Hillary Clinton Just Needs To Go Away….Just Go Away…..

Posted: October 24, 2015 in politics


I watched the Benghazi Hearings all day yesterday.  It was something I had promised myself I wouldn’t do because NOTHING….NOTHING EVER comes from Congressional Hearings.  They waste millions of dollars in taxpayer money, create a spectacle akin to a dog and pony show and in the end they solve nothing, they prove nothing and they hold no one accountable for anything.  Look at the findings on the degenerate criminal (by her own admission) Lois Lerner….former IRS scumbag!  Today the partisan, Obama run DOJ says she has no problem!  There will be no charges and no trouble for her.  So she can feel free to collect her government benefits and move on with her live collecting her full pension, even though she admitted wrong-doing.  Ah, ain’t life grand?  It is if you’re a federal employee.

Hell, an independent audit last year found that almost thirty percent of IRS Employees are delinquent in their taxes!  Thirty percent!  The very same people who harass, torment, jail, garnish and otherwise destroy the lives of average God Fearing American Taxpayers, themselves don’t bother to pay their taxes!  Yet they still have jobs with the very agency for the very government they are screwing!  Must be nice.  Maybe that’s why so many people want to work for the federal government!  It is truly the last bastion of the scoundrels!  It’s like that little island tucked away in the Caribbean where the pirates used to hide!  It would be funny if it weren’t so deadly serious.  After all, who wouldn’t want to work for an employer who holds no one accountable, for anything, at anytime?  Even when the screw up is somehow fatal, you are allowed to retire with full benefits and pay.  ONLY in the government does this happen!

So what does all of this have to do with her Royal Highness, Hillary Rodham Clinton?  Everything.Yesterday she testified before the House Benghazi Committee led by former prosecutor Trey Gowdy of Georgia.  While there was very little new information brought out into the light of day, there were admissions by former Secretary Clinton.  She admitted she lied about the Benghazi Attacks being caused by a Youtube Video posted by an obscure American who was on probation.  She also admitted she was responsible for the security at the Benghazi Compound.  Further, she admitted to ongoing email correspondence form her pal Sidney Blumenthal who is not a State Department Employee and who was refused a security clearance by the U.S. Government, while requests…some 600 of them from U.S. Ambassador Chris Stevens were simply ignored.  They weren’t refused, but were simply ignored! Clearly the only thing on her agenda was politics.

That means at least two instances, possibly three instances of this self-serving, despicable, divisive political hack breaking the law.  Her consequences?  None.  An absolute no account, no talent, unskilled ass clown of very questionable character and morals moves from Arkansas to New York and because the state is so liberal she runs for U.S. Senate and is elected.  There she does nothing of note.  Nothing at all.  Then she runs for president against Barack Hussein Obama.  Two true midgets in the world of politics.  Clinton, a clinger to her husband’s name.  Obama, a community disorganizer and socialist from Chicago and he defeats her!  But not to worry.  In true Machiavellian style, Obama decides to keep his enemy closer and makes her Secretary of State.  Someone with no foreign policy experience, who has been disbarred in Arkansas and has no business being in any cabinet position is now a few steps away from the most powerful position on the planet and why?  In a word, politics.

She serves Obama for six years jet setting around the world doing what amounted to little more than vacationing with her gal pal Huma Abedeen at taxpayer expense and why?  Because she deserved it!  That’s why!  She’s Hillary Clinton and the rest of us are just pee on’s.  That IS the Clinton attitude.  They believe there is one set of laws for them and another set for everyone else and they shall never converge.  After six years even State Department Spokesbabe Jen Sake good not name a single accomplishment of Clinton’s State Department…NOT ONE! Is there peace in the Middle East?  FAR FROM IT!  When Obama entered office the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan were winding down.

So what did he do?  He incited his pals in Egypt, then Sudan, then Libya.  He drew a line in the sand and dared Syrian president Bashir Al Assad to cross it and he didn’t just cross it; he RAN across it!  When Hillary Clinton left office the entire Middle East was in flames from West Africa to Turkey.  Her policies had caused destruction, pain and suffering on a massive scale and a refugee crisis of the size not seen since World War II!  Add to that the facts of the Benghazi Attack which cost four brave Americans their lives.  Four Americans who didn’t deserve what they got from Clinton!  Four Americans who loved their country and died for it.  Clinton could never measure up to any of them in any way and she walked away yesterday with no punishment, no sanctions, no reprimand cackling as she high fived her attorneys.  Perhaps she summed it up best the first time she was before a Congressional Committee when she infamously shrieked, “What difference does it make?”  Apparently none.  Because there will be no punishment for a scoundrel who would abandon Americans to die either out of incompetence or to cover a failed attempt to smuggle weapons into Syria.

Perhaps the most amazing thing is the way the media has handled the whole Benghazi story.  It was Cheryl Atkisson from CBS News who initially broke the story.  Not soon after she left CBS because it became impossible for her to stay there.  Aside from her, the entire mainstream media has basically taken their talking points from Clinton and her lawyers.  On every channel all day long the entire inquiry was branded as a partisan inquiry to damage her presidential hopes.  Of course this was helped by fellow progressive, Kevin McCarthy and other RINO’s.  Apparently getting at the truth of what really happened at Benghazi, who knew what and when simply isn’t important to democrats and most Americans.

When I hear the poll that most Americans think she was untruthful but don’t care, I knew all was lost.  It was a few minutes after I processed what that really meant that I decided I would no longer take part in the sham that is the American Governmental System.  When most Americans don’t care about a crook, criminal and degenerate ass clown like Hillary Clinton’s clear crimes, it’s over.  I really, really wish she would go away…just go away.  But she won’t.  You see the Clinton and especially Hillary have long felt they deserved to be in power, because they are better, smarter and just all around higher class folks than everyone else!  Hillary put up with all of Bill’s indiscretions to force her way into politics.  She has put up with a lot.  More than probably any other normal woman would have; but she had a goal and she won’t be denied!  She believes in 2008 she was screwed out of the presidency by Obama and this time nothing will stand in her way!  So she won’t go way.  NEVER!  Indeed, her no talent daughter whose’ only claim to fame is her parents has already been on several NBC shows even though she has no talent, or experience at anything whatsoever!  No doubt she will run for politics to carry on the legacy of Clinton lies and treachery!

Since they won’t go; I will.  I  believe the republic is lost.  How could anyone…ANYONE possibly vote for this creature?  HOW?  Do they like being lied to?  Do they think dishonesty and conniving are GOOD qualities?  Do they think that someone who abuses, circumvents and outsmarts the system will make a good president?  Apparently so!  It makes me sad but moreover it scares the Hell out of me!  I am seriously moving to Canada if she is elected and unlike many of the ass clown Hollywood Types who have said that in the past, I really mean it because the republicans alternatives are no better.  Our entire system is broken!  Our economy and our political system are finished!  They can’t be fixed.  The only thing we can do is start over…start fresh and by the time enough Americans have realized that, they will have disarmed us and beaten us down to the point where it will be impossible.

When people simply say “I don’t care,” when it comes to four brave Americans being brutally slaughtered and abandoned by their government because it wasn’t politically expedient, it’s game over.  It shows that we now deserve what we get.  We deserve to be ruled, not governed.  We deserve to be disarmed, not able to defend ourselves.  We deserve to be muzzled, not encouraged to speak our minds.  We deserve to be stripped of our religious beliefs, not encouraged to worship freely.  Thomas Jefferson wrote “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with then blood of tyrants.”  Sadly, most Americans will simply sit back and continue to allow themselves to be forced into slavery in a socialist and eventually a communist state.  The Founders said “We’ve given people a republic, if they can keep it.”  Sadly, the progressives and the dependent class in America made sure we couldn’t.

  1. If Trump or Carson get the GOP nomination, she will still win, solely because they are worse alternatives by comparison. And before you start flinging expletives at me, I don’t support her.


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