Some Thoughts After Las Vegas

Posted: October 6, 2017 in politics


I was sitting today looking at a wonderful video that my niece sent me of my great niece and Great Goddaughter.  She was born in July and is not quite four months old.  When the video went off, my phone went to its home screen, which is a picture of my 14 year old son in his football uniform.  He is a freshman at a local Catholic High School.  Then I saw a picture of him on the wall firing an AR-15 pellet rifle.  I thought to myself,

“My God, I am 51 years old, and I have been shooting, and around guns my entire life!  Shotguns, rifles, AR-15’s, pistols, you name it.  I have hunted, target shot and sport shot.  Yet I never, ever even THOUGHT about even the possibility of shooting another human being!”  I turned the television off and started staring out the window and I started to wonder.  My mind went in circles……..

What if people actually loved each other?  What if we respected each other?  What if we took care of each other?  What if we took each other seriously?  What if we actually listened to each other?  What if we thought about the consequences of our actions? What if we had a government that worked FOR us instead of against us? What if people were allowed to just live their lives and be left alone?  What if we stopped bashing things others hold dear?  What if our government tried to shrink instead of grow? What if everyone had enough to eat? What if government didn’t try to control every aspect of our lives? What if government officials lived by the same rules they impose on us?  What if government officials went to jail when they committed crimes? What if countries all got rid of nuclear weapons?  What if we didn’t want to control one another?  What if people didn’t covet what their neighbors had?  What if everyone had enough money to live a descent life?  What if we actually OBEYED the Ten Commandments?  What if marriage was between a man and a woman?  What confusionif people didn’t make of those who believe ion God?  What if people stopped trying to take guns away from good people?  What if we stopped murdering innocent, unborn babies and calling it healthcare?  What if we had a government that lived like the average American does?  What if we were not forced to do things that were against our religion? What if we stopped slapping labels on people we don’t agree with? What if our government stopped borrowing money and lived within its means?  What if we stopped accusing everyone of being a racist?  What if people stopped sticking their hands out looking for a check and started working for a check instead?  What if we realized that people kill people…not guns?   What if we stop trying to legislate morality?  What if there were no Obama-phones?  What if I was still allowed to keep my doctor and keep my plan?  What if the government stopped lying to us and started telling the truth?  What if we were allowed to treat the government the way it treats us?  What if we stopped trying to divide our nation instead of unite it?  What if we all lived as Americans…..not hyphenated Americans?  What if the government stopped writing idiotic laws?  What if we all spoke English and nothing else?  What if the government went after real criminals instead of people who make silly mistakes?  What if politicians stopped being hypocrites?  What if the government stopped ruining people’s lives by giving them criminal records that last forever?  What if the only flag we flew was the Stars and Stripes?  What if we all stood, took our hats off and put our hands on our hearts when the National Anthem was played?  What if we all actually appreciate the rights we have and loved our country?  What if we stopped trying to destroy public officials because we don’t like them?  What if we stopped trying to rewrite American History because we don’t like it? What if, in the famous words of Rodney King:  we could all just get along?  I wonder……


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