When? Can Somebody Please Tell Me When?

Posted: February 26, 2017 in politics


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When did this country become so polarized that we can’t even talk anymore?  When did saying certain words offend people so badly we would have to make laws to stop them from being said?  When did we decide free speech was only allowed in “free speech zones?”  When did free speech and freedom of expression leave our college campuses?  When did our colleges and universities decide we needed “safe zones?”  When did Americans decide that someone else owed them something for nothing?  When did we decide that every little group in America had special “rights” even if they were mentioned no where in the Constitution?  When did we decide that murdering babies was healthcare?  When did we decide that American Citizens shouldn’t be allowed to have a gun?  When did we decide to take away the freedom of speech of people whose speech we disagree with? When did we decide that if one American committed a crime, all others must also be punished?  When did we decide that if we don’t like an idea it should be suppressed or even outlawed or destroyed?  When did we decide we have the right to impose our values on everyone else?

When did we decide that our country no longer need or had borders?  When did we decide it was just fine for some people to break the law and be rewarded while others were punished?  When did we decide that groups of people were allowed to do whatever they wanted with no repercussions?  When did we decide that American Citizens had no right to decide what they put in their bodies?  When did we decide that people should be elected to office on the because of their skin color or sex?  When did we decide that one’s sexual orientation gave them special rights not afforded them anywhere in the law?  When did we decide that the Constitution was old, outdated and just a nice notion? When did we accept the notion that the government knows best?  When did communism and socialism become fashionable in our free republic?  When did our public schools become indoctrination centers for the left?  When did political correctness destroy common sense in America and when will we wake up and stop the insanity?  When did we decide as a nation to ban certain words?  When did the United States Constitution become invalid?

When did we decide that only some people can exercise their religious freedom and others would be punished for exercising theirs?  When did we decide that controlling our borders like every other nation on Earth made us evil?  When did we decide that we had no control over who entered our country?  When did America become the Make-A-Wish Foundation for the rest of the planet?  When did it become bad to call America’s enemies by name?  When did it become acceptable to treat every religion with respect accept Christianity?  When did we decide that forty year old men had the right to go into the restroom with ten year old girls?  When did we decide that men and women who like to play “dress up” and pretend they are the opposite sex had Constitutional Rights?

When did we decide that the climate didn’t go through natural cycles but that man was destroying the Earth?  When did it become “truth” that man was responsible for climate change even though there have been scandals, falsified data and lies by advocates?  When did it become acceptable for the main stream media to take sides and back one political party over another?  When did it become acceptable for the media to act as a wing and attack dog for one particular political party?  When did we decide that a former politician with no scientific training was the global expert on the Earth’s climate?  When did people decide to follow him as though he were a Messiah even after all of his predictions were proven wring?  When did it become acceptable for the media to invent then news to match their narrative? When did colleges and universities stop being places for debate and discussion and the free flow of ideas and turn into communist lecture halls?  When did Americans  become so closed minded they refused to even LISTEN to another view point?  When did the Tenth Amendment to the United States Constitution disappear?  When did Americans decide they have the right to force their ideas on other citizens?

When did we decide to accept the idea that the government can force Americans to purchase goods and services even though the Constitution forbids it?  When did we decide to punish Americans who refuse to comply? When will  we wake up and return to what made this country great?  When will we return to our senses and live within our means?  When will we start treating each other with decency and respect and stop believing we all have special rights?  When will we stop trying to force our ideas and beliefs on others?  When did we become so divided that when we disagree with someone, we simply label them, then marginalize them, then vilify them?  When did things become Constitutional even when they’re clearly not?  When did we start respecting Saul Alinsky and Cloward & Piven and stop respecting Washington, Jefferson and Adams?  When will we simply start living by the Founding Documents, ideas, values and traditions that made America the greatest nation in the world?  And when…….when will we come together not as hyphenated Americans, but as Americans and will we do it before it’s to late, or will we destroy ourselves in a second civil war?


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