Democrats: From Sore Losers To Anarchists

Posted: January 16, 2017 in politics

thlewisYes, John Lewis was involved in the Civil Rights Movement in the 1960’s with Martin Luther King. Yes he suffered the persecution that all Southern Blacks suffered in the American South in that era. Yes, he was a brave man of principle who stood with Dr. Martin Luther King and others to fight for Black Civil Rights.  In the Black Community he is legendary.

So how can someone with such credentials become so petty?  How can he feel that he has the right to disrupt the system? Disrespect tradition?  Disrespect decorum?  Yes, he may have strong feelings but just who does he think he is?  He is a U.S. Representative from the district that encompasses the Atlanta, Georgia area; a  district where he has done little to nothing to help his constituents except continue to get re-elected based on unfulfilled promises based on his name and association with Martin Luther King, whose coattails he rides back to Washington every two years.

When does enough become enough?  I get it.  John Lewis doesn’t like Donald Trump.  He doesn’t like republicans….ANY republicans.  He especially doesn’t like the fact that in his words, the words of the American Left and the lame stream media, the election was “hacked.”  Although none of them can tell us exactly what that means, they continue to repeat it a la Joseph Goebbels.  If you repeat the lie enough, people will believe it.  It worked well in Nazi Germany.

NEVER BEFORE has there been a concerted, consistent, official campaign aimed at a president elect in an attempt to marginalize and wound him even before he takes office!  In fact, the VERY SAME PEOPLE WHO WERE APPALLED THAT TRUMP SAID HE MIGHT NOT RESPECT THE OUTCOME OF THE ELECTION  are now doing the EXACT SAME THING!  I have decided I will now call Representative Lewis a Niggacrite, because clearly he is a hypocrite and he is not acting like a patriotic, responsible, Black American. He is acting like a thug, scumbag, street nigger.  So he is a Niggacrite, as are any all other Blacks who follow him! When Barack Hussein Obama started discussions about Obamacare, he turned to John McCain and said bluntly, “Ah John, you lost ok.  Elections have consequences and you guys lost.” Well, this time, the democrats lost.  Get over it!

When Obama was elected many republicans truly believed it would spell the end of the United States as a democratic republic and Obama would permanently send America toward a socialist end!  We were genuinely angry and scared!  Yet there were no mass protests or demonstrations! No protests in Washington trying to shut down the inauguration! No one on the right boycotted the inauguration.  There were no calls that Obama was illegitimate even though there were many unanswered questions about his past…. many which remain unanswered today!  No,  republicans did what they always do and played by the rules.  They followed the traditions in place for over 220 years, acted with respect and courtesy and worked within the system to oppose Obama.

The time for the democrats, anarchists and all the rest of the anti-Trump hate groups to make their voices heard was on election day in November!  Where were they then?  Why didn’t they vote?  NOW is not the time to complain or protest!  It’s time for them to do the same thing they told US when Obongo was elected and unite and support the new president!  Instead, they have decided to act like petulant children taking a temper tantrum!  I wonder what would have happened if the right and libertarians had done all of these things when Obongo was elected?  Mass demonstrations?  Rioting?  Attempts to disrupt the inauguration and shut down Washington?  I wonder what the democrats would have said?

Congressman Lewis and other democrats have implemented a clear, total destruction strategy of all out slash and burn!  John Lewis seems to think that he’s some anointed “special” person.  Great.  He is a civil rights legend.  Great!  That doesn’t give him the right to say anything he wants to!  It doesn’t give him the right to slander and/or defame someone based on his own opinions which are at this point, wildly partisan!  They have decided they will destroy Trump and the republicans at any cost!  They criticized the republicans and all they did was oppose Obama!  They are trying to DESTROY Trump, both personally and professionally.  I hope they remember what they are doing because it will be interesting to see their reaction when the same things are done to their next electoral college winner!

Instead, the entire left wants to run around, clinging to their fabrication that the election was “hacked”  by the Russians! The fact is that no vote tallies were affected.  No votes were changed.  No voting machines or tabulations were affected.  What was actually “hacked,” was the DNC and the email accounts of high level Clinton Election Staffers like John Podesta.  As a result, information was passed on to Wikileaks.  The information was damning to the Clinton Campaign on many levels, but none of it was denied.  The truth came out.  That’s it.  The truth.  Funny, but the Pentagon Papers were hailed as ground breaking and important as they revealed the truth.  But the truth is revealed about HRC and it is the worst thing in history!

Regardless of who hacked the Clinton Campaign, the Russians, some twenty something living in his parents’ basement or little green men from Mars, or whomever, the truth came out about HRC and many of her plans, ideas ad campaign plans.  She was revealed as the nasty, mean-spirited, vindictive, scheming liar many people thought she was.  The American People got to see the REAL Hillary Clinton.  So where is the crime?  Where is the evil?  Did the TRUTH about HRC sway people to vote for Donald Trump?  Maybe.  Maybe not.

Her own actions and words did enough to damage to her campaign to cost her the election.  Whether it was the email server scandal, the Uranium One Deal with the Russians, the accusations of influence pedaling with the Clinton Foundation or her promise to continue the failed policies of Barack Hussein Obama, or Benghazi or any number of things.  She was defeated, fair and square! She ran a horrible campaign with recycled ideas, nothing new and the same old left-wing tax and spend mantra and the American People INCLUDING minority voters, independents and even many disaffected democrats have simply had enough!

The democrats like John Lewis laughed and joked about Mitt Romney when Obama insulted him in the 2008 presidential debates by saying “Mitt, the eighties called and they want their foreign policy back.” Obama reveled in lampooning Romney when he said the Russians were one of our greatest adversaries and were our biggest foreign policy challenge.  Yet today, even after HRC’s famous “Russian Reset,” Lewis and every other lefty see Russian Spies hiding in the bushes and around every corner!

-Funny, but John Lewis said NOTHING when Donald Trump was hacked and parts of his income tax returns were made public.

-John Lewis said NOTHING when it was discovered that Hillary had been fed debate questions ahead of time from CNN via Donna Brazile.

-John Lewis said NOTHING when it was discovered that the HRC Campaign was assisted in destroying Senator Bernie Sanders’ Campaign by the DNC led by Debbie Wasserman Schultz.

–  John Lewis said NOTHING when Schultz was fired for her role in the Sanders scandal and the same day hired as a campaign aid by HRC!

– John Lewis said NOTHING when U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch had a private meeting with Bill Clinton on the tarmac in a jet on the runway while Clinton was under federal investigation!

-John Lewis said NOTHING  when the Justice Department blocked the FBI front making any indictments or empowering a grand jury.

No, John Lewis ONLY complained when the truth about the HRC Campaign was made public from her true feelings about Latinos and Catholics to her campaign’s internal issues.  When the truth was revealed, John Lewis suddenly decides that’s unacceptable, and because voters were shown the real truth about HRC and how she really felt about them, Trump is somehow an illegitimate president because “the Russians helped him get elected.”  Really?  Are you fucking kidding me?

Now John Lewis has decided to disrespect the office of the president.  He will NOT attend the Presidential Inauguration or any of the other events.  He will not meet with or speak to Donald Trump.  Further, he has taken the unprecedented position of calling Trump’s Presidency, “illegitimate.”  He has publicly stated he believes Trump is an illegitimate president who was placed in office by the Russians.

Lewis said, “I don’t see the president-elect as a legitimate president.” He went further by saying, “I think there was a conspiracy on the part of the Russians, and others, that helped him get elected.”  This ass clown and everyone else in Washington knows there was no conspiracy, no Russian vote hacking, no election hacking, no vote tally hacking, and no attempt on the by the  Russians or anyone else to get Trump elected.  This ass hat lied on national television! What he did was nothing more than a cheap pro-Hillary stunt!  It is an attempted con job on the American People!  This ass clown was CLEARLY hoping to benefit politically by jumping head first on the anti-Trump bandwagon as vocally as possible!

Yes, 50 years ago this imbecile was an important civil rights leader!  But since then he  has done NOTHING!  With the stand he has taken now, he has made a complete fool of himself, claiming as though he has some factual information that,  “the Russians participated in having this man get elected, and they helped destroy the candidacy of Hillary Clinton. I don’t plan to attend the Inauguration.”

GREAT! WE DON’T NEED YOU THERE!  WE DON’T WANT YOU THERE!  Keep your racist, anti-White, anti-republican, anti-American Black Ass at home in your dump of a district where you can keep pretending you care so much, while actually doing so little!  You sir are a relic of the past!  MLK is dead and HE was a true visionary and a true civil rights icon; while you are nothing but a cheap ass, punk, pretender!

Ass clowns like Lewis and the rest of the left run around screaming that the sky is falling and that we need change, change, change!  Yet they only support the kind of change THEY  want!  Obama was change for the worse; moving a free, representative democracy toward a socialist dictatorship ruled by an ass hat with a “pen and a phone.”  The American People saw what Obongo’s idea of “Hope and change” was and after eight years of it decided that we wanted REAL hope and change….the American Way, not the Marxist Way!

Now, many other democrats are joining him. The worst part is that he and they know it’s simply not true.  There are only two people responsible for the election of Donald Trump and they are Donald Trump and Hillary Rodham Clinton!  Donald Trump for working hard and running an incredible, energetic, vibrant,  grass-roots campaign and HRC for doing the exact opposite!
THAT is why Donald J Trump won the majority of states, INCLUDING states that haven’t been won by a republican in thirty years like Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin!  The Russians had nothing to do with it!  Did the Russians tell HRC to take the northern “Rust Belt” states for granted?  Did the Russians force HRC to run a low energy campaign?  Did the Russians tell Hillary it was a good idea to call Trump Supporters irredeemable, deplorables?  Did the Russians tell HRC to dismiss Catholics and insult Latinos?  No, no and no!  Hillary lost because Trump ran a better campaign in every way and in every state and if HRC hadn’t won California, she would have lost not only the electoral vote, but the popular vote as well.  Even still I have to wonder how much of that three million vote surplus she claims was actually by illegal aliens?  You know, the ones President Obongo had basically, disgracefully gone on national television and told it was just fine for them to vote!
This ugly old, bug eyed toad, John Lewis and all of the left wingers including all of the precious little liberal snowflakes at our colleges and universities in their safe spaces need to grow the Hell up!  You lost the election fair and square!  Your candidate, HRC was dogshit!  She was a crooked, lying out of touch weasel!

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