Are There Any Real Christians Left In America?

Posted: September 12, 2015 in politics



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I am a news junkie.  As I am disabled, I read, read, read everything I can get my hands on.  Sometimes I have to stop because of the terrible spinal headaches I get.  It becomes hard to focus and the pain is unbearable; making it impossible to read any further until I rest for a while.  Nevertheless, whether it is printed, video, online, I read it all.  I consider myself an expert on a wide array of subject to the point where I refuse to even discuss certain things with people because I know they will be ignorant to the topic.  There is nothing worse than someone who argues and knows nothing of the subject matter!  It’s equally as bad to argue a point with someone like a liberal who simply disregards the facts and argues from emotion rather than logic.

With this in mind I have been following the persecution of Christians in the Middle East at the hands of ISIS/ISIL.  The Coptic Christians have been given four choices:  Convert to Islam, Pay an outrageous tax, leave or die.  The results have been horrific with the bodies of little children washing up on beaches and rows of men being beheaded.  Women and girls are rounded up, taken to warehouses and chained to the floor.  They are repeatedly raped, sometime five or six times a day.  When they have outlived their usefulness, they are executed.  The pictures are grotesque and horrific!

Glen Beck has started a fund called the Nazarene Fund.  His goal is to raise ten million dollars by December to try and rescue two thousand Christian Families from ISIS/ISIL.  I was so moved that I did something I NEVER did before.  I donated to his fund.  Then I decided to go a step further and try to raise money to donate to the Nazarene Fund.

I started a GoFundeMe account and posted it on Facebook to my one hundred thirty eight “friends.”  Of those people, I believe ALL claim to be Christian, most Catholic.  After over a week I have managed to raise twenty five dollars.  TWENTY FIVE DOLLARS from folks who post pictures of lavish trips, vacations, various types of restorations and expensive hobbies.  My assumption was that people cared…>Christians cared about other Christians being butchered by Muslim Extremists.  I was wrong.  I was woefully wrong.  To ask someone to donate a lousy five bucks…the cost of a cup of overpriced coffee at Starbucks is simply to much.

Then I began to wonder even more.  How many of these people know ANYTHING  about current events and I mean really KNOW about them; NOT just little snippets from the mainstream, liberal news?  My guess is very few and very little.  The pictures of what is being done to these people simply because they worship God through the Holy Trinity,are far more than disturbing.  But perhaps with movies like “The Devil’s Rejects” and the “Saw” series, these pictures don’t move people anymore.  Maybe we have become so desensitized that these things have just become “normal” and part of the every day background noise of our lives.

I live a modest life and I was able to make a small donation.  Many of the people on Facebook who are my “friends” have much more means than I.  Yet they sit back and post pictures of eating ice cream sandwiches and sandblasting sheet metal.  We claim to be a compassionate society; but are we really?  Kim Davis refused to issue same sex marriage licenses because it violated her religious beliefs and she was made fun of, her weight was made fun of, jokes about her looks and past history were made on the “View” and other places.  Is this tolerance?  Meanwhile Muslims are given exceptions and accommodations so they don’t have to serve alcohol or pork and Muslim Truck Drivers don’t have to transport certain things.  There is a double standard where Islam is embraced in America and Christianity is frowned upon and some day soon we will be living under Sharia Law and asking ourselves how did this happen?  Of course how many even know what Sharia is or understand it?

As we remember those who were senselessly slaughtered on September 11, 2001 I wonder how we let the very religion behind the perverse attacks that killed so many gain so much power in the country they hate.  On the morning of September 11, 2001 I was in class teaching 11th Grade Current Events.  The office secretary JoAnn called me and said a plane had crashed into the World Trade Center.  I figured it was probably a small commuter plane that ran into trouble.;  When I turned on the television  in the classroom; I realized what was happening.  I realized my world and my future would change forever.  My country…my America was under attack.  We were at war.

Jump forward fourteen years and we make exceptions for Muslims at every turn.  We make exceptions for prayer.  We make exceptions for Muslim food and dietary requirements.  We make exceptions for clothing.  We even allow women to be fully covered in Burkas for driver’s license photos.  I mean, really?  A picture of a woman for an identification photo and all you can see of her is a little slit where here eyes are?

Meanwhile, when Christians try to exercise their religious beliefs and keep their faith, they are ridiculed, demonstrated against, openly hated and their lives and businesses are destroyed!  How have we come to this?  This is a Judaeo-Christian Nation!  Our very laws are based on the Bible.  Like it or not, it’s fact that we daily see the phrase “In God We Trust.”  Yet when Christians try to exercise their faith a la Kim Davis, she is scorned and ridiculed.  NO exceptions are made for her!  NO accommodations are made for hr!  She is tossed in jail by what has become a tyrannical government which stresses obedience to the state over freedom and individual liberties.

To say that I am sad is an understatement.  To say that I am ashamed is more accurate.  I had assumed that raising money from “friends” for the cause of saving Christian Lives would be easy.  I assumed that asking folks for five bucks would be met with open hands and wallets.  Instead, silence.  I guess this is why we have had eight years of Barack Obama; because people really just don’t care.  They bury their heads in the sand like ostriches, pull the covers over their heads and wait for the Boo0gey man to go away.  Woe is America.  I really think we are over as a nation and a culture.  When we care more about “Dancing With The Stars” and “American Idol” and who is winning “Master Chef” than the torture and slaughter of fellow Christians.  I wonder how many of my Facebook Friends will go to mass this weekend or whatever church services they attend and think about the slaughter of their fellow worshipers in the Middle East?  I wonder how many will even set foot in a church and still call themselves Christian?  Lastly how many will “unfriend” or “block” me now?

  1. Susan Smith says:

    Well said Walter!!! I can’t find a single sentence I disagree with! I believe you are right on by saying, “PEOPLE REALLY JUST DON’T CARE”. I hate to break the news to you but, we are through as the great nation we once were!


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