Trump or Hillary?

Posted: January 18, 2016 in politics


When you come right down to it, unfortunately, Republicans may have already decided Trump is their man.  If you look at national polls, he continues to hover around 30% while his closest competitor, Ted Cruz is at least 10% behind him depending on the poll you look at.  Well, I will go on record right here and right now and say that if it’s Trump, vs Hillary or Bernie or ANY other Dumbocrat, the choice is simple:  I will vote Trump!  BUT, that is the ONLY way I will vote for Trump.  There, now that’s out of the way so there can be no ambiguity.  Why you ask?  Because Hillary is not just a left wing, liberal, Progressive, Socialist, but she is a bad person.  She is an evil cunt(forgive my language)!  She is a liar, a user, a thief, a murderer and has no core values except belief in her own power!  I think that about sums it up.

Before we go any further, even if I want to vote for Trump (and I don’t) I live in Pennsylvania, where the powers that be have determined our primary should be so late in the season as to be irrelevant.  So he may not even be on the ballot here in Pennsylvania.  But if he were on the Pennsylvania Ballot in May I would not vote for him.  I would vote for Ted Cruz.  I will vote in my state’s primary, simply because if I don’t, I will not be eligible to vote in the general election.  As a Libertarian, I will have to vote for the Libertarian Candidate by rule.  So I will do so. So that’s settled.  So let’s sum up where I stand so far.  If the general election is Hillary vs Trump. I will be a rabid Trump Supporter!  However, given the choice, I would vote for Ted Cruz.

But why you ask?  Well, the answer is simple.  Donald Trump is quite simply the White, Barack Hussein Obama by another name.  What do I mean by that?  Simple.  Obama is a Progressive.  Trump is a Progressive.  Obama said he would “Make America Great Again,” and Trump says he will “Make America Great Again.”  Obama flip-flopped on issues.  Trump has flip-flopped on issues.  Alright you say.  So what?  All politicians flip flop.  It could be a Geico Commercial like….”If you’re a politician, you flip flop; it’s what you do.” Right.  But America has absolutely no idea what they’re getting…..which Donald Trump?  Will we get the Trump that is pro-gun or the one that supported the assault weapons ban and other gun control legislation.  Will they get the Trump who is pro-life, or the Trump who supported ALL forms of abortion including partial birth abortions.  Like Obama, Trump really has no track record for the most part other than his words, associations and political contributions.

Yes Trump is the master showman.  He is the master media manipulator, except the presidency of the United States is not a commercial.  it’s deadly serious, reality.  And now you’ll hit me with, oh yeah Smitty, your hero Ronald Reagan flip flopped too!  And I would say yes, he did.  You’ve got me there.  He did.  He, like Trump was a Dumbocrat before he became a Republican. But…..and it’s a really big but…..Reagan believed in the country, the American People and most importantly the United States Constitution.  Trump sort of does and sort of doesn’t.

What do I mean?  Unlike Ronald Reagan (Ronaldus Magnus), Trump, like all Progressives, believes in the supremacy of the state and says so even when he doesn’t.  He NEVER talks about cutting government involvement or interference in people’s lives or business.  He never talks about cutting the size or scope of government. Rather, he talks about “bad” and “stupid” people in the government.  So clearly, he is happy with a gigantic, behemoth government with tentacles that infiltrate every aspect of Americans’ Lives.  He talks about bad deals made by the dumb and stupid people in the government.  Reagan said historically and accurately that “the government IS the problem!”  Trump hasn’t.

As far back as the late 1990’s Trump supported not just abortion, but PARTIAL BIRTH abortion.  Is THAT conservative? Trump donated to the campaigns of Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, Barack Hussein Obama, NY Mayor Bill DeBlasio, Anthony Weiner and Hillary Clinton!  THAT is Conservative!   He had Hillary Clinton at his wedding!!!  Is THAT is Conservative!  Trump supported the Assault Weapons Ban.  Is THAT conservative?  He supports eminent domain for businesses, NOT just the government!  Is THAT conservative?  He says he has “a great relationship with God,” but can’t cite a SINGLE Bible verse.  Is THAT conservative?  Trump doesn’t want to abolish the IRS and in fact believes in tax rates for some as high as 50%!  Is THAT conservative?  Trump said in 2009 that Obama was a great leader making the right decisions!  Is THAT conservative?  Trump supported the trillion dollar “Stimulus”saying “Obama is doing a good job and we are building some great things.”  Is THAT conservative?  Trump supported the bail outs of the big banks and the auto companies!  Is THAT conservative?  THESE are just a few things I have problems with when it comes to Trump.  I have a very hard time understanding how conservatives can support Trump let alone Tea Party People!  The only thing I can think of is that these folks have become so disillusioned and so angry and so defeated that they have become single issue voters.

But the last is the most telling.  Trump never, EVER mentions the Constitution, but instead, just like Obama mentions “I”, “I”, “I”, “I” repeatedly and talks about all of the things HE will do, rather than WE will do.  Is THAT conservative?  That shows  the famous Progressive lean toward dictatorship, over Constitutionalism.  THAT scares me. Trump NEVER mentions the Constitution….NEVER!  I seriously doubt that he even knows what’s in it or the Bill of Rights.  THAT scares me!

I am also afraid of anyone who says, “I have a great relationship with God.”  What does that mean?  How do you know you have ANY relationship with God?  Does Trump get on his knees and pray each day?  Does he humble himself before the Almighty?  Trump said and I quote, “I have never done anything I’ve had to ask forgiveness for.  I live a clean life.  People would be very surprised at how good of a life I live.”  Really?  REALLY?  We are to believe that Donald J Trump has NEVER, EVER done ANYTHING that he had to ask forgiveness for?  So he has lived a perfect life?  He is a man who in his 69 years has lived a life of utter perfection?  Sorry.  Not buying it.  This is the mark of an ABSOLUTE Narcissist!  Maybe even worse than Obama!

There has only ever been ONE perfect man and he was nailed to a cross!  He says his favorite book is the Bible.  Yet he can’t quote a single Bible Verse.  He claims to love the Bible yet doesn’t have one in his home.  How does that work?  When Trump says “I have a great relationship with God,” it almost seems as though he is putting himself on the same level as God.  THAT scares me!  Trump doesn’t even regularly attend church.  Yet he has a “great relationship with God.” Say what?

Now am I saying the President of the United States MUST be religious?  No.  In fact, I would vote for an atheist if he was in line with my political views.  But I have a major problem with someone who CLAIMS to be religious and is clearly not!  Don’t lie to appeal to voters in the Bible Belt!  I am tired of being lied to!  If you read the Bible, say so!  If you don’t, then say so!  If you attend mass or church then say so!  If not then say so!  But don’t invent yourself a history so you can be more appealing to voters.  There is an impostor sitting in the White House right now…a White House that he hijacked by lying on every issue there is!

First Obama told us he was a Christian when he clearly is/was not!  Then he told us he didn’t really go to church and we found out he did; and in fact, he went to the racist, bigoted, homophobic, xenophobic hate filled church of the “reverend” Jeremiah Wright who famously or infamously screamed, “God BLESS America….NO!….. God Damn America!”  Obama sat in his church for 20 years and said the Reverend Wright was his “Mentor.”

Yet when the racist, anti-White videos of the Reverend Wright surfaced Obama said “Well, I never heard any of that.”  So let’s get this straight Barry….you sat in this cat’s church for 20 years, in the pews and he was your mentor but you NEVER, EVER heard any of the hate and racism?  Do you think we just got off the stupid train?????  I mean he knows Americans are stupid.  After all, they bought all of his bullshit and elected him.  So he knows at least 50% of Americans are stupid and I’m sure a number of Americans actually believes this bullshit.  But it makes me wonder.  If you were in church for 20 years and you never, EVER heard any of the sermons, then why were you there?  Were you asleep?  Maybe you had your headphones in and were listening to your homie JayZee? I mean why go to church if you’re not going to listen to the sermon and actively participate…..I mean, what’s the point?

First of all we know Obama IS a racist!  He has demonstrated it repeatedly while he was in office from his asinine “Beer Summit” to “Hands up don’t shoot” to “Black Lives Matter.”  Second, we know he is NOT a Christian.  He has attended church twice in 7 years and if they weren’t photo ops then I don’t know what are!  TWICE!!!  He IS a Muslim!  Case closed!  He was born a Muslim in Kenya.  He was raised a Muslim in Indonesia.  He wet to a Muslim School as a child.  He was surrounded most of his life by Muslims.  Since he has been in office he has repeatedly hammered Christians and Christianity especially Catholics!  He has refused to celebrate Christian Holidays at the White House  even renaming them…. like the White House “Holiday Tree” instead of Christmas tree and just the “Spring egg hunt” instead of the Easter Egg Hunt.” So please, just tell the truth.  We have a liar-in-chief right now.  We don’t need another.  If you aren’t religious, just say so.  It’s not the end of the world.

Yes, I have no doubt that Trump is an effective, I’ll even go so far as to say awesome deal maker!  But being president is about more than being a deal maker.  In fact, I might go as far as to say that I don’t WANT a president who is a deal maker!  I don’t want a president who “reaches across the aisle,” to work with Dumbocrats!  That means compromise and I am tired of conservatives compromising with Liberals, because it ALWAYS means quite simply:  surrender.  That’s because in the mind of Liberals, compromise means you agree with them 100% and abandon your position.  Every time there is “bi-partisan” legislation Americans…you and me get royally screwed!

THAT is the Liberal idea of compromise. As a result, conservatives are ALWAYS forced to sell out their values and their voters.  I for one am sick of it.  As a Libertarian, I have repeatedly watched so called conservative Republicans give and give and give and the state has become so intrusive and so powerful  it has now infiltrated every aspect of our lives!  So no, I don’t want a great “deal maker.”  Trump’s talents might better serve America as a chief negotiator for trade and commerce or with foreign countries.  But not as president.

I TOTALLY AGREE WITH TRUMP’S ASSESSMENT OF THE IMMIGRATION ISSUE!  There I said it. So now you can call me a xenophobe, a nativist, a hater, a racist, whatever. But America is being destroyed.  It has been destroyed for many years by our ridiculous immigration policies.  America was founded as a Judaeo-Christian Nation of Northern Europeans with those vales and mindset.  Up until he 1970’s the United  States was somewhat of a melting pot where hose who came here, did so, because they wanted to be Americans and be part of American Culture.

Since then, however, America has become a mosaic. Now, groups enter America and fly the flag of the country of their origin.  They refuse to speak English.  They huddle together in their own communities and basically refuse to assimilate.  Muslims in particular won’t even pledge the flag or stand for the national Anthem.  These groups are not Americans and don’t want to be.  They are simply people from other countries who happen to be living in America. Historically, allowing this had led to the destruction of the host country.  We need people to come here not to simply live here and enjoy all of the great things America has to offer, but to BECOME Americans!  Indeed it’s even worse with some groups, and again I go back to Muslims.  They as a group not only refuse to pledge the flag, stand for the national anthem, but they DEMAND special treatment in all facets of life and that’s not what this country is about.

Instead of coming to America and assimilating, taking on OUR way of life, OUR values and views, they want to come here as a group and demand we change to suit them.  SORRY, but that’s not the way it works.  If you walk into almost any Korean Home, you will notice that people are shoeless.  That’s because one of their customs is to take your shoes off when you enter the home.  As such, you would expect to walk into their home and remove your shoes.  You WOULD NOT expect to tell them all sorry guys, I don’t take my shoes off for anyone and furthermore, I find your feet offensive so put your shoes ion now!  THAT is what Muslims are doing in America.

I don’t want to pick on Muslims.  It’s every group today, and it needs to stop.  If you don’t want to be an American then don’t come here.  Certainly no one if forcing you to!  I agree with Trump’s ban on ALL Muslims entering the United States until we can figure out who is who and what their intentions are.  In fact I would go a step further and stop ALL immigration from EVERY COUNTRY until further notice in order to assimilate those who are already here and oh yeah, by the way, if you refuse to assimilate, bye, bye!  You should be deported.  If you think your country is so great you should go back there!  I also believe that ENGLISH is the national language and should be noted as such.  We should immediately STOP printing government literature in foreign languages, signs, etc… learn English or suffer the consequences.  But I digress.

I compare Trump to Barack Obama because Obama is clearly an authoritarian with his “pen and his phone.”  The way Trump talks, he appears to be cut from the same cloth.  THAT is a problem. I believe Trump would very quickly tire of making “deals” with Congress and would resort to using executive orders, perhaps on a level even worse than Obama who has issued more executive orders than any other president.  Trump is used to running his company with an iron fist and not taking no for an answer.  He is a man who gets what he wants, when he wants it. In government you can’t simply say “You’re fired.”

So with all of that said, who do I support?  Ted Cruz.  Why?  Five words: HE BELIEVES IN THE CONSTITUTION!  Simple.  And that’s enough for me.  Cruz believes as I do, that if it’s in the Constitution, then you can do it.  If not, then you can’t.  Cruz is pro-life.  THAT is Conservative!  Cruz has fought for gun rights and is an ironclad supporter of the Second Amendment!  THAT is Conservative!  Cruz has pledged to get RID of the IRS and go to a 10% flat tax!  THAT is Conservative!  Cruz has pledged to REDUCE the size of government;  actually getting rid of departments like the Department of Education for the first time in history!  THAT is Conservative!  Cruz filibustered Obamacare and has fought to repeal this monstrosity that effectively gives the government control of 20% of the nation’s economy and was ridiculed and loathed by the establishment and even his own party for standing up for free enterprise, liberty and his principles.  THAT is Conservative!

Cruz is a rock solid Christian with Christian Values ad beliefs and understands that there is really no such thing as “separation of church and state,” because he is a Constitutional Scholar.  THAT is Conservative! And no, religion really doesn’t matter to me aside from Islam.  I believe an Islamic President would be in direct conflict with the Constitution.  We are seeing that play out right now.  But Ted Cruz not only believes in and supports the Constitution, but is a Christian as well.  So it’s an added bonus for me personally.

Now I’ll get to the eligibility question that Donald Trump said “Look,  I’m not raising the question, other people are and I hear things out there about you know, about Ted and I hope he clears this up.”  Is Cruz eligible?  No.  I believe the Constitution is clear and he is not eligible.  I also believe John McCain was ineligible and CLEARLY Barack Obama is.  But it seems that the powers that be no longer use the Constitutional Test and “cl0se enough” is “close enough.”So if he is challenged legally even though I personally don’t believe he is eligible, the courts will say he is. So he IS and will continue to be on the ballot.  It makes me wonder though why recently it seems like so many candidates and potential candidates for President of the United States have citizenship/eligibility questions.  What happened to mom and dad being US Citizens and you being born in the United States?  Oh well.

So there it is.  My views on Donald Trump, Hillary and ted Cruz.  YOU be the judge.  As always, I tell you DON’T BELIEVE ME!  PLEASE!  Do your own research.  Get the facts for yourself.  Then you can make an informed decision. Donald Trump has said all of the right things.  He has tapped into the anger and disgust Americans, INCLUDING ME are feeling at politicians, their lies and business as usual. He has said the right thing when it comes to immigration and the military.  But he is a Progressive.  He is not a Constitutionalist and does not believe in the Constitution or its supremacy.  You may not like the Constitution.  That’s fine.  But it’s the law of the land and oh by the way, the Founders knew things would change and left us the mechanism to change the Constitution by amending it.  They made it very difficult to change the Constitution because changing it is a major undertaking and effects every American and they wanted the mechanism to guarantee that the citizens of this country really want whatever the change is.  The governments in Western Europe can be changed at a whim and frequently are and many like Italy, for example are in constant disarray.  The format of the Constitution guarantees stability, and if the people of America really want to amend the Constitution, they can; but it’s difficult to do.

As for Trump, it’s hard to know what his core values are because they have changed so much over the years and so radically!  If I believe him right now…… today….. he is: pro-life, pro-gun, pro-Christianity, pro-America & pro-Military.  But that’s what he SAYS.  There is no evidence to show these are things he believes.  I hope America doesn’t find out the hard way like Obama Voters did.  All of that said, I would STILL vote for him over Hillary!  Well…just sayin.’ God Bless all of you.






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