DACA: Americans Are Dreamers Too!

Posted: September 5, 2017 in politics

We heard about it from our former Muslim, Marxist President, Barack Hussein Obama as far back as 2011, when he told an audience on Univision that he “Didn’t have the authority to grant amnesty and that Congress would have to send him something to sign because that’s the way the system works.”  A few short years later Barack Hussein Obama, the most recent American President who held the U.S. Constitution in complete contempt; signed an executive order allowing the so called “Dreamers” to stay in the U.S. for a limited time.  They would be “off the radar” and could live and work and go to school in the U.S. without fear of deportation.  Well, the executive order expired yesterday and the issue is now in President Trump’s hands.

dreamers_daca_eu_0What is DACA and who are these “Dreamers?”  DACA stands for Deferred Action against Childhood Arrivals.  The idea was that when many illegal aliens from Mexico entered the U.S., they brought their children with them and they also became illegal aliens through no fault of their own; so it was not fair to punish them, even though immigration law makes no distinction.  Illegal is illegal.  Again, these people, the “Dreamers,” nearly a million of them were brought here as children when their parents illegally sneaked into the country.  As a result they were in America through no fault of their own, but are just as illegal as their parents who brought them here.

Obama and the left simply wanted to grant these million people blanket amnesty since they were brought here, willingly or not.  Obama signed an executive order called the “Dream Act,” which allowed these illegals to stay in America with no fear of deportation for a limited period of time as long as they were in school or the military and had no serious criminal convictions.  The problem is that the executive order was and is illegal.  The executive branch and specifically the president has no power to do what Obama did.  That power rests with the Congress.

President Trump has said “We love the Dreamers.”  He also campaigned on “America First.”  So he has taken the road to an elegant solution.  He decided he will take no action on DACA for six months.  This will allow Congress six months to act and send him legislation to sign to save the “Dreamers.”  If they don’t, these people will all be deported as U.S. Immigration Law dictates.

While this is an elegant solution for the president, in actuality it creates several problems.  The first is that right now, today, DACA is illegal.  Not six months from now, but today; so these people all remain in the U.S. as illegal aliens.  Second, President Trump ran on a comprehensive platform of “America First” and “Make America Great Again.”  Allowing the Dreamers to stay in the U.S., even handing this off to Congress is in direct conflict with this platform.  Trump should keep the promises he made to his supporters and deport all one million of them.  It’s important to remember, this is NOT Trump’s doing.  It is OBAMA who created this problem by signing the executive order that he crafted.

If President Trump deports these million people, he is simply following the law.  A law that I might add, HE did not write, or sign!  As former DHS Secretary Kelly said to Congress, there are many, many immigration laws which have been sent to various presidents and signed into law over the past two hundred plus years.  If you don’t like the immigration laws Congress, change them.  But we DO HAVE LAWS on the books that are legal and lawful and the Trump Administration WILL BE ENFORCING THE LAWS.

There are also many misconceptions surrounding DACA.  These “Dreamers” are not, NOT as it is often asserted, young children.  YES, there are some young children; but the vast majority of the “Dreamers” are twenty five years old, or older.  The left would have us believe these are a million eight year olds, which is simply not true.  The left uses this to play on people’s emotions.  However, the United States is a nation of laws.  We are NOT a nation of emotions.  LEGALLY, these “Dreamers” all should be sent home regardless of age or when they arrived.

As far as breaking up families, it is NOT U.S. Immigration Law that would be breaking up families, but the parents who brought these children to America when they sneaked in illegally.  If they don’t want their families broken up the answer is simple.  They should return home with the Dreamers.  After all, they are illegals as well and are the people responsible for smuggling their children illegally into the U.S.!

YES, these people have attended American Schools, etc… and many have lived here most of their lives.  They have goals and hopes and yes, dreams.  But what about all of the people who are in line, LEGALLY, doing things the right way trying to LEGALLY become U.S. Citizens?  Are their dreams any less important?  Moreover, what about my son?  He is fifteen and just entered high school.  He has hope, goals, aspirations and dreams as well and he was born here, to a family that can trace its lineage all the way back to 1754!  What about HIS dreams?  Are they any less important?  Should he be punished because he was born in America?  Should others be punished because they are trying to LEGALLY become citizens?

Lastly, another major issue with the “Dreamers’ whether you agree with amnesty for them or not is simple economics.  The average “Dreamer” is twenty five years old.  They are prime working age and entering the economy.  They are competing against people who ARE here legally and are willing to take jobs for less money in lucrative fields as not to “rock the boat” because they are here illegally.  It boils down to the fact that illegals, even college educated illegals taking jobs from legal Americans.  This is simply in direct conflict with “America First.”

It’s important to remember that while the Mexican Government is completely against the U.S./Mexican Border Wall proposed by President Trump, Mexico has its own wall on its southern border!  It’s also important to remember that Mexico has STRICT, Draconian immigration laws and illegal immigrants are IMMEDIATELY DEPORTED and in some cases are shot.  Yes, I said shot by the Mexican Army who patrols the southern border.  Mexico does not have nor allow “Dreamers” from Costa Rica, or Guatemala or El Salvador, etc…

Mexico does not care about emotions or the dreams of illegal aliens.  They are dealt with swiftly and harshly.  In Mexico, illegals DO NOT get education, food, medical care or shelter!  In fact the majority of the nations of the world have similar immigration policies.  Those are facts!  It’s also a simple fact that if you don’t have borders then you don’t have a country.

The bottom line is that there are an estimated one million “dreamers” in the U.S.  They were brought here illegally.Their parents are illegal aliens.  THEY are illegal aliens.  How long will the United States Government continue to reward criminals while at the same time punishing those who abide by the law?  President Trump said he was going to change the status quo and work every day for the American People.  He pledged that every decision he took would be done with the American People in mind and whether or not it was good for America.  Well….how can it be good for America, American Workers and American Students to reward illegal aliens for breaking the law?  What’s next…..government checks for bank robbers?  Just sayin’.























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