Multiculturalism DOES NOT WORK!

Posted: September 17, 2017 in politics

It seems as though common sense is gone.  It doesn’t exist; especially in politics and government.  Further, if you dare mention anything related to common sense you are labeled immediately.  Take for example “multiculturalism.”  Multiculturalism is the mantra of the American left and indeed the left worldwide; especially in Europe and even more specifically Belgium and France.

Multiculturalism and the multicultural movement started in the 1990’s in California; when we were first told that the bastardization of the English Language known as Ebonics was to be accepted as mainstream and where illegal and legal Mexican Immigrants alike; after a lull due to the Ronald Reagan Amnesty, once again began to surge across the border.  One would assume that in a good, solid country with solid cultural foundations and underpinnings, immigrants would be thrilled to assimilate and join the culture, just as millions before them had done. But wait! Stop! No!

The geniuses on the left coast in California decided that Americans…….well, Americans just weren’t good enough.  No.  We needed something more descriptive.  Something more colorful and thus began the multicultural movement, primarily on the campus of Berkeley; surprise, surprise.

No longer would it suffice to be an American.  No, no,no,no.  THAT implied White & European.  That simply wouldn’t do at all!  Now we were going to be Mexican-Americans and Colombian-Americans and African-Americans and all other sorts of hyphenated Americans because after all, we may all be Americans, but we all have to  express our ideas and the various traits of our own cultures.better…something more descriptive.

But wait.  If you live in a country, your culture then becomes the culture of that country doesn’t it?  I mean; if you’re a Swede, then your culture and heritage are Swedish right?  Likewise, if you’re an Englishman, your culture is that of England isn’t it?  So it would follow that if you were an America your culture would be American right?  Nope.  In the 90’s that all came to an end.  Now we were going to  be a multicultural nation.  Born in 1966, I was raised with the idea that America was a melting pot.  A melting pot where all different cultures and people jumped into the melting pot as separate cultures wight separate identities and all melted together into  kind of American soup.  No longer were they people from Ireland, or Zambia or Egypt.  No. Now they were Americans.

Yes, when immigrants came to the United States they always tended to huddle and eventually settle together; whether it was Chinatown in San Fransisco, Little Italy in New York City, the Irish in the Five Points in New York City….you get the picture.  But one thing was common throughout ALL of the ethnic communities in America and that was the fact they were ALL PROUD TO CALL THEMSELVES AMERICANS!  AMERICANS!  My Irish Great Grandparents stepped off the boat and their biggest concern was learning to speak English because they spoke Gaelic!  They weren’t waving the Irish Flag, but were handed little American Flags and hey were overwhelmed they were so happy to be American!

This somehow ended in the 90;s when the left decided we were a mosaic…a mosaic like the Balkans where autonomous region was made up of many separate states like Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia, etc…  And so began what I call the balkanization of America.  Instead of one nation, under God, with liberty and justice for all, we were going to have one nation, broken into separate pieces with separate cultures, speaking different languages with no God, just a bit of liberty and different types of justice for all.

As Americans, we had ALWAYS…..ALWAYS celebrated our SIMILARITIES.  Language, culture, you name it.  Immigrants came to America and adopted OUR customs.  The native population didn’t adopt THEIRS!  NOW we are told that we must celebrate our DIFFERENCES!  OUR DIFFERENCES!!!  MADNESS!  UTTER AND COMPLETE MADNESS!  If world history has taught us one thing it’s that countries only survive if they are unified.  Like him or hate him, Dr. Michael Savage has summed it up right when he says it’s all about borders, culture and language.  It’s just that simple. I mean, my God, we’ve come to the point where it is almost a crime  say Merry Christmas!  Merry Christmas!  A greeting of love and fellowship regardless of your religion has somehow been twisted into an insult according to the left! Even something as innocuous as a Christmas Tree has been demonstrated against because their mere “presence” can make some people feel “uncomfortable,” or “threatened!”  COME ONE!  IT’S A FUCKING CHRISTMAS TREE!  IT’S NOT EVEN A RELIGIOUS SYMBOL!

A third grader knows what happens when  you accentuate and celebrate differences.  Differences qualify people for different treatment.  Differences mean that unity is no longer part of the equation.  Differences mean that every individual group is to be treated differently and their specific differences are more important than our similarities and our identities as AMERICANS!

At a time when America needs to be unified and stand together more than ever, it seems as though all the left and the Alt Left want to do is accentuate the differences of individual groups in America.  How can this POSSIBLY be helpful to the national debate or the national identity?  Well….it can’t and it isn’t.  If we are to learn from history, we need not look far.  the implosion of Yugoslavia happened in the 1990’s and ended up in ethnic cleansing, genocide and bloody civil war that sucked NATO and the United States into military operations along with the United Nations.  Millions were killed!  Killed because of their “differences.”

I have watched it grow from the late 1980’s when I was in college right up to the radical, RADICAL behavior of today with groups like Black Lives matter and ANTIFA.  How about, American Lives Matter?  How about ANTI-ANTIFA?  No, Blacks don’t deserve any special treatment, nor do Muslims, Whites, Christians, or any group, whether racial, religious, you name it!  We are all supposed to be treated equally.  We are ALL Americans.  Destructive, hateful, destructive groups like I just mentioned are not only counterproductive but in many ways criminal!  They are completely un-American!

John Wayne  said it over forty ago in a poem he wrote and narrated and it is even more true today than it was when he put pen to paper.   All we need to do is look at the destruction  of statues and monuments currently going on in America where thugs are destroying things they don’t like and Colleges are removing monuments and statues to prevent riots because they are gutless and lack any moral center or moral courage.  And of course, after all, we can’t upset any of our little campus snowflakes who might need to go to a “safe place” for hot cocoa and Legos if they see a statue of Robert E Lee!

Even more disappointing is watching our politicians dance around issues when they are on camera and interviewed.  God forbid they defend traditional American Values.  No, it’s better to continue letting mobs and mob mentality and group think dictate policies for colleges and towns and cities all over America.  Accept of course for President Trump, who is on a mission to save traditional America and traditional American Values.  God help us, I’m sure there won’t be any Chairman Mao Ornaments on the Whitehouse Christmas Tree this year….thank God.  And the bust of Winston Churchill has been returned to its rightful place after Barack Hussein Obama  moved it into the hallway.

Perhaps the most glaring example of what’s going on worldwide is with Islam.  You see, unlike Catholicism or being a Methodist or Baptist or Hindu or many other religions, Islam is MORE than just a religion.  It is much more.  It is a cleverly contrived system of religion, laws, administration and a blueprint for how people should live their lives  each and every day and provides a strict system of laws codified into Sharia.

The Founders of this great nation determined early on that freedom of religion was crucial to the new republic and was a God-given right.  Not freedom FROM religion, but freedom of religion.  They had borne the injustice of state mandated religion in Britain with the church of England and forbid establishment of a state or government sponsored religion.  They  determined that Americans could worship any way they wanted….or not at all.

Islam \removes that.  Islam creates separate communities within countries.  it’s happened all over the world, particularly in Belgium and France.  Yet these countries remain blinded to the truth that their countries, traditions and culture are being sublimated and subjugated by slam and if things continue as they are, French and Belgian Culture will simply cease to exist.  They will still be France and Belgium; but Muslim versions of the former nations, governed not by the Napoleonic Code, or Belgian Law, but by Sharia.  We can see the inroads here in America where one need look no further than  Minneapolis-St Paul and Detroit, where huge Muslim Populations have all but taken over parts of these cities and the states of Michigan and Minnesota.

What’s going on is NOT multiculturalism.  It is cultural takeover and cultural destruction.  Moreover, many Muslim Leaders have said that they are simply using the American Constitution and American Laws to take over this country legally.  hey are fighting us with our own laws and never having to fire a shot or detonate a bomb.

Lest you, my valued reader think I am anti-Muslim, the same thing is going on with Mexicans; both legal and illegal and has been for many years….decades in fact.  The group La Raza is a perfect example.  While weak-willed, Lilly livered left wing pussies battle with their White Guilt and allow other cultures to denigrate and replace American Culture, groups like La Raza are actively and successfully I might add, working to take back multiple U.S. States;states like Texas, Arizona, California and New Mexico believing they are rightfully part of Mexico and were “stolen” by America.

In many parts of the American Southwest, if you don’t speak Spanish, you need not bother going there while in others going to certain areas is unsafe and in fact dangerous if you’re not Mexican.  Meanwhile, Mexican Extremists sit by and laugh at the weak American Fools…our so called “political leaders,”  who are in fact accelerating the destruction of their own culture and watching its replacement where the Mexican Flag has replaced Old Glory and go on television singing the praises of multiculturalism.  You can see it on the streets in California, Arizona and South Texas…..fields of Mexican Flags,  but not an American Flag in sight.  If these people have ALL come here to be Americans, why are they all flying the Mexican Flag?

The answer is simple and plain to see.  That is unless you are a politician from ANY party or a left-wing, wining democrat/liberal progressive.  Then  you can’t see it at all even with a giant magnifying glass.  Other cultures, particularly those who worship Islam and those who emigrate from Mexico don’t WANT to be American.  They don’t want to be and WON’T be!  They don’t and won’t pledge allegiance to the flag or the nation.  They speak their native tongue, even though a condition of citizenship is learning  and speaking English.  No, these people want to REMAIN Mexicans and Muslims, living in America.  They want to enjoy the freedom America offers, the safety, the benefits, the beauty of living in America; yet they don’t want to be and don’t call themselves American.


America is quite simply being balkanized.  A Russian political scientist a few years back predicted that within the next fifty or so years, America would disintegrate and break up into several smaller countries; but America would be no more.

Multiculturalism is a myth, a lie, an invention of the far left to sooth their White Guilt Complex and ease their suffering while PUNISHING White America, because after all….that nasty White Privilege….they have too much anyway, thus killing two birds with one stone.  Separate cultures are for and from separate countries.  Multi racialism and multiculturalism are two different things and the left seems to simply lump them together because after all, isn’t everything warm and fuzzy and happy with magic dust, sprinkles and unicorns.  America can function just fine thank you with Whites, Blacks, Asian, Browns, you name it.  But to really, really believe in any way that different cultures a can be put together and live side by side under the same laws, same rules and same government is simply delusion and leads to the break up of nations.  But don’t take my word for it.  Simply look at history.  You know, the thing the left is trying so hard to destroy and sanitize right now.  If you look at Rome….its rise and fall you can see the effects of multiculturalism.  Look at modern day Belgium.  Look at what happened in after the breakup of Yugoslavia.

While all things being equal, different races have no problem, different cultures can live side by side ONLY when they are on opposite sides of a border; NOT within the same border.  It has repeatedly led to civil war, murder, death and destruction.  Ethiopia, and Sudan both come to mid where different cultures resorted to settling their differences by simply slaughtering one another including women and children with machetes and knives since only the military had guns and ammunition.  Is this REALLY where we want America to be in fifty years?  The entire Southwest part of Mexico?  After all it was a democrat who gave away the Panama Canal.  So why not the state of Texas and a few others.  What’s the big deal in the name of multiculturalism?  After all, now we are taught that Columbus was a murderous butcher and Thanksgiving was nothing more than a White sponsored bloodbath where the English killed the Indians.

Like it or not, the United States of America was founded as a Judaeo Christian Nation.  Our system of laws, the United States Constitution, even the Declaration of Independence ALL reference a Christian God.  Even our Founding Documents like the Federalist Papers, the Anti-Federalist Papers and other writings speak of a nation that worships God and is God-Fearing.  Our money, our mottoes, our federal buildings, prayers at the Supreme Court, the House and Senate, the chaplains are all Christian and ALL speak of God!

For over two hundred years, the United States stood as a great nation.  Powerful, independent and strong, with values and morals that allowed us to grow and prosper.  Founded as a Christian Nation, yet the Ten Commandments are not allowed to be displayed.  Crosses are out as is prayer in school.  These things BELONG in America and are part of the very fabric of this country!  The Constitution allows freedom OF religion, not freedom FROM religion.  As with every freedom in America, as long as you don’t yell “Fire” in a crowded movie theater, just turn the channel.

Atheists, Muslims and those on the far left seem to have an impassioned desire to destroy America, its values and traditions.  Barack Obama led a one man crusade to do just that.  Instead of working on unemployment, he was either golfing or raving about transgender bathrooms!  When my father was a child they prayed in school and had the Ten Commandments displayed in school.  It was so terrible that we split the atom, sent a man to the moon and started the computer revolution.  There was far less crime, far less hate and America was a safer place, a better place and a moral country.

I find it unacceptable that I am IMMEDIATELY labeled as a hater, or “anti” this or “anti” that because I love my White, European Heritage!  It’s MY heritage!  Yet when Blacks celebrate their heritage, it is a badge of honor an it is to be celebrated somehow and somehow it is superior to my heritage.  I am sick, sick, sick of it.  The  Black Lives Matter crowd wants reparations for Blacks, wants Whites to give all of their property and possessions to Blacks….simply because they are White and apparently Whites need to be stamped out as though we are vermin!  They cleverly and conveniently seem to forget that slavery, for example was going on all over the world when it was happening in America.  In fact it is still going on today and ironically it is dark skinned peoples making slaves of and trading Whites, mainly in the Middle East and North Africa.

They conveniently forget that slavery was practices in Africa for THOUSANDS OF YEARS and it was Blacks making slaves of other Blacks, raping, pillaging and plundering and yes enslaving each other!

The very same thing was done in North America by the American Indian, who, just as the Europeans did to them, went to war and used force to take the hunting grounds of other tribes and yes, took prisoners and made slaves of other American Indians, and also raped, pillaged, plundered and enslaved each other.  Conveniently, you’ll never see this taught in the left wing indoctrination centers we call public schools.  N. Never.  American Students are only taught about how evil Christopher Columbus was and how he made slaves of the Indians in the New World and how the Pilgrims who landed  at Plymouth Rock murdered the Indians.

Am I condoning these things?  No.  But I am not to judge what was happening at that time in history.  Raping, pillaging, plundering and enslaving today in 2017 is completely uncivilized and barbaric and is unacceptable by any standard.  However, in 1540 things were different.  In 1778 things were different.  In the 1860’s things were different.  Every era has its own idiosyncrasies and there is no doubt that if this world lasts another 100 years, anthropologists and sociologists will look back at us as barbarians!  They too will be  wrong; because you cannot apply contemporary standards and norms to past eras in history.  You just can’t do it.  It seems as though those on the left lack the gray matter to understand this.

At some point the madness needs to stop or we will not be a country any more.  When a country  has no borders, lacks a common language and culture, it ceases to exist.  It happened to Yugoslavia it happened to Rome and it WILL happen to the United States of America.  WE NEED  TO COME TOGETHER AS AMERICANS!  STOP waving the Mexican Flag!  STOP waving the Puerto Rican Flag!  If you love those places so much go back, or be an American and wave the American Flag!

If we really had a government that functioned and we really had political leaders who were elected and took their oath of office seriously, they would put a complete stop to ALL immigration for 10 or 15 years.  Of course we don’t and they won’t because they are not worried about you, me or the country.  They are only worried about how much they can lie, steal, cheat and line their pockets to get re-elected even if they never introduce a piece of legislation or author a bill.  It’s all about getting re-elected over and over and over until they wheel you out on a slab.  The Constitution never intended that; but that’s what we have today.  Self-serving vermin who are elected simply for their own enrichment and who are willing to surrender their values, ideals and morals on the altar of political correctness because THAT is how you get elected!
































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