Time To Change The Channel On The NFL

Posted: October 4, 2017 in politics


You know a few years back, former NFL Coach Jerry Glanville, one of the more colorful, past NFL Coaches shouted at an NFL Referee after a bad call….”You know what NFL stands for?  Not for Long buddy!”  Truer words were never spoken!

This nonsense was started last season by former San Fransisco Forty-Niner, Colin Kapernick.  He repeatedly took a knee and refused to salute the flag or stand for the national anthem and as frequently happens with ignorant shows of defiance, it caught on with other players and before we knew it, it had swept through the NFL like a plague.

Before we go further let’s review a few things. Colin Kapernick started his demonstrations on the field  while a Black Man had been president for 8 years.  That man, Obama had promised to united the country.  The country however, became more divided under Obama than ever before!  Black on Black violence increased five fold! Colin Kapernick started his demonstration s on the field while we had a Black President!  Not under President Trump!

Let’s also look at the NFL.  The composition of the league is almost 80% Black.  There are Black Coaches and there is something called the “Rooney Rule” which says Blacks must be interviewed for coaching positions in the NFL.  So, Blacks make up most of the NFL, most have multi-million dollar contracts and are paid those millions for playing a game….a game they enjoy and while billionaire owners and millionaire players complain, they are supported by fans and attendees who earn an average of approximately $50,000.00.  Some of these players have only high school educations and still others are nothing but millionaire thugs protected by billionaire owners!

Fast forward from the 2016-17 season to this season and it has all started again, but has gotten worse; while at least one owner, Dallas Cowboys Owner Jerry Jones told his players the behavior would not be tolerated by the Cowboys, other owners actually decided to stand WITH the players!  The ultimate insult was yesterday when the Baltimore Raven played the Jacksonville Jaguars in London, England and the Ravens’ Owner actually joined the players in their demonstration!  It was like a bad page out of the 1960’s demonstrating against the Vietnam War!  Bad enough to demonstrate against your country but even worse when you do it in another country!

Unlike Obama or most others who would simply shake their heads in disbelief or wouldn’t even care, President Trump, injected himself either by accident or design into the discussion; NOT out of racism, but for love of country.  Friday night, at a political rally in Alabama, President Trump spoke about our military and the brave men and women who protect and serve this country and how some people disrespect our country and our flag.  Then he specifically focused on the NFL and the behavior of many of the players who have refused to stand, hold their hand on their heart or show any respect at all for the United States National Anthem and/or our flag.

The president said, “Wouldn’t you love to see one of the NFL owners when the players kneel down and don’t salute the flag say get that son of a bitch off the field right now!  You’re fired!” 

That was it.  There was no racism.  There was no hate.  There was no stripping anyone of their civil rights.  It was plain spoken English to the average American and like it or not most people agreed including this author!  Trump looks at the NFL for entertainment but more importantly as a workplace.  Players are EMPLOYEES!  If I decided to pull a stunt like this at work I would be warned and then fired.  Period!

I am a life long Pittsburgh Steeler Fan.  I was only a small boy but remember the glory years of the 1970’s.  I also suffered through Cliff Stout and Mark Malone and Kordell Stewart and Bubby Brister!  For the past decade or so, My Steelers have been winners again.  I’m not so sure now.  My  I am lucky in that my wife of 27 years is also a football fanatic!  Specifically, she is also a Steeler Fanatic!  Moreover, she is a conservative, libertarian like I am and she loves this country and our flag.  She worships my dad who is a Vietnam Veteran as I do.

Well, I was embarrassed, disgusted and ashamed with my Steelers yesterday, with the exception of number 78, Alejandro Villaneuva, offensive lineman.  He is a former U.S. Army Ranger who served 3 terms in Afghanistan, IN COMBAT.  HE, and HE ALONE disobeyed head coach Mike Tomlin, went out and stood, hand on heart, proudly for the National Anthem, while the rest of the Steeler Team remained in the locker room.  The explanation was later forthcoming from Team Coach Mike Tomlin who said, “Look, we couldn’t decide as a team whether to kneel, stand or what so I decided we would simply stay in the locker room.  This would protect those who wanted to kneel as well as the rights of those who wanted to stand and salute.  We’re here to play football not for politics and I’m not going to let this divide our team.”

My question to the coach, whom I like would have been, “Coach, you’re right.  Why should this be an issue at all?  You’re here to play football, not for political or social demonstrations. Stand with your hand on your heart and be respectful of the country and the flag that has given you the right to stand here in the first place.  Off the field you do what you feel you must.

Apparently Coach Tomlin was not happy with Villenueva’s decision to disobey him and go onto the field to salute the symbol of our nation.  Too bad.  Tomlin said “I wished he had respected my wishes to respect the Pittsburgh Steelers and we had 100% compliance.”  REALLY Mike???  Respect to the Steelers?  How about respect to the country?!?!  At least there is one, true American Patriot on the Steeler Roster.  While I can understand what Coach Tomlin did, I wish he had sent the players onto the field who DID want to stand and salute, and leave those in the locker room who wanted to take a knee.  That way everyone would have had their rights respected.

Aside from Jerry Jones and the Dallas Cowboys, and the Cincinnati Bengals, almost every other NFL Team caved in to the players’ demands to disrupt and disrespect the National Anthem, the Flag and the country.  And the NFL can’t understand why it has already lost for 33 million dollars this season as ad revenues fall and Americans simply turn the channel.

Meanwhile, the people in charge of NASCAR told their teams and drivers point blank, “You stand for the national anthem or you’re on a greyhound bus out of here…you’re fired!  BRAVO!!!! 

I never understood the whole watching cars go really, really fast in a circle over and over again while drinking beer, but maybe I’ll have to rethink my position and look a little bit closer at NASCAR!  From what I understand there are also occasionally scantily clad women involved and well and that can’t be a bad thing! (LOL)

So what did we end up with?  Well, what I watched yesterday was team after team disrespecting the flag, the National Anthem and not just the country but the men and women….the mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, sons and daughter who have lost legs, arms hands, eyesight and many of whom have paid the ultimate price, so a bunch of overpaid snowflakes can play a game….A GAME they love to play and be paid obscene amounts of money for doing something they love!  These are not doctors or firefighters or EMT’s or surgeons, they are FOOTBALL PLAYERS, GETTING PAID MILLIONS TO PLAY A GAME!

HOW DARE THEY!  HOW DARE THEY COMPLAIN ABOUT ANYTHING!  YES, they are a small percentage of truly great athletes with incredible physiques and physical skills and yes they are talented.  But they are paid millions and millions of dollars and live lives of fame and fortune very, very few anywhere will ever live!

Is there discrimination in America?  Absolutely!  Anyone who would deny that is simply lying to themselves.  But Americas 2017 is NOT America of 1960 or even 1980!  Newsflash, we just had 8 years of a Black President!  We have Blacks in Congress, in the Senate in the Cabinet.  There are no segregated schools or bathrooms or any of the horrible things that used to exist in America in decades past.

I make no apologies for America.  We are a country that is just like any other in many ways; yet in in many other ways, America is the greatest nation on Earth.  One need simply look at the NFL itself to realize that.  Sadly, I think that’s a fact that is LOST on almost every single player in the NFL!  Where else can a high school kid with no skills and almost no education go to earn millions of dollars and earn fame and fortune because of his athletic skills?

What Colin Kapernick started last year as a protest against racist treatment by police against Blacks and discrimination in America has been twisted into everything from Kapernick wearing socks that said “Police are pigs,” to Black Power Fist salutes on the field.  Where do the owners draw the line?  Where does it stop?  Now we have 8 year old kids….8 year olds taking a knee when the National Anthem is played at Pee Wee Football Games.  What are we teaching them?  To hate?  To be intolerant?  To disrespect?  To be ignorant of the rights of others?  Is this really what we SHOULD be teaching 8 year olds with all of the other problems facing the United States and the world?

The bottom line is that the National Football League is an entertainment concern.  They earn money in three ways:  endorsements, advertising money and attendance and all of those things depend on one thing:  fans!  You and me decide how much money, if any money at all entertainment concerns make.  This Summer has been terrible for the Movie Entertainment Industry in America.  People simply aren’t going to the movies, for whatever reason and they are hurting financially.  A large part of their falling revenue is due to actors and actresses injecting themselves into politics, like the Emmy Awards, Oscars, etc…

Perhaps the NFL should take a good look at what’s happening to them and then take a long look in the mirror. Already attendance at NFL Games this season is WAY, WAY down!  In fact the NFL is down as I mentioned earlier over 33 million dollars.  The econo0my is improving for some, but for the average family of four to attend and NFL Game, all things considered it costs about $1000.  That’s a lot of money and how many families want to spend that kind of money to watch a bunch of overpaid athletes tell them their National Anthem and their flag suck and watch them be disrespected?  There are a lot of entertainment options these days and $1000 is a lot of money and can buy a lot of fun at amusement parks, etc…  At the end of the day, the Team Owners had better look long and hard at themselves and remember that at the end of the day they are simply an entertainment organization and they are bosses and their players are employees.  Employees do what they’re told or they’re fired or like Jerry Glanville said oh those many years ago….”If this keeps up you know what NFL stands for?  Not for long!”

America has problems.  Always has and always will.  You can’t make 100% of the people happy 100% of the time.  We are destroying our history, our culture and our nation little by little.  We are damaging, destroying and removing statues, monuments, etc…  The Confederate Battle Flag is treated like a Satanic Monument!

When I turn on the boob tube on Sunday, I want to see the Steelers take the field with another team and beat their ass!  I want to see great football, hits, catches, tackles and sacks,  I am not interested in political symbols, political demonstrations, kneeling,etc… and if it keeps up, I like many others will simply stop turning on the tv on Sundays to watch the NFL.  I will stop buying NFL Team Merchandise and I will stop frequenting their advertisers and when enough like minded people do that, maybe they will get the message.  If I want politics I will tune in to Fox or CNN or C Span….NOT The NFL on CBS or NFL Network.

The flag means a lot of different things to a lot of different people.  Many hundreds of thousands of Americans have returned home for over 200 years in flag draped coffins.  My father, a Vietnam Veteran who didn’t wait to get drafted, but VOLUNTEERED, because like his father, my grandfather, who fought in WWII that it was his duty.  He has burned his Philadelphia Eagles merchandise and is finished with the NFL.  To him, the flag is sacred.

With flags, it’s all about perception and a simple fact of life is that perception is reality.  Yes, the American Flag, just like the Confederate Battle Flag stands for many good, yet many bad things.  If you look around not just America but around the world, there are very few flags that don’t represent both good and bad.  But at the end of the day, the flag is the symbol of the United States.  A country with problems, a country with flaws but still the greatest country on the face of this Earth and if you really, really, really hate America, the flag and everything it stands for, then maybe you should ask yourself:  Where else would I want to live?  If you come up with an answer, then maybe that’s where you belong.  Just sayin.’














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