Now The Precious Snowflakes Speak….

Posted: November 13, 2016 in politics

694940094001_5205549182001_anti-trump-demonstrators-take-to-the-streets-in-many-citiesA child of the nineteen seventies and eighties, what I have watched for the last two nights is totally foreign to me.  What I read online about what was going on in colleges and universities during the campaign is foreign to me. It really made me think twice about the prospect of even THINKING about sending my son to college.  I know the boy I’d be sending.  But what would I get back?  How would his mind be warped?  How would he be brainwashed and programmed?

I guess for me it started over the past year or so watching college students preach TOLERANCE, UNDERSTANDING,and COMING TOGETHER while demonstrating anything but!  I watched as conservative speakers like An Coulter were asked to speak on college campuses only to be booed off stages and physically attacked.  I watched as students who DARED to voice conservative views were mocked, ridiculed and labeled by other students and even administrations as hateful and assigned to mandatory classes for “retraining.”

I started my undergrad work at Wilkes College (now Wilkes University) in 1984. As a freshman I immediately knew I wanted to major in political science.  What I learned over the following four years was invaluable.   I had always been a conservative, and when I registered for the Selective Service, I registered Republican and voted for Ronald Reagan that year.

What I found at the small liberal arts college I attended was that ideas were respected.  We debated.  Sometimes we shouted at each other.  But there was never, EVER name calling, labeling or the intense vitriol and hatred of today.  ALL IDEAS and I mean ALL of them were encouraged and discussed and debated.  I had a professor, Dr. Cox who was an open communist.  Indeed he had a massive flag of the USSR draped on the wall of his office.

Based on what I read today, I don’t even recognize our colleges and universities. I read about “trigger words,” “safe zones,” “micro aggressions,” “closet racism,” “White Guilt,” and “masculine hatred.”  What are these things?  Rather than encouraging the free flow of ideas, there is a ban on all ideas that don’t conform to the ultra-left wing liberal view of the world.  Conservative thought is graded with “F’s.”  Conservative speech is banned.  Conservative actions are reported as racism, misogyny and hatred in one form or another.  America’s colleges have become bastions of narrow minded, Orwellian simplicity where everyone must conform or else.

I read story after story during the campaign that the very word “Trump” scrawled on the sidewalk at a university allegedly triggered panic attacks and fear in students! FEAR!  Are you kidding me?????  As though that chalk could somehow come to life and murder them!  When the campus security learned that someone had DARED to write the name Trump ANYWHERE on campus a full scale investigation was launched.  Yes, we have now reached the point where we have snuggled and insulated our little snowflakes so much that even SEEING a word they don’t like can trigger violent physical illness!  Are you kidding me?  REALLY? I mean there were pictures of female students in tears, crying and consoling one another because they SAW a word written in chalk on a sidewalk!  This is the pussy-whipped, bitch ass country we live in now?  God help us if we ever go to war!  But that’s another story!

Eventually the student who wrote the horrific, gut wrenching, “hate word” was brought before the deans and expelled from the university for hate speech!  Hate speech!  A presidential candidate’s name is now a hate word!  Are you kidding me????  If I hadn’t read it myself,  I wouldn’t have believed it.  I read many similar stories about students who became so upset and panicked over conservatives like Trump and Cruz that the schools set up “safe zones,” where only “good words” could be spoken.  Again, Are you kidding me?????

Are these imbecilic little perfect snowflakes the result of what American Parents have done for the past twenty years?  I’m afraid so.  This is the result of participation trophies where every kid is a winner!  This is the result of competitions where the score is not kept so we don’t upset one team or the other!  This is the result of constantly bombarding kids with the message that they are perfect and they are the best in everything at all times!  I know.  I have a fourteen year old!  I have watched this stupidity play out on sports teams where one kid was given a trophy for little league and he literally couldn’t throw a baseball!  This kid thinks he’s great and he can’t throw the ball!  What message have we sent him?  I was roundly criticized by parents and coaches because I did not allow my boy to accept trophies, ribbons and awards for participation.  I made it very clear to him that in life, you don’t get rewarded for showing up.  WINNERS get rewarded!  Guess what?  He was just fine with that and he strives to win in everything he does!

When Pittsburgh Steeler Linebacker James Harrison made his son return a participation trophy last year, there were calls of horror and disbelief from many parents.  Why?  His son was on the losing team!  Some day if he tries out for the NFL and isn’t fast enough or strong enough or quick enough he wont’ make it. That’s it.  Case closed.  He won’t get a salary for nothing.  He will have failed!

Likewise when a student… ANY student graduates from college and applies for a job, in today’s world he EXPECTSto get the job!  He feels entitled to it because for his whole life he has been told he was the best, so why wouldn’t he get the job? Then he finds out he didn’t get the job.  How does he process that?  How does he deal with it?  We have done our kids an enormous disservice because they are not equipped for failure.

We have sheltered them from failure by building little cocoons around them.  We pull strings behind the scenes to help our kids when they don’t deserve something or couldn’t do it themselves.  We protect them from every form of negativity and expect them to adjust to society.  So what’s wrong with us?  WE are the problem!  WE have done this!  We have created a generation that cannot deal with failure or negativity in any way shape or form!

When Barack Hussein Obama, a.k.a. Barry Sotero was elected President of the United States I was disgusted!  DISGUSTED!  I felt he had stolen the election in classic Chicago Style.  But I didn’t call all of my like minded friends and family and take to the streets demonstrating, looting, pillaging and destroying private property.  I sucked it up and buckled down for the next four years and hoped America would wake up.

I had lived through the Clintons and George H.W. Bush, and was disgusted.  But I actually felt intense hatred for Obama because he basically told me I was a problem.  I needed to change my views, ideas and traditions because everything I had learned and was taught was wrong.  I was a redneck, racist, bigot according to Obama; merely clinging to my Bible and my guns.  But did I loot the stores on main street, set fires and destroy things? Nope.

You see, unlike the “precious snowflakes” of today, I learned about losing.  I learned the pain of failing.  I learned and experienced how bad it felt to lose, to fail to be last and I learned to take steps to make sure I never failed or lost again! Failure makes us stronger as human beings.  We learn how bad it feels and it forces us to study harder, run faster, look sharper, you name it; because we remember the pain of loosing…the agony of defeat and we don’t like it.  Today’s snowflakes have never experienced failure, loss or being shattered!  They ALWAYS get a trophy.  They are ALWAYS a “winner” because they participated.  They are ALWAYS happy when the game is over, because no one kept score.

Now I watch our “precious snowflakes” marching in some of America’s largest cities because Hillary Clinton; a career politician whom FBI Director James Comey told Congressman Trey Gowdy committed at least six… SIX felonies was soundly thumped in the presidential election by Donald J Trump!  YES, she was a criminal. YES, she broke the law.  YES, you or I would be prosecuted and punished.  But he wouldn’t prosecute her because he couldn’t prove intent.  “Intent.”

Meanwhile, Mrs Clinton is also under investigation for her role in the Clinton Foundation where she was allegedly involved in influence pedaling, selling her office as secretary of state among other charges. Indeed Mrs Clinton was the first candidate ever to run for president while under federal, criminal investigation. If she HADbeen elected there would have been a massive Constitutional Crisis which would have made Watergate look like a day at the carnival!

Trump has not yet even been inaugurated and already the left, led by the precious snowflakes are attacking him!  Yes, he said some vulgar things.  But The vast majority of Americans believe in his policies and his messaging.  Stopping illegal aliens from entering this country is racist according to the left.  Supporting the second Amendment to the US Constitution is hateful according to the left. Not taking eighty to ninety percent of a person’s income because they worked hard and became successful is hatred according to the left!  DARING to speak like the average American and appeal to the average American is misogynistic, hateful and xenophobic according to the left.  They claim to be “fearful,” afraid and in some cases PARALYZED with fear!

The left has become so extreme that on some college campuses, students can forgo midterm exams if they are to stressed out and upset because of Donald Trump’s win!  I mean, you can’t make this stuff up!!!  Do these precious snowflakes think that some day when they get jobs in the real world their bosses will give them the day off because they are “upset?”

In guess I’m a dinosaur because I just can’t comprehend the absolute stupidity of it all.  It’s like I’m living in an alternate universe.  If I didn’t vote for Obama I was a racist.  If I didn’t agree with Obama I was a racist.  If I didn’t vote for Clinton I was a sexist.  If I believe she should be prosecuted for all of the numerous crimes she has committed, I am a sexist and a hater.  If I believe immigration laws should bee enforced I am a racist and a xenophobe.  If I believe it is wrong to murder unborn children I am a sexist who hates women and doesn’t believe in women’s health-care.  HEALTH-CARE!!!!!  If I believe in the Second Amendment I am a hater!  If I believe marriage is a sacred union between a man and a woman I am a homophobe!

Even though I never mentioned gays or LGBTQRSTUV whatever else, I am STILL a hater!  How can this be?  I have gone through the past fifty years doing my thing, minding my business, working, paying my taxes, being a dad for fourteen years and a husband for twenty six years and suddenly the left tells me everything I believe is wrong!  It’s wrong and I MUST CHANGE OR ELSE!  EVERYTHING I BELIEVE is full of hate!  And here’s me, sitting on the floor in the corner with stars swirling around my head, talking to myself asking “whet the Hell just happened and where the Hell did this insanity come from?”

November eighth showed  I’m not alone.  It showed me that I am not the only one who believes enough is enough already!  I am not the only one who has lashed out and said “NO, I’m not wrong…. YOU ARE!”  I’m not the only one who believes that we have a Constitution for a reason!  I’m NOT the only one who believes that the lives of the unborn are sacred and that they are human beings!  I’m NOT the only one who believes I have the right to own a gun….even an assault rifle if I choose to because we have a Second Amendment!  November eighth was a resounding shout from the highest mountaintops to the left in America.  It was the silent majority finally standing up, opening the window and screaming “STOP!”  This is my country too and I am allowed to have my own opinions whether you like them or not!”

And the snowflakes can’t handle it.  Ironic isn’t it?  The snowflakes are doing ALL of the things they rail against.  They preach tolerance, yet they are marching for intolerance.  They preach acceptance, yet they are marching because they refuse to accept the will of America because thy don’t agree with it.  They preach love, yet they are marching shouting hateful things, carrying hateful signs, committing hateful acts.  Yes, our precious little snowflakes are little more than spoiled little, selfish, ignorant, rude, self-centered hypocrites.  They even have their own language and use it frequently.

I watched a commercial today and women were crying…..crying, saying that they will no longer have access to birth control.  “Access.” Are you kidding me?  As though Trump is going to order drug stores and pharmacies to take contraceptives off the shelves and order doctors to stop prescribing them so women will no longer have access to them.  THAT is what access means.

Well my little snowflakes, just because Donald Trump has been elected doesn’t mean that access to ANYTHING is going away.  It simply means that the when Obamacare is repealed and replaced, the government….which mean me and the rest of us taxpayers will no longer be PAYING for your contraceptives.  Your pills, your injections, your IUD’s and/or whatever else you use.  From now on YOU will be paying; not me.  Seems to me that back when I was young, I purchased condoms all of the time.  I PURCHASED THEM!  They weren’t covered on my health insurance and I was just fine.  I survived.  Isn’t that amazing?  I paid for my own contraceptives and I survived!  How can that be?

That is something our little left wing snowflakes learned very well from the Nancy Pelosi crowd.  They selectively change the meaning of words to confuse discussions.  They are using the phrase, “access to contraceptives” to mean getting free contraceptives, compliments of Obamacare.  Because after all, why should they have to pay for protecting themselves during sex?  Why should they have to pay to prevent an unwanted pregnancy?  Hell, for that  fact, why should they have to pay for anything?  Why not have the government pay their rent, their car payment, for their food, clothing, you name it?  Oh yeah…. that’s called communism and unfortunately when the government pays, the government says and that gets old real fast.  Just ask anyone who lived in the USSR.  But our snowflakes don’t deal in facts.  They only deal in how things make them “feel.”

Yes, we have really done it.  We have created an entire generation of little drones who are so self absorbed, they don’t care about anything, or anyone but themselves.  Further, we have insulated them so much, so soundly that they can’t deal with anything life throws their way.  It makes me wonder what the NEXT generation will be  like.  I can only hope that  Trump does what he said he would and keeps his promises; because if he doesn’t, I truly believe America is finished.   I truly believe Americans see Trump as someone who will cut through the bullshit and get things done.  If he doesn’t…..if he turns out to be just like the politicians he railed against, I think most of America will be so deflated they won’t ever even vote again.  And I think that’s the killer.

If our little, precious snowflakes were so scared of Trump, why didn’t they all get out to vote?  They could have changed the entire election.  Snowflake Collin Kapernic, San Fransisco Forty-Niner Quarterback who has made the news protesting the system, conservatives, government and refusing to stand for the National Anthem has caused major problems for the NFL and has actually negatively impacted the league’s ratings, admits he didn’t even bother to vote!  I wonder how many of our precious snowflakes who are now marching in the streets were also too busy to vote?  Maybe they were busy using some of those free Obamacare contraceptives!  It really makes me wonder.




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