Sorry Chuck…The Vote Nazi Says: “No Votes For You!”

Posted: January 29, 2018 in politics

So the “Schumer Shutdown” is over.  The despicable piece of dog shit, Senator Charles Schumer caved in when he realized he was digging himself a deeper and deeper hole; one he would never get out of.  Even as his hard left supporters criticized him, he realized how the republicans had felt during the Ted Cruz led Obamacare shutdown.

Perhaps the saddest fact of all is that Schumer didn’t care about you, or me, or the American Military, or the average American who pays his taxes and goes to work every day and plays by the rules or even the LEGAL immigrants who stood in line and became American Citizens the right way.  Nope.  He showed all and I mean ALL he cared about was some 800,00 illegal aliens who are continually and errantly referred to as “The DACA Kids.”  Well, they may have been kids when their parents brought them to America illegally, but the average age now is 34.  Hardly kids.

Whether they came here willingly or unwillingly, they came here illegally.  They are illegal aliens.  So they have been here for years.  Ok.  They are working.  Ok.  They are in school.  Ok.  According to California State Statistics they are five times more likely to commit property and other crimes than U.S. Citizens.  They are also more likely to join the wonderful youth groups which have traveled across the border like MS-13!

They utilize government services like schools and pay no property taxes.  They utilize hospital emergency rooms at a rate 10 times higher than U.S. Citizens costing taxpayers billions of dollars.  If they work, they either work under the table or work with stolen Social Security Numbers, which California State Lawmakers encourage!

I guess what infuriates me the most is when they are called “Dreamers.”  I have a fifteen year old son in Catholic High School.  Isn’t he a “Dreamer?”  Doesn’t he have dreams?  Aren’t HIS dreams important too?  Isn’t it important for him to go to college, get an education and get every opportunity America has to offer?

Sadly, NO!  Because he was born here and is Caucasian.  He is no Latino or Hispanic or whatever we’re supposed to call them today.  No, he is White and was born in America and to a conservative family, who never have and never will vote for Schumer and his democrat ilk; so he simply doesn’t matter.

You see, the problem is that the right, including me are just fine with LEGAL immigration based on merit…JUST LIKE COUNTRIES LIKE AUSTRALIA AND IRELAND!  But then of course, that wouldn’t suit the lefty democrats.  No.  Not at all.  You see, somehow they have twisted the minds of immigrants, especially Hispanics into voting for them.  So they get the votes of the Hispanics already here who either vote legally or illegally, PLUS they want the votes of the “DACA People,”  PLUS they want “chain migration” to continue so they can each bring in, perhaps a dozen or so family and friends, who will also vote for the left!  It is thus, that they guarantee their future power-base and electoral superiority at the poles.haiti_0

(Ahhh, Port Au Prince.  Lovely isn’t it?)  I don’t know about you, but to me it qualifies as a shithole!  Just sayin’.

Now let’s look at Norway….,oslo

Definitely NOT a shithole!!!!!

President Trump was criticized for calling places like Africa and Haiti “Shitholes.”  Oh no!!!  Not a healthy doe of the truth!  Can’t have that clouding the debate!  Have you seen what Monrovia looks like?  Senegal?  Cameroon? Port Au Prince?  Guess what?  THEY ARE SHITHOLES!  They further did what they do best….played the race card when the president said why don’t we have more people like Norwegians coming to America?  No, no, no!  Can’t have that!  THAT would make too much sense!!!  Why would we want educated people who come from societies, cultures and backgrounds to our to come to America and become citizens?  Why would we even think that would work?  The stupidity of the left is so bad they make me just want to scream!!!!!monrovia-slum-2

(The lovely outskirts of Monrovia, capital of Liberia)  Shhhh….don’t tell anyone, but it’s a shithole!

No, it’s better to bring in people with all sorts of illnesses, who aren’t vaccinated against most anything, who are uneducated, have few if any marketable skills in a fast paced, digital economy like ours.  That way they can go on welfare, because they don’t speak the language, don’t understand the customs and have no way of getting jobs.  Of course as the handouts flow from the democrats they guarantee themselves a dedicated and loving voter base for generations to come!  Meanwhile, they destroy the very fabric of this country just like what happened in France and Belgium and increasingly the Scandinavian Countries where they are regretting their generosity!

The fact that they are changing the basic complexion and culture of this country is no matter.  The fact that they are destroying the traditions that made this nation great is no matter.  That scum sucking slug Nancy Pelosi has the unmitigated gall to say that Trump’s immigration plan is to “Make America White Again.”  Are you F-ing kidding me?!?!?!?!  The democrat party’s plan is to make America Black!  Guess what boys and girls, America was founded…yes founded by….wait for it…..WHITE GUYS!!!  Yes there were Indians here but don’t give me that “stealing the land” bullshit!  The American Indian was doing the same thing to one another long before the Whites arrived and stole THEIR land.  It’s gone on on every continent with every group. So get over it.  There is NOTHING wrong with America being predominately White!  It was that way for over 200 years and it seems to me the country has done pretty well!

The fact that most of the people Pelosi and Schumer and their ilk want to bring into America are illiterate and have no viable skills and a huge percentage will end up on welfare or some other government assistance  programs is of no consequence.  The only thing that matters is that they have a steady stream of fresh new voters.  After all, who cares.

They will all be old and retired living off the taxpayers with fat pensions and healthcare in additions to the millions they stole while in office in things like stock deals and insider trading that would put you or me in prison forever!  You know….doing things like getting stock tips that would send us to prison, insider trading….just the things the ruling class writes laws to prevent, but conveniently excludes members of Congress because after all…..they’re special boys and girls!  Didn’t you know that?  It’s always amazed me how someone could become a member of Congress with a net worth of maybe two hundred thousand dollars and leave worth MILLIONS!  It’s sure not from the Congressional Salary, which is currently, $174,000 per year, plus benefits.

What President Trump has offered, to be honest, feels like he has stabbed me and millions of others who supported him in the back. He is basically offering amnesty for the DACA People.  If he wants to legalize them, fine but they do NOT deserve citizenship in ANY way, shape or form.  Sometimes bad things happen to good people and that’s just the way it is.  Perhaps they were children when they were brought here and didn’t ask to come to America.  But I didn’t ask them to come here either and why should I be held responsible?  Why should my son lose out on something because of an illegal?  See my point?

The only thing that is acceptable is for President Trump to do as he said and build the “Big Beautiful Wall,” STOP chain migration, STOP the immigration lottery and legalize the DACA People—DON’T give them citizenship!  He must also include E-Certify and put in ALL of the changes today! Not amnesty now and laws later!  What Trump’s proposal does is give amnesty now and put all of the restrictions in later and we all know how Congress works.  We also know that future Congresses are not bound by anything done by a current Congress!  THAT and ONLY THAT should be the deal on the label with the democrats.  It’s time to take control of our border like every other country in the world (including Mexico) already does AND make our immigration system merit based, rather than some ridiculous, warm and fuzzy attempt to “Brown” and dumb down America!  Just sayin.’













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