Can You Hear Them?

Posted: February 1, 2017 in politics




Can you hear that beautiful sound?  It’s the sound of liberal, democrat, progressive left wing ass hats’ heads exploding all over America.  They must truly be in a tizzy!  Or maybe they’re in mourning.  One of my wife’s relatives told her she “has a heavy heart” and is “so sad she just doesn’t know what to do.”  Why you ask?  The answer is quite simple and is only two words:  Donald Trump!

Now perhaps all of those wonderful liberal, democrat, progressive, left wing ass hats know how it feels.  Now they know how conservatives like me felt when Barack Hussein Obama, whom I affectionately refer to as:  His Royal Highness, the Kenyan Prince,  Barry Hussein Obongo was elected, not once, but TWICE!  But why?  After all, those on the left felt like Obongo was the Messiah, or at least THEIR Messiah.  The rest of America, roughly 50%, not so much, much like it is with President Trump.


And why?  Why would conservatives have been so sad, beside themselves, had such heavy hearts and been so profoundly sad?  Well, for the exact OPPOSITE reasons liberals today feel that way about Trump’s presidency.  Conservatives worried that Obama would try and curtail the Second Amendment; and he did.  In fact he signed several executive orders because a republican Congress thwarted his attempts at legislation at every turn.


We feared religious rights would be curtailed and they were, especially for Catholics, whom Obongo took every opportunity to attack as he did in the Little Sisters of The Poor case and Catholic Charities.  He also attacked religion in the Hobby Lobby Case.  Conservatives worried that Obongo would do what he promised and according to the Silverback, aka Michelle Obongo would “Have to change the customs and the traditions of this country.”  Obongo redefined gender, flip flopped on same sex marriage, decided what laws he would and would not enforce and stretched the very limits of laws like Title IX and the ability of the president to issue executive orders! At the same time acted as though this nation had no borders and allowed hundreds of thousands of ILLEGAL ALIENS into America!


Obama championed everything conservatives feared and had he been allowed to appoint a THIRD supreme court justice, would have guaranteed that America was as he said, “fundamentally transformed” for generations to come. He even emptied out the Military Prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba except for a handful of prisoners who are so bad even their own countries wouldn’t take them back!  Indeed, Obongo did everything he could to keep his promises to HIS base.  In the last 11 days, President Trump has done exactly the same thing.  Well, maybe not exactly.  He hasn’t TRIED to keep his promises.  He has actually KEPT them!  Perhaps most amazingly of all, in 11 DAYS!  11 DAYS!


Indeed Trump solidified his bona fides even further today, when he nominated Colorado, Tenth Circuit Court Judge Neil Gorsuch to fill Antonin Scalia’s Seat on the Supreme Court.  And of course this caused the liberal, left wing, progressive democrat heads to explode even more since he believes as Scalia did that the United States Constitution is NOT as liberals believe, a “living document” but rather a static document, written over 240 years ago and means today exactly what it meant then and if you want to change it, that’s fine.  There’s a process to do that: Constitutional Amendment.


Conservatives are so very happy tonight and liberals so “deeply saddened” because Judge Gorsuch DOES NOT see the right of a mother to murder her unborn baby in the Constitution.  Judge Gorsuch DOES NOT see the right of a homosexuals to marry one another in the Constitution.  Conversely, he DOES see a right to bear arms and a right to privacy.  That doesn’t mean there can’t be abortion. Because after all, liberals believe that 54,000,000 murdered Americans isn’t enough.  No, it simply means that laws made about abortion are to be left to the states as the Founders intended in the Tenth Amendment.  The same with homosexual marriage, transgender bathrooms and the 55 mile an hour speed limit.  That is the whole purpose of the Tenth Amendment.


What Obongo and  liberal, progressive, left wing democrats never understood and still don’t understand is that the Constitution was devised to create a limited government.  Not an all encompassing government! That’s why the Founders embodied the principles of federalism!  They never understood the idea that the Constitution doesn’t take power from the states and the people, but rather was GIVEN powers by the states ad the people which is WHY the Tenth Amendment says “All powers not included…..are returned back to the states and the people.”


Liberals believe in the concept of state supremacy, where the federal government in Washington, D.C. is supreme to all of the states, localities and the people; strangely similar to the way governments functioned in the USSR and still function today in communist and socialist nations.


Yes, when Obongo was coronated the left wing Messiah, you called us “whackoes,”  “right wing extremists” who were clinging to our Bibles and our guns.  We were “haters,” “racists” and misogynists if we didn’t agree with Obongo.  But we didn’t protest, we didn’t block his cabinet picks or supreme court nominations, nor did we boycott his inauguration.  No, we acted like rational, traditional,  Americans.


However; as Obongo told Senator John McCain during the healthcare talks, “Too bad John.  Guess what.  Elections have consequences and you guys lost!”  In saying it, he said it in a particularly nasty, ignorant, condescending  way as though he really believed in his narcissistic perfection.  As a result he rammed through Obamacare without a single republican vote and now it is collapsing under its own weight just as we on the right predicted.  We didn’t save $2500.00 a year.  We could not keep our doctor.  We could not keep our plan.  When we dared to say those things were untrue, Obongo said “These things are all lies and distortions put forth by the right and Fox News.”  Were they?  Sadly, we were right.


So I will conclude by saying to the left wing, liberal, progressive democrats to simply, put down your legalized marijuana and STOP!  PLEASE STOP!  Stop the whining.  Stop the complaining.  Stop the hand wringing.  Stop the crying and sobbing.  Stop telling us about how your little snowflake hearts are breaking.  Stop the obstruction.  Because we on the right don’t care.  That’s right, we don’t give two shits!  Just like you on the left didn’t give two shits about us when we complained about Obongo and his vice president,that “scrappy kid from Scranton,” Jumpin’ Joe Biden.  It’s only been two weeks and we’re already sick of you.  You lost.  Grow up and get over it and get over yourselves! NOW IT’S OUR TURN AND WE HAVE A HUGE JOB REPAIRING ALL OF THE DAMAGE YOU HAVE DONE FOR THE PAST 8 YEARS!



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