When? Can Somebody Please Tell Me When?

Posted: February 26, 2017 in politics


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When did this country become so polarized that we can’t even talk anymore?  When did saying certain words offend people so badly we would have to make laws to stop them from being said?  When did we decide free speech was only allowed in “free speech zones?”  When did free speech and freedom of expression leave our college campuses?  When did our colleges and universities decide we needed “safe zones?”  When did Americans decide that someone else owed them something for nothing?  When did we decide that every little group in America had special “rights” even if they were mentioned no where in the Constitution?  When did we decide that murdering babies was healthcare?  When did we decide that American Citizens shouldn’t be allowed to have a gun?  When did we decide to take away the freedom of speech of people whose speech we disagree with? When did we decide that if one American committed a crime, all others must also be punished?  When did we decide that if we don’t like an idea it should be suppressed or even outlawed or destroyed?  When did we decide we have the right to impose our values on everyone else?

When did we decide that our country no longer need or had borders?  When did we decide it was just fine for some people to break the law and be rewarded while others were punished?  When did we decide that groups of people were allowed to do whatever they wanted with no repercussions?  When did we decide that American Citizens had no right to decide what they put in their bodies?  When did we decide that people should be elected to office on the because of their skin color or sex?  When did we decide that one’s sexual orientation gave them special rights not afforded them anywhere in the law?  When did we decide that the Constitution was old, outdated and just a nice notion? When did we accept the notion that the government knows best?  When did communism and socialism become fashionable in our free republic?  When did our public schools become indoctrination centers for the left?  When did political correctness destroy common sense in America and when will we wake up and stop the insanity?  When did we decide as a nation to ban certain words?  When did the United States Constitution become invalid?

When did we decide that only some people can exercise their religious freedom and others would be punished for exercising theirs?  When did we decide that controlling our borders like every other nation on Earth made us evil?  When did we decide that we had no control over who entered our country?  When did America become the Make-A-Wish Foundation for the rest of the planet?  When did it become bad to call America’s enemies by name?  When did it become acceptable to treat every religion with respect accept Christianity?  When did we decide that forty year old men had the right to go into the restroom with ten year old girls?  When did we decide that men and women who like to play “dress up” and pretend they are the opposite sex had Constitutional Rights?

When did we decide that the climate didn’t go through natural cycles but that man was destroying the Earth?  When did it become “truth” that man was responsible for climate change even though there have been scandals, falsified data and lies by advocates?  When did it become acceptable for the main stream media to take sides and back one political party over another?  When did it become acceptable for the media to act as a wing and attack dog for one particular political party?  When did we decide that a former politician with no scientific training was the global expert on the Earth’s climate?  When did people decide to follow him as though he were a Messiah even after all of his predictions were proven wring?  When did it become acceptable for the media to invent then news to match their narrative? When did colleges and universities stop being places for debate and discussion and the free flow of ideas and turn into communist lecture halls?  When did Americans  become so closed minded they refused to even LISTEN to another view point?  When did the Tenth Amendment to the United States Constitution disappear?  When did Americans decide they have the right to force their ideas on other citizens?

When did we decide to accept the idea that the government can force Americans to purchase goods and services even though the Constitution forbids it?  When did we decide to punish Americans who refuse to comply? When will  we wake up and return to what made this country great?  When will we return to our senses and live within our means?  When will we start treating each other with decency and respect and stop believing we all have special rights?  When will we stop trying to force our ideas and beliefs on others?  When did we become so divided that when we disagree with someone, we simply label them, then marginalize them, then vilify them?  When did things become Constitutional even when they’re clearly not?  When did we start respecting Saul Alinsky and Cloward & Piven and stop respecting Washington, Jefferson and Adams?  When will we simply start living by the Founding Documents, ideas, values and traditions that made America the greatest nation in the world?  And when…….when will we come together not as hyphenated Americans, but as Americans and will we do it before it’s to late, or will we destroy ourselves in a second civil war?


Run!  Run!  Run!  Duck and cover!  The Russians are coming!  The Russians are coming!   Yep.  It’s time.  It was fun while it lasted.  The change… I mean REAL CHANGE that the silent majority wanted and was just on the cusp of is all but over now.  President Donald Trump I predict will continue to become more and more impotent until he completely loses the ability to govern.  Then, just as he is about to be impeached, he will resign a la Richard Nixon and he will simply become a hiccup in American History.


The good ole’ boys will take control again and the globalist agenda will march on without skipping a beat.  You don’t think so?  Wake the fuck up sheeple!!!  It’s happening right now before your very eyes!  Donald Trump’s election signaled the end.  The end of globalism, business as usual and the people working for the government instead of vice versa.  It was nothing but absolute PURE FOLLY to think ANYONE could change the direction of the hijacked ship that is America.  If you are ANYTHING other than left of center, this country is quite simply UNGOVERNABLE.


Yes Donald Trump won a HUGE electoral victory in November.  But the vast majority of the government never changes.  90% of the government is made up of career civil servants.  More than half of them are yes, you guessed it…LIBERALS!  So they can slow or even stop a republican president dead in his tracks.  If they don’t like his agenda they can take time implementing it or refuse to implement it.  They can leak like a sieve important government information.  They can basically make it so the president is nothing more than a mouthpiece for his entire term.


We are seeing that today.  We already saw it i the justice department where Sally Yates simply refused to defend the president in court.  Why?  because she disagreed with his policy.  THAT is he problem.  Who the Hell is Sally Yates to decide SHE is not going to defend the president and do her job?  FUNNY, NO CONSERVATIVE EVER DID THIS TO OBONGO!  No, we play by the rules like good little sheep while when the liberals get the chance they shit all over us!  All Trump could do was fire her.  In the meantime, his agenda is stalled.  The same thing happened in part to GW Bush when he was president.  What you end up with is a massive, uncontrollable monster that has its own agenda and simply does what it wants to do.  That’s why the Founders NEVER envisioned such a large government, but rather a small, efficient government.  Quite simply the federal government needs to be cut in half.


You must realize that Trump is also fighting the media.  Look at his  executive order for a temporary ban on entry to the USA from 7 countries previously identified by the Obongo Administration.  He was completely within his rights legally to do what he did, but a liberal court with no authority stopped him.  The liberal media at the same time went on the attack and IMMEDIATELY BEGAN MISCHARACTERIZING THE EO AS A MUSLIM BAN WHICH IT WAS NOT!  Again, the career government people are majority liberal and Trump will have to fight his own government  every step of the way to get anything done; while at the same time attacking the main stream media.


It’s no mistake that the fastest growing area of the country is in the greater suburbs of Washington DC in Maryland and Virginia and that same area is solid democrat.  The area is demographically, almost all government employees.  Their jobs pay well, with pensions and great benefits and they are recession proof.  While the rest of the country suffered over the past 9 years, they were insulated and prospered.


I’ll go further.  If you are ANYWHERE right of center, you are out of luck, because no matter WHAT you win on or what you try to do; you will fail because the MASSIVE  I mean MASSIVE leviathan that is the government complex will simply keep moving o  like a juggernaut gobbling up civil rights and eating up the Constitution until we live in a total and complete totalitarian state where even the “illusion” of freedom is gone.I was in high school when President Ronald Reagan was in the White House.


Let’s face it.  Trumps election was a COMPLETE AND UTTER FLUKE!  By ANYONE’S account, Hillary Rodham Clinton as supposed to be elected, PERIOD!  Even the DNC knew it and helped destroy the candidacy of Senator Bernie Sanders.  It was written into the master plan the day Obongo was elected.  She was the “heir apparent.”  When the silent majority finally woke up and went to the polls in record numbers to give Donald Trump a huge electoral win, the apple cart was not just upset; it was blown up!


The democrats didn’t want Trump!  The independents didn’t want Trump!, The liberals didn’t want Trump!, The republicans didn’t want Trump! , The good ole’ boys didn’t want Trump!, The Globalists DEFINITELY didn’t want Trump!, ONLY the middle class American…..the poor slob who gets up for work every day, crushes it in the morning to get the kids fed and off to the liberal government/education complex school and then suffers through terrible traffic on roads that are unfit to drive on only to arrive at a dead end job with wages that haven’t really increased since the early 1970’s.  HE IS THE ONE WHO ELECTED TRUMP!


Perhaps mo0st importantly, he is WHITE.  WHITE!  Yes, I said it!  He is White and he is SICK of hearing about the “rights” of minorities that have been created out of hole cloth by past liberal governments; while is rights are slowly eroded because of his skin color!  These are the people who see “White Shaming” going on at our colleges and universities where our kids are being indoctrinated to believe that somehow, because they were born White, they are guilty for all of the evils in America and they should drown in “White Guilt.”  Even worse if they are men, because they are automatically predators.  If they haven’t already done it, they will become rapists, misogynists and haters in general.  Yes, the White Male is enemy number one to the left and those White Males and their wives and girlfriends have had enough and they voted by the millions for Trump!


Now we must deal with all of the garbage, lies and deception that all of those who DID NOT want Trump spew daily verbally, in print, online and on television.  Trump is an idiot!  Trump is a puppet of the Russians!  Trump has no clue!  Trump is a fascists!  You name it!  Next, it will be that Trump is the Anti-Christ!  All you have to know is that Donald J Trump is the focus of evil in the world, EVERYWHERE, ALL OF THE TIME!  THAT is the message of the left, the globalists and everyone else that didn’t want Trump!


It’s much the same as when Ronald Reagan was elected.  Ronaldus Magnus was the first president I voted for.  I actually met him and was able to shake his hand when I was a Washington Intern in 1986.  I remember the rhetoric that was around then.  Reagan was a war monger!  Reagan was going to blow up the world!  Reagan wanted war with the Soviets!  It never happened and of course ALL of this sage wisdom was coming from the left.  After all, where else would it come from?  Yes, according to the American Left, Reagan was a warmonger who wanted to destroy the innocent communists in the USSR who just wanted nothing more than Detente and peaceful coexistence.  Why, the left would have let the Russians take over Canada and Mexico and would have justified it!  That was then.


Fast forward 40 years to 2017 and NOW, the American Left sees Russians EVERYWHERE!  King Obongo famously said to candidate Mitt Romney during a presidential debate “The 80’s called and they want their foreign policy back.”  This after Romney said that the Russians were the biggest foreign policy issue the United States was facing.  Now, they are  Lurking around the White House, sabotaging elections, looking for war, compromising NSC Director Flynn, compromising President Trump, they are so evil they MUST be stopped!  WOW!  What a change!  The Russians went from being the darlings of the left to the “Evil Empire,” that President Reagan once spoke of.  But how does this happen?  How do you go from a love to a hate relationship in such a short span?  The American left is screaming about Ukraine, the Crimea, provocations by Russian Aircraft, you name it!  The American Left has gone from almost complete surrender to war mongering with Russia!


Now General Mike Flynn, a real American Hero has been destroyed by the left because he was in contact with the Russians during the campaign and may have violated the 1799  Logan Act which was passed because a state legislator pursued diplomacy with France.  The Logan Act!  OOOOOOH!  A law from the 1790’s that NO ONE has EVER been prosecuted under.  Imagine that!   Meanwhile the liberal press doesn’t mention the fact that the BIGGER crime is that Mike Flynn  was illegally recorded as an American Citizen which is completely illegal.  While the government is well within its rights to intercept foreign calls like the Russian Ambassador, when and if there is an American on the other end, when he speaks, they must shut off the recorder until he is finished speaking.  It is illegal to record an American Citizen without a warrant.


So who in the Obama Administration went to the FISA Court and got a warrant?  Probably no one.  Or is the FBI going rogue again?  The fact is Flynn should NEVER have been recorded and was well within his rights to speak to the Russians since it was within his job description and would make perfect sense to break the ice and speak with counterparts.  So who in the Obama Administration should be prosecuted?  Maybe Jim Comey?  But Mike Flynn should still be on the job and this is much adieu about nothing!


Then the mainstream news is all abuzz because there is a Russian Spyship70 miles off the east coast of the United States.  Oh no!  Are they spying on us?  Maybe they are friends of Trump?  What are they doing and what’s the connection?  What did the president know and when did he know it?  THOSE are the type of yellow journalist headlines we are seeing ESPECIALLY on cable news networks when EVERYONE KNOWS, they are 70 miles off our coast.  I mean it’s getting to the point of absolute hysteria!  We declare 12 miles as U.S. Territory.  So they are well within their rights to be there.  Not to mention, we do the very same thing to the Russians all of the time!  During the cold war we used a submarine to tap into0 an underwater cable INSIDE Soviet Territory and listen to ALL of their calls!  But the media makes this spyship out to spell gloom and doom!


The we see at the same time that oh no!  Russian Fighter Jets are buzzing U.S. Aircraft Carriers and ships in the Black Sea and elsewhere!  Cable news is playing the pictures over and over again! They seem to forget that the Russians did THE VERY SAME THING TO OBAMA and they said nothing.  The mainstream media yawned and moved on.  But now there is a republican in the White House and they are buzzing our ships!  oh no!  The sky is falling!  What would they have us do  Maybe shoot them down and start a war?  While Lindsey Gramnesty and John McShame, his butt buddy would love that, the rest of the world wouldn’t!


And even worse!  Oh No!  Others in the Trump Administration have also been in contact with the Russians during the campaign.  Now many of these people had business dealings with Russia for many years before they even THOUGHT about politics!  So you would think it would only be natural for them to be in contact with the Russians.  Nope!  Sorry!  There’s a man in the White House who the powers that be don’t want there; so the MUST be something nefarious going on!  And when you look at the imbeciles who suddenly want to “investigate” the Trump Administration, you see an all star cast of court jesters and complete buffoons like John McShame…. oops I mean McCain and Lindsay Gramnesty….I mean Graham!  Only Utah Congressman Jason Chafetz had the balls to say that Flynn had resigned and it’s done.  There’s no need for an investigation.


The dumbocrats led by that champion of justice, John Lewis who still thinks it’s 1964 almost had a stroke on television yesterday when he was talking about a crisis that could completely destroy thew republic!  I thought his head was going to explode!  My God, this was the end of the United States and was worse than Watergate!  Trump was the next Nixon according to Lewis and the democrats and he MUST be thoroughly investigated!  Funny this same, completely partisan, ass clown had nothing to say about Hillary Clinton’s NUMEROUS issues from Benghazi to her email problems!  They see an opening and now they’re going to take it.  There’s blood in the water and they will now use a crowbar to pry open the administration and destroy it!  An administration that has not even been in office a full month is under full scale attack from all sides!  Seems to me he must be doing something right!


And oh, by the way……just nevermind that Hillary Clinton had the REAL Russian Connection with the company called Uranium One where she, in her capacity as United States Secretary of State basically sold almost all of our uranium to the Russians for a kickback…oops I mean donation to the Clinton Foundation!  Where was John Lewis then?  Where was Lindsey Graham and John McCain then?  Nope.  That was just fine.  A ok, because after all, the United States doesn’t need any of threat pesky uranium lying around anyway.  It would be used for nuclear weapons and we don’t like those so let the Russians have all the uranium they want. Wonderful.  The Russians could launch nuclear weapons at America and the warheads would use our own uranium!!!  Way to go Hillary!  Another one of her outstanding achievements as secretary of state!


There was no inquiry, no investigation, not a peep from ANYONE!  But somehow, we are to believe that Vladimir Putin is basically running the White House through his puppet, President Trump!  Fake news?  How about fake media?  How about the powers that be basically creating news and creating the narrative they want Americans to believe.  The narrative that the average slob will buy, hook line and sinker because he gets his news from the lame stream media.


Well, the key is simple.  There is a republican in the White House.  This republican is a republican no one wants except the middle class an the witch hunt has begun.  Trump will be resisted from every corner of the government:  republicans, democrats and of course the massive governmental bureaucracy itself.  Will he be able to govern?  His enemies are taking aim at everyone around him one by one and knocking them off.  How will he get any legislation passed?  I guess we’ll see.  In the meantime, stay tuned.  Who knows what will happen next!  Maybe Jimmy Hoffa will show up in the White House and the media will tell us he has been a secret Trump adviser!

Can You Hear Them?

Posted: February 1, 2017 in politics




Can you hear that beautiful sound?  It’s the sound of liberal, democrat, progressive left wing ass hats’ heads exploding all over America.  They must truly be in a tizzy!  Or maybe they’re in mourning.  One of my wife’s relatives told her she “has a heavy heart” and is “so sad she just doesn’t know what to do.”  Why you ask?  The answer is quite simple and is only two words:  Donald Trump!

Now perhaps all of those wonderful liberal, democrat, progressive, left wing ass hats know how it feels.  Now they know how conservatives like me felt when Barack Hussein Obama, whom I affectionately refer to as:  His Royal Highness, the Kenyan Prince,  Barry Hussein Obongo was elected, not once, but TWICE!  But why?  After all, those on the left felt like Obongo was the Messiah, or at least THEIR Messiah.  The rest of America, roughly 50%, not so much, much like it is with President Trump.


And why?  Why would conservatives have been so sad, beside themselves, had such heavy hearts and been so profoundly sad?  Well, for the exact OPPOSITE reasons liberals today feel that way about Trump’s presidency.  Conservatives worried that Obama would try and curtail the Second Amendment; and he did.  In fact he signed several executive orders because a republican Congress thwarted his attempts at legislation at every turn.


We feared religious rights would be curtailed and they were, especially for Catholics, whom Obongo took every opportunity to attack as he did in the Little Sisters of The Poor case and Catholic Charities.  He also attacked religion in the Hobby Lobby Case.  Conservatives worried that Obongo would do what he promised and according to the Silverback, aka Michelle Obongo would “Have to change the customs and the traditions of this country.”  Obongo redefined gender, flip flopped on same sex marriage, decided what laws he would and would not enforce and stretched the very limits of laws like Title IX and the ability of the president to issue executive orders! At the same time acted as though this nation had no borders and allowed hundreds of thousands of ILLEGAL ALIENS into America!


Obama championed everything conservatives feared and had he been allowed to appoint a THIRD supreme court justice, would have guaranteed that America was as he said, “fundamentally transformed” for generations to come. He even emptied out the Military Prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba except for a handful of prisoners who are so bad even their own countries wouldn’t take them back!  Indeed, Obongo did everything he could to keep his promises to HIS base.  In the last 11 days, President Trump has done exactly the same thing.  Well, maybe not exactly.  He hasn’t TRIED to keep his promises.  He has actually KEPT them!  Perhaps most amazingly of all, in 11 DAYS!  11 DAYS!


Indeed Trump solidified his bona fides even further today, when he nominated Colorado, Tenth Circuit Court Judge Neil Gorsuch to fill Antonin Scalia’s Seat on the Supreme Court.  And of course this caused the liberal, left wing, progressive democrat heads to explode even more since he believes as Scalia did that the United States Constitution is NOT as liberals believe, a “living document” but rather a static document, written over 240 years ago and means today exactly what it meant then and if you want to change it, that’s fine.  There’s a process to do that: Constitutional Amendment.


Conservatives are so very happy tonight and liberals so “deeply saddened” because Judge Gorsuch DOES NOT see the right of a mother to murder her unborn baby in the Constitution.  Judge Gorsuch DOES NOT see the right of a homosexuals to marry one another in the Constitution.  Conversely, he DOES see a right to bear arms and a right to privacy.  That doesn’t mean there can’t be abortion. Because after all, liberals believe that 54,000,000 murdered Americans isn’t enough.  No, it simply means that laws made about abortion are to be left to the states as the Founders intended in the Tenth Amendment.  The same with homosexual marriage, transgender bathrooms and the 55 mile an hour speed limit.  That is the whole purpose of the Tenth Amendment.


What Obongo and  liberal, progressive, left wing democrats never understood and still don’t understand is that the Constitution was devised to create a limited government.  Not an all encompassing government! That’s why the Founders embodied the principles of federalism!  They never understood the idea that the Constitution doesn’t take power from the states and the people, but rather was GIVEN powers by the states ad the people which is WHY the Tenth Amendment says “All powers not included…..are returned back to the states and the people.”


Liberals believe in the concept of state supremacy, where the federal government in Washington, D.C. is supreme to all of the states, localities and the people; strangely similar to the way governments functioned in the USSR and still function today in communist and socialist nations.


Yes, when Obongo was coronated the left wing Messiah, you called us “whackoes,”  “right wing extremists” who were clinging to our Bibles and our guns.  We were “haters,” “racists” and misogynists if we didn’t agree with Obongo.  But we didn’t protest, we didn’t block his cabinet picks or supreme court nominations, nor did we boycott his inauguration.  No, we acted like rational, traditional,  Americans.


However; as Obongo told Senator John McCain during the healthcare talks, “Too bad John.  Guess what.  Elections have consequences and you guys lost!”  In saying it, he said it in a particularly nasty, ignorant, condescending  way as though he really believed in his narcissistic perfection.  As a result he rammed through Obamacare without a single republican vote and now it is collapsing under its own weight just as we on the right predicted.  We didn’t save $2500.00 a year.  We could not keep our doctor.  We could not keep our plan.  When we dared to say those things were untrue, Obongo said “These things are all lies and distortions put forth by the right and Fox News.”  Were they?  Sadly, we were right.


So I will conclude by saying to the left wing, liberal, progressive democrats to simply, put down your legalized marijuana and STOP!  PLEASE STOP!  Stop the whining.  Stop the complaining.  Stop the hand wringing.  Stop the crying and sobbing.  Stop telling us about how your little snowflake hearts are breaking.  Stop the obstruction.  Because we on the right don’t care.  That’s right, we don’t give two shits!  Just like you on the left didn’t give two shits about us when we complained about Obongo and his vice president,that “scrappy kid from Scranton,” Jumpin’ Joe Biden.  It’s only been two weeks and we’re already sick of you.  You lost.  Grow up and get over it and get over yourselves! NOW IT’S OUR TURN AND WE HAVE A HUGE JOB REPAIRING ALL OF THE DAMAGE YOU HAVE DONE FOR THE PAST 8 YEARS!



Senator Charles “Chucky Schumer” cries as he talks about President Trump’s “mean spirited” Executive Order.

First, a little civics refresher for those on the left like the Hollywood Zombies who are nothing than rich wind bags who like to run their retarded mouths from their cut off, private compounds on the left coast surrounded by walls and fences and private security.  Seems every time there is an awards show now we have to listen to the “left” tell the rest of America (except the Northeast) why we’re horrible people!  THIS is why Trump was elected!  These ass clowns couldn’t help get Killary elected in November, so what makes them think ANYONE in the rest of America would listen to anything they have to say?

The United States Constitution is clear and deals with borders and immigration in several sections.  It is clear that the executive branch has the power to decide who does and does not enter the United States.  There is also historical precedent to show that these very same things have been done repeatedly.  In fact in 2011  Obama did the same thing in 2011! not for 90 days, but for SIX MONTHS!!! And who could forget the hapless Carter Administration? During the hostage crisis,m Carter not only stopped immigration of Iranians, but actually DEPORTED IRANIAN STUDENTS!  There are many other examples but these are two of the most recent.  In fact America has a long history of controlling its borders and who does and does NOT enter America:

1790  In an area previously controlled by individual states, an act was adopted that established a uniform rule for naturalization by setting the residence requirement at two years.

1819  Congress enacted the first significant federal legislation relating specifically to immigration. Among its provisions, it: (1) established the continuing reporting of immigration to the United States; and (2) set specific sustenance rules for passengers of ships leaving U.S. ports for Europe.

1864  Congress first centralized control over immigration under the Secretary of State with a Commissioner. The importation of contract laborers was legalized in this legislation.

1875  Direct federal regulation of immigration was established by a law that prohibited entry of prostitutes and convicts.

1882  The Chinese exclusion law curbed Chinese immigration. Also excluded were persons convicted of political offenses, lunatics, idiots, and persons likely to become public charges. The law placed a head tax on each immigrant.

1885  Admission of contract laborers was banned.

1888  Provisions were adopted–the first since 1798–to provide for expulsion of aliens.

1891  The Bureau of Immigration was established under the Treasury Department to federally administer all immigration laws (except the Chinese Exclusion Act).

1903  Immigration law was consolidated. Polygamists and political radicals were added to the exclusion list.

1906  Procedural safeguards for naturalization were enacted. Knowledge of English was made a basic requirement.

1907  A bill increased the head tax on immigrants, and added people with physical or mental defects or tuberculosis and children unaccompanied by parents to the exclusion list. Japanese immigration became restricted.

1917  Added to the exclusion list were illiterates, persons of psychopathic inferiority, men as well as women entering for immoral purposes, alcoholics, stowaways, and vagrants.

1921  The first quantitative immigration law was adopted. It set temporary annual quotas according to nationality. A book review of Not Like Us: Immigrants and Minorities in America, 1890-1924, which discusses this period is available here.

1924  The first permanent immigration quota law established a preference quota system, nonquota status, and consular control system. It also established the Border Patrol.

1929  The annual quotas of the 1924 Act were made permanent.

1943  Legislation provided for the importation of agricultural workers from North, South, and Central America–the basis of the “Bracero Program.” At the same time the Chinese exclusion laws were repealed.

1946  Procedures were adopted to facilitate immigration of foreign-born wives, fiance(e)s, husbands, and children of U.S. armed forces personnel.

1948  The first U.S. policy was adopted for admitting persons fleeing persecution. It permitted 205,000 refugees to enter the United States over two years (later increased to 415,000).

1950  The grounds for exclusion and deportation of subversives were expanded. All aliens were required to report their address annually.

1952  The multiple laws which governed immigration and naturalization to that time were brought into one comprehensive statute. It (1) reaffirmed the national origins quota system, (2) limited immigration from the Eastern Hemisphere while leaving the Western Hemisphere unrestricted, (3) established preferences for skilled workers and relatives of U.S. citizens and permanent resident aliens; and (4) tightened security and screening standards and procedures.

1953  The 1948 law was increased to admit over 200,000 refugees above the existing limit.

1965  The national origins quota system was abolished. But still maintained was the principle of numerical restriction by establishing 170,000 Hemispheric and 20,000 per country ceilings and a seven-category preference system (favoring close relatives of U.S. citizens and permanent resident aliens, those with needed occupational skills, and refugees) for the Eastern Hemisphere and a separate 120,000 ceiling for the Western Hemisphere.

1976  The 20,000 per-country immigration ceilings and the preference system became applied to Western-Hemisphere countries. The separate Hemispheric ceilings were maintained.  1978  The separate ceilings for Eastern and Western Hemispheric immigration were combined into one world-wide limit of 290,000.

1980  The Refugee Act removed refugees as a preference category and established clear criteria and procedures for their admission. It also reduced the world-wide ceiling for immigrants from 290,000 to 270,000.

1986  The Immigration Reform and Control Act (IRCA) was a comprehensive reform effort. It (1) legalized aliens who had resided in the United States in an unlawful status since January 1, 1982, (2) established sanctions prohibiting employers from hiring, recruiting, or referring for a fee aliens known to be unauthorized to work in the United States, (3) created a new classification of temporary agricultural worker and provided for the legalization of certain such workers; and (4) established a visa waiver pilot program allowing the admission of certain non-immigrants without visas. Separate legislation stipulated that the status of immigrants whose status was based on a marriage be conditional for two years, and that they must apply for permanent status within 90 days after their second year anniversary.

1989  A bill adjusted from temporary to permanent status certain non-immigrants who were employed in the United States as registered nurses for at least three years and met established certification standards.

1990  Comprehensive immigration legislation provided for (1) increased total immigration under an overall flexible cap of 675,000 immigrants beginning in fiscal year 1995, preceded by a 700,000 level during fiscal years 1992 through 1994, (2) created separate admission categories for family-sponsored, employment-based, and diversity immigrants, (3) revised all grounds for exclusion and deportation, significantly rewriting the political and ideological grounds and repealing some grounds for exclusion, (4) authorized the Attorney General to grant temporary protected status to undocumented alien nationals of designated countries subject to armed conflict or natural disasters, and designated such status for Salvadorans, (5) revised and established new non-immigrant admission categories, (6) revised and extended through fiscal year 1994 the Visa Waiver Program, (7) revised naturalization authority and requirements, and (8) revised enforcement activities.

I get a kick out of the Hollywood Ass Clowns demonstrating against everything Trump does.  Of course they are pro-immigration.  Because there are no Syrian Refugees or ISIS Terrorists taking up residence in Hollywood.   No, they are resettled out here in the real America where they proceed to create their own little enclaves and institute Sharia Law.  These are not the Italian, Irish and German Immigrants from the 20th century who came to America because THEY WANTED TO BE AMERICANS!  Nope.  Sorry.  These people come here to take advantage of everything we have to offer while at the very same time, condemning us and our “wicked” lifestyle.  They refuse to pledge allegiance, stand for the National Anthem or integrate in any way.  This is EXACTLY what they have done in Europe, particularly in France and we have seen the results.They have created what amount to ghettos from which extremist terrorists have sprung!

I think what aggravated me even more is that not only were the protestors at the airports wrong, but the Hollywood asshats were wrong as well.  Trump’s Executive Order had nothing…NOTHING to do with religion and was in no way a “Muslim Ban.”  But immediately, that’s what the lame stream media began calling it, even when they knew it was false!  THAT is what we call fake news.  I simply went on line like anyone else could and read then damned thing!  I guess that’s too much for the Hollywood ass clowns or all of the rest of the left in this country!

But as a wise man once said, “Why cloud the issue with the facts?”  I GUARAN-GOD-DAMN-TEE that well read worldly scholar Ashton Kutcher didn’t read the order before he went on his rant; nor did the other ass hat with the beard whatever his name is!  Yet they went on national television and preached to the rest of the country the lies that had been spread by the mainstream media!  Pathetic!  And they wonder why people have had enough of them!

WE are the ones who are disrupted, have our lives and traditions changed but most of all are murdered and killed like those in San Bernadino and Orlando.  No, there aren’t too many refugees on the back lot at Warner Brothers or MGM.  I am always fascinated by liberals.  They love to control  other people’s lives and  spend other people’s money.  Just don’t ask them to spend THEIR money or interfere with THEIR lives! Nope.  While they are jet-setting around in their private jets hypocritically supporting climate change while their “carbon footprints” are dozens of times larger than yours or mine, we are left to deal with these people.  They wait until “awards time” and then speak to us lowly serfs fro their lofty towers in Hollywood.

Further, it’s ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! Over 325,000 people passed through America’s airports and ports of entry over the weekend.  Approximately 109 were detained and most of those are now gone. 109 possible San Bernadinos stopped!  109 possible Fort Hoods stopped!  109 Orlandos stopped! 109 Boston Marathons stopped!  But God forbid we inconvenience someone…..But boo hoo!  Let’s remember folks, America is populated with Americans.  Those Americans have Constitutional Rights!  Non-Americans do not have rights under the U.S. Constitution, and no, non-American has ANY RIGHT TO ENTER THIS COUNTRY UNLESS WE DECIDE TO LET THEM IN!  America has the most generous, wide ranging, accepting immigration policies in the world!  How dare we think we have the right to protect ourselves?  Under Obongo, US Immigration Policy was like a Seven Eleven and would have been even worse under Killary!

Then, we have one of the biggest injustices of the whole weekend!  Chucky Schumer, Senator from New York didn’t get an award from the Screen Actors Guild!  Can you believe it?  How could he be overlooked with his cry on demand performance over the weekend, when he advocated the same exact thing in 2014!  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pwz6y_JjB9oYet Trump did it and his policy of extreme vetting was “mean spirited” and “UnAmerican.”  He said “If there is EVEN A DOUBT they shouldn’t be admitted.”  Yet today he is balling his eyes out.  PLEEEEEEEEEEEZ!

Khalid Sheik Muhammad made it very clear that the way ISIS and Al Qaeda are going to take over America is the same way they are doing it in Europe.  They will come here and wrap themselves up in our laws and civil rights until they have destroyed American Culture and begin to institute Sharia Law.  One need only look at Germany, France, Sweden and Norway to see what will happen to American culture.  Laws changed, traditions gone, women and girls raped en masse.  Sick, sick, sick!

Let’s face it.The left in the House and Senate and nationwide have protested and complained about everything President Trump has done and guess what?  Unlike most politicians, Trump is merely doing what he promised on the campaign trail!  Huh.  Imagine that!  Someone being elected to office and then keeping their word.  Now today, King Obongo joined in with the fake news on the left as well.  Clearly Obongo….the KING of executive orders would bother to read it before he commented right?  Of course not.  He did that kind f shit when he was freeloading in the White House after the issue in Cambridge and with Trayvon Martin!  Besides the fact that a former president hasn’t directly contradicted and commented negatively on his successor since FDR and Hoover!!!  But what the Hell Obongo….keep spreading the fake news.  The ironic part was that the list the Trump Administration used was compiled by Obongo’s people!!!!  How’s that for a smack in the face Barry!

WHERE were ALL of these left wing imbeciles back in November???  Why didn’t they vote if they felt so  strongly about then candidate Trump’s Policies?  These people are complete ass clowns!  Most of them are paid for by George Soros and the Tides Foundation and related groups.  They are communists, anarchists and a mish-mosh of other freaks who are paid to demonstrate and disrupt.  If ANY of these so called demonstrators actually BOTHERED to investigate ANY of this, they would NEVER have left their holes or the rocks they live under!  The president nis trying to keep America safe!  Unlike Obama, who refused to use the words “Radical Islamic Terror” as though his tongue would explode in flames, President Trump is doing what needs to be done.  in fact, IMHO, he should have gone further!  After Fort Hood, Obongo called it workplace violence.  After San Bernadino he blamed guns.  After Orlando he blamed guns.  After the shooting in Tennessee, he blamed guns.

President Trump is a troubleshooter.  He is also an honorable man.  He has been in o0ffice for a week and a half and he has already kept 50% of his campaign promises!  I salute him!  He IS going to make America Great Again!  Now those on the left may not like that and I’m sure George Soros will keep funding protests because that’s what he does, but President Trump is not going to stop, no matter how many crocodile tears Chucky Schumer cries!  Barry Obongo said it best, “Elections have consequences.”

At the end of the day, it’s not the fault of the republicans that the democrats ran Hillary Clinton, even after it was shown she and the DNC colluded to screw Bernie Sanders.  It’s not the republicans’ fault she was a horrible, low energy candidate who campaigned in all the wrong places and took huge voting blocks for granted.  It’s not the republicans’ fault that she is a liar, a killer and a thief.  It’s not the republicans’ fault she was selling influence to her office.  Nope.  It is Hillary’s fault and the fault of the DNC for thinking she would have a “coronation,” because she “deserved” somehow to be president.  Speaking of DNC, I wonder if Debbie Wasserman-Schultz washed her hair yet?  (No really, I think the last time that mop was washed was like 1993).  Just sayin’.

Perhaps if Sanders had run against Trump, the outcome might have been different.  We will never know.  Somewhere in a parallel universe right now Bernie Sanders is president.  But not here in our universe.  Here, Donald J Trump was elected in a massive electoral landslide and is doing exactly what he promised to help Make America Great Again!  I am personally shocked at how fast he is moving to undo the damage done by Obongo and the dumbocrats!  I think for the first time since I started voting in 1984 I have actually voted for someone who is going to do what he said!

The crying, the boo-hooing, the shouting with bullhorns, all of it is nothing more than disruptive bullshit!  Everything Trump did is Constitutional.  Everything he did is legal!  It was not a ban on Muslims!  It is only temporary!  Everyone who was detained has now been sent on their way after 24 hours!

Bottom line, at this point in his first term Obongo had his entire cabinet approved because after all, if the republicans had held any of them up they would have been racists!  Obama put a lesbian and a Latina on the Supreme Court with no problem.  President Rump’s cabinet appointments are being help up by Schumer and the dumbocrats simply to disrupt because that’s really all they can do!  They have already threatened to veto ANY of Trump’s picks for Supreme Court if they don’t agree with them.  Again, nothing more than disruption!  Guess what Chucky?  You ass clowns LOST!  It is Trump’s RIGHT just like every president before him to choose the kind of judge HE wants….NOT the kind of judge YOU want!  Scumbag, Mafia beat down survivor Harry Reid did republicans a favor by invoking the nuclear option for cabinet members and a few other things.  I think Mitch McConnell is going to do the same thing for the Supreme Court.  Good for the republicans and good for the country!  An originalist, just like Antonin Scalia!  I couldn’t be happier!

As for the left, suck it up guys and gals.  You’re in serious trouble.  Your leader was crying last night, while Senator Elizabeth Warren (God it pains me to say that) who once famously lied and decided she was part American Indian, was screaming at crowds with a bullhorn  that the executive order was “Illegal, Unfair and Unconstitutional.”  All of which was wrong.  But why start telling the truth now?  After all, Hillary didn’t and the best they have lined up to run in 2020 is Joe Biden! I can’t WAIT for that debate!!!

The American Left is incomplete and total disarray!  Complete meltdown!  They got their asses handed to them in a HUUUGE electoral defeat.  Their demi-god, Obongo’s legacy is being unraveled on a daily basis and soon will be completely gone!  Hooray!  Happy days are here again!  They cannot handle the fact that the American People completely, totally repudiated and rejected them!  If it weren’t for the left coast and Californian and the other left coast which is actually the East Coast with cities like New York, and Boston, they would have gotten spanked even worse!  Even my vote in Pennsylvania actually meant something for the first time in 30 years because outside of Philadelphia and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvanians finally woke up and voted!  Makes me happy to wake up in the morning and happy to be American again!  God bless Donald J Trump and God Bless America!  I can’t wait until we pull out of the Paris Climate Agreement!  More liberals crying!  YES!!!  Ah, good times……good times.



thlewisYes, John Lewis was involved in the Civil Rights Movement in the 1960’s with Martin Luther King. Yes he suffered the persecution that all Southern Blacks suffered in the American South in that era. Yes, he was a brave man of principle who stood with Dr. Martin Luther King and others to fight for Black Civil Rights.  In the Black Community he is legendary.

So how can someone with such credentials become so petty?  How can he feel that he has the right to disrupt the system? Disrespect tradition?  Disrespect decorum?  Yes, he may have strong feelings but just who does he think he is?  He is a U.S. Representative from the district that encompasses the Atlanta, Georgia area; a  district where he has done little to nothing to help his constituents except continue to get re-elected based on unfulfilled promises based on his name and association with Martin Luther King, whose coattails he rides back to Washington every two years.

When does enough become enough?  I get it.  John Lewis doesn’t like Donald Trump.  He doesn’t like republicans….ANY republicans.  He especially doesn’t like the fact that in his words, the words of the American Left and the lame stream media, the election was “hacked.”  Although none of them can tell us exactly what that means, they continue to repeat it a la Joseph Goebbels.  If you repeat the lie enough, people will believe it.  It worked well in Nazi Germany.

NEVER BEFORE has there been a concerted, consistent, official campaign aimed at a president elect in an attempt to marginalize and wound him even before he takes office!  In fact, the VERY SAME PEOPLE WHO WERE APPALLED THAT TRUMP SAID HE MIGHT NOT RESPECT THE OUTCOME OF THE ELECTION  are now doing the EXACT SAME THING!  I have decided I will now call Representative Lewis a Niggacrite, because clearly he is a hypocrite and he is not acting like a patriotic, responsible, Black American. He is acting like a thug, scumbag, street nigger.  So he is a Niggacrite, as are any all other Blacks who follow him! When Barack Hussein Obama started discussions about Obamacare, he turned to John McCain and said bluntly, “Ah John, you lost ok.  Elections have consequences and you guys lost.” Well, this time, the democrats lost.  Get over it!

When Obama was elected many republicans truly believed it would spell the end of the United States as a democratic republic and Obama would permanently send America toward a socialist end!  We were genuinely angry and scared!  Yet there were no mass protests or demonstrations! No protests in Washington trying to shut down the inauguration! No one on the right boycotted the inauguration.  There were no calls that Obama was illegitimate even though there were many unanswered questions about his past…. many which remain unanswered today!  No,  republicans did what they always do and played by the rules.  They followed the traditions in place for over 220 years, acted with respect and courtesy and worked within the system to oppose Obama.

The time for the democrats, anarchists and all the rest of the anti-Trump hate groups to make their voices heard was on election day in November!  Where were they then?  Why didn’t they vote?  NOW is not the time to complain or protest!  It’s time for them to do the same thing they told US when Obongo was elected and unite and support the new president!  Instead, they have decided to act like petulant children taking a temper tantrum!  I wonder what would have happened if the right and libertarians had done all of these things when Obongo was elected?  Mass demonstrations?  Rioting?  Attempts to disrupt the inauguration and shut down Washington?  I wonder what the democrats would have said?

Congressman Lewis and other democrats have implemented a clear, total destruction strategy of all out slash and burn!  John Lewis seems to think that he’s some anointed “special” person.  Great.  He is a civil rights legend.  Great!  That doesn’t give him the right to say anything he wants to!  It doesn’t give him the right to slander and/or defame someone based on his own opinions which are at this point, wildly partisan!  They have decided they will destroy Trump and the republicans at any cost!  They criticized the republicans and all they did was oppose Obama!  They are trying to DESTROY Trump, both personally and professionally.  I hope they remember what they are doing because it will be interesting to see their reaction when the same things are done to their next electoral college winner!

Instead, the entire left wants to run around, clinging to their fabrication that the election was “hacked”  by the Russians! The fact is that no vote tallies were affected.  No votes were changed.  No voting machines or tabulations were affected.  What was actually “hacked,” was the DNC and the email accounts of high level Clinton Election Staffers like John Podesta.  As a result, information was passed on to Wikileaks.  The information was damning to the Clinton Campaign on many levels, but none of it was denied.  The truth came out.  That’s it.  The truth.  Funny, but the Pentagon Papers were hailed as ground breaking and important as they revealed the truth.  But the truth is revealed about HRC and it is the worst thing in history!

Regardless of who hacked the Clinton Campaign, the Russians, some twenty something living in his parents’ basement or little green men from Mars, or whomever, the truth came out about HRC and many of her plans, ideas ad campaign plans.  She was revealed as the nasty, mean-spirited, vindictive, scheming liar many people thought she was.  The American People got to see the REAL Hillary Clinton.  So where is the crime?  Where is the evil?  Did the TRUTH about HRC sway people to vote for Donald Trump?  Maybe.  Maybe not.

Her own actions and words did enough to damage to her campaign to cost her the election.  Whether it was the email server scandal, the Uranium One Deal with the Russians, the accusations of influence pedaling with the Clinton Foundation or her promise to continue the failed policies of Barack Hussein Obama, or Benghazi or any number of things.  She was defeated, fair and square! She ran a horrible campaign with recycled ideas, nothing new and the same old left-wing tax and spend mantra and the American People INCLUDING minority voters, independents and even many disaffected democrats have simply had enough!

The democrats like John Lewis laughed and joked about Mitt Romney when Obama insulted him in the 2008 presidential debates by saying “Mitt, the eighties called and they want their foreign policy back.” Obama reveled in lampooning Romney when he said the Russians were one of our greatest adversaries and were our biggest foreign policy challenge.  Yet today, even after HRC’s famous “Russian Reset,” Lewis and every other lefty see Russian Spies hiding in the bushes and around every corner!

-Funny, but John Lewis said NOTHING when Donald Trump was hacked and parts of his income tax returns were made public.

-John Lewis said NOTHING when it was discovered that Hillary had been fed debate questions ahead of time from CNN via Donna Brazile.

-John Lewis said NOTHING when it was discovered that the HRC Campaign was assisted in destroying Senator Bernie Sanders’ Campaign by the DNC led by Debbie Wasserman Schultz.

–  John Lewis said NOTHING when Schultz was fired for her role in the Sanders scandal and the same day hired as a campaign aid by HRC!

– John Lewis said NOTHING when U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch had a private meeting with Bill Clinton on the tarmac in a jet on the runway while Clinton was under federal investigation!

-John Lewis said NOTHING  when the Justice Department blocked the FBI front making any indictments or empowering a grand jury.

No, John Lewis ONLY complained when the truth about the HRC Campaign was made public from her true feelings about Latinos and Catholics to her campaign’s internal issues.  When the truth was revealed, John Lewis suddenly decides that’s unacceptable, and because voters were shown the real truth about HRC and how she really felt about them, Trump is somehow an illegitimate president because “the Russians helped him get elected.”  Really?  Are you fucking kidding me?

Now John Lewis has decided to disrespect the office of the president.  He will NOT attend the Presidential Inauguration or any of the other events.  He will not meet with or speak to Donald Trump.  Further, he has taken the unprecedented position of calling Trump’s Presidency, “illegitimate.”  He has publicly stated he believes Trump is an illegitimate president who was placed in office by the Russians.

Lewis said, “I don’t see the president-elect as a legitimate president.” He went further by saying, “I think there was a conspiracy on the part of the Russians, and others, that helped him get elected.”  This ass clown and everyone else in Washington knows there was no conspiracy, no Russian vote hacking, no election hacking, no vote tally hacking, and no attempt on the by the  Russians or anyone else to get Trump elected.  This ass hat lied on national television! What he did was nothing more than a cheap pro-Hillary stunt!  It is an attempted con job on the American People!  This ass clown was CLEARLY hoping to benefit politically by jumping head first on the anti-Trump bandwagon as vocally as possible!

Yes, 50 years ago this imbecile was an important civil rights leader!  But since then he  has done NOTHING!  With the stand he has taken now, he has made a complete fool of himself, claiming as though he has some factual information that,  “the Russians participated in having this man get elected, and they helped destroy the candidacy of Hillary Clinton. I don’t plan to attend the Inauguration.”

GREAT! WE DON’T NEED YOU THERE!  WE DON’T WANT YOU THERE!  Keep your racist, anti-White, anti-republican, anti-American Black Ass at home in your dump of a district where you can keep pretending you care so much, while actually doing so little!  You sir are a relic of the past!  MLK is dead and HE was a true visionary and a true civil rights icon; while you are nothing but a cheap ass, punk, pretender!

Ass clowns like Lewis and the rest of the left run around screaming that the sky is falling and that we need change, change, change!  Yet they only support the kind of change THEY  want!  Obama was change for the worse; moving a free, representative democracy toward a socialist dictatorship ruled by an ass hat with a “pen and a phone.”  The American People saw what Obongo’s idea of “Hope and change” was and after eight years of it decided that we wanted REAL hope and change….the American Way, not the Marxist Way!

Now, many other democrats are joining him. The worst part is that he and they know it’s simply not true.  There are only two people responsible for the election of Donald Trump and they are Donald Trump and Hillary Rodham Clinton!  Donald Trump for working hard and running an incredible, energetic, vibrant,  grass-roots campaign and HRC for doing the exact opposite!
THAT is why Donald J Trump won the majority of states, INCLUDING states that haven’t been won by a republican in thirty years like Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin!  The Russians had nothing to do with it!  Did the Russians tell HRC to take the northern “Rust Belt” states for granted?  Did the Russians force HRC to run a low energy campaign?  Did the Russians tell Hillary it was a good idea to call Trump Supporters irredeemable, deplorables?  Did the Russians tell HRC to dismiss Catholics and insult Latinos?  No, no and no!  Hillary lost because Trump ran a better campaign in every way and in every state and if HRC hadn’t won California, she would have lost not only the electoral vote, but the popular vote as well.  Even still I have to wonder how much of that three million vote surplus she claims was actually by illegal aliens?  You know, the ones President Obongo had basically, disgracefully gone on national television and told it was just fine for them to vote!
This ugly old, bug eyed toad, John Lewis and all of the left wingers including all of the precious little liberal snowflakes at our colleges and universities in their safe spaces need to grow the Hell up!  You lost the election fair and square!  Your candidate, HRC was dogshit!  She was a crooked, lying out of touch weasel!

Now The Precious Snowflakes Speak….

Posted: November 13, 2016 in politics

694940094001_5205549182001_anti-trump-demonstrators-take-to-the-streets-in-many-citiesA child of the nineteen seventies and eighties, what I have watched for the last two nights is totally foreign to me.  What I read online about what was going on in colleges and universities during the campaign is foreign to me. It really made me think twice about the prospect of even THINKING about sending my son to college.  I know the boy I’d be sending.  But what would I get back?  How would his mind be warped?  How would he be brainwashed and programmed?

I guess for me it started over the past year or so watching college students preach TOLERANCE, UNDERSTANDING,and COMING TOGETHER while demonstrating anything but!  I watched as conservative speakers like An Coulter were asked to speak on college campuses only to be booed off stages and physically attacked.  I watched as students who DARED to voice conservative views were mocked, ridiculed and labeled by other students and even administrations as hateful and assigned to mandatory classes for “retraining.”

I started my undergrad work at Wilkes College (now Wilkes University) in 1984. As a freshman I immediately knew I wanted to major in political science.  What I learned over the following four years was invaluable.   I had always been a conservative, and when I registered for the Selective Service, I registered Republican and voted for Ronald Reagan that year.

What I found at the small liberal arts college I attended was that ideas were respected.  We debated.  Sometimes we shouted at each other.  But there was never, EVER name calling, labeling or the intense vitriol and hatred of today.  ALL IDEAS and I mean ALL of them were encouraged and discussed and debated.  I had a professor, Dr. Cox who was an open communist.  Indeed he had a massive flag of the USSR draped on the wall of his office.

Based on what I read today, I don’t even recognize our colleges and universities. I read about “trigger words,” “safe zones,” “micro aggressions,” “closet racism,” “White Guilt,” and “masculine hatred.”  What are these things?  Rather than encouraging the free flow of ideas, there is a ban on all ideas that don’t conform to the ultra-left wing liberal view of the world.  Conservative thought is graded with “F’s.”  Conservative speech is banned.  Conservative actions are reported as racism, misogyny and hatred in one form or another.  America’s colleges have become bastions of narrow minded, Orwellian simplicity where everyone must conform or else.

I read story after story during the campaign that the very word “Trump” scrawled on the sidewalk at a university allegedly triggered panic attacks and fear in students! FEAR!  Are you kidding me?????  As though that chalk could somehow come to life and murder them!  When the campus security learned that someone had DARED to write the name Trump ANYWHERE on campus a full scale investigation was launched.  Yes, we have now reached the point where we have snuggled and insulated our little snowflakes so much that even SEEING a word they don’t like can trigger violent physical illness!  Are you kidding me?  REALLY? I mean there were pictures of female students in tears, crying and consoling one another because they SAW a word written in chalk on a sidewalk!  This is the pussy-whipped, bitch ass country we live in now?  God help us if we ever go to war!  But that’s another story!

Eventually the student who wrote the horrific, gut wrenching, “hate word” was brought before the deans and expelled from the university for hate speech!  Hate speech!  A presidential candidate’s name is now a hate word!  Are you kidding me????  If I hadn’t read it myself,  I wouldn’t have believed it.  I read many similar stories about students who became so upset and panicked over conservatives like Trump and Cruz that the schools set up “safe zones,” where only “good words” could be spoken.  Again, Are you kidding me?????

Are these imbecilic little perfect snowflakes the result of what American Parents have done for the past twenty years?  I’m afraid so.  This is the result of participation trophies where every kid is a winner!  This is the result of competitions where the score is not kept so we don’t upset one team or the other!  This is the result of constantly bombarding kids with the message that they are perfect and they are the best in everything at all times!  I know.  I have a fourteen year old!  I have watched this stupidity play out on sports teams where one kid was given a trophy for little league and he literally couldn’t throw a baseball!  This kid thinks he’s great and he can’t throw the ball!  What message have we sent him?  I was roundly criticized by parents and coaches because I did not allow my boy to accept trophies, ribbons and awards for participation.  I made it very clear to him that in life, you don’t get rewarded for showing up.  WINNERS get rewarded!  Guess what?  He was just fine with that and he strives to win in everything he does!

When Pittsburgh Steeler Linebacker James Harrison made his son return a participation trophy last year, there were calls of horror and disbelief from many parents.  Why?  His son was on the losing team!  Some day if he tries out for the NFL and isn’t fast enough or strong enough or quick enough he wont’ make it. That’s it.  Case closed.  He won’t get a salary for nothing.  He will have failed!

Likewise when a student… ANY student graduates from college and applies for a job, in today’s world he EXPECTSto get the job!  He feels entitled to it because for his whole life he has been told he was the best, so why wouldn’t he get the job? Then he finds out he didn’t get the job.  How does he process that?  How does he deal with it?  We have done our kids an enormous disservice because they are not equipped for failure.

We have sheltered them from failure by building little cocoons around them.  We pull strings behind the scenes to help our kids when they don’t deserve something or couldn’t do it themselves.  We protect them from every form of negativity and expect them to adjust to society.  So what’s wrong with us?  WE are the problem!  WE have done this!  We have created a generation that cannot deal with failure or negativity in any way shape or form!

When Barack Hussein Obama, a.k.a. Barry Sotero was elected President of the United States I was disgusted!  DISGUSTED!  I felt he had stolen the election in classic Chicago Style.  But I didn’t call all of my like minded friends and family and take to the streets demonstrating, looting, pillaging and destroying private property.  I sucked it up and buckled down for the next four years and hoped America would wake up.

I had lived through the Clintons and George H.W. Bush, and was disgusted.  But I actually felt intense hatred for Obama because he basically told me I was a problem.  I needed to change my views, ideas and traditions because everything I had learned and was taught was wrong.  I was a redneck, racist, bigot according to Obama; merely clinging to my Bible and my guns.  But did I loot the stores on main street, set fires and destroy things? Nope.

You see, unlike the “precious snowflakes” of today, I learned about losing.  I learned the pain of failing.  I learned and experienced how bad it felt to lose, to fail to be last and I learned to take steps to make sure I never failed or lost again! Failure makes us stronger as human beings.  We learn how bad it feels and it forces us to study harder, run faster, look sharper, you name it; because we remember the pain of loosing…the agony of defeat and we don’t like it.  Today’s snowflakes have never experienced failure, loss or being shattered!  They ALWAYS get a trophy.  They are ALWAYS a “winner” because they participated.  They are ALWAYS happy when the game is over, because no one kept score.

Now I watch our “precious snowflakes” marching in some of America’s largest cities because Hillary Clinton; a career politician whom FBI Director James Comey told Congressman Trey Gowdy committed at least six… SIX felonies was soundly thumped in the presidential election by Donald J Trump!  YES, she was a criminal. YES, she broke the law.  YES, you or I would be prosecuted and punished.  But he wouldn’t prosecute her because he couldn’t prove intent.  “Intent.”

Meanwhile, Mrs Clinton is also under investigation for her role in the Clinton Foundation where she was allegedly involved in influence pedaling, selling her office as secretary of state among other charges. Indeed Mrs Clinton was the first candidate ever to run for president while under federal, criminal investigation. If she HADbeen elected there would have been a massive Constitutional Crisis which would have made Watergate look like a day at the carnival!

Trump has not yet even been inaugurated and already the left, led by the precious snowflakes are attacking him!  Yes, he said some vulgar things.  But The vast majority of Americans believe in his policies and his messaging.  Stopping illegal aliens from entering this country is racist according to the left.  Supporting the second Amendment to the US Constitution is hateful according to the left. Not taking eighty to ninety percent of a person’s income because they worked hard and became successful is hatred according to the left!  DARING to speak like the average American and appeal to the average American is misogynistic, hateful and xenophobic according to the left.  They claim to be “fearful,” afraid and in some cases PARALYZED with fear!

The left has become so extreme that on some college campuses, students can forgo midterm exams if they are to stressed out and upset because of Donald Trump’s win!  I mean, you can’t make this stuff up!!!  Do these precious snowflakes think that some day when they get jobs in the real world their bosses will give them the day off because they are “upset?”

In guess I’m a dinosaur because I just can’t comprehend the absolute stupidity of it all.  It’s like I’m living in an alternate universe.  If I didn’t vote for Obama I was a racist.  If I didn’t agree with Obama I was a racist.  If I didn’t vote for Clinton I was a sexist.  If I believe she should be prosecuted for all of the numerous crimes she has committed, I am a sexist and a hater.  If I believe immigration laws should bee enforced I am a racist and a xenophobe.  If I believe it is wrong to murder unborn children I am a sexist who hates women and doesn’t believe in women’s health-care.  HEALTH-CARE!!!!!  If I believe in the Second Amendment I am a hater!  If I believe marriage is a sacred union between a man and a woman I am a homophobe!

Even though I never mentioned gays or LGBTQRSTUV whatever else, I am STILL a hater!  How can this be?  I have gone through the past fifty years doing my thing, minding my business, working, paying my taxes, being a dad for fourteen years and a husband for twenty six years and suddenly the left tells me everything I believe is wrong!  It’s wrong and I MUST CHANGE OR ELSE!  EVERYTHING I BELIEVE is full of hate!  And here’s me, sitting on the floor in the corner with stars swirling around my head, talking to myself asking “whet the Hell just happened and where the Hell did this insanity come from?”

November eighth showed  I’m not alone.  It showed me that I am not the only one who believes enough is enough already!  I am not the only one who has lashed out and said “NO, I’m not wrong…. YOU ARE!”  I’m not the only one who believes that we have a Constitution for a reason!  I’m NOT the only one who believes that the lives of the unborn are sacred and that they are human beings!  I’m NOT the only one who believes I have the right to own a gun….even an assault rifle if I choose to because we have a Second Amendment!  November eighth was a resounding shout from the highest mountaintops to the left in America.  It was the silent majority finally standing up, opening the window and screaming “STOP!”  This is my country too and I am allowed to have my own opinions whether you like them or not!”

And the snowflakes can’t handle it.  Ironic isn’t it?  The snowflakes are doing ALL of the things they rail against.  They preach tolerance, yet they are marching for intolerance.  They preach acceptance, yet they are marching because they refuse to accept the will of America because thy don’t agree with it.  They preach love, yet they are marching shouting hateful things, carrying hateful signs, committing hateful acts.  Yes, our precious little snowflakes are little more than spoiled little, selfish, ignorant, rude, self-centered hypocrites.  They even have their own language and use it frequently.

I watched a commercial today and women were crying…..crying, saying that they will no longer have access to birth control.  “Access.” Are you kidding me?  As though Trump is going to order drug stores and pharmacies to take contraceptives off the shelves and order doctors to stop prescribing them so women will no longer have access to them.  THAT is what access means.

Well my little snowflakes, just because Donald Trump has been elected doesn’t mean that access to ANYTHING is going away.  It simply means that the when Obamacare is repealed and replaced, the government….which mean me and the rest of us taxpayers will no longer be PAYING for your contraceptives.  Your pills, your injections, your IUD’s and/or whatever else you use.  From now on YOU will be paying; not me.  Seems to me that back when I was young, I purchased condoms all of the time.  I PURCHASED THEM!  They weren’t covered on my health insurance and I was just fine.  I survived.  Isn’t that amazing?  I paid for my own contraceptives and I survived!  How can that be?

That is something our little left wing snowflakes learned very well from the Nancy Pelosi crowd.  They selectively change the meaning of words to confuse discussions.  They are using the phrase, “access to contraceptives” to mean getting free contraceptives, compliments of Obamacare.  Because after all, why should they have to pay for protecting themselves during sex?  Why should they have to pay to prevent an unwanted pregnancy?  Hell, for that  fact, why should they have to pay for anything?  Why not have the government pay their rent, their car payment, for their food, clothing, you name it?  Oh yeah…. that’s called communism and unfortunately when the government pays, the government says and that gets old real fast.  Just ask anyone who lived in the USSR.  But our snowflakes don’t deal in facts.  They only deal in how things make them “feel.”

Yes, we have really done it.  We have created an entire generation of little drones who are so self absorbed, they don’t care about anything, or anyone but themselves.  Further, we have insulated them so much, so soundly that they can’t deal with anything life throws their way.  It makes me wonder what the NEXT generation will be  like.  I can only hope that  Trump does what he said he would and keeps his promises; because if he doesn’t, I truly believe America is finished.   I truly believe Americans see Trump as someone who will cut through the bullshit and get things done.  If he doesn’t…..if he turns out to be just like the politicians he railed against, I think most of America will be so deflated they won’t ever even vote again.  And I think that’s the killer.

If our little, precious snowflakes were so scared of Trump, why didn’t they all get out to vote?  They could have changed the entire election.  Snowflake Collin Kapernic, San Fransisco Forty-Niner Quarterback who has made the news protesting the system, conservatives, government and refusing to stand for the National Anthem has caused major problems for the NFL and has actually negatively impacted the league’s ratings, admits he didn’t even bother to vote!  I wonder how many of our precious snowflakes who are now marching in the streets were also too busy to vote?  Maybe they were busy using some of those free Obamacare contraceptives!  It really makes me wonder.



If Not The Constitution, Then What?

Posted: January 30, 2016 in politics


I am frequently appalled and disgusted by people who make ridiculous statement regarding their rights.  I am even more infuriated when it is a politician.  Perhaps the thing that makes me craziest is when I hear a politician talking about our “democracy.”  Really?  Come on!  Are you that clueless?  How can you be?  What are they teaching in school?  It occurs to me that in high school I was taught the Constitution and was made to memorize the Bill of Rights.   I was taught that we don’t live in a democracy, but a republic and that the very foundation of our nation is the Constitution.  This was reinforced when I took Constitutional Law in college.

Fast forward 25 years and we are no longer a nation of laws but rather a nation of men.  IF we were a nation of laws, Barack Hussein Obama would have been impeached, removed and jailed.  IF we were a nation of laws, Hillary Clinton would right now be in jail, having been charged and convicted of treason.  But we’re not.  Worse, if you or I had done what Hillary Clinton has so cavalierly and nonchalantly done, we would be in an orange jumpsuit with nice, shiny steel bracelets on our wrists and ankles!  It’s actually quite simple to tell that we have become a nation of men rather than a nation of laws because this situation exists.  You need look no further.

It started at the dawn of the twentieth century with Woodrow Wilson, who thought the Constitution was a boring, cumbersome obstacle to be overcome.  He actually favored the parliamentary system.  Indeed, Wilson was eager to rid America of the Constitution of the Founders.  Wilson believed that the Constitution was not fit for the complexities of twentieth-century American life.  He believed a document written at a time when the horse and buggy was the main mode of transportation was an obstacle to creating an activist government capable of checking big business. Wilson believed that it was the responsibility of the president to break the gridlock caused by the Constitution’s separation of powers and unleash the power of the federal government to restrain the barons of industry.   He believed the president needed to be strong and rule, rather than cooperate.  One hundred years later, Barack Hussein Obama would emulate and some say channel Wilson and his ideas.

This was furthered when Richard Nixon was pardoned by Gerald Ford.  Ford’s advisers said “You can’t have the President of the United States in prison.”  Really?  Why?  The entire premise of the Constitution is that this would be a new country where NO MAN or WOMAN was bigger than the law and that the law would be applied equally to presidents and bakers.  Senators and teachers.  Congressman and clerks.  Nixon’s Pardon crushed any illusion of that idea once and for all.  The fact that Bill Clinton lied to a grand jury, was impeached and walked away without being convicted.  So why would Hillary Clinton worry?  Why would Barack Hussein Obama worry when he said “I have a phone and a pen.”  The Founders would have said “So what.”  But Americans said either “Great,” or “Oh no.”  You see that statement in a Constitutional Republic should have no meaning, other than the president is trying to get himself impeached.  But we have become so politicized, so ingrained and have subverted elected office into a career…. a big money career and you don’t get re-elected by making enemies or waves.  So men like Barack Hussein Obama can exist.

Meanwhile we have principled men like Senator Ted Cruz who happens to be my choice for president.  Cruz made but one promise to his supporters when they sent him to the United States Senate and that promise was that he would faithfully protect the Constitution; and he has!  Cruz has REPEATEDLY, went against the “do nothings” in his own party and stood up for Constitutional Values forcing Obama to shut down the government to stand up for what he believes and to protect the Constitution.  Obamacare, the Second Amendment, the First Amendment….Cruz has  put his political career on the line repeatedly for the values that built this country and why? Because he made a promise!

By the way, in school we were taught about the Constitution.  We were taught about the Bill of Rights.  We were taught civics and politics and all of the sudden standing up for the Constitution makes you an EXTREMIST!  Standing up for the Constitution makes you a RADICAL!  Standing up for the Constitution makes you a fringe candidate!  How did that happen?  We have people who SWORE to protect and defend the Constitution who treat it as though it is simply a quaint notion, simply a historical document of little value.  The President of the United States called it nothing more than a “piece of paper.”  The Senator from Maryland, Barbara Mikulski was recently discussing the Second Amendment and said “Let’s not get involved in Constitutional arguements.”https://www.intellihub.com/during-gun-control-hearing-senator-blurts-out-lets-not-get-involved-in-constitutional-arguments/

IS SHE KIDDING?????? What does she think the Second Amendment IS?????  THAT is how many of our so called “leaders” view the Constitution.  Obama himself views the Constitution as an obstacle and an annoyance.  He sees it as a hindrance since it is a document that LIMITS government, rather than ENABLING government.

Ted Cruz stood against Obamacare and the forcing b y the government of private citizens to engage in commerce regardless of whether they want t0 or not.  For the first time in history, the federal government coerced private citizens to purchase a private good or service under penalty of law.  THAT is NOT a republic.  THAT is socialism and the foundation of a dictatorship.  Surely the Founders all rolled over in their collective graves when the Supreme Court ruled it Constitutional because clearly, it is not.  You cannot find support for the federal government to coerce private citizens to engage in commerce ANYWHERE in the Constitution or any of the writings of the Founders.  IN FACT, the OPPOSITE is true!  The Founders believed above all else in free market capitalism as espoused by Adam Smith and a doctrine of laissez-faire.

We watched George W Bush sign the Patriot Act which gutted Americans’ right to privacy.  If we are to believe America was attacked by a group of radical Islamic Jihadists who flew planes into buildings killing 3000 people, then why was the apparatus of government suddenly turned inward on the American People?  Why did the Department of Homeland Security sudden;y decide that Americans who were religious, pro-life and Second Amendment supporters were potential terrorists?  None of it made sense and none of it in any way was in keeping with the spirit of the Constitution.  The Constitution was supposed to RESTRAIN government, NOT enable it.

Then of course came Barack Hussein Obama with the Affordable Care Act which was neither affordable nor did it provide care to millions of Americans.  Obama decided that if Congress wouldn’t pass his agenda, he would enact it himself with his “phone and pen.”  In effect, he decided he would be dictator, or king; the exact thing the Founders were fighting against!  Executive Orders were never intended to allow presidents to legislate.  Nonetheless, Barack Obama decided to bypass Congress on important Constitutional Issues like immigration and the Second Amendment.  The mechanism the Founders provided for a rogue president was impeachment.  Yet no one in Congress ever mentioned it.  Why?  That’s why it’s there.

I’m scared!  I am scared for the first time in my life.  Since 2001, I have watched our Constitutional Rights slowly eroded, like the frog in the pot of water that is slowly brought up to a boil.  Our politicians are now outwardly, overtly and deliberately ignoring the United States Constitution!  They simply don’t care!  In 2008 Americans were scared and they elected a man who promised that HE would fix things.  He never said how; he just offered “hope and change.”  By the time he leaves office he will have added more to the national debt than every other president combined!  Now we have Donald Trump.  Again… a strong man who has contempt for the Constitution and has done things like use eminent domain for businesses taking private property from one citizen and giving it to another!  Where does the Constitution fit in?  No where!  ONLY Ted Cruz speaks of the Constitution!

I believe we are at a crossroads and the road forks into two directions.  One takes us further down the road of men, not laws and completely obliterates the Constitution.  That road is the road traveled by Hillary Clinton, a closet socialist, Bernie Sanders, an avowed socialist and Donald Trump, who claims to be an outsider but never mentions the Constitution.  The other road is the road traveled by Ted Cruz.  A man who has spent his life protecting and defending the Constitution.  If America takes that road I believe we can save this republic.  If it takes the other road,  I believe we are finished as a nation.

What will our rights be?  Will we have any?  The next president will in all likelihood appoint no less than 4 Supreme Court Justices.  That means an entire generation’s lives will be effected.  Who do you want to appoint them?  Trump, Clinton, Sanders or Cruz?  Do you want to be told that rights guaranteed by the Constitution no longer exist?  We have had Supreme Court decisions that created rights where none exist and at the same time limited rights which are clearly spelled out!  Do you really want that to continue?

The worst part is that we are responsible for this!  We have allowed it by being lulled to sleep and into a deep sense of apathy.  In the America I grew up in, someone actually saying out loud that they are a socialist could NEVER run for ANYTHING, let alone president!  Yet here we are and we have one guy telling you he is a socialist, a criminal, female, closet socialist and a good looking, young, closet socialist all claiming to be Democrats!  My grandfather was a democrat!  These three stooges are NOT Democrats!

And how does this happen in America?  Look at their support.  It’s often said when you’re young you use your heart and vote liberal, and when you are older you use your brain and vote conservative.  It seems to be true, because the socialists are overwhelmingly supported by young people….young people who by in large don’t want to work, don’t want to be responsible and want everything for free.  These are the millennials who were, for their whole lives told they were the best, the brightest, the smartest, at everything even when they weren’t.  We gave them trophies and awards just for showing up!  NOW, they want it all for free!

And of course, they EXPECT IT!  They didn’t live through the constant threat of annihilation by the Soviet Union like we older people did!  They didn’t see what started as a “people’s revolution” turn into a brutal, communist, dictatorship!  I watch young people walking around with t-shirts with Mao Tse Teng on them and with the hammer and sickle and with Castro and Stalin.  Do they think this is funny or amusing?  I ran into a Black Kid about a year ago in a mini-mart.  He looked to be in his 20’s and I saw a college ID.  He was wearing a t-shirt with Che Guevara on it.  I asked him why?  He said ‘”Because he was a revolutionary and fought for the people.”  I asked him if he knew Che was a violent racist and hated Blacks, comparing them to monkeys and wanted them all killed.  He laughed and said “Yeah, right,” dismissively, and called me a fascist.  A fascist!  he had a t-shirt on with a picture of a murderous, revolutionary communist on the front and had no clue what this guy stood for!  THIS is what America has come too!

The Progressives at the turn of the twentieth century knew the only way to get their agenda through, was to gain control of the educational system.  And they did!  It took them almost 100 years to do it, but they were slow, methodical and did it.  I know.  I was a high school social studies teacher and was a lone conservative.  Public schools from kindergarten to high school are all populated by left wing, democrat progressive teachers.  They don’t teach.  They indoctrinate!  By the time kids get to college, their minds are closed and locked.  They spend the next four years solidifying their socialist views and spewing hatred toward anyone who dares speak a conservative thought!  They disregard the Constitution and hate the very system that created them.

Perhaps the most ridiculous aspect is that these kids learn about socialism, communism and capitalism and they know socialism and communism don’t work!  They know that even the Western Social Democracies like Denmark, Sweden, Norway for example are all moving away from the socialist model because they have finally….finally learned it is unsustainable!  Yet these kids rally for socialism!  They KNOW North Korea is a failed police state!  They know Cuba is a failed police state that is finally moving toward capitalism!  They know the largest socialist, communist experiment in history, the USSR failed!  IT FAILED!  They know about Lenin and how he took a people’s revolution and turned it into a brutal police state!  Yet THIS, THIS seems to be what they want!  I am baffled!  I am truly baffled!

If we don’t put someone like Ted Cruz in office during this election, who knows, respects and will follow the United States Constitution, we are finished.  If Hillary Clinton who is just as socialist as Bernie Sanders is elected, America as I knew it; the America I grew up in is finished, over and through!  We need to really, really do a gut check.  Do we want to live in the USA, or the USSA?  This is not a joke.  This is not just a political discussion.

Realize folks, we have a guy who openly says he is a socialist!  He doesn’t even try to hide it!  He is running against a woman who should be in jail right now, charged with multiple felonies and INSTEAD, she is running for president!  For PRESIDENT!  If you or I had done what she is accused of we would already have been cuffed and perp walked!

And on the Republican Side it’s no better!  We have a lunatic, dictatorial, flip-flopper who two years ago was a democrat, in favor of every liberal position in the lead!  Then we have two constitutionalists in Ted Cruz and Rand Paul.  The rest are simply Progressive Republicans!  They may as well be democrats.

I have seriously discussed with my wife, leaving this country.  I have no doubt that if either Rand Paul or Ted Cruz don’t win the presidency, our Constitutional Rights will be further eroded if not outright taken away completely!  I don’t want to live in that country because it won’t be America.  I don’t know what it will be, but it won’t be America and if we are no longer going to follow the Constitution in detail then why pretend?  Why pretend?  It is the foundation of our government, our country our traditions, and all we hold sacred.  Without the Constitution, there is no America.  So if not the Constitution, then what?

Trump or Hillary?

Posted: January 18, 2016 in politics


When you come right down to it, unfortunately, Republicans may have already decided Trump is their man.  If you look at national polls, he continues to hover around 30% while his closest competitor, Ted Cruz is at least 10% behind him depending on the poll you look at.  Well, I will go on record right here and right now and say that if it’s Trump, vs Hillary or Bernie or ANY other Dumbocrat, the choice is simple:  I will vote Trump!  BUT, that is the ONLY way I will vote for Trump.  There, now that’s out of the way so there can be no ambiguity.  Why you ask?  Because Hillary is not just a left wing, liberal, Progressive, Socialist, but she is a bad person.  She is an evil cunt(forgive my language)!  She is a liar, a user, a thief, a murderer and has no core values except belief in her own power!  I think that about sums it up.

Before we go any further, even if I want to vote for Trump (and I don’t) I live in Pennsylvania, where the powers that be have determined our primary should be so late in the season as to be irrelevant.  So he may not even be on the ballot here in Pennsylvania.  But if he were on the Pennsylvania Ballot in May I would not vote for him.  I would vote for Ted Cruz.  I will vote in my state’s primary, simply because if I don’t, I will not be eligible to vote in the general election.  As a Libertarian, I will have to vote for the Libertarian Candidate by rule.  So I will do so. So that’s settled.  So let’s sum up where I stand so far.  If the general election is Hillary vs Trump. I will be a rabid Trump Supporter!  However, given the choice, I would vote for Ted Cruz.

But why you ask?  Well, the answer is simple.  Donald Trump is quite simply the White, Barack Hussein Obama by another name.  What do I mean by that?  Simple.  Obama is a Progressive.  Trump is a Progressive.  Obama said he would “Make America Great Again,” and Trump says he will “Make America Great Again.”  Obama flip-flopped on issues.  Trump has flip-flopped on issues.  Alright you say.  So what?  All politicians flip flop.  It could be a Geico Commercial like….”If you’re a politician, you flip flop; it’s what you do.” Right.  But America has absolutely no idea what they’re getting…..which Donald Trump?  Will we get the Trump that is pro-gun or the one that supported the assault weapons ban and other gun control legislation.  Will they get the Trump who is pro-life, or the Trump who supported ALL forms of abortion including partial birth abortions.  Like Obama, Trump really has no track record for the most part other than his words, associations and political contributions.

Yes Trump is the master showman.  He is the master media manipulator, except the presidency of the United States is not a commercial.  it’s deadly serious, reality.  And now you’ll hit me with, oh yeah Smitty, your hero Ronald Reagan flip flopped too!  And I would say yes, he did.  You’ve got me there.  He did.  He, like Trump was a Dumbocrat before he became a Republican. But…..and it’s a really big but…..Reagan believed in the country, the American People and most importantly the United States Constitution.  Trump sort of does and sort of doesn’t.

What do I mean?  Unlike Ronald Reagan (Ronaldus Magnus), Trump, like all Progressives, believes in the supremacy of the state and says so even when he doesn’t.  He NEVER talks about cutting government involvement or interference in people’s lives or business.  He never talks about cutting the size or scope of government. Rather, he talks about “bad” and “stupid” people in the government.  So clearly, he is happy with a gigantic, behemoth government with tentacles that infiltrate every aspect of Americans’ Lives.  He talks about bad deals made by the dumb and stupid people in the government.  Reagan said historically and accurately that “the government IS the problem!”  Trump hasn’t.

As far back as the late 1990’s Trump supported not just abortion, but PARTIAL BIRTH abortion.  Is THAT conservative? Trump donated to the campaigns of Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, Barack Hussein Obama, NY Mayor Bill DeBlasio, Anthony Weiner and Hillary Clinton!  THAT is Conservative!   He had Hillary Clinton at his wedding!!!  Is THAT is Conservative!  Trump supported the Assault Weapons Ban.  Is THAT conservative?  He supports eminent domain for businesses, NOT just the government!  Is THAT conservative?  He says he has “a great relationship with God,” but can’t cite a SINGLE Bible verse.  Is THAT conservative?  Trump doesn’t want to abolish the IRS and in fact believes in tax rates for some as high as 50%!  Is THAT conservative?  Trump said in 2009 that Obama was a great leader making the right decisions!  Is THAT conservative?  Trump supported the trillion dollar “Stimulus”saying “Obama is doing a good job and we are building some great things.”  Is THAT conservative?  Trump supported the bail outs of the big banks and the auto companies!  Is THAT conservative?  THESE are just a few things I have problems with when it comes to Trump.  I have a very hard time understanding how conservatives can support Trump let alone Tea Party People!  The only thing I can think of is that these folks have become so disillusioned and so angry and so defeated that they have become single issue voters.

But the last is the most telling.  Trump never, EVER mentions the Constitution, but instead, just like Obama mentions “I”, “I”, “I”, “I” repeatedly and talks about all of the things HE will do, rather than WE will do.  Is THAT conservative?  That shows  the famous Progressive lean toward dictatorship, over Constitutionalism.  THAT scares me. Trump NEVER mentions the Constitution….NEVER!  I seriously doubt that he even knows what’s in it or the Bill of Rights.  THAT scares me!

I am also afraid of anyone who says, “I have a great relationship with God.”  What does that mean?  How do you know you have ANY relationship with God?  Does Trump get on his knees and pray each day?  Does he humble himself before the Almighty?  Trump said and I quote, “I have never done anything I’ve had to ask forgiveness for.  I live a clean life.  People would be very surprised at how good of a life I live.”  Really?  REALLY?  We are to believe that Donald J Trump has NEVER, EVER done ANYTHING that he had to ask forgiveness for?  So he has lived a perfect life?  He is a man who in his 69 years has lived a life of utter perfection?  Sorry.  Not buying it.  This is the mark of an ABSOLUTE Narcissist!  Maybe even worse than Obama!

There has only ever been ONE perfect man and he was nailed to a cross!  He says his favorite book is the Bible.  Yet he can’t quote a single Bible Verse.  He claims to love the Bible yet doesn’t have one in his home.  How does that work?  When Trump says “I have a great relationship with God,” it almost seems as though he is putting himself on the same level as God.  THAT scares me!  Trump doesn’t even regularly attend church.  Yet he has a “great relationship with God.” Say what?

Now am I saying the President of the United States MUST be religious?  No.  In fact, I would vote for an atheist if he was in line with my political views.  But I have a major problem with someone who CLAIMS to be religious and is clearly not!  Don’t lie to appeal to voters in the Bible Belt!  I am tired of being lied to!  If you read the Bible, say so!  If you don’t, then say so!  If you attend mass or church then say so!  If not then say so!  But don’t invent yourself a history so you can be more appealing to voters.  There is an impostor sitting in the White House right now…a White House that he hijacked by lying on every issue there is!

First Obama told us he was a Christian when he clearly is/was not!  Then he told us he didn’t really go to church and we found out he did; and in fact, he went to the racist, bigoted, homophobic, xenophobic hate filled church of the “reverend” Jeremiah Wright who famously or infamously screamed, “God BLESS America….NO!….. God Damn America!”  Obama sat in his church for 20 years and said the Reverend Wright was his “Mentor.”

Yet when the racist, anti-White videos of the Reverend Wright surfaced Obama said “Well, I never heard any of that.”  So let’s get this straight Barry….you sat in this cat’s church for 20 years, in the pews and he was your mentor but you NEVER, EVER heard any of the hate and racism?  Do you think we just got off the stupid train?????  I mean he knows Americans are stupid.  After all, they bought all of his bullshit and elected him.  So he knows at least 50% of Americans are stupid and I’m sure a number of Americans actually believes this bullshit.  But it makes me wonder.  If you were in church for 20 years and you never, EVER heard any of the sermons, then why were you there?  Were you asleep?  Maybe you had your headphones in and were listening to your homie JayZee? I mean why go to church if you’re not going to listen to the sermon and actively participate…..I mean, what’s the point?

First of all we know Obama IS a racist!  He has demonstrated it repeatedly while he was in office from his asinine “Beer Summit” to “Hands up don’t shoot” to “Black Lives Matter.”  Second, we know he is NOT a Christian.  He has attended church twice in 7 years and if they weren’t photo ops then I don’t know what are!  TWICE!!!  He IS a Muslim!  Case closed!  He was born a Muslim in Kenya.  He was raised a Muslim in Indonesia.  He wet to a Muslim School as a child.  He was surrounded most of his life by Muslims.  Since he has been in office he has repeatedly hammered Christians and Christianity especially Catholics!  He has refused to celebrate Christian Holidays at the White House  even renaming them…. like the White House “Holiday Tree” instead of Christmas tree and just the “Spring egg hunt” instead of the Easter Egg Hunt.” So please, just tell the truth.  We have a liar-in-chief right now.  We don’t need another.  If you aren’t religious, just say so.  It’s not the end of the world.

Yes, I have no doubt that Trump is an effective, I’ll even go so far as to say awesome deal maker!  But being president is about more than being a deal maker.  In fact, I might go as far as to say that I don’t WANT a president who is a deal maker!  I don’t want a president who “reaches across the aisle,” to work with Dumbocrats!  That means compromise and I am tired of conservatives compromising with Liberals, because it ALWAYS means quite simply:  surrender.  That’s because in the mind of Liberals, compromise means you agree with them 100% and abandon your position.  Every time there is “bi-partisan” legislation Americans…you and me get royally screwed!

THAT is the Liberal idea of compromise. As a result, conservatives are ALWAYS forced to sell out their values and their voters.  I for one am sick of it.  As a Libertarian, I have repeatedly watched so called conservative Republicans give and give and give and the state has become so intrusive and so powerful  it has now infiltrated every aspect of our lives!  So no, I don’t want a great “deal maker.”  Trump’s talents might better serve America as a chief negotiator for trade and commerce or with foreign countries.  But not as president.

I TOTALLY AGREE WITH TRUMP’S ASSESSMENT OF THE IMMIGRATION ISSUE!  There I said it. So now you can call me a xenophobe, a nativist, a hater, a racist, whatever. But America is being destroyed.  It has been destroyed for many years by our ridiculous immigration policies.  America was founded as a Judaeo-Christian Nation of Northern Europeans with those vales and mindset.  Up until he 1970’s the United  States was somewhat of a melting pot where hose who came here, did so, because they wanted to be Americans and be part of American Culture.

Since then, however, America has become a mosaic. Now, groups enter America and fly the flag of the country of their origin.  They refuse to speak English.  They huddle together in their own communities and basically refuse to assimilate.  Muslims in particular won’t even pledge the flag or stand for the national Anthem.  These groups are not Americans and don’t want to be.  They are simply people from other countries who happen to be living in America. Historically, allowing this had led to the destruction of the host country.  We need people to come here not to simply live here and enjoy all of the great things America has to offer, but to BECOME Americans!  Indeed it’s even worse with some groups, and again I go back to Muslims.  They as a group not only refuse to pledge the flag, stand for the national anthem, but they DEMAND special treatment in all facets of life and that’s not what this country is about.

Instead of coming to America and assimilating, taking on OUR way of life, OUR values and views, they want to come here as a group and demand we change to suit them.  SORRY, but that’s not the way it works.  If you walk into almost any Korean Home, you will notice that people are shoeless.  That’s because one of their customs is to take your shoes off when you enter the home.  As such, you would expect to walk into their home and remove your shoes.  You WOULD NOT expect to tell them all sorry guys, I don’t take my shoes off for anyone and furthermore, I find your feet offensive so put your shoes ion now!  THAT is what Muslims are doing in America.

I don’t want to pick on Muslims.  It’s every group today, and it needs to stop.  If you don’t want to be an American then don’t come here.  Certainly no one if forcing you to!  I agree with Trump’s ban on ALL Muslims entering the United States until we can figure out who is who and what their intentions are.  In fact I would go a step further and stop ALL immigration from EVERY COUNTRY until further notice in order to assimilate those who are already here and oh yeah, by the way, if you refuse to assimilate, bye, bye!  You should be deported.  If you think your country is so great you should go back there!  I also believe that ENGLISH is the national language and should be noted as such.  We should immediately STOP printing government literature in foreign languages, signs, etc… learn English or suffer the consequences.  But I digress.

I compare Trump to Barack Obama because Obama is clearly an authoritarian with his “pen and his phone.”  The way Trump talks, he appears to be cut from the same cloth.  THAT is a problem. I believe Trump would very quickly tire of making “deals” with Congress and would resort to using executive orders, perhaps on a level even worse than Obama who has issued more executive orders than any other president.  Trump is used to running his company with an iron fist and not taking no for an answer.  He is a man who gets what he wants, when he wants it. In government you can’t simply say “You’re fired.”

So with all of that said, who do I support?  Ted Cruz.  Why?  Five words: HE BELIEVES IN THE CONSTITUTION!  Simple.  And that’s enough for me.  Cruz believes as I do, that if it’s in the Constitution, then you can do it.  If not, then you can’t.  Cruz is pro-life.  THAT is Conservative!  Cruz has fought for gun rights and is an ironclad supporter of the Second Amendment!  THAT is Conservative!  Cruz has pledged to get RID of the IRS and go to a 10% flat tax!  THAT is Conservative!  Cruz has pledged to REDUCE the size of government;  actually getting rid of departments like the Department of Education for the first time in history!  THAT is Conservative!  Cruz filibustered Obamacare and has fought to repeal this monstrosity that effectively gives the government control of 20% of the nation’s economy and was ridiculed and loathed by the establishment and even his own party for standing up for free enterprise, liberty and his principles.  THAT is Conservative!

Cruz is a rock solid Christian with Christian Values ad beliefs and understands that there is really no such thing as “separation of church and state,” because he is a Constitutional Scholar.  THAT is Conservative! And no, religion really doesn’t matter to me aside from Islam.  I believe an Islamic President would be in direct conflict with the Constitution.  We are seeing that play out right now.  But Ted Cruz not only believes in and supports the Constitution, but is a Christian as well.  So it’s an added bonus for me personally.

Now I’ll get to the eligibility question that Donald Trump said “Look,  I’m not raising the question, other people are and I hear things out there about you know, about Ted and I hope he clears this up.”  Is Cruz eligible?  No.  I believe the Constitution is clear and he is not eligible.  I also believe John McCain was ineligible and CLEARLY Barack Obama is.  But it seems that the powers that be no longer use the Constitutional Test and “cl0se enough” is “close enough.”So if he is challenged legally even though I personally don’t believe he is eligible, the courts will say he is. So he IS and will continue to be on the ballot.  It makes me wonder though why recently it seems like so many candidates and potential candidates for President of the United States have citizenship/eligibility questions.  What happened to mom and dad being US Citizens and you being born in the United States?  Oh well.

So there it is.  My views on Donald Trump, Hillary and ted Cruz.  YOU be the judge.  As always, I tell you DON’T BELIEVE ME!  PLEASE!  Do your own research.  Get the facts for yourself.  Then you can make an informed decision. Donald Trump has said all of the right things.  He has tapped into the anger and disgust Americans, INCLUDING ME are feeling at politicians, their lies and business as usual. He has said the right thing when it comes to immigration and the military.  But he is a Progressive.  He is not a Constitutionalist and does not believe in the Constitution or its supremacy.  You may not like the Constitution.  That’s fine.  But it’s the law of the land and oh by the way, the Founders knew things would change and left us the mechanism to change the Constitution by amending it.  They made it very difficult to change the Constitution because changing it is a major undertaking and effects every American and they wanted the mechanism to guarantee that the citizens of this country really want whatever the change is.  The governments in Western Europe can be changed at a whim and frequently are and many like Italy, for example are in constant disarray.  The format of the Constitution guarantees stability, and if the people of America really want to amend the Constitution, they can; but it’s difficult to do.

As for Trump, it’s hard to know what his core values are because they have changed so much over the years and so radically!  If I believe him right now…… today….. he is: pro-life, pro-gun, pro-Christianity, pro-America & pro-Military.  But that’s what he SAYS.  There is no evidence to show these are things he believes.  I hope America doesn’t find out the hard way like Obama Voters did.  All of that said, I would STILL vote for him over Hillary!  Well…just sayin.’ God Bless all of you.





What Is Obama REALLY Doing?

Posted: December 5, 2015 in politics

Someone has to ask the question.  What is Barack Hussein Obama really up to?  Obama, a.k.a. Barry Soetoro, was raised in Indonesia as a Muslim.  That we know.  He has never produced a true long form birth certificate; but it’s safe to say he was born in Kenya.  His own family members have made numerous slips of the tongue many, many times.  As The elders from Obama’s Village have repeatedly said Obama was born there.  Even the wide hipped, cheeseburger eating Silverback of a wife of his on a trip to Kenya said “We’re back in the homeland.”

Though clearly raised a Muslim in an Islamic School, Obama claims he is now a Christian.  He sat in the church of the “Reverend” Jeremiah Wright in Chicago for man, many years while he damned America, the Constitution and American Hisotry.  Of course Barry says he never heard any of that.  Is he kidding?  Never heard any of that?  Howe can you sit in church and not hear what the pastor is ministering?  Why are you even there if you’re not paying attention?  Another Obama Lie.  Of course he was listening.

Obama hates America.  He hates Britain and the West and blames Britain in particular for mistreating his father in Kenya during the colonial period which is one reason why one of this first acts in the White House was to remove the bust of Winston Churchill.  American and England have long been allies and were responsible for stopping the spread of Totalitarianism.  Yet Obama seems to have a problem with that.

His wife, Michelle said that when Barry was sworn in, it was the first time in her life she was proud to be an American.  How very sad for her.  So if she hated America so very much why didn’t she leave?  Why didn’t she go back to the “homeland?”  Certainly she had no problem accepting all the money she got when she sat on a hospital board in Chicago, did she?

Obama promised “Hope and change.”  He gave us only the latter while the former quickly dried up.  He also promised to “fundamentally transform” America.  Transform it?  Into what?  He immediately started a war on Christianity and Christmas in particular allowing a Mao Tse Teng ornament on the White House Christmas Tree.  Of course there was more.  He seems to have particular distaste for the Catholic Church since he singled them out numerous times for his “special treatment,” trying to force them to pay for contraceptives, etc… with little regard to their religious freedom or beliefs and values.

We have seen him go to church only twice in seven years while other presidents routinely attended services.  Yet he continues to insist he is a Christian.  He downplays or omits nearly every Christian Holiday and celebration while EMPHASIZING Muslim Holidays for the first time in American History.  No other president has done that.  Yet again, he insists he is a Christian.  He even went so far while on a foreign trip to say “America is a Muslim Country..”  Really?  When did this happen?  Sorry “Mr President” America is a Judaeo-Christian nation!  At every turn each time he has had a chance to snub Christianity he has done so while promoting Islam.

Over the past seven years Obama has forced directives in multiple agencies directing which terms can actually he used against terrorists, forbidding the term “Islamic Terrorists.”  He has even gone so far as to have sections of the FBI Field Manual rewritten as not to “offend” Muslims.  While his administration has no problem whatsoever offending Christians anytime, anywhere, he treats ANYTHING/EVERYTHING Islamic with dignity, respect and reverence!  But he says he’s Christian.

Obama has dealt with, allowed into his administration and  otherwise coddled numerous members of the Muslim Brotherhood.  Numerous members were exposed by Frank Gaffney including associates of anti-tax crusader Grover Norquist!  Indeed Huma Abedeen, Hillary Clinton’s long time top aid’s family has direct ties with the Muslim Brotherhood including at least her father and brother.  Yet Obama does nothing, says nothing and claims to be a Christian.

Obama has gone out of his way with our bumbling secretary of state John “Swiftboat” Kerry,  to make a horrendously one sided nuclear deal with Iran which will actually accelerate the time it takes them to acquire deliverable nuclear weapons.  The deal gives away everything but the kitchen sink to Iran while the US and its allies basically get NOTHING in return!  This, despite continuing propaganda coming out of Iran calling for the destruction of Israel and death to America!  At the same time, two American Citizens are being held by Iran on trumped up charges!  Not a peep from Obama about them or their release lest we upset the apple cart and they pull out of the nuclear deal.  In the meantime the Iranians have already broken the deal and said they have no intention of honoring it!

Not to mention ISIS.  Americans are war weary and that’s a fact.  However, Obama drew a redline in the sand for Bashir Al Assad….a line which he immediately crossed. He used chemical weapons on his own people and Obama did nothing. Why even bring it up?  If you have watched Barry with a careful eye as I and many others have, you cannot help but come to the conclusion that he is simply going through the motions.  There is more than enough evidence to support this conclusion; especially his recent Paris Speech where he was more worried about attacking Republicans than addressing ISIS.  He spent more time reminiscing about he and Michelle taking a walk than anything else.  This is clearly not the mark of a wartime president and like it or not we are at war.  Just because you don’t like war and don’t want to be a participant; if someone declares war on you, you must fight back or you will simply be dead.  If you are the leader of a country, then you must defend your country.  Period!

Now don’t get me wrong.  I am a Libertarian first and foremost.  I don’t believe GW Bush should have invaded Iraq or Afghanistan. I don’t believe the US has any business trying to topple Bashir Al Assad and they had no business toppling the Libyan Government or interfering in Egypt during the “Arab Spring.”  Quite frankly it’s none of our business and all we have done is create multiple power vacuums which have each been filled by people who are worse than the ones we replaced!  That’s really the problem isn’t it? You know what you have!  You don’t know what you’re going to get.

Obama is “pretending” to be the president, plain and simple. He is going through the motions because he must.  But he hates military force and the use of it, which is why hen has used drones to kill people all around the world.  It’s clean and sanitary.  No mess.  No boots on the ground and no body bags coming home.  But now his bluff has been called and ISIS is threatening the homeland… here….the United States.  To be honest I really don’t care how many countries ISIS devours and annexes into their caliphate.  I really don’t.  Unless and until they attack Americans on American soil I just can’t be bothered.  If/when that happens however, it’s a different story.

What will Barry Soetoro do?  Will he simply allow ISIS to walk free after they kill Americans?  Well, we found out yesterday and today what he will do after ISIS kills innocent Americans on American Soil.  First, his FBI and DHS People said they couldn’t call it terrorism, despite all of the facts that CLEARLY pointed to a terrorist attack.  They said it was more likely, workplace violence, just as they did at Fort Hood, which was also clearly Islamic Terrorism.  Today he and his flunky attorney general raised the ante by saying they would not tolerate negative or violent speech against Muslims or Islam and any such speech would be prosecuted.  Really?

Unless Obama has repealed the First Amendment by another one of his unconstitutional executive orders, it’s still in effect and any such prosecution would be tossed out of court.  But why would he do this?  These people are clearly our enemy.  Can you imagine FDR threatening to prosecute people for violent speech against Germans and Japanese during WWII?  It never would have happened and never did in fact!  Why? Because we were at war.

One can only come to the conclusion that Obama is defending Muslims because he is himself, a Muslim.  The left has denied it since he was elected, but his actions over the past 7 years speak for themselves.  He has consistently gone after Christianity while praising Islam.  He once described the Muslim call to morning prayer as “the most beautiful sound in the world.”

1. Over his term in office, Obama has:Consistently criticized Christianity and specifically Catholics, bringing up things like the Crusades and the Spanish Inquisition.  He has attacked Christian Teaching by using the law like Obamacare to force Christian Religious Groups to do things that directly fly in the face of their beliefs.

2. He has consistently praised Islam and the Muslim Religion.  He went so far as to call the United States a Muslim Nation when he was in Egypt.  He called the Muslim call to prayer the “Most beautiful sound in the world.”  While he has either simply skipped them or minimized the importance of Christian Holidays at the White House, he has gone out of his way to celebrate Muslim Holidays like Ramadan.  The White House has even gone so far as to put communist ornaments on the White House Christmas Tree.

3. Obama has since the first day of his administration refused to call these acts Muslim Terrorism or Islamic Terrorism.  He has forbid the use of those terms by his administration and the executive departments.  He simply refers to these savages as extremists or terrorists and every expert agrees that you cannot defeat your enemy if you can’t even identify him!  After all, they’re not from Sweden!  Can you imagine if FDR in WWII had forbidden Americans to call Germans Nazis?

4.  Obama last year said “Al Quaeda is defeated and terrorists are on the run.”  He called ISIS the “JV” team, saying they were little more than an annoyance.  Despite the most powerful and sophisticated military in the world, Obama has repeatedly told us they had difficulty targeting ISIS.  Funny, a day after the Paris Terror Attacks, Obama gave the French the coordinates to target every single ISIS target in the Middle East.  One has to ask if we had those targets why weren’t we destroying them a long time ago? Clearly Obama is protecting ISIS or they would have been decimated by the US Military.

5. The Russians have blown the lid off the ISIS-Turkey Oil Scandal where ISIS has slowly gobbled up territory across the Middle East including oil wells, etc…. ISIS is the best funded terror group in history.  They are selling stolen oil via tanker truck to Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan’s son’s corporation who is turning around and selling it making obscene profits.  Turkey is a NATO Member and instead of saying anything Obama has simply looked the other way.  Why?

6. We know that Obama despises the Western World and Western Philosophy, eve though he sits at the pinnacle of power and has made him and his ungrateful, America Hating Wife very wealthy. He blames the British for their actions related to his father in colonial Africa and Indonesia and believes there is no such thing as American Exceptionalism.  Indeed ion his first foreign trip he apologized to other nations for American Values, Culture and Actions over the 20th century.  Imagine that!  An American President belittling and besmirching his own country on foreign soil!  Unheard of!

You see… when you look objectively at Obama and his policy on terror there are simply too many coincidences to believe these things are all just mere happenstance.  Probability and statistics simply don’t favor the things that have happened.  Will he continue to play his game and tell us things like “Attending climate change conferences will show the terrorists!”  The statement was so ridiculous even people on the hard left couldn’t believe he said it. America is in deep, deep trouble.  This is not going to get better.   It is going to get worse… much, much worse.

Syed Rizwan Farook, 28, and Tashfeen Malik, 27, went to a center in the relatively small town of San Bernadino, California yesterday.  They walked into the county’s Christmas Party, apparently had words with someone and returned a few minutes later in military gear with semi-automatic rifles, handguns and pipe bombs and opened fire on the group there killing 14 and wounding 21.  They then calmly got into a black SUV and drove away.  While in the SUV Farook’s wife Tashfeen logged into Facebook and proclaimed her allegiance and loyalty to the head of ISIS.  The  police caught up with them and a rolling shoot out occurred in the street which eventually ended up with one officer and the two terrorists dead.

When the  authorities determined where these two lived and entered the home, they found a garage which was basically a bomb making factory where there were at least a dozen bombs with supplies to construct many, many more.   There  were also additional weapons and gear and several thousand rounds of ammunition.  STILL, Obama’s administration would not characterize this as Islamic Terror; even though at this point to label it workplace violence was utterly absurd!

DHS started a campaign a few years ago called “See something, say something.”  It is an ongoing program  that  encourages people to conduct surveillance and spy on their neighbors and turn them in if they believe anything suspicious going on.  In this case one neighbor reported an ongoing, almost continuous stream of Arab looking young men entering and leaving the home at all hours late into the light.  She told authorities that she didn’t report this because she didn’t want to be accused of being  racists or racial profiling and discriminating.  Isn’t this a wonderful world the liberals have created?

CLEARLY this was NOT  workplace violence!  Stockpiling weapons, ammunition, bombs, tactical gear and a group of young men in and out all of the time?  ANYONE WITH A BRAIN would immediately come to the conclusion that this was a base or a hive for a terror cell that was either planning more attacks or one more large attack.  Perhaps Syed was upset at the Christmas Party and simply flew off the handle attacking them and jeopardizing the planned follow on attack(s).  We may never know.  But is is clear that all of those items were not assembled for an attack against a workplace he simply didn’t like!  This is a massive cache of weapons with the capability to kill hundreds or even thousands.  Yet still today the Obama Administration would not call this terrorism!  Again, why?

San Bernadino is NOT New York City, or Boston or Philadelphia or Chicago.  It is a relatively small city.  That tells us something.  It tells us that there are terror cells scattered across America.  It tells us that these cells are getting prepared to pull off attacks in small and medium size cities and towns.   It tells us even more.   Our immigration policies and screening procedures have failed badly since while Syed was born in the United States,   Tashfeen was Pkistani and was in the United States on a “K or Fiance Visa.”  They went on a trip to Saudi Arabia not long ago, which is presumably where they were radicalized and returned ton do evil.

If we can’t uncover a plot like this and clearly there was a larger plot here; then all of our surveillance and broken civil rights are for not because the FBI, DHS, etc… had no idea this was going to happen.  Further, Obama continues to insist that tens of thousands maybe even eventually hundreds of thousands of Syrian Refugees MUST be allowed to settle in the United States DESPITE the fact that his own FBI and DHS Chiefs have said publicly there is no way to vet these people and ISIS has promised to plant terrorists in their midst!  But Obama and even Hillary Clinton are insistent that these people be allowed in!  Sure.  They have security details to defend them, but the average person doesn’t and they don’t even want the average American to be allowed to have a gun to defend themselves or their families. It leaves us with another “why?”  Obama is supposed to be the smartest guy in the room; sop why would he demand this, unless of course he wants more attacks.

The left of course wastes no crisis as Rahm Emanuel recommended a few years back.  They IMMEDIATELY began calling for gun control which now clearly means gun confiscation.  A guest on CNN immediately blamed this on a right wing militia group!  Can you believe it!  That’s what the left does.  They hate the right and believe only the military and the police and pf course they and their entourages should be allowed to have weapons.  Of course they don’t allow soldiers to carry weapons on military bases(thanks Bill Clinton) even after the Fort Hood shootings.

Then the lowest form of insult came from the left when on New York City paper called out the goodness in men’s hearts!  The Republican Presidential Candidates all sent prayers for the survivors and the dead and asked God to bless them and this paper said on the front page, in bold letters, “God Isn’t Fixing This,” mocking their prayers.  Worse, Twitter and other sites lit up blaming the NRA, conservatives, all gun owners, the Republican Party, everyone EXCEPT ISIS!  Then of course today the same New York City paper’s front page in giant letters said “He’s a Terrorist,” claiming the attacks were Muslim Terror.  Accordingly, there were no apologies made for any of the horrible things said or horrible charges levied against the NRS or anyone else!  Because again, that’s the way the left works.  They are a sanctimonious, self-righteous group if ignorant, self important fools who rarely if ever examine facts.  One need only look at their arguments for Climate Change to see that.

Gun sales in America, far from what Obama would want have accelerated even faster!  They had already been breaking records and continue to set new records every week only to have them broken again!  Americans are arming themselves because they have had enough.  They are going to do what the government can’t… protect themselves and their families.  Meanwhile Obama and his ilk continue to tell us more guns won’t make us safer.  Strangely enough, if there was one person at the center in San Bernadino, the number of killed and injured might have been lowered because the two terrorists would have had someone shooting back!  A lesson lost on Obama and the left who simply dismiss the hundreds of times each year the private citizens successfully defend themselves with firearms.

So what have we learned boys and girls?  The day after the attacks in Paris I warned that Islamic Terror was coming here and soon. I am no soothsayer and I cannot predict the future; but it was pretty plain to see what was coming.  And now it is here.  Instead of fighting ISIS, Obama is enabling them.  He s deliberately bringing more of these savages to America and he KNOWS what they are going to do. He doesn’t care about you or your family because at long last we can now say he is the “Manchurian Candidate.”  There can be no doubt that his agenda is the destruction of America.  Dark days are coming my friends.  We are going to reach a point of no return and this country is going to experience disaster.  I humbly suggest you stockpile food, water, medicine and most of all, make sure you have the means to defend yourself and your family.  Keep your shields high and your powder dry and God bless you.







A Word About Terrorism…

Posted: November 20, 2015 in politics


islam.jpgTerrorism.  The dictionary defines it as the use of violence and threats to intimidate or coerce, especially for political purposes.  Over the centuries we have seen many different kinds of terrorism.  American Indian Attacks on White Settlements on the western frontier would probably be called terrorist attacks today.  The same goes for terror from many different groups over the centuries.  One thing, however, that governments or groups were never unwilling or afraid to do was label the terrorists as what type of terrorists they were.  Since the 1950’s when Muslim Terrorists began attacking the French to drive them from Algeria we have dealt with a particular type of terrorist:  the Muslim Terrorist.

Since the 1950’s he has taken many forms.  The a fore mentioned terrorist could just as easily have been called a freedom fighter, as he simply wanted to expel the French from his country and take it back.  Fortunately for them, they were victorious and drove the French Colonial Government out retaking their country and gaining their independence.  The same could be said for the American Indian, although their campaign was of course, unsuccessful.

World War I saw British and German involvement in the Middle East on a huge scale.  The discovery of large quantities of oil there as well as its strategic proximity to Turkey made it a valuable outpost which both the Germans and the British fought for control of and whose influences remain today.  The British would, under the direction of Colonel Lawrence, the famous Lawrence of Arabia were responsible for uniting the Kingdom of Saud, which is today Saudi Arabia.

At the end of the War, the Treaty of Versailles allowed the Allied Powers to carve up not only Europe, but much of the rest of the world as well.  This was no more apparent than in the Middle East; where the British influenced the creation of Saudi Arabia, but were directly responsible for the creation of Iraq and Iran.  There were no considerations taken for ethnicity, tribal affiliations or historical lands.  There were simply arbitrary lines drawn on the map.  Unfortunately today we see the effects of those arbitrary lines.

Present day Iraq for example is composed of three different ancient states, while present day Iran comprises ancient Persia with parts of other ancient kingdoms.  In many cases, ancient enemies we thrown together in these new countries and forced to live side by side.  This resulted in decades of civil war and insurrection.  Perhaps the best illustration of this is the Kurds in northern Iraq.  This was in fact Kurdistan.  But no more and the Kurds have;  since the early 1900’s wanted their independence.  The Turks of course oppose this on tribal and ethnic grounds.

In Iran you find similar differences, although less pronounced.  Though primarily a Muslim nation, Iran does have a sizable Christian Population; as did Iraq before ISIL began it’s murderous rampage through the Middle East, which I will touch on later.  All religions lived together, balanced on the edge of a razor blade with each knowing and respecting the boundaries of the others; careful never to push to hard against other religions in any meaningful way.  This seemed to work until he past few years.

I explained the British and German involvement briefly earlier; but one cannot discuss the problems in the present day Middle East without including the contributions of the United States, which has meddled and interfered in the Middle East as much;  if not more than even the British.  On August 19th 1953, a joint British-American Operation code-named Operation “Boot” and Operation “AJAX” respectively, overthrew the democratically elected government of Prime Minister Mohammad Mosaddegh in Iran.  They installed king or “Shah” Muhammad Reza Pahlavi who ruled the country ruthlessly as an American Puppet until he was forced into exile in 1979 and later died of cancer.

This gave rise to the return of the Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeni; who returned the nation of Iran and turned Iran into Muslim Country with a government run by Islamic Clerics and an Islamic Council.  Their first act was on  November 4, 1979 to seize the U.S. Embassy and hold 60 Americans Hostage for 444 days before releasing them.  They promised to punish the U.S. for all the evils they had done and formed state sponsored terror groups like the Revolutionary Guard and Hezbollah and began a systematic series attacks on the U.S. and the West. Thus we have one set; probably the most powerful set of terrorists to date.

There was another group of terrorists equally adept at killing innocent men, women and children primarily citizens of Western nations and that was the PLO.  While Western Nations carved up the Middle East as I discussed earlier after WWI; after WWII another state would be created that would in itself cause decades of death and destruction:  Israel. The state of Israel was to be on the very eastern edge of the Mediterranean in the area Biblically referred to as Palestine.

The Balfour Declaration of 1917, called for the establishment of a Jewish national home in Palestine.  American President Franklin D. Roosevelt  assured the Arabs in 1945 that the United States would not intervene without consulting both the Jews and the Arabs in that region. The British, held a colonial mandate for Palestine until May 1948, and they opposed both the creation of a Jewish state and an Arab state in Palestine as well as unlimited immigration of Jewish refugees to the region. Great Britain wanted to preserve good relations with the Arabs to protect its vital political and economic and strategic interests in Palestine, mainly: oil.

In May 1946, US President Truman announced his approval of a recommendation to admit 100,000 displaced persons into Palestine and in October publicly declared his support for the creation of a Jewish state.  On November 29, 1947 the United Nations adopted Resolution 181 (also known as the Partition Resolution) that divided Great Britain’s former Palestinian mandate into Jewish and Arab states in May 1948 when the British mandate was scheduled to end.  Jerusalem would remain under U.N. control and would be administered by the U.N. because of the religious significance to both religions.  As you can imagine, fighting began almost immediately with the Palestinian Arabs believing it was their land and trying to drive out the Israelis and the Israelis desperately fighting to keep control and establish their new nation.

On May 14, 1948, David Ben-Gurion, the head of the Jewish Agency, proclaimed the establishment of the State of Israel. U.S. President Harry S. Truman recognized the new nation on the same day.  Almost as quickly we saw formation of multiple Arab-Palestinian Terror Groups, most notably the PLO, or Palestinian Liberation organization.  Since the very day Israel was created, the violence has not stopped despite everything that has been tried and decades of diplomacy.  So this is the second primary group of terrorists.

When we look at the acts of terror since the late 1960’s we have much to take into account from the attacks on Jewish Athletes at the Munich Olympics to the bombing and destruction of the Twin Trade Towers of the World trade Center and strike on the Pentagon in Washington, D.C..  There have been hijackings on the sea such as the Achille Lauro by Abu Nidal and his Muslim Terror Cell to multiple skyjackings over the years where numerous airliners were taken over .  There have been attacks on military installations like the U.S. Marine Barracks Bombing in Beirut in 1982 to the destruction of the U.S. Embassies in Kenya and Tanzania to the U.S. Diplomatic Consulate in Benghazi, Libya in 2014.  Indeed there have been hundreds of attacks by terrorists groups worldwide since the late 1960’s in many, many countries. They all have one thing in common:  They were Muslim Terrorists.

They weren’t Christian, Buddhist, Shinto, Daoist, Taoist, Greek Orthodox, Russian Orthodox, Zoroastrian, Yazidi or Jewish.  They weren’t Confucian, Wicca or Druids.  They were Muslim and always fighting one type jihad or another.  Jihad….that’s holy war for those of you in Nanticoke.

So you see, I have a particular anger and frustration as a student of history when I hear about Islam and how the left in particular describes it as a religion of peace.  True Muslims follow he doctrine of Islamic Law called Sharia Law.  Approximately 50-70% of the world’s Muslims believe in Sharia Law.  Strikingly a recent poll of Muslims in the United States showed hat 54% of American Muslims support Sharia Law.  For those of you not familiar with it, let me break it down fr you in terms we can all understand.

As a legal system, the Sharia law covers a very wide range of topics. While other legal codes deal primarily with public behavior, Sharia law covers public behavior, private behavior and private beliefs. Of all legal systems in the world today, Islam’s Sharia law is the most intrusive and strict, especially against women.

According to the Sharia law:

•  Theft is punishable by amputation of the right hand (above).
•  Criticizing or denying any part of the Koran is punishable by death.
•  Criticizing or denying Muhammad is a prophet is punishable by death.
•  Criticizing or denying Allah, of Islam is punishable by death.
•  A Muslim who becomes a non-Muslim is punishable by death.
•  A non-Muslim who leads a Muslim away from Islam is punishable by death.
•  A non-Muslim man who marries a Muslim woman is punishable by death.
•  A man can marry an infant girl and consummate the marriage when she is 9 years old
•  Girls’ clitoris should be cut (per Muhammad’s words in Book 41, Kitab Al-Adab, Hadith 5251).
•  A woman can have 1 husband, but a man can have up to 4 wives
•  A man can unilaterally divorce his wife but a woman needs her husband’s consent to divorce.
•  A man can beat his wife for insubordination.
•  Testimonies of four male witnesses are required to prove rape against a woman.
•  A woman who has been raped cannot testify in court against her rapist(s).
•  A woman’s testimony in court, allowed only in property cases, carries half the weight of a man’s.
•  A female heir inherits half of what a male heir inherits.
•  A woman cannot drive a car, as it leads to fitnah (upheaval).
•  A woman cannot speak alone to a man who is not her husband or relative.
•  Meat to be eaten must come from animals that have been sacrificed to Allah – i.e., be  Halal.
•  Muslims should engage in Taqqyia and lie to non-Muslims to advance Islam.
•  The list goes on.

Despite honor killings of wives and daughters, genital mutilation, public stoning, rapes and few civil rights… the liberals in America are in LOVE with Islam!  One would think they would be demonstrating against their barbaric treatment of women but apparently they are only pro-woman’s rights when the women are non Muslim.

Apparently Muslim Women don’t deserve rights… which of course makes the left and the ass clowns like the cackling hens on “The View” nothing more than hypocrites! Where’s the outrage?  Where are the demonstrations?  Nothing but crickets.

Muslims, particularly those considering themselves conservative or true followers (about 70%) world wide believe and would choose to follow Sharia.  There are literally dozens of Islamic Terror Groups from Al Quaeda, to ISIL, to Boko Haram, To the Al axra Martyrs Brigade, to Hezbollah.  But the two most deadly have proven to be Al Quaeda and now ISIL.

ISIL in particular is the worst of the worst and was created when President Barack Hussein Obama hastily withdrew US Forces from Iraq.  The remnants of Al Quaeda joined together with other conservative Muslim Groups in  the region to form ISIL (Islamic State of Iraq and the Levante) or the other name they Use, ISIS (Islamic State in Iran and Syria.  Their immediate goal is to re-establish the caliphate from the 13th century.  Their eventual goal is to dominate the entire world and create a world wide caliphate.

The original caliphate of Islam had spread all across north Africa up through Spain into France.The caliphate, or Islamic Super-State was stopped in central France by the Christians and Pope Clement and by the Mongol destruction of Baghdad in 1258.

Today the caliphate has been re-established across northern Iraq into Syria and Libya.  They have systematically murdered and killed their way through that area beheading, raping, pillaging and plundering and destroying some of the most holy, irreplaceable archaeological artifacts in the world because they are non-Muslim.  Christians, particularly the Coptic Christians which are the oldest in the world were offered three choices:  convert to Islam, Pay an insane tax which amounted to all of their wealth and become slaves, or die.  They preferred death and while the men were taken away and beheaded en masse, the women and young girls were taken to warehouses, chained up like animals and repeatedly raped and tortured for days, then finally murdered.

Over the weekend we saw what ISIS did in Paris murdering and injuring almost 200 people.  Now millions of Syrians are displaced because of the Syrian Civil War.  They are spreading across Europe promising to take over within 10 years and make all of Europe part of the caliphate and rather than fight for their very existence, the liberals in Europe are letting them in.  In Germany alone in h pas 6 months there have been hundreds of rapes and sex crimes committed by refugees against German Women.

Now Barack Hussein Obama wants to open the flood gates and allow Syrian Refugees into America while ISIS has already said they have mixed many of their operatives in with the refugees and our own FBI Director has said there is no way to absolutely be certain of the background of any of these people. They have neither the money nor the resources. Obama, Hillary Clinton and the American Left don’t even want to slow down the rate at which refugees are allowed  into America!  They seem to have no desire whatsoever to protect the homeland; but are totally consumed with political correctness.  Despite the fact that in the past two days a dozen Syrians have been stopped at the Mexican Border, in Arizona and in Honduras and illegally in America or illegally trying  to get  into America.

They will not be satisfied until they have completed their mission…their goal!  ISIS is self-funding and self-recruiting and uses sophisticated recruitment tools like social media all over the world.  The United States could wipe them out in the wink of an eye, but we have a president who is himself Muslim and certainly appears to be on the side of those who want to destroy America. It seems as though Barack Hussein Obama and his wife, the wide hipped, cheeseburger eating, Silverback both seem to harbor this underlying hatred for America.  Even though they have reached the pinnacle of power they detest the very country that allowed them to excel.

That’s another story though.  Tens of thousands dead worldwide, decades of injured, maimed and murdered innocent men women and children, lives and communities destroyed, priceless relics destroyed and all in the name of Allah.Different names…Al Quaeda, ISIS, ISIL, Hezbollah, but one thing in common…Islamic Jihad for the glory of Islam and their Muslim Brothers.  So DON’T tell me ISLAM IS A RELIGION OF PEACE!