The Hypocrisy Of The Left: They Are All Sociopaths!

Posted: October 17, 2017 in politics


I don’t know about you, but it’s been a rough week.  Well, maybe not a rough week….yeah, a rough week.  I did some things I wasn’t supposed to and I can barely move.  I am really looking forward to the weekend.  I have been asked by my niece to be Godfather to her baby and I can’t wait.  So I figured we’d get some laughs in today.

So let’s look at the American Left.  ALWAYS good for a laugh!  Call them what you will.  They are interchangeable: lefties, democrats, progressives, they are ALL synonymous with the word HYPOCRITE!  You can find them, on CNN and PMSNBC.  You can find them in the pages of the New York Slimes and the Washington Compost.  That’s right; and it doesn’t matter which issue you want to choose. You will ALWAYS find a liberal, left-wing hypocrite running his/her mouth, proclaiming loudly and proudly that they have all of the answers and they are better than you!  You know the people I’m talking about.  They are in your own family!  Sometimes they are vegans or vegetarians, or claim to be up for some other ridiculous cause.

Let’s look at a few of these issues.  It’s always good for a laugh.  Let’s look at “Climate Change.”  Well, back in the 1970’s it was global cooling.  Then in the late 1980’s and 1990’s it was global warming.  Then when that didn’t work, it morphed into climate change.  OF COURSE THE DAMNED CLIMATE CHANGES!  IT ALWAYS HAS AND ALWAYS WILL!  IT’S NORMAL!  Yes, it’s been happening for literally, BILLIONS of years!  But “climate change” scientist tell us Man is responsible.  Really?  Something as insignificant as man can alter the climate?  We have volcanoes spewing more greenhouse gases in a month than all of the cars in the U.S. do in a year!  But only Man is to blame.  Can’t blame those pesky volcanoes, even though the “Year without a Summer” in 1816 was caused by Mt Tambora, in the Indian Ocean.

What a cluster fuck!  Where do we start on the hypocrisy regarding “climate change” from the left?  Well, I guess we should start with the dean of the ass clowns, former U.S. Senator, former U.S. Vice President Al Gore.  Al Gore has been a self-styled, environmental crusader since he left the White House.  He jets around the world on gas guzzling, carbon polluting private jets claiming to be a climate expert, even though in college he studied government and later studied spirituality, then law.  This buffoon has absolutely O training or education in climatology or anything climate related!  Nothing!  Yet somehow, Gore grew a beard and has convinced himself and millions of useful idiots that he is an expert on the climate!  THIS, on top of every single one of his predictions from his bumble fuck movie “An Inconvenient Truth” have proven wrong.  I mean, come on folks….how many time can we be told that the tipping point is in two more years?  Though he lost the beard, he continues making his dire predictions like:  “There are only two years left to save the planet…”  Really?  How many times have we heard this?

We we first told that in the early 90’s!  Hasn’t happened yet!  Hell, we were told that by now, every coastal city on the planet would be flooded and underwater due to the melting polar ice caps.  Didn’t happen either.  In fact there is more ice at Antarctica than ever before since records were kept!  There is so much ice in the Arctic, that several expeditions have had to be rescued.  RESCUED!  No chunks of ice breaking of with polar bears floating on them!

In short, global warming and “climate change” simply haven’t happened.  In fact, there have been several studies showing either no global temperature increases, or actual temperature decreases!  In several instances the data was falsified by lefty climate scientists.  In fact there were several scandals because of this.  I mean, if the data doesn’t support your conclusions, simply falsify it right?  Ah, liberal hypocrisy!  We know there has been no real temperature increase on Earth for the past 18 years or so.  18 years!  Yet the lies continue from Al Gore and others.  In fact Al Gore released a sequel to his first climate change movie, “An Inconvenient Truth” called “An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power,” a movie which flopped in theaters because Gore has been proven to be nothing more than a snake oil salesman.  He is a man who made millions ensnaring millennials and other weak-minded fools who believe his drivel!

Gore even supports what are called “carbon credits” which you would purchase from a “carbon exchange,”which of course would be set up by Gore and his associates.  What a con game this would have been had it actually been enacted.  You see, the scheme is that you would have to purchase “carbon credits” if you wanted to pollute the atmosphere by using anything that emitted carbon dioxide….a sort of “feel good” gimmick that made you feel ok for burning fuel.  Of course this would have had no effect whatsoever on the environment, but would have massively impacted ordinary Americans and the economy and made Gore and his pals rich!  Carbon credits….are you fucking kidding me?

Meanwhile, Al Gore flies around the world on private jets, which have a massive carbon footprint, he drives around towns and cities in gigantic SUV’s, several at a time in gas guzzling, carbon polluting entourages.  Then of course there’s Gore’s mansion; his base of operations in Nashville, Tennessee…a 20-room mansion (not including 8 bathrooms) that consumes more energy in a month than the average American household does in a year!  THIS, while Gore tells you and me to cut our energy use, turn down the thermostat, walk or bike whenever possible, even reduce the amount of meat we eat!  WHAT A HYPOCRITE! Between speaking engagements, his movies, writing, etc… Gore has become the first climate change millionaire!For Gore, it’s about one thing….using useful idiots and groups for MONEY!

Of course Gore is not to be outdone by Hollywood ass clown, Leonardo DiCaprio, the darling of the United Nations, who also claims to be a climate crusader and engages in the same behaviors!  More hypocrisy…but from Hollywood!  Anyone surprised?  And of course we find out that the United Nations Organization for Climate Change falsified climate data to make it appear as though the climate was warming and suppressed date and it showed the global temperature was actually stable then falling!  Way to go U.N. Hypocrites!  Another group of ass clowns who want one thing:  MONEY!

Of course there are others; most notably Bill Nye, “The Science Guy.”  This ass clown is actually a militant climate change proponent who has actually said and written that “climate change deniers,”  you know…people with common sense should be jailed!  Jailed!  You should be treated as a criminal and put in jail if you don’t believe in this pseudo-science.  Of course the problem is that Bill Nye is no science guy.  He doesn’t have a PhD., in fact he has no “climate change” or climatology education at all!  He has a B.S. in mechanical engineering!  Somehow, he believes this makes him a climate expert, simply because he says so?  As clown!

Indeed, all of these self-appointed climate crusaders and other, who want to preach to the average American; live lives of luxury, opulence and wastefulness.  They do the very things they rail against!  For them, it is do as I say, not as I do.  It seems as though somehow they believe they are superior to you and I and so THEY are entitled to destroy the very climate they claim to love and want to save.  While you and I must ride our bikes and read recycled newspapers by candlelight, they should be eating Filet Mignon in 20 room mansions.  How does that work?  HYPOCRITES!

The of course there is the topic of abortion; better known as murdering babies.  Yep, there it is.  It’s disgusting and morbid and tasteless and vulgar to even say; but it’s true.  Since Roe v Wade, in the United States we have allowed the murder of approximately 54 million babies. 54 million!  Yet ass clowns like Hillary Clinton want to talk about the “village” it takes to raise our children and how important our children are and how much democrats and lefties want to protect and cherish our children….yeah, the ones you don’t kill!  Of course at the same time, the twisted fucks are sympathetic to things like NAMBLA and in general pedophilia, which they believe is really not so bad.  Are you kidding me???  HYPOCRITES!

Then there is one of my very favorites:  GUNS!  Yes, GUNS!  GUNS!  GUNS! Shout it with me folks! “The right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed!”  That’s right, say it with me, “Shall not be infringed.”  It doesn’t say the government can infringe sometimes or partially, or a certain percentage, it says, “Shall not be infringed.”  But apparently those on the left are either to stupid or too ignorant or just to rock-headed to understand this.  Americans have a God-given, natural right to defend and protect themselves with guns!  And not single shot shotguns from a bygone era, but the most advanced contemporary firearms, just like the government has and uses.  THAT is the meaning and intent of the Second Amendment!

In fact, the amendment is very specific, yet somehow the United States Supreme Court has said it IS LEGAL for states to regulate firearms and even for the federal government to do so as well.  That’s why we have the BATF, which in reality is totally unconstitutional!  I’m still not sure how ANYONE cannot understand what “Shall not infringe” means.  In order to exercise your supposed, God-given, natural right to keep and bear arms, in various places, there are:  safety courses, special taxes, special fees, special licenses, background checks, waiting periods, limits on quantities, limits on ammunition and on and on and on; ALL of which is/are unconstitutional because all constitute INFRINGEMENT! 

Moreover, how can a God-given, natural right be taken away by man?  If you have written bad checks and are a felon, you lose the right to keep and bear arms.  If you are convicted of domestic abuse, you lose the right to keep and bear arms.  In some states, if you have more than three DUI’s,  you lose the right to keep and bear arms.  It goes on and on and varies by state; but ALL are unconstitutional!  How can a man-made court take away a right given to you by God?  How the Hell does that work?

The Second Amendment DOES NOT SAY that “you have the right to keep and bear arms, ” if you can afford to buy a special license, or “you have the right to keep and bear arms, ” if you can pass a background check, or “you have the right to keep and bear arms, ” if you can afford to pay the special fees and taxes.  It simply says, “you have the right to keep and bear arms,  and it shall not be infringed!”  Looks like infringement to me!  Strangely enough, this country’s first president and arguably one of the greatest American Founders to ever live, George Washington said that “Americans should have the very same weapons the government has.”  Washington said this was important to keep the government from tyrannizing its citizens which was the whole purpose of the Second Amendment!

Moreover, these same lefty, liberal dumbocrats who complain about guns and want guns taken away from the average American are surrounded by well armed groups of body guards or single, armed body guards.  So they don’t believe you or I have the right to a gun to protect ourselves and our families, but they do because they’re special?  Of course democrat, lefty Governors and senators and congressmen carry guns or have security details.  They’re especial.  Didn’t you know that?

These people on the left will not be satisfied until the government “has all of the guns.”  Even though it has been shown that most mass shootings occur in “gun free” zones, as with every other topic, facts don’t matter to the left.  Only how they “feeeeeel.”

There are soooooooo many topics we could expose liberal hypocrisy in that there probably isn’t room to talk about them all here.  But happily another one has been dropped right in our laps.  Yes, last week the wonder world of Harvey Weinstein was revealed.  This Hollywood Scumbag who spends a great deal of time in New York City is a case study in liberal hypocrisy in several areas, from  misogyny, to sexual harassment, to exploitation and immorality.  Yes, this part-time nare do well is a real beauty and a perfect example of liberal, lefties at their very best.

Harvey Weinstein, is an American film producer and former film studio director. He and his brother, Bob, co-founded Miramax, which produced several popular films including: Pulp Fiction, Sex Lies and Videotape and The Crying Game.  Harvey won an  Academy Award and garnered seven Tony Awards.

Seems like a real success story and he is.  He’s also a pile of dog shit who has either sexually harassed and/or raped multiple actresses! So serious are the allegations that he has been fired from his own company, (The Weinstein Company), his wife has left him and he is under investigation by numerous law enforcement agencies.  His accusers are many and include dozens of famous A list actresses including: Gwyneth Paltrow, Rose McGowan, Kate Beckinsale and Ashley Judd just to name a few!

Wait a second!  This scumbag is a lefty and was groping and maybe even raping lefty women?  How can this be? Lefty’s are feminazis who believe in “girl power!”  If you look at a lefty woman the wrong way she is filing sexual harassment charges against you!  Why and how would they tolerate this behavior?  Oh yeah……..the dreaded “casting couch” we have always heard about.  Everyone has joked about it for YEARS!  But guess what?  It was REAL! Indeed actress Rose McGowan has accused this maggot of raping her!

But why now?  Why is the entire world collapsing on this degenerate piece of scum now?  The NYPD has recorded evidence of this maggot harassing a model and yet they said they didn’t have enough evidence to prosecute.  Others who have heard the recording have said they would have had no problem locking this guy up!  Make no mistake.  Weinstein is a serial, sexual predator!  Yet he has never been arrested!

In fact, not only has he not been arrested, but he has been defended by people on the left!  He has been allowed to operate unfettered while “making it rain” cash to multiple lefty groups and causes like political campaigns, etc…including the many campaigns of Hillary Clinton!  I mean, this maggot is a virtual fixture in liberal political campaigns!  And the hypocrisy is BREATHTAKING!!!

Hillary Clinton once said “Every woman deserves a chance to be heard when she claims she has been sexually assaulted.”  Yet this is the same Hillary who decided to destroy ever woman who accused her husband, “Slick Willie.”  This while she viciously attacked President Trump for doing nothing more than engaging in some spicy locker room banter with Billy Bush!  She did the same for Weinstein for YEARS and finally just came out against him!  Of course while others returned campaign contributions or donated them to charities, NOT SO with Hillary.  She is a HYPOCRITE with a capital H!

Yes, those on the left claim to be the CHAMPION of women and women’s rights and they not only tolerated this maggot for years, but partied with him, mucked it up and gladly accepted his money, even though these allegations have been around for years.  They were always just joked away!  Meanwhile, he was having a genuine impact on these women’s lives and in some cases destroying them!  Liberal hypocrisy knows no bounds.  And the stories and accusations continue to surface as we speak!

In closing, I think it’s fair to say, just from a small snapshot of liberals that they are enormous hypocrites.  The live in a fantasy land where they are special “snowflakes,” are BETTER than you and I.  They believe THEY know best on every issues, all of the time.  Yet behind the scenes, they are back stabbing kleptomaniacs who will steal the silverware and you ATM pin!(LOL)  They are never to be trusted as they are the biggest hypocrites on the planet.  They cannot be trusted in any way and I will close with this infamous phrase from former president (it pains me to say that) Bill Clinton:  “I did not have sex with that woman…Ms. Lewinsky.”  Pretty much sums up liberal lies and hypocrisy because Hillary stood by him…semen stained dress and all!  Just sayin’.




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