Trump Is Many Things, But He’s NOT A Racist!

Posted: November 6, 2015 in politics

fgjhth   I want someone to explain to me how enforcing United States Federal Law is racist? I also want someone to explain to make how using small children like in the latest ad against Donald Trump where they are cursing is not exploitation. These kids are like 7 or 8 years old and they are having them use profanity. This will be on the internet forever whether they like it or not and just how desperate are these ass clowns to exploit small children to boost their illegal agenda?

The United States allows more people to emigrate into America than any other country int he world. Our immigration policies are more generous than any other nation and are overall, the least restrictive. yet this isn’t good enough for some. Some groups want to have open borders…period

If you don’t like US Immigration Policy that’s fine. You lobby people to get together to in turn, lobby their Representatives and Senators to change immigration policy. But the fact IS that policy IS in place and we DO have laws IN PLACE! Those laws are to favor the United States. After all, it is OUR country and they are OUR laws! WE decide what those laws will be as Americans.

Our laws work their way through the House and Senate and are ratified and either signed into law by the president or are vetoed. That’s it. All that Donal Trump is saying is that quite simply, unlike Barack Hussein Obama, our current Kenyan White House Resident, hem Trump is simply going to enforce the law by building a wall and deporting those who are here illegally.

If you are here illegally, you have no right to be here, PERIOD! If there is a giant wall on the US-Mexican Border, to stop illegals from entering the United States that is exactly what they are doing…entering illegally! If you here clamoring downstairs in your home at 3:00am and you have locked the doors and windows and your alarm is going off and you find an intruder in your living room, that person has no right to be there, PERIOD! Are you going to shoot him or ask him if he wants a late night snack?

The advocates of “open borders” may not like it. They may totally disagree with US Immigration Law, but to call someone racist just because they want to enforce the law is ridiculous. In fact, what Barack Obama is doing is the bad thing….the worst of all by simply telling the US House and Senate tough luck….”I’m not following the law.”

I wonder what the liberals would do if a republican were elected and he simply decided not to enforce oh, let’s say the gay marriage law? How would they feel? What would they say? I have a hunch they wouldn’t be too happy, yet they are perfectly fine to support Barack Hussein Obama’s illegal immigration stance.  I mean we’re now at the point where even Hillary Clinton has declared war on fellow democrat socialist Bernie Sanders saying he is sexist!   It’s absolutely absurd the way this country has degenerated into a pit of seething stupidity over the last 7 years where everything you do or say gets a label hurled at you!  No matter what you do you are a racist, a homophobe, a hater, you name it!  Whatever happened to free speech?  Whatever happened to agreeing to disagree?  We do have a First Amendment don’t we?

The left wants it not both ways, but EVERY WAY! THEY WANT EVERYTHING THEY WANT AND THEY DON’T CARE HOW THEY GET IT! Even if the other 50% of the country disagrees, they don’t care….they’re not interested! They’re like a bunch of spoiled little brats who have never been told the word “NO!”

I for one would LOVE to see a giant wall built on the US-Mexican Border surrounded by a moat full of alligators and crocodiles topped with razor wire and machine gun turrets!  Meanwhile, if those on the left don’t like the immigration laws, let them work to change them the right way!  Case closed.  Do they really think Trump cares of they boycott Saturday Night Live?

The left wing, liberal, progressive democrat ass clowns….the same ones who gave us Obamacare have had their way for two presidential terms. It’s over folks. It’s time for a president who will once again follow the law and defend our sovereignty while keeping our nose out of other people’ affairs.

We had our experiment in “Hope and Change,” and it turned out to be a nightmare of more of the same times 10! We elected an ass clown president who got the Nobel Peace Prize and has continued and expanded wars across the globe, murdered and killed hundreds of innocent women and children, saw middle and low income people’s paychecks shrink well below where they were before he took office, made the deaths of American Men and Women a waste as he lost Iraq and Afghanistan! Further, instead of being the most transparent administration in history his has been the most secretive going to court to have visitor logs sealed and back room meeting with banks, industry leaders and union bosses. Obama has been everything all of the bad administrations and bad stereotypes have ever been all rolled into one under a socialist, Muslim banner!

With all of the damage that our Kenyan, Muslim, socialist, ass clown president has done, could trump really be any worse? Maybe, maybe not. But he is NOT racist because he wants to enforce the law. Maybe groups like LaRaza and Black Lives matter should take a look in the mirror! They are both openly racist!

  1. ephil08 says:

    Let’s break this down
    1)He is not a racist for saying he doesn’t want illegals in our country. He is a racist for saying they are drugs, crime, and rapists. Especially when he says “I assume some are good people” this definitely shows his views for mexicans.
    2)Immigration is the reason we are still having positive population growth. Also, unless you are native American then it should truly be recognized that you are also an immigrant. Another point is that our country is supposed to be the nice country. I don’t see our country plumeting because of our immigrant population. So, should we just not allow South Americans?
    3) Most of the laws the U.S. is trying to get in place is to make sure the children don’t get punished for the bad decisions their parents have made.
    4) Then for a person who is trying to say someone is not racist is a pretty big statement for someone who is racist themselves.
    5) For your scenario, you don’t just shoot him. You call the cops to deport them. BTW building a wall won’t work. The wall of Berlin most defended wall like ever still people get through. North Korea, people still find ways to get out. So, I really don’t see how the wall would help, unless this country becomes racist and we start being extremely rude to Latinos in our country.
    6)If Gay Marriage was banned then Marriage would have to be ruled as a bad law because it would also be putting religion into government. Also, the Clinton should not be voted as President it’s simple, but neither should Trump.
    6) Umm that little rant about how the left wants everything they want…. That’s how wants work, and that is how politics works. The conservatives want guns so they pay money to NRA and protest. SO, I don’t really see the difference.
    7) BTW you can pay for your maximum security wall with your tax money. Also, please give me an example of how the left isn’t using politics the way the rules are set!
    8)Last time I checked the majority of the time that is how government works. Since FDR unless the vice president won the presidential election, every time the other party won. So, big woop on the whole we are going to switch parties thing. Also, If you want Trump you won’t be keeping your nose out of everybody’s business. He wants to bomb like any threat of an ant walking around near ISIS.


  2. Juris De'Medici says:

    What bothers me is that in Canada our Journalists also take abstractions of what Trump has said so that viewers form limited opinions of him. Wendy Mezley has stated that Trump is the “White Knight” of his followers as if his followers are also racist. Many Canadians like myself see things like Trump and wish for example our former government would not have brought in the wealthy drug dealing Asians Mrs Durhaime discussed in the Senate. We are not stupid and we know many of you Americans are not stupid. Most people I know are hoping for Trump for the same reasons many of you are. As for the recent comments by democrats that Trump violates the constitution; I would suggest that the Constitution is for Americans, not Immigrants. Thank you for your article, it was well written


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