So Which Is Better? Millions of Dead Koreans or Millions of Dead Americans?

Posted: September 6, 2017 in politics

Mushroom_Cloud_by_Wittman80Sadly, that’s the choice that President Donald J Trump faces.  It is an unfortunate Hobson’s Choice:  attack or don’t attack.  An ardent student of history and politics, I consider myself somewhat of an expert.  I have studied North Korea from its very inception on September 9, 1948, to the present…….through the three totalitarian, communist leaders and the anti-Americanism from Kim IL Sung to Kim Jong IL, to Kim Jong Un.

What many don’t realize is that the Kim regimes through the years have used nationalist propaganda to keep control of the populace, to prop up their regimes and to motivate the military and civilian populations.  In the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK), there is a constant air of war, as though the North Koreans are still at war with the United States and could be attacked any moment.   Of course public enemy number one, just as in the Middle East, is yep….you guessed it:  The United States of America.

Technically, they are still at war.  There was NEVER a formal peace treaty signed between North and South Korea and/or the United Nations and the United States.  What has been in effect since the end of the hostilities on July 27th, 1953 is a simple cease fire.  Yes, a cease fire, along with a demilitarized zone along the 38th Parallel which divides North and South Korea.

Since then, a small building has been built at the 38th parallel with a long conference table and chairs.  Inside, a truly surrealist scene plays out.  A North Korean Soldier stands on the north side of the building to prevent anyone crossing the border which runs through the middle of the building while a South Korean Soldier stands guard on the Southern side doing the very same thing.  They are armed with live ammunition and don’t speak to one another.  It is a tense, bizarre, hair trigger situation.

Over the years there have been numerous provocations by the North, with soldiers from the South sporadically killed in what the North has called “accidents” or “unfortunate incidents.”  There have also been some major naval actions between North and South Korea, but it seemed as though both understood what would happen if the cease fire were broken in a major way and escalated and all-out hostilities resumed.

Since the cease fire, South Korea has grown into an economic powerhouse; and is truly one of the largest economies in Asia.  Korean Culture and growth has flourished.  The government is a true democracy with a president, cabinet, etc… and regular elections.  South Korea’s capitol, Seoul, is a modern, cosmopolitan city with all of the modern conveniences of the West including mass transit, massive skyscrapers, etc…  South Korea has been a true success on every level and has shown the power of democracy and capitalism with companies like KIA, Hyundai and Samsung.  The South Korean People enjoy all of the freedoms of a free society….speech, religion, you name it as well as electronics like personal computers, cell phones,  and a wide variety of consumer goods.  Food is plentiful and the difference between the North and South are glaringly visible!  The city of Seoul looks in many ways just like the New York City!

The North, however, backed by the Soviet Union initially and later by China is a backward, destitute Hell hole with few major cities outside off Pyongyang.  Food and goods are scarce.  There are “Tourist Stores” for propaganda purposes that appear fully stocked with a myriad of wide ranging food and other items giving the illusion of a plentiful supply of food and goods.  However they are purely for show and the items are made of plastic, wood, etc…and no one is actually allowed in them.

North Korea is so poor, so backward and goods are in such short supply that when orbiting the Earth, astronauts have observed that South Korea is brilliantly lit at night, while nearly the entire whole of North Korea is dark due to electricity shortages.  Freedoms are savagely curtailed if there are any at all.  Aside from the military, starvation is the norm.  There are very few fat North Koreans.  Of course as I mentioned, the military is fed and housed relatively well since they are necessary to prop up the regime.

Kim on the other hand, along with his inner circle, lives a lavish lifestyle and has very expensive tastes.  He receives nothing but the best in food, liquor,entertainment, etc…and regularly feasts on foods like prime rib and reportedly has a penchant for Courvoisier Cognac and Western Whiskey.  He also reportedly has a sweet tooth, mainly for chocolate; but not just for regular chocolate.  No Hershey Bars here.   It’s only Swiss and Belgian Chocolate for Kim!

He has these items imported using the money he earns from counterfeiting U.S. and other currency and weapons technology sales as well as weapons themselves while the citizens of North Korea subsist on potatoes, turnips, and at times kill and eat dogs and cats that are unfortunate enough to pass their way. They are allowed to fish, but many parts of the country including streams and rivers are contaminated with toxic chemical wastes.

The regime also has an extensive trade relationship with its communist neighbor to the north; China.  Still, there are shortages of EVERYTHING…..EVERYTHING!  Clothing, food, personal items, ALL are constantly in short supply or are simply not available.  Amazingly enough, the deal President Bill Clinton made with North Korea in the 1990’s was supposed to help North Korea develop nuclear power for electricity generation.  Instead, it was used for the nuclear weapons program.

Life is bleak and harsh and even clothes are all shades of gray, aside from special groups and special days and celebrations.  Life is Orwellian with loudspeakers on poles everywhere spewing hatred of the South and America and the party line.  The entire population from cradle to grave is programmed with the party line and are constantly bombarded with lies and propaganda. There are ornate, mandatory celebrations with extravagant flags, bunting, parades, etc… for things like the founding of the nation and celebrating their “dear leader.”

Those who dissent are scooped up in the dead of night and find themselves in work camps which are simply Nazi-like concentration camps by another name.  A sentence to one of these camps is generally a death sentence.  Guards are sadistic and happily administer beatings, rape, torture and kill with impunity; sometimes just for fun and resemble the Soviet Gulags of old!  We have numerous first hand accounts because a small number of North Koreans manage to escape each year, even though the border is heavily guarded and soldiers are authorized to simply shoot to kill anyone trying to get in or out.

While South Korea built a free, open society, North Korea continued to fortify its Marxist Hell hole and build a huge military machine with the goal of one day, reunifying the peninsula under communist control.  On the South Korean Side of the DMZ, there is a huge mine field to impede the North if they ever decided to invade the South.  On the Northern Side there are literally thousands of self-propelled and towed artillery pieces.  Estimates are between 11,000 – 15,000, all within striking distance of the South Korean Capitol.  The vast majority are stored in caves and dug into mountain sides and would simply come out to fire and them go back into their shelters making them very difficult to target and destroy.

Though these weapons are all from communist or former communist countries including many  Soviet and Chinese guns, they are still effective and if unleashed would absolutely devastate the city of Seoul in minutes, killing hundreds of thousands if not millions of South Koreans in a matter of minutes and unlike missiles, there is no way to defend against artillery fire.  Kim has said he would level the city if provoked by the South or the United States.

Though South Korea does have a formidable military, if the North decided to open fire at Seoul with these artillery tubes, it would take time to knock them out.   The ROK (Republic of Korea) South Korean Military is stocked with modern U.S. Weapons like F-15 Fighters, a smaller, clone of the M-1 Abrams Main Battle Tank, Apache Helicopters, etc… Additionally, there are about 28,000 U.S. Combat Troops stationed in the ROK along with U.S. Air Force planes, equipment and personnel.  The United States has also stationed anti-ballistic missile systems such as the THAAD System and Aegis armed U.S. Naval Ships in the South to protect South Korea from missile attack.

Even with modern weapons, however, a ground war in North Korea would be difficult at best as Korean War Veterans know and was vividly illustrated in the documentary “Fire and Ice.”  The North is predominately rolling hills and mountains and craggy terrain which is very difficult to move and and doesn’t allow for the type of rolling maneuver that the U.S. Army prefers.  There would be no walls of armor sweeping through wide areas like there were in Desert Storm.  Maneuver is on one or two main roads of by helicopter or not at all.  Given that, the U.S. and South Korean Ground Advantages would be greatly nullified.

What’s left is air power and fortunately the United States Air Force has the ability to forward base in South Korea and Guam  as well as Japan and several other places to allow strikes on North Korea.  Further, strikes can be mounted from the CONUS with B-1B Lancers and B-2 Spirit Bombers using  in- flight refueling.  The immediate need would be to attack and knock out the North’s artillery pieces and ICBM launch sites along with R & D enters and scientific and technical facilities.  In some cases this could be done with thermobaric bombs, pgm’s, cruise missiles, bunker buster bombs and even low yield tactical nuclear weapons.


One thing is for sure, and that is if the United States decides to strike, it can’t be a pin prick, surgical strike because Kim has spread out his infrastructure and military assets across North Korea in an effort to keep them safe from attack.    They are spread out widely, underground or inside mountains.  The United States will have to commit to destroy all of the North’s Military Forces and capabilities and though regime change is NOT the goal or in the plan, it might end up being an unintended outcome.

So the Hobson’s Choice the president is left with is quite simple: Destroy the North Korean Military/industrial Complex, or allow Kim Jong Un to continue developing his nuclear, ballistic missile capabilities until he strikes the United States.  And he will.  Yes, eventually, he will.

This is an unbalanced little fat boy with a big chip on his shoulder and a lot of money, who has never been told “No,” coupled with absolute power who believes he is on the level of a God and also believes he must continue a war started by his grandfather.  A truly, TRULY dangerous situation!  He actually believes it’s his DUTY to destroy America!

Undoubtedly if there is an American Strike on North Korea there will be dead North Koreans; probably a lot of them!  To destroy on the scale required will undoubtedly and unfortunately, include collateral damage.  Is this a price America is willing to pay to remove the Sword of Damocles hanging over our heads? Or do we simply allow the North Koreans to continue on their path and wait until an American City is incinerated?

Would you want to be the American President who knew….KNEW that an enemy, rogue state was going to launch a nuclear attack on your country and you did nothing to stop it?  Of course the flip-side is, would you want to be the American President who killed potentially hundreds of thousands or millions of North Koreans in a preemptive strike?  It’s either…..or.  It’s a true Hobson’s Choice.

Then of course what if President Trump does nothing?  What if he allows Kim to continue to build up his military industrial complex and pump out more ICBM’s armed with thermonuclear warheads?  What if we continue to kick the can down the road?  What if then Kim actually does it and launches a nuclear attack on the United States?  What if it is accurate enough and it actually hots its target?  What if it hits Seattle or Los Angeles or San Fransisco or San Diego?  What if hundreds of thousands or a million Americans are killed in the attack?

We know what America’s publicly stated posture is and that is what doctrine calls “Massive Retaliation.”  America would retaliate with nuclear weapons and not with one or two, but with many.  North Korea would cease to exist.   What would the repercussions be with the regional powers?  China, South Korea, Japan, Taiwan…the United Nations?  Would America then be condemned by the world?   I have no doubt that President Trump would locate would the closest SSBN and launch perhaps one or two Trident Missiles.  They are MIRV’d and carry 8 warheads each.  So 16 separate targets would each get hit with a 100kt thermonuclear weapon.  There would be nothing left.  We’re now talking not, about bombing two cities like Hiroshima and Nagasaki and killing perhaps 250,000 people.  No.  Now, we’re talking about the complete destruction of a country.  Erasing it from the map.

It also begs another question and that is do we stop with North Korea?  If America decides it cannot sit by and allow nations to threaten nuclear attack on our country and launches a preemptive strike on North Korea is that the end?  What about Iran?  Iran and North Korea have, in fact been working and exchanging technology to build nuclear, ICBM’s.  If we decide to take out the North Korean Threat, do we also mount a preemptive strike on Iran?  What about Pakistan?  A Middle Eastern Country which harbored Usama Bin Laden and Al Qaeda and the Taliban.  An unstable federal government and unstable military and a terrorist haven?  Do we take them out as well?  Where does it stop?  Would India be on the list as well?

You see it becomes a slippery slope; yet, at the same time something MUST be done.  America cannot simply sit idly by and watch our enemy construct the weapon and fire it at one of our cities and do nothing.  The Constitution clearly outlines the primary job of the federal government and that is quite simply, to protect the people of the United States!  But does that mean the total destruction of another country?  If the federal government can’t keep Americans safe, then why do we need a federal government?  They failed on 9/11 at the World Trade Center.  They failed at the Pentagon.  They failed in Pennsylvania when the third plane slammed into the ground.  If an American City were struck by a nuclear weapon, do you really think the American People would stand for it?  Americans have always rallied when we were attacked, regardless of party affiliation.  Whether it was impressment of sailors and the War of 1812, the attack on Fort Sumter, the U.S.S. Maine, Pearl Harbor, or 9/11, Americans have always rallied around the president and h flag.  But if we knew an attack was coming and allowed it to happen, the government might face rebellion rather than unity.

As bad as a single American City being incinerated, it could be even worse.  What if Kim fires a high yield nuclear weapon not AT the United States, but OVER it?  This would create an EMP (electromagnetic pulse) which would fry every electrical circuit in the country, knocking out generators, transistors, circuit chips , you name it.  America would be plunged back into the nineteenth century in an instant!  Everything with an electric circuit would become useless.  No cars, television, radios, refrigeration, nothing!  The only things that would survive would be those things that were specially hardened against EMP, or in Faraday Cages.  Cars built without electronic ignition and modern electronics, say pre-1970 would still run, but they are few and far between.

While a strike on a city would be bad, and EMP attack would kill many, many more millions, perhaps 2/3 of the population.  There would be no running water, no hospitals, no emergency services.  It would be survival of the fittest, except for those who had prepared.  That handful of preppers would be the only ones with a real chance of any kind of normal existence.

President George H.W. Bush used diplomacy and talk toward North Korea and kicked the can down the road.  Bill Clinton used diplomacy and talk against North Korea and kicked the can down the road.  He made a deal where billions of dollars went to North Korea as payment for North Korea halting their nuclear program and developing civilian energy.  They took the money and ran and actually ACCELERATED their nuclear program!

George W. Bush KNEW the North Korean problem was getting more deadly!  He labeled North Korea along with Iran and Iraq as the “Axis of Evil.”   Sadly, once again, like his predecessors, Bush used talk and diplomacy and kicked the can down the road.   Lastly, Barack Hussein Obama appeased the North Koreans and sat by and watched North Korea detonate its first nuclear weapons. Of course, led by secretaries of state “Crooked Hillary” Clinton and later, John “Swiftboat Kerry”, Obama’s Administration again used talk and diplomacy and kicked the can down the road..

Meanwhile, North Korean Leaders from Kim IL Sung to Kim Jong Un have sat back and laughed at the United States and our seeming impotence to deal with them in any meaningful way.   Administration after administration used talk and diplomacy and unenforceable deals that North Korea immediately broke and got nowhere!  Nowhere!  Meanwhile the weapons programs continued while the population slowly starved.  The United Nations passed toothless resolutions that North Korea simply ignored because no one was willing to use military force to enforce them.

The situation in North Korea has truly illustrated that the United Nations is nothing more than a financial black hole used by nations to reward a chosen few special people at the top with diplomatic immunity to live in the United States in lavish style eating the best food, drinking champagne and being pampered while they party, talk and pass pointless, meaningless, impotent resolutions that have no power, no teeth and are nothing more that illustrations of annoyance by nations of the world.

Look at the “Kim” Regimes present and past.  Is it mental illness passed down genetically from one North Korean Leader to another?  Is it a form of induced psychosis?  Is it out of control nationalism or is it something else?  Perhaps delusions of grandeur or just plain insanity.  These imbeciles seem to actually believe their own propaganda, or at least they do a good job pretending!  Regardless, the North Koreans have broken every agreement they have made with  United States.  So why would any American President want to waste any more time or effort trying to make deal with these people?  They hate America.

They have to!  They simply have no choice, because without the American Boogeyman to direct all of their nationalistic fervor at, they would lose control of the people. Most people don’t realize that it seems as though the entire country of North Korea exists to hate America and one day destroy America.  Sad.  Twisted.  Scary!  How can an entire population be so very brainwashed and programmed?  The fact is that they are bombarded with anti-American Hatred, literally from the crib to the grave.  At home, in school, in public, it is always “Hate America,” and “The U.S.” is the enemy.  In town squares there are posters and billboards spouting anti-American propaganda.  At times they even refer to Americans as “Yankees,” hearkening back to the early days of the Cold War when North Korea was founded in 1948.

It is almost inborn and is a universal truth in the country that everyone hates America and one day the “dear leader” will destroy the “Yankees.”  The question is, will President Trump let him?  Or will he cross his fingers and hope Kim’s words are just bluster and like all of his predecessors, try to kick the can down the road?  The problem is that the can has almost totally disintegrated and we are at the end of the road.









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