The Witch Hunt Has Begun And The Witches Look Like Russians!

Posted: February 15, 2017 in politics


Run!  Run!  Run!  Duck and cover!  The Russians are coming!  The Russians are coming!   Yep.  It’s time.  It was fun while it lasted.  The change… I mean REAL CHANGE that the silent majority wanted and was just on the cusp of is all but over now.  President Donald Trump I predict will continue to become more and more impotent until he completely loses the ability to govern.  Then, just as he is about to be impeached, he will resign a la Richard Nixon and he will simply become a hiccup in American History.


The good ole’ boys will take control again and the globalist agenda will march on without skipping a beat.  You don’t think so?  Wake the fuck up sheeple!!!  It’s happening right now before your very eyes!  Donald Trump’s election signaled the end.  The end of globalism, business as usual and the people working for the government instead of vice versa.  It was nothing but absolute PURE FOLLY to think ANYONE could change the direction of the hijacked ship that is America.  If you are ANYTHING other than left of center, this country is quite simply UNGOVERNABLE.


Yes Donald Trump won a HUGE electoral victory in November.  But the vast majority of the government never changes.  90% of the government is made up of career civil servants.  More than half of them are yes, you guessed it…LIBERALS!  So they can slow or even stop a republican president dead in his tracks.  If they don’t like his agenda they can take time implementing it or refuse to implement it.  They can leak like a sieve important government information.  They can basically make it so the president is nothing more than a mouthpiece for his entire term.


We are seeing that today.  We already saw it i the justice department where Sally Yates simply refused to defend the president in court.  Why?  because she disagreed with his policy.  THAT is he problem.  Who the Hell is Sally Yates to decide SHE is not going to defend the president and do her job?  FUNNY, NO CONSERVATIVE EVER DID THIS TO OBONGO!  No, we play by the rules like good little sheep while when the liberals get the chance they shit all over us!  All Trump could do was fire her.  In the meantime, his agenda is stalled.  The same thing happened in part to GW Bush when he was president.  What you end up with is a massive, uncontrollable monster that has its own agenda and simply does what it wants to do.  That’s why the Founders NEVER envisioned such a large government, but rather a small, efficient government.  Quite simply the federal government needs to be cut in half.


You must realize that Trump is also fighting the media.  Look at his  executive order for a temporary ban on entry to the USA from 7 countries previously identified by the Obongo Administration.  He was completely within his rights legally to do what he did, but a liberal court with no authority stopped him.  The liberal media at the same time went on the attack and IMMEDIATELY BEGAN MISCHARACTERIZING THE EO AS A MUSLIM BAN WHICH IT WAS NOT!  Again, the career government people are majority liberal and Trump will have to fight his own government  every step of the way to get anything done; while at the same time attacking the main stream media.


It’s no mistake that the fastest growing area of the country is in the greater suburbs of Washington DC in Maryland and Virginia and that same area is solid democrat.  The area is demographically, almost all government employees.  Their jobs pay well, with pensions and great benefits and they are recession proof.  While the rest of the country suffered over the past 9 years, they were insulated and prospered.


I’ll go further.  If you are ANYWHERE right of center, you are out of luck, because no matter WHAT you win on or what you try to do; you will fail because the MASSIVE  I mean MASSIVE leviathan that is the government complex will simply keep moving o  like a juggernaut gobbling up civil rights and eating up the Constitution until we live in a total and complete totalitarian state where even the “illusion” of freedom is gone.I was in high school when President Ronald Reagan was in the White House.


Let’s face it.  Trumps election was a COMPLETE AND UTTER FLUKE!  By ANYONE’S account, Hillary Rodham Clinton as supposed to be elected, PERIOD!  Even the DNC knew it and helped destroy the candidacy of Senator Bernie Sanders.  It was written into the master plan the day Obongo was elected.  She was the “heir apparent.”  When the silent majority finally woke up and went to the polls in record numbers to give Donald Trump a huge electoral win, the apple cart was not just upset; it was blown up!


The democrats didn’t want Trump!  The independents didn’t want Trump!, The liberals didn’t want Trump!, The republicans didn’t want Trump! , The good ole’ boys didn’t want Trump!, The Globalists DEFINITELY didn’t want Trump!, ONLY the middle class American…..the poor slob who gets up for work every day, crushes it in the morning to get the kids fed and off to the liberal government/education complex school and then suffers through terrible traffic on roads that are unfit to drive on only to arrive at a dead end job with wages that haven’t really increased since the early 1970’s.  HE IS THE ONE WHO ELECTED TRUMP!


Perhaps mo0st importantly, he is WHITE.  WHITE!  Yes, I said it!  He is White and he is SICK of hearing about the “rights” of minorities that have been created out of hole cloth by past liberal governments; while is rights are slowly eroded because of his skin color!  These are the people who see “White Shaming” going on at our colleges and universities where our kids are being indoctrinated to believe that somehow, because they were born White, they are guilty for all of the evils in America and they should drown in “White Guilt.”  Even worse if they are men, because they are automatically predators.  If they haven’t already done it, they will become rapists, misogynists and haters in general.  Yes, the White Male is enemy number one to the left and those White Males and their wives and girlfriends have had enough and they voted by the millions for Trump!


Now we must deal with all of the garbage, lies and deception that all of those who DID NOT want Trump spew daily verbally, in print, online and on television.  Trump is an idiot!  Trump is a puppet of the Russians!  Trump has no clue!  Trump is a fascists!  You name it!  Next, it will be that Trump is the Anti-Christ!  All you have to know is that Donald J Trump is the focus of evil in the world, EVERYWHERE, ALL OF THE TIME!  THAT is the message of the left, the globalists and everyone else that didn’t want Trump!


It’s much the same as when Ronald Reagan was elected.  Ronaldus Magnus was the first president I voted for.  I actually met him and was able to shake his hand when I was a Washington Intern in 1986.  I remember the rhetoric that was around then.  Reagan was a war monger!  Reagan was going to blow up the world!  Reagan wanted war with the Soviets!  It never happened and of course ALL of this sage wisdom was coming from the left.  After all, where else would it come from?  Yes, according to the American Left, Reagan was a warmonger who wanted to destroy the innocent communists in the USSR who just wanted nothing more than Detente and peaceful coexistence.  Why, the left would have let the Russians take over Canada and Mexico and would have justified it!  That was then.


Fast forward 40 years to 2017 and NOW, the American Left sees Russians EVERYWHERE!  King Obongo famously said to candidate Mitt Romney during a presidential debate “The 80’s called and they want their foreign policy back.”  This after Romney said that the Russians were the biggest foreign policy issue the United States was facing.  Now, they are  Lurking around the White House, sabotaging elections, looking for war, compromising NSC Director Flynn, compromising President Trump, they are so evil they MUST be stopped!  WOW!  What a change!  The Russians went from being the darlings of the left to the “Evil Empire,” that President Reagan once spoke of.  But how does this happen?  How do you go from a love to a hate relationship in such a short span?  The American left is screaming about Ukraine, the Crimea, provocations by Russian Aircraft, you name it!  The American Left has gone from almost complete surrender to war mongering with Russia!


Now General Mike Flynn, a real American Hero has been destroyed by the left because he was in contact with the Russians during the campaign and may have violated the 1799  Logan Act which was passed because a state legislator pursued diplomacy with France.  The Logan Act!  OOOOOOH!  A law from the 1790’s that NO ONE has EVER been prosecuted under.  Imagine that!   Meanwhile the liberal press doesn’t mention the fact that the BIGGER crime is that Mike Flynn  was illegally recorded as an American Citizen which is completely illegal.  While the government is well within its rights to intercept foreign calls like the Russian Ambassador, when and if there is an American on the other end, when he speaks, they must shut off the recorder until he is finished speaking.  It is illegal to record an American Citizen without a warrant.


So who in the Obama Administration went to the FISA Court and got a warrant?  Probably no one.  Or is the FBI going rogue again?  The fact is Flynn should NEVER have been recorded and was well within his rights to speak to the Russians since it was within his job description and would make perfect sense to break the ice and speak with counterparts.  So who in the Obama Administration should be prosecuted?  Maybe Jim Comey?  But Mike Flynn should still be on the job and this is much adieu about nothing!


Then the mainstream news is all abuzz because there is a Russian Spyship70 miles off the east coast of the United States.  Oh no!  Are they spying on us?  Maybe they are friends of Trump?  What are they doing and what’s the connection?  What did the president know and when did he know it?  THOSE are the type of yellow journalist headlines we are seeing ESPECIALLY on cable news networks when EVERYONE KNOWS, they are 70 miles off our coast.  I mean it’s getting to the point of absolute hysteria!  We declare 12 miles as U.S. Territory.  So they are well within their rights to be there.  Not to mention, we do the very same thing to the Russians all of the time!  During the cold war we used a submarine to tap into0 an underwater cable INSIDE Soviet Territory and listen to ALL of their calls!  But the media makes this spyship out to spell gloom and doom!


The we see at the same time that oh no!  Russian Fighter Jets are buzzing U.S. Aircraft Carriers and ships in the Black Sea and elsewhere!  Cable news is playing the pictures over and over again! They seem to forget that the Russians did THE VERY SAME THING TO OBAMA and they said nothing.  The mainstream media yawned and moved on.  But now there is a republican in the White House and they are buzzing our ships!  oh no!  The sky is falling!  What would they have us do  Maybe shoot them down and start a war?  While Lindsey Gramnesty and John McShame, his butt buddy would love that, the rest of the world wouldn’t!


And even worse!  Oh No!  Others in the Trump Administration have also been in contact with the Russians during the campaign.  Now many of these people had business dealings with Russia for many years before they even THOUGHT about politics!  So you would think it would only be natural for them to be in contact with the Russians.  Nope!  Sorry!  There’s a man in the White House who the powers that be don’t want there; so the MUST be something nefarious going on!  And when you look at the imbeciles who suddenly want to “investigate” the Trump Administration, you see an all star cast of court jesters and complete buffoons like John McShame…. oops I mean McCain and Lindsay Gramnesty….I mean Graham!  Only Utah Congressman Jason Chafetz had the balls to say that Flynn had resigned and it’s done.  There’s no need for an investigation.


The dumbocrats led by that champion of justice, John Lewis who still thinks it’s 1964 almost had a stroke on television yesterday when he was talking about a crisis that could completely destroy thew republic!  I thought his head was going to explode!  My God, this was the end of the United States and was worse than Watergate!  Trump was the next Nixon according to Lewis and the democrats and he MUST be thoroughly investigated!  Funny this same, completely partisan, ass clown had nothing to say about Hillary Clinton’s NUMEROUS issues from Benghazi to her email problems!  They see an opening and now they’re going to take it.  There’s blood in the water and they will now use a crowbar to pry open the administration and destroy it!  An administration that has not even been in office a full month is under full scale attack from all sides!  Seems to me he must be doing something right!


And oh, by the way……just nevermind that Hillary Clinton had the REAL Russian Connection with the company called Uranium One where she, in her capacity as United States Secretary of State basically sold almost all of our uranium to the Russians for a kickback…oops I mean donation to the Clinton Foundation!  Where was John Lewis then?  Where was Lindsey Graham and John McCain then?  Nope.  That was just fine.  A ok, because after all, the United States doesn’t need any of threat pesky uranium lying around anyway.  It would be used for nuclear weapons and we don’t like those so let the Russians have all the uranium they want. Wonderful.  The Russians could launch nuclear weapons at America and the warheads would use our own uranium!!!  Way to go Hillary!  Another one of her outstanding achievements as secretary of state!


There was no inquiry, no investigation, not a peep from ANYONE!  But somehow, we are to believe that Vladimir Putin is basically running the White House through his puppet, President Trump!  Fake news?  How about fake media?  How about the powers that be basically creating news and creating the narrative they want Americans to believe.  The narrative that the average slob will buy, hook line and sinker because he gets his news from the lame stream media.


Well, the key is simple.  There is a republican in the White House.  This republican is a republican no one wants except the middle class an the witch hunt has begun.  Trump will be resisted from every corner of the government:  republicans, democrats and of course the massive governmental bureaucracy itself.  Will he be able to govern?  His enemies are taking aim at everyone around him one by one and knocking them off.  How will he get any legislation passed?  I guess we’ll see.  In the meantime, stay tuned.  Who knows what will happen next!  Maybe Jimmy Hoffa will show up in the White House and the media will tell us he has been a secret Trump adviser!


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