of my wife’s relatives told her she “has a heavy heart” and is “so sad she just doesn’t know what to do.”  Why you ask?  The answer is quite simple and is only two words:  Donald Trump!

Now perhaps all of those wonderful liberal, democrat, progressive, left wing ass hats know how it feels.  Now they know how conservatives like me felt when Barack Hussein Obama, whom I affectionately refer to as:  His Royal Highness, the Kenyan Prince,  Barry Hussein Obongo was elected, not once, but TWICE!  But why?  After all, those on the left felt like Obongo was the Messiah, or at least THEIR Messiah.  The rest of America, roughly 50%, not so much, much like it is with President Trump.


And why?  Why would conservatives have been so sad, beside themselves, had such heavy hearts and been so profoundly sad?  Well, for the exact OPPOSITE reasons liberals today feel that way about Trump’s presidency.  Conservatives worried that Obama would try and curtail the Second Amendment; and he did.  In fact he signed several executive orders because a republican Congress thwarted his attempts at legislation at every turn.


We feared religious rights would be curtailed and they were, especially for Catholics, whom Obongo took every opportunity to attack as he did in the Little Sisters of The Poor case and Catholic Charities.  He also attacked religion in the Hobby Lobby Case.  Conservatives worried that Obongo would do what he promised and according to the Silverback, aka Michelle Obongo would “Have to change the customs and the traditions of this country.”  Obongo redefined gender, flip flopped on same sex marriage, decided what laws he would and would not enforce and stretched the very limits of laws like Title IX and the ability of the president to issue executive orders! At the same time acted as though this nation had no borders and allowed hundreds of thousands of ILLEGAL ALIENS into America!


Obama championed everything conservatives feared and had he been allowed to appoint a THIRD supreme court justice, would have guaranteed that America was as he said, “fundamentally transformed” for generations to come. He even emptied out the Military Prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba except for a handful of prisoners who are so bad even their own countries wouldn’t take them back!  Indeed, Obongo did everything he could to keep his promises to HIS base.  In the last 11 days, President Trump has done exactly the same thing.  Well, maybe not exactly.  He hasn’t TRIED to keep his promises.  He has actually KEPT them!  Perhaps most amazingly of all, in 11 DAYS!  11 DAYS!


Indeed Trump solidified his bona fides even further today, when he nominated Colorado, Tenth Circuit Court Judge Neil Gorsuch to fill Antonin Scalia’s Seat on the Supreme Court.  And of course this caused the liberal, left wing, progressive democrat heads to explode even more since he believes as Scalia did that the United States Constitution is NOT as liberals believe, a “living document” but rather a static document, written over 240 years ago and means today exactly what it meant then and if you want to change it, that’s fine.  There’s a process to do that: Constitutional Amendment.


Conservatives are so very happy tonight and liberals so “deeply saddened” because Judge Gorsuch DOES NOT see the right of a mother to murder her unborn baby in the Constitution.  Judge Gorsuch DOES NOT see the right of a homosexuals to marry one another in the Constitution.  Conversely, he DOES see a right to bear arms and a right to privacy.  That doesn’t mean there can’t be abortion. Because after all, liberals believe that 54,000,000 murdered Americans isn’t enough.  No, it simply means that laws made about abortion are to be left to the states as the Founders intended in the Tenth Amendment.  The same with homosexual marriage, transgender bathrooms and the 55 mile an hour speed limit.  That is the whole purpose of the Tenth Amendment.


What Obongo and  liberal, progressive, left wing democrats never understood and still don’t understand is that the Constitution was devised to create a limited government.  Not an all encompassing government! That’s why the Founders embodied the principles of federalism!  They never understood the idea that the Constitution doesn’t take power from the states and the people, but rather was GIVEN powers by the states ad the people which is WHY the Tenth Amendment says “All powers not included…..are returned back to the states and the people.”


Liberals believe in the concept of state supremacy, where the federal government in Washington, D.C. is supreme to all of the states, localities and the people; strangely similar to the way governments functioned in the USSR and still function today in communist and socialist nations.


Yes, when Obongo was coronated the left wing Messiah, you called us “whackoes,”  “right wing extremists” who were clinging to our Bibles and our guns.  We were “haters,” “racists” and misogynists if we didn’t agree with Obongo.  But we didn’t protest, we didn’t block his cabinet picks or supreme court nominations, nor did we boycott his inauguration.  No, we acted like rational, traditional,  Americans.


However; as Obongo told Senator John McCain during the healthcare talks, “Too bad John.  Guess what.  Elections have consequences and you guys lost!”  In saying it, he said it in a particularly nasty, ignorant, condescending  way as though he really believed in his narcissistic perfection.  As a result he rammed through Obamacare without a single republican vote and now it is collapsing under its own weight just as we on the right predicted.  We didn’t save $2500.00 a year.  We could not keep our doctor.  We could not keep our plan.  When we dared to say those things were untrue, Obongo said “These things are all lies and distortions put forth by the right and Fox News.”  Were they?  Sadly, we were right.


So I will conclude by saying to the left wing, liberal, progressive democrats to simply, put down your legalized marijuana and STOP!  PLEASE STOP!  Stop the whining.  Stop the complaining.  Stop the hand wringing.  Stop the crying and sobbing.  Stop telling us about how your little snowflake hearts are breaking.  Stop the obstruction.  Because we on the right don’t care.  That’s right, we don’t give two shits!  Just like you on the left didn’t give two shits about us when we complained about Obongo and his vice president,that “scrappy kid from Scranton,” Jumpin’ Joe Biden.  It’s only been two weeks and we’re already sick of you.  You lost.  Grow up and get over it and get over yourselves! NOW IT’S OUR TURN AND WE HAVE A HUGE JOB REPAIRING ALL OF THE DAMAGE YOU HAVE DONE FOR THE PAST 8 YEARS!



Senator Charles “Chucky Schumer” cries as he talks about President Trump’s “mean spirited” Executive Order.

First, a little civics refresher for those on the left like the Hollywood Zombies who are nothing than rich wind bags who like to run their retarded mouths from their cut off, private compounds on the left coast surrounded by walls and fences and private security.  Seems every time there is an awards show now we have to listen to the “left” tell the rest of America (except the Northeast) why we’re horrible people!  THIS is why Trump was elected!  These ass clowns couldn’t help get Killary elected in November, so what makes them think ANYONE in the rest of America would listen to anything they have to say?

The United States Constitution is clear and deals with borders and immigration in several sections.  It is clear that the executive branch has the power to decide who does and does not enter the United States.  There is also historical precedent to show that these very same things have been done repeatedly.  In fact in 2011  Obama did the same thing in 2011! not for 90 days, but for SIX MONTHS!!! And who could forget the hapless Carter Administration? During the hostage crisis,m Carter not only stopped immigration of Iranians, but actually DEPORTED IRANIAN STUDENTS!  There are many other examples but these are two of the most recent.  In fact America has a long history of controlling its borders and who does and does NOT enter America:

1790  In an area previously controlled by individual states, an act was adopted that established a uniform rule for naturalization by setting the residence requirement at two years.

1819  Congress enacted the first significant federal legislation relating specifically to immigration. Among its provisions, it: (1) established the continuing reporting of immigration to the United States; and (2) set specific sustenance rules for passengers of ships leaving U.S. ports for Europe.

1864  Congress first centralized control over immigration under the Secretary of State with a Commissioner. The importation of contract laborers was legalized in this legislation.

1875  Direct federal regulation of immigration was established by a law that prohibited entry of prostitutes and convicts.

1882  The Chinese exclusion law curbed Chinese immigration. Also excluded were persons convicted of political offenses, lunatics, idiots, and persons likely to become public charges. The law placed a head tax on each immigrant.

1885  Admission of contract laborers was banned.

1888  Provisions were adopted–the first since 1798–to provide for expulsion of aliens.

1891  The Bureau of Immigration was established under the Treasury Department to federally administer all immigration laws (except the Chinese Exclusion Act).

1903  Immigration law was consolidated. Polygamists and political radicals were added to the exclusion list.

1906  Procedural safeguards for naturalization were enacted. Knowledge of English was made a basic requirement.

1907  A bill increased the head tax on immigrants, and added people with physical or mental defects or tuberculosis and children unaccompanied by parents to the exclusion list. Japanese immigration became restricted.

1917  Added to the exclusion list were illiterates, persons of psychopathic inferiority, men as well as women entering for immoral purposes, alcoholics, stowaways, and vagrants.

1921  The first quantitative immigration law was adopted. It set temporary annual quotas according to nationality. A book review of Not Like Us: Immigrants and Minorities in America, 1890-1924, which discusses this period is available here.

1924  The first permanent immigration quota law established a preference quota system, nonquota status, and consular control system. It also established the Border Patrol.

1929  The annual quotas of the 1924 Act were made permanent.

1943  Legislation provided for the importation of agricultural workers from North, South, and Central America–the basis of the “Bracero Program.” At the same time the Chinese exclusion laws were repealed.

1946  Procedures were adopted to facilitate immigration of foreign-born wives, fiance(e)s, husbands, and children of U.S. armed forces personnel.

1948  The first U.S. policy was adopted for admitting persons fleeing persecution. It permitted 205,000 refugees to enter the United States over two years (later increased to 415,000).

1950  The grounds for exclusion and deportation of subversives were expanded. All aliens were required to report their address annually.

1952  The multiple laws which governed immigration and naturalization to that time were brought into one comprehensive statute. It (1) reaffirmed the national origins quota system, (2) limited immigration from the Eastern Hemisphere while leaving the Western Hemisphere unrestricted, (3) established preferences for skilled workers and relatives of U.S. citizens and permanent resident aliens; and (4) tightened security and screening standards and procedures.

1953  The 1948 law was increased to admit over 200,000 refugees above the existing limit.

1965  The national origins quota system was abolished. But still maintained was the principle of numerical restriction by establishing 170,000 Hemispheric and 20,000 per country ceilings and a seven-category preference system (favoring close relatives of U.S. citizens and permanent resident aliens, those with needed occupational skills, and refugees) for the Eastern Hemisphere and a separate 120,000 ceiling for the Western Hemisphere.

1976  The 20,000 per-country immigration ceilings and the preference system became applied to Western-Hemisphere countries. The separate Hemispheric ceilings were maintained.  1978  The separate ceilings for Eastern and Western Hemispheric immigration were combined into one world-wide limit of 290,000.

1980  The Refugee Act removed refugees as a preference category and established clear criteria and procedures for their admission. It also reduced the world-wide ceiling for immigrants from 290,000 to 270,000.

1986  The Immigration Reform and Control Act (IRCA) was a comprehensive reform effort. It (1) legalized aliens who had resided in the United States in an unlawful status since January 1, 1982, (2) established sanctions prohibiting employers from hiring, recruiting, or referring for a fee aliens known to be unauthorized to work in the United States, (3) created a new classification of temporary agricultural worker and provided for the legalization of certain such workers; and (4) established a visa waiver pilot program allowing the admission of certain non-immigrants without visas. Separate legislation stipulated that the status of immigrants whose status was based on a marriage be conditional for two years, and that they must apply for permanent status within 90 days after their second year anniversary.

1989  A bill adjusted from temporary to permanent status certain non-immigrants who were employed in the United States as registered nurses for at least three years and met established certification standards.

1990  Comprehensive immigration legislation provided for (1) increased total immigration under an overall flexible cap of 675,000 immigrants beginning in fiscal year 1995, preceded by a 700,000 level during fiscal years 1992 through 1994, (2) created separate admission categories for family-sponsored, employment-based, and diversity immigrants, (3) revised all grounds for exclusion and deportation, significantly rewriting the political and ideological grounds and repealing some grounds for exclusion, (4) authorized the Attorney General to grant temporary protected status to undocumented alien nationals of designated countries subject to armed conflict or natural disasters, and designated such status for Salvadorans, (5) revised and established new non-immigrant admission categories, (6) revised and extended through fiscal year 1994 the Visa Waiver Program, (7) revised naturalization authority and requirements, and (8) revised enforcement activities.

I get a kick out of the Hollywood Ass Clowns demonstrating against everything Trump does.  Of course they are pro-immigration.  Because there are no Syrian Refugees or ISIS Terrorists taking up residence in Hollywood.   No, they are resettled out here in the real America where they proceed to create their own little enclaves and institute Sharia Law.  These are not the Italian, Irish and German Immigrants from the 20th century who came to America because THEY WANTED TO BE AMERICANS!  Nope.  Sorry.  These people come here to take advantage of everything we have to offer while at the very same time, condemning us and our “wicked” lifestyle.  They refuse to pledge allegiance, stand for the National Anthem or integrate in any way.  This is EXACTLY what they have done in Europe, particularly in France and we have seen the results.They have created what amount to ghettos from which extremist terrorists have sprung!

I think what aggravated me even more is that not only were the protestors at the airports wrong, but the Hollywood asshats were wrong as well.  Trump’s Executive Order had nothing…NOTHING to do with religion and was in no way a “Muslim Ban.”  But immediately, that’s what the lame stream media began calling it, even when they knew it was false!  THAT is what we call fake news.  I simply went on line like anyone else could and read then damned thing!  I guess that’s too much for the Hollywood ass clowns or all of the rest of the left in this country!

But as a wise man once said, “Why cloud the issue with the facts?”  I GUARAN-GOD-DAMN-TEE that well read worldly scholar Ashton Kutcher didn’t read the order before he went on his rant; nor did the other ass hat with the beard whatever his name is!  Yet they went on national television and preached to the rest of the country the lies that had been spread by the mainstream media!  Pathetic!  And they wonder why people have had enough of them!

WE are the ones who are disrupted, have our lives and traditions changed but most of all are murdered and killed like those in San Bernadino and Orlando.  No, there aren’t too many refugees on the back lot at Warner Brothers or MGM.  I am always fascinated by liberals.  They love to control  other people’s lives and  spend other people’s money.  Just don’t ask them to spend THEIR money or interfere with THEIR lives! Nope.  While they are jet-setting around in their private jets hypocritically supporting climate change while their “carbon footprints” are dozens of times larger than yours or mine, we are left to deal with these people.  They wait until “awards time” and then speak to us lowly serfs fro their lofty towers in Hollywood.

Further, it’s ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! Over 325,000 people passed through America’s airports and ports of entry over the weekend.  Approximately 109 were detained and most of those are now gone. 109 possible San Bernadinos stopped!  109 possible Fort Hoods stopped!  109 Orlandos stopped! 109 Boston Marathons stopped!  But God forbid we inconvenience someone…..But boo hoo!  Let’s remember folks, America is populated with Americans.  Those Americans have Constitutional Rights!  Non-Americans do not have rights under the U.S. Constitution, and no, non-American has ANY RIGHT TO ENTER THIS COUNTRY UNLESS WE DECIDE TO LET THEM IN!  America has the most generous, wide ranging, accepting immigration policies in the world!  How dare we think we have the right to protect ourselves?  Under Obongo, US Immigration Policy was like a Seven Eleven and would have been even worse under Killary!

Then, we have one of the biggest injustices of the whole weekend!  Chucky Schumer, Senator from New York didn’t get an award from the Screen Actors Guild!  Can you believe it?  How could he be overlooked with his cry on demand performance over the weekend, when he advocated the same exact thing in 2014! Trump did it and his policy of extreme vetting was “mean spirited” and “UnAmerican.”  He said “If there is EVEN A DOUBT they shouldn’t be admitted.”  Yet today he is balling his eyes out.  PLEEEEEEEEEEEZ!

Khalid Sheik Muhammad made it very clear that the way ISIS and Al Qaeda are going to take over America is the same way they are doing it in Europe.  They will come here and wrap themselves up in our laws and civil rights until they have destroyed American Culture and begin to institute Sharia Law.  One need only look at Germany, France, Sweden and Norway to see what will happen to American culture.  Laws changed, traditions gone, women and girls raped en masse.  Sick, sick, sick!

Let’s face it.The left in the House and Senate and nationwide have protested and complained about everything President Trump has done and guess what?  Unlike most politicians, Trump is merely doing what he promised on the campaign trail!  Huh.  Imagine that!  Someone being elected to office and then keeping their word.  Now today, King Obongo joined in with the fake news on the left as well.  Clearly Obongo….the KING of executive orders would bother to read it before he commented right?  Of course not.  He did that kind f shit when he was freeloading in the White House after the issue in Cambridge and with Trayvon Martin!  Besides the fact that a former president hasn’t directly contradicted and commented negatively on his successor since FDR and Hoover!!!  But what the Hell Obongo….keep spreading the fake news.  The ironic part was that the list the Trump Administration used was compiled by Obongo’s people!!!!  How’s that for a smack in the face Barry!

WHERE were ALL of these left wing imbeciles back in November???  Why didn’t they vote if they felt so  strongly about then candidate Trump’s Policies?  These people are complete ass clowns!  Most of them are paid for by George Soros and the Tides Foundation and related groups.  They are communists, anarchists and a mish-mosh of other freaks who are paid to demonstrate and disrupt.  If ANY of these so called demonstrators actually BOTHERED to investigate ANY of this, they would NEVER have left their holes or the rocks they live under!  The president nis trying to keep America safe!  Unlike Obama, who refused to use the words “Radical Islamic Terror” as though his tongue would explode in flames, President Trump is doing what needs to be done.  in fact, IMHO, he should have gone further!  After Fort Hood, Obongo called it workplace violence.  After San Bernadino he blamed guns.  After Orlando he blamed guns.  After the shooting in Tennessee, he blamed guns.

President Trump is a troubleshooter.  He is also an honorable man.  He has been in o0ffice for a week and a half and he has already kept 50% of his campaign promises!  I salute him!  He IS going to make America Great Again!  Now those on the left may not like that and I’m sure George Soros will keep funding protests because that’s what he does, but President Trump is not going to stop, no matter how many crocodile tears Chucky Schumer cries!  Barry Obongo said it best, “Elections have consequences.”

At the end of the day, it’s not the fault of the republicans that the democrats ran Hillary Clinton, even after it was shown she and the DNC colluded to screw Bernie Sanders.  It’s not the republicans’ fault she was a horrible, low energy candidate who campaigned in all the wrong places and took huge voting blocks for granted.  It’s not the republicans’ fault that she is a liar, a killer and a thief.  It’s not the republicans’ fault she was selling influence to her office.  Nope.  It is Hillary’s fault and the fault of the DNC for thinking she would have a “coronation,” because she “deserved” somehow to be president.  Speaking of DNC, I wonder if Debbie Wasserman-Schultz washed her hair yet?  (No really, I think the last time that mop was washed was like 1993).  Just sayin’.

Perhaps if Sanders had run against Trump, the outcome might have been different.  We will never know.  Somewhere in a parallel universe right now Bernie Sanders is president.  But not here in our universe.  Here, Donald J Trump was elected in a massive electoral landslide and is doing exactly what he promised to help Make America Great Again!  I am personally shocked at how fast he is moving to undo the damage done by Obongo and the dumbocrats!  I think for the first time since I started voting in 1984 I have actually voted for someone who is going to do what he said!

The crying, the boo-hooing, the shouting with bullhorns, all of it is nothing more than disruptive bullshit!  Everything Trump did is Constitutional.  Everything he did is legal!  It was not a ban on Muslims!  It is only temporary!  Everyone who was detained has now been sent on their way after 24 hours!

Bottom line, at this point in his first term Obongo had his entire cabinet approved because after all, if the republicans had held any of them up they would have been racists!  Obama put a lesbian and a Latina on the Supreme Court with no problem.  President Rump’s cabinet appointments are being help up by Schumer and the dumbocrats simply to disrupt because that’s really all they can do!  They have already threatened to veto ANY of Trump’s picks for Supreme Court if they don’t agree with them.  Again, nothing more than disruption!  Guess what Chucky?  You ass clowns LOST!  It is Trump’s RIGHT just like every president before him to choose the kind of judge HE wants….NOT the kind of judge YOU want!  Scumbag, Mafia beat down survivor Harry Reid did republicans a favor by invoking the nuclear option for cabinet members and a few other things.  I think Mitch McConnell is going to do the same thing for the Supreme Court.  Good for the republicans and good for the country!  An originalist, just like Antonin Scalia!  I couldn’t be happier!

As for the left, suck it up guys and gals.  You’re in serious trouble.  Your leader was crying last night, while Senator Elizabeth Warren (God it pains me to say that) who once famously lied and decided she was part American Indian, was screaming at crowds with a bullhorn  that the executive order was “Illegal, Unfair and Unconstitutional.”  All of which was wrong.  But why start telling the truth now?  After all, Hillary didn’t and the best they have lined up to run in 2020 is Joe Biden! I can’t WAIT for that debate!!!

The American Left is incomplete and total disarray!  Complete meltdown!  They got their asses handed to them in a HUUUGE electoral defeat.  Their demi-god, Obongo’s legacy is being unraveled on a daily basis and soon will be completely gone!  Hooray!  Happy days are here again!  They cannot handle the fact that the American People completely, totally repudiated and rejected them!  If it weren’t for the left coast and Californian and the other left coast which is actually the East Coast with cities like New York, and Boston, they would have gotten spanked even worse!  Even my vote in Pennsylvania actually meant something for the first time in 30 years because outside of Philadelphia and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvanians finally woke up and voted!  Makes me happy to wake up in the morning and happy to be American again!  God bless Donald J Trump and God Bless America!  I can’t wait until we pull out of the Paris Climate Agreement!  More liberals crying!  YES!!!  Ah, good times……good times.