America is in trouble. I was born in 1966 and grew up in traditional America. Today,  “Merry Christmas” is banned as an insult! The IRS is targeting the very people they are supposed to serve! The presidency has been stolen by a foreign born traitor and the Congress is nowhere to be found. It’s like the alphabet has become the enemy: the IRS, the NSA, DoD, CIA, FBI, DHS….all of these agencies have decided that American Citizens are enemies of the republic. Women and children are sexually, groped in airports! Our phone calls, email, IM’s and even our snail mail are intercepted, read, coded and stored! Our cars are photographed from the time we leave our driveway until the time we return home!

We are told we no longer have expectations of privacy as we are stripped of our “God Given” rights! And as the Constitution is shredded Americans sit by and silently watch. Congress watches as imperial presidents rule by executive order. Corporation poison our food supply with genetically modified “Frankenfood.” On the other side of the Pacific, Fukushima is forgotten as it spews tons of radioactive waste into the ocean contaminating the entire Pacific Basin. The media has become a mere platform for the left, a mere extension of the democrat party, punishing conservatives for a hiccup while ignoring treasonous action of liberals.

Real news can only be found through alternative sources and on the internet and vermin like Senator Diane Fienstein now want to censor that too! The mainstream media no longer exists as a watchdog and protector of the people and society. It has been co-opted. George Orwell was right. Huxley was right. 1984 and Brave New World have come to pass. We are living them….now, today. No matter where you go or what you do, “Big Brother” is watching. That’s not America. It’s not the republic the Founders envisioned and it must be changed before it’s too late!

The federal government MUST be dismantled and shrunk! The Federal Reserve MUST be abolished! Soviet-Style, Americans spying on Americans must be stopped! We are running out of time for our children and their children and the government is preparing. Drones fly everywhere and spy on us everywhere; even in our own backyards. The Department of Homeland Security has purchased billions, yes, billions of rounds of hollow point ammo! WHY? FEMA has constructed detention Camps all over this country! WHY? Department of Homeland Security has purchased some 2700 armored vehicles! WHY? Are these yet more measures to “protect” you and me when we disagree!

Much of what was spoon fed to the American People regarding the killing of Usama Bin Laden was pure fantasy and the truth has been kept hidden from us. Why are Russian Soldiers training in America en masse? Why have the Chinese been allowed to purchase huge tracts of land and build Chinese only, towns? Why has our own military been trained to be used against us when we disagree? Why has Muslim Brotherhood infiltration of all levels of our federal government right up to the White House been not only ignored, but encouraged quietly?

We have a foreign born, Muslim impostor sitting in the White House acting as president of the United States. Yet when he is questioned, there are immediate cries of “Birther” or “Racist.” What happened to American Common Sense? The Common Sense that Thomas Paine wrote about? When did Americans become a nation of people to just bury their heads in the sand? Are we that beaten? That broken? That numb that we don’t even care any more? Apathy is the enemy of the republic and we are in deep, deep trouble and it’s time for a second American Revolution!


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