If Not The Constitution, Then What?

Posted: January 30, 2016 in politics


I am frequently appalled and disgusted by people who make ridiculous statement regarding their rights.  I am even more infuriated when it is a politician.  Perhaps the thing that makes me craziest is when I hear a politician talking about our “democracy.”  Really?  Come on!  Are you that clueless?  How can you be?  What are they teaching in school?  It occurs to me that in high school I was taught the Constitution and was made to memorize the Bill of Rights.   I was taught that we don’t live in a democracy, but a republic and that the very foundation of our nation is the Constitution.  This was reinforced when I took Constitutional Law in college.

Fast forward 25 years and we are no longer a nation of laws but rather a nation of men.  IF we were a nation of laws, Barack Hussein Obama would have been impeached, removed and jailed.  IF we were a nation of laws, Hillary Clinton would right now be in jail, having been charged and convicted of treason.  But we’re not.  Worse, if you or I had done what Hillary Clinton has so cavalierly and nonchalantly done, we would be in an orange jumpsuit with nice, shiny steel bracelets on our wrists and ankles!  It’s actually quite simple to tell that we have become a nation of men rather than a nation of laws because this situation exists.  You need look no further.

It started at the dawn of the twentieth century with Woodrow Wilson, who thought the Constitution was a boring, cumbersome obstacle to be overcome.  He actually favored the parliamentary system.  Indeed, Wilson was eager to rid America of the Constitution of the Founders.  Wilson believed that the Constitution was not fit for the complexities of twentieth-century American life.  He believed a document written at a time when the horse and buggy was the main mode of transportation was an obstacle to creating an activist government capable of checking big business. Wilson believed that it was the responsibility of the president to break the gridlock caused by the Constitution’s separation of powers and unleash the power of the federal government to restrain the barons of industry.   He believed the president needed to be strong and rule, rather than cooperate.  One hundred years later, Barack Hussein Obama would emulate and some say channel Wilson and his ideas.

This was furthered when Richard Nixon was pardoned by Gerald Ford.  Ford’s advisers said “You can’t have the President of the United States in prison.”  Really?  Why?  The entire premise of the Constitution is that this would be a new country where NO MAN or WOMAN was bigger than the law and that the law would be applied equally to presidents and bakers.  Senators and teachers.  Congressman and clerks.  Nixon’s Pardon crushed any illusion of that idea once and for all.  The fact that Bill Clinton lied to a grand jury, was impeached and walked away without being convicted.  So why would Hillary Clinton worry?  Why would Barack Hussein Obama worry when he said “I have a phone and a pen.”  The Founders would have said “So what.”  But Americans said either “Great,” or “Oh no.”  You see that statement in a Constitutional Republic should have no meaning, other than the president is trying to get himself impeached.  But we have become so politicized, so ingrained and have subverted elected office into a career…. a big money career and you don’t get re-elected by making enemies or waves.  So men like Barack Hussein Obama can exist.

Meanwhile we have principled men like Senator Ted Cruz who happens to be my choice for president.  Cruz made but one promise to his supporters when they sent him to the United States Senate and that promise was that he would faithfully protect the Constitution; and he has!  Cruz has REPEATEDLY, went against the “do nothings” in his own party and stood up for Constitutional Values forcing Obama to shut down the government to stand up for what he believes and to protect the Constitution.  Obamacare, the Second Amendment, the First Amendment….Cruz has  put his political career on the line repeatedly for the values that built this country and why? Because he made a promise!

By the way, in school we were taught about the Constitution.  We were taught about the Bill of Rights.  We were taught civics and politics and all of the sudden standing up for the Constitution makes you an EXTREMIST!  Standing up for the Constitution makes you a RADICAL!  Standing up for the Constitution makes you a fringe candidate!  How did that happen?  We have people who SWORE to protect and defend the Constitution who treat it as though it is simply a quaint notion, simply a historical document of little value.  The President of the United States called it nothing more than a “piece of paper.”  The Senator from Maryland, Barbara Mikulski was recently discussing the Second Amendment and said “Let’s not get involved in Constitutional arguements.”https://www.intellihub.com/during-gun-control-hearing-senator-blurts-out-lets-not-get-involved-in-constitutional-arguments/

IS SHE KIDDING?????? What does she think the Second Amendment IS?????  THAT is how many of our so called “leaders” view the Constitution.  Obama himself views the Constitution as an obstacle and an annoyance.  He sees it as a hindrance since it is a document that LIMITS government, rather than ENABLING government.

Ted Cruz stood against Obamacare and the forcing b y the government of private citizens to engage in commerce regardless of whether they want t0 or not.  For the first time in history, the federal government coerced private citizens to purchase a private good or service under penalty of law.  THAT is NOT a republic.  THAT is socialism and the foundation of a dictatorship.  Surely the Founders all rolled over in their collective graves when the Supreme Court ruled it Constitutional because clearly, it is not.  You cannot find support for the federal government to coerce private citizens to engage in commerce ANYWHERE in the Constitution or any of the writings of the Founders.  IN FACT, the OPPOSITE is true!  The Founders believed above all else in free market capitalism as espoused by Adam Smith and a doctrine of laissez-faire.

We watched George W Bush sign the Patriot Act which gutted Americans’ right to privacy.  If we are to believe America was attacked by a group of radical Islamic Jihadists who flew planes into buildings killing 3000 people, then why was the apparatus of government suddenly turned inward on the American People?  Why did the Department of Homeland Security sudden;y decide that Americans who were religious, pro-life and Second Amendment supporters were potential terrorists?  None of it made sense and none of it in any way was in keeping with the spirit of the Constitution.  The Constitution was supposed to RESTRAIN government, NOT enable it.

Then of course came Barack Hussein Obama with the Affordable Care Act which was neither affordable nor did it provide care to millions of Americans.  Obama decided that if Congress wouldn’t pass his agenda, he would enact it himself with his “phone and pen.”  In effect, he decided he would be dictator, or king; the exact thing the Founders were fighting against!  Executive Orders were never intended to allow presidents to legislate.  Nonetheless, Barack Obama decided to bypass Congress on important Constitutional Issues like immigration and the Second Amendment.  The mechanism the Founders provided for a rogue president was impeachment.  Yet no one in Congress ever mentioned it.  Why?  That’s why it’s there.

I’m scared!  I am scared for the first time in my life.  Since 2001, I have watched our Constitutional Rights slowly eroded, like the frog in the pot of water that is slowly brought up to a boil.  Our politicians are now outwardly, overtly and deliberately ignoring the United States Constitution!  They simply don’t care!  In 2008 Americans were scared and they elected a man who promised that HE would fix things.  He never said how; he just offered “hope and change.”  By the time he leaves office he will have added more to the national debt than every other president combined!  Now we have Donald Trump.  Again… a strong man who has contempt for the Constitution and has done things like use eminent domain for businesses taking private property from one citizen and giving it to another!  Where does the Constitution fit in?  No where!  ONLY Ted Cruz speaks of the Constitution!

I believe we are at a crossroads and the road forks into two directions.  One takes us further down the road of men, not laws and completely obliterates the Constitution.  That road is the road traveled by Hillary Clinton, a closet socialist, Bernie Sanders, an avowed socialist and Donald Trump, who claims to be an outsider but never mentions the Constitution.  The other road is the road traveled by Ted Cruz.  A man who has spent his life protecting and defending the Constitution.  If America takes that road I believe we can save this republic.  If it takes the other road,  I believe we are finished as a nation.

What will our rights be?  Will we have any?  The next president will in all likelihood appoint no less than 4 Supreme Court Justices.  That means an entire generation’s lives will be effected.  Who do you want to appoint them?  Trump, Clinton, Sanders or Cruz?  Do you want to be told that rights guaranteed by the Constitution no longer exist?  We have had Supreme Court decisions that created rights where none exist and at the same time limited rights which are clearly spelled out!  Do you really want that to continue?

The worst part is that we are responsible for this!  We have allowed it by being lulled to sleep and into a deep sense of apathy.  In the America I grew up in, someone actually saying out loud that they are a socialist could NEVER run for ANYTHING, let alone president!  Yet here we are and we have one guy telling you he is a socialist, a criminal, female, closet socialist and a good looking, young, closet socialist all claiming to be Democrats!  My grandfather was a democrat!  These three stooges are NOT Democrats!

And how does this happen in America?  Look at their support.  It’s often said when you’re young you use your heart and vote liberal, and when you are older you use your brain and vote conservative.  It seems to be true, because the socialists are overwhelmingly supported by young people….young people who by in large don’t want to work, don’t want to be responsible and want everything for free.  These are the millennials who were, for their whole lives told they were the best, the brightest, the smartest, at everything even when they weren’t.  We gave them trophies and awards just for showing up!  NOW, they want it all for free!

And of course, they EXPECT IT!  They didn’t live through the constant threat of annihilation by the Soviet Union like we older people did!  They didn’t see what started as a “people’s revolution” turn into a brutal, communist, dictatorship!  I watch young people walking around with t-shirts with Mao Tse Teng on them and with the hammer and sickle and with Castro and Stalin.  Do they think this is funny or amusing?  I ran into a Black Kid about a year ago in a mini-mart.  He looked to be in his 20’s and I saw a college ID.  He was wearing a t-shirt with Che Guevara on it.  I asked him why?  He said ‘”Because he was a revolutionary and fought for the people.”  I asked him if he knew Che was a violent racist and hated Blacks, comparing them to monkeys and wanted them all killed.  He laughed and said “Yeah, right,” dismissively, and called me a fascist.  A fascist!  he had a t-shirt on with a picture of a murderous, revolutionary communist on the front and had no clue what this guy stood for!  THIS is what America has come too!

The Progressives at the turn of the twentieth century knew the only way to get their agenda through, was to gain control of the educational system.  And they did!  It took them almost 100 years to do it, but they were slow, methodical and did it.  I know.  I was a high school social studies teacher and was a lone conservative.  Public schools from kindergarten to high school are all populated by left wing, democrat progressive teachers.  They don’t teach.  They indoctrinate!  By the time kids get to college, their minds are closed and locked.  They spend the next four years solidifying their socialist views and spewing hatred toward anyone who dares speak a conservative thought!  They disregard the Constitution and hate the very system that created them.

Perhaps the most ridiculous aspect is that these kids learn about socialism, communism and capitalism and they know socialism and communism don’t work!  They know that even the Western Social Democracies like Denmark, Sweden, Norway for example are all moving away from the socialist model because they have finally….finally learned it is unsustainable!  Yet these kids rally for socialism!  They KNOW North Korea is a failed police state!  They know Cuba is a failed police state that is finally moving toward capitalism!  They know the largest socialist, communist experiment in history, the USSR failed!  IT FAILED!  They know about Lenin and how he took a people’s revolution and turned it into a brutal police state!  Yet THIS, THIS seems to be what they want!  I am baffled!  I am truly baffled!

If we don’t put someone like Ted Cruz in office during this election, who knows, respects and will follow the United States Constitution, we are finished.  If Hillary Clinton who is just as socialist as Bernie Sanders is elected, America as I knew it; the America I grew up in is finished, over and through!  We need to really, really do a gut check.  Do we want to live in the USA, or the USSA?  This is not a joke.  This is not just a political discussion.

Realize folks, we have a guy who openly says he is a socialist!  He doesn’t even try to hide it!  He is running against a woman who should be in jail right now, charged with multiple felonies and INSTEAD, she is running for president!  For PRESIDENT!  If you or I had done what she is accused of we would already have been cuffed and perp walked!

And on the Republican Side it’s no better!  We have a lunatic, dictatorial, flip-flopper who two years ago was a democrat, in favor of every liberal position in the lead!  Then we have two constitutionalists in Ted Cruz and Rand Paul.  The rest are simply Progressive Republicans!  They may as well be democrats.

I have seriously discussed with my wife, leaving this country.  I have no doubt that if either Rand Paul or Ted Cruz don’t win the presidency, our Constitutional Rights will be further eroded if not outright taken away completely!  I don’t want to live in that country because it won’t be America.  I don’t know what it will be, but it won’t be America and if we are no longer going to follow the Constitution in detail then why pretend?  Why pretend?  It is the foundation of our government, our country our traditions, and all we hold sacred.  Without the Constitution, there is no America.  So if not the Constitution, then what?


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