What Is Obama REALLY Doing?

Posted: December 5, 2015 in politics

Someone has to ask the question.  What is Barack Hussein Obama really up to?  Obama, a.k.a. Barry Soetoro, was raised in Indonesia as a Muslim.  That we know.  He has never produced a true long form birth certificate; but it’s safe to say he was born in Kenya.  His own family members have made numerous slips of the tongue many, many times.  As The elders from Obama’s Village have repeatedly said Obama was born there.  Even the wide hipped, cheeseburger eating Silverback of a wife of his on a trip to Kenya said “We’re back in the homeland.”

Though clearly raised a Muslim in an Islamic School, Obama claims he is now a Christian.  He sat in the church of the “Reverend” Jeremiah Wright in Chicago for man, many years while he damned America, the Constitution and American Hisotry.  Of course Barry says he never heard any of that.  Is he kidding?  Never heard any of that?  Howe can you sit in church and not hear what the pastor is ministering?  Why are you even there if you’re not paying attention?  Another Obama Lie.  Of course he was listening.

Obama hates America.  He hates Britain and the West and blames Britain in particular for mistreating his father in Kenya during the colonial period which is one reason why one of this first acts in the White House was to remove the bust of Winston Churchill.  American and England have long been allies and were responsible for stopping the spread of Totalitarianism.  Yet Obama seems to have a problem with that.

His wife, Michelle said that when Barry was sworn in, it was the first time in her life she was proud to be an American.  How very sad for her.  So if she hated America so very much why didn’t she leave?  Why didn’t she go back to the “homeland?”  Certainly she had no problem accepting all the money she got when she sat on a hospital board in Chicago, did she?

Obama promised “Hope and change.”  He gave us only the latter while the former quickly dried up.  He also promised to “fundamentally transform” America.  Transform it?  Into what?  He immediately started a war on Christianity and Christmas in particular allowing a Mao Tse Teng ornament on the White House Christmas Tree.  Of course there was more.  He seems to have particular distaste for the Catholic Church since he singled them out numerous times for his “special treatment,” trying to force them to pay for contraceptives, etc… with little regard to their religious freedom or beliefs and values.

We have seen him go to church only twice in seven years while other presidents routinely attended services.  Yet he continues to insist he is a Christian.  He downplays or omits nearly every Christian Holiday and celebration while EMPHASIZING Muslim Holidays for the first time in American History.  No other president has done that.  Yet again, he insists he is a Christian.  He even went so far while on a foreign trip to say “America is a Muslim Country..”  Really?  When did this happen?  Sorry “Mr President” America is a Judaeo-Christian nation!  At every turn each time he has had a chance to snub Christianity he has done so while promoting Islam.

Over the past seven years Obama has forced directives in multiple agencies directing which terms can actually he used against terrorists, forbidding the term “Islamic Terrorists.”  He has even gone so far as to have sections of the FBI Field Manual rewritten as not to “offend” Muslims.  While his administration has no problem whatsoever offending Christians anytime, anywhere, he treats ANYTHING/EVERYTHING Islamic with dignity, respect and reverence!  But he says he’s Christian.

Obama has dealt with, allowed into his administration and  otherwise coddled numerous members of the Muslim Brotherhood.  Numerous members were exposed by Frank Gaffney including associates of anti-tax crusader Grover Norquist!  Indeed Huma Abedeen, Hillary Clinton’s long time top aid’s family has direct ties with the Muslim Brotherhood including at least her father and brother.  Yet Obama does nothing, says nothing and claims to be a Christian.

Obama has gone out of his way with our bumbling secretary of state John “Swiftboat” Kerry,  to make a horrendously one sided nuclear deal with Iran which will actually accelerate the time it takes them to acquire deliverable nuclear weapons.  The deal gives away everything but the kitchen sink to Iran while the US and its allies basically get NOTHING in return!  This, despite continuing propaganda coming out of Iran calling for the destruction of Israel and death to America!  At the same time, two American Citizens are being held by Iran on trumped up charges!  Not a peep from Obama about them or their release lest we upset the apple cart and they pull out of the nuclear deal.  In the meantime the Iranians have already broken the deal and said they have no intention of honoring it!

Not to mention ISIS.  Americans are war weary and that’s a fact.  However, Obama drew a redline in the sand for Bashir Al Assad….a line which he immediately crossed. He used chemical weapons on his own people and Obama did nothing. Why even bring it up?  If you have watched Barry with a careful eye as I and many others have, you cannot help but come to the conclusion that he is simply going through the motions.  There is more than enough evidence to support this conclusion; especially his recent Paris Speech where he was more worried about attacking Republicans than addressing ISIS.  He spent more time reminiscing about he and Michelle taking a walk than anything else.  This is clearly not the mark of a wartime president and like it or not we are at war.  Just because you don’t like war and don’t want to be a participant; if someone declares war on you, you must fight back or you will simply be dead.  If you are the leader of a country, then you must defend your country.  Period!

Now don’t get me wrong.  I am a Libertarian first and foremost.  I don’t believe GW Bush should have invaded Iraq or Afghanistan. I don’t believe the US has any business trying to topple Bashir Al Assad and they had no business toppling the Libyan Government or interfering in Egypt during the “Arab Spring.”  Quite frankly it’s none of our business and all we have done is create multiple power vacuums which have each been filled by people who are worse than the ones we replaced!  That’s really the problem isn’t it? You know what you have!  You don’t know what you’re going to get.

Obama is “pretending” to be the president, plain and simple. He is going through the motions because he must.  But he hates military force and the use of it, which is why hen has used drones to kill people all around the world.  It’s clean and sanitary.  No mess.  No boots on the ground and no body bags coming home.  But now his bluff has been called and ISIS is threatening the homeland… here….the United States.  To be honest I really don’t care how many countries ISIS devours and annexes into their caliphate.  I really don’t.  Unless and until they attack Americans on American soil I just can’t be bothered.  If/when that happens however, it’s a different story.

What will Barry Soetoro do?  Will he simply allow ISIS to walk free after they kill Americans?  Well, we found out yesterday and today what he will do after ISIS kills innocent Americans on American Soil.  First, his FBI and DHS People said they couldn’t call it terrorism, despite all of the facts that CLEARLY pointed to a terrorist attack.  They said it was more likely, workplace violence, just as they did at Fort Hood, which was also clearly Islamic Terrorism.  Today he and his flunky attorney general raised the ante by saying they would not tolerate negative or violent speech against Muslims or Islam and any such speech would be prosecuted.  Really?

Unless Obama has repealed the First Amendment by another one of his unconstitutional executive orders, it’s still in effect and any such prosecution would be tossed out of court.  But why would he do this?  These people are clearly our enemy.  Can you imagine FDR threatening to prosecute people for violent speech against Germans and Japanese during WWII?  It never would have happened and never did in fact!  Why? Because we were at war.

One can only come to the conclusion that Obama is defending Muslims because he is himself, a Muslim.  The left has denied it since he was elected, but his actions over the past 7 years speak for themselves.  He has consistently gone after Christianity while praising Islam.  He once described the Muslim call to morning prayer as “the most beautiful sound in the world.”

1. Over his term in office, Obama has:Consistently criticized Christianity and specifically Catholics, bringing up things like the Crusades and the Spanish Inquisition.  He has attacked Christian Teaching by using the law like Obamacare to force Christian Religious Groups to do things that directly fly in the face of their beliefs.

2. He has consistently praised Islam and the Muslim Religion.  He went so far as to call the United States a Muslim Nation when he was in Egypt.  He called the Muslim call to prayer the “Most beautiful sound in the world.”  While he has either simply skipped them or minimized the importance of Christian Holidays at the White House, he has gone out of his way to celebrate Muslim Holidays like Ramadan.  The White House has even gone so far as to put communist ornaments on the White House Christmas Tree.

3. Obama has since the first day of his administration refused to call these acts Muslim Terrorism or Islamic Terrorism.  He has forbid the use of those terms by his administration and the executive departments.  He simply refers to these savages as extremists or terrorists and every expert agrees that you cannot defeat your enemy if you can’t even identify him!  After all, they’re not from Sweden!  Can you imagine if FDR in WWII had forbidden Americans to call Germans Nazis?

4.  Obama last year said “Al Quaeda is defeated and terrorists are on the run.”  He called ISIS the “JV” team, saying they were little more than an annoyance.  Despite the most powerful and sophisticated military in the world, Obama has repeatedly told us they had difficulty targeting ISIS.  Funny, a day after the Paris Terror Attacks, Obama gave the French the coordinates to target every single ISIS target in the Middle East.  One has to ask if we had those targets why weren’t we destroying them a long time ago? Clearly Obama is protecting ISIS or they would have been decimated by the US Military.

5. The Russians have blown the lid off the ISIS-Turkey Oil Scandal where ISIS has slowly gobbled up territory across the Middle East including oil wells, etc…. ISIS is the best funded terror group in history.  They are selling stolen oil via tanker truck to Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan’s son’s corporation who is turning around and selling it making obscene profits.  Turkey is a NATO Member and instead of saying anything Obama has simply looked the other way.  Why?

6. We know that Obama despises the Western World and Western Philosophy, eve though he sits at the pinnacle of power and has made him and his ungrateful, America Hating Wife very wealthy. He blames the British for their actions related to his father in colonial Africa and Indonesia and believes there is no such thing as American Exceptionalism.  Indeed ion his first foreign trip he apologized to other nations for American Values, Culture and Actions over the 20th century.  Imagine that!  An American President belittling and besmirching his own country on foreign soil!  Unheard of!

You see… when you look objectively at Obama and his policy on terror there are simply too many coincidences to believe these things are all just mere happenstance.  Probability and statistics simply don’t favor the things that have happened.  Will he continue to play his game and tell us things like “Attending climate change conferences will show the terrorists!”  The statement was so ridiculous even people on the hard left couldn’t believe he said it. America is in deep, deep trouble.  This is not going to get better.   It is going to get worse… much, much worse.

Syed Rizwan Farook, 28, and Tashfeen Malik, 27, went to a center in the relatively small town of San Bernadino, California yesterday.  They walked into the county’s Christmas Party, apparently had words with someone and returned a few minutes later in military gear with semi-automatic rifles, handguns and pipe bombs and opened fire on the group there killing 14 and wounding 21.  They then calmly got into a black SUV and drove away.  While in the SUV Farook’s wife Tashfeen logged into Facebook and proclaimed her allegiance and loyalty to the head of ISIS.  The  police caught up with them and a rolling shoot out occurred in the street which eventually ended up with one officer and the two terrorists dead.

When the  authorities determined where these two lived and entered the home, they found a garage which was basically a bomb making factory where there were at least a dozen bombs with supplies to construct many, many more.   There  were also additional weapons and gear and several thousand rounds of ammunition.  STILL, Obama’s administration would not characterize this as Islamic Terror; even though at this point to label it workplace violence was utterly absurd!

DHS started a campaign a few years ago called “See something, say something.”  It is an ongoing program  that  encourages people to conduct surveillance and spy on their neighbors and turn them in if they believe anything suspicious going on.  In this case one neighbor reported an ongoing, almost continuous stream of Arab looking young men entering and leaving the home at all hours late into the light.  She told authorities that she didn’t report this because she didn’t want to be accused of being  racists or racial profiling and discriminating.  Isn’t this a wonderful world the liberals have created?

CLEARLY this was NOT  workplace violence!  Stockpiling weapons, ammunition, bombs, tactical gear and a group of young men in and out all of the time?  ANYONE WITH A BRAIN would immediately come to the conclusion that this was a base or a hive for a terror cell that was either planning more attacks or one more large attack.  Perhaps Syed was upset at the Christmas Party and simply flew off the handle attacking them and jeopardizing the planned follow on attack(s).  We may never know.  But is is clear that all of those items were not assembled for an attack against a workplace he simply didn’t like!  This is a massive cache of weapons with the capability to kill hundreds or even thousands.  Yet still today the Obama Administration would not call this terrorism!  Again, why?

San Bernadino is NOT New York City, or Boston or Philadelphia or Chicago.  It is a relatively small city.  That tells us something.  It tells us that there are terror cells scattered across America.  It tells us that these cells are getting prepared to pull off attacks in small and medium size cities and towns.   It tells us even more.   Our immigration policies and screening procedures have failed badly since while Syed was born in the United States,   Tashfeen was Pkistani and was in the United States on a “K or Fiance Visa.”  They went on a trip to Saudi Arabia not long ago, which is presumably where they were radicalized and returned ton do evil.

If we can’t uncover a plot like this and clearly there was a larger plot here; then all of our surveillance and broken civil rights are for not because the FBI, DHS, etc… had no idea this was going to happen.  Further, Obama continues to insist that tens of thousands maybe even eventually hundreds of thousands of Syrian Refugees MUST be allowed to settle in the United States DESPITE the fact that his own FBI and DHS Chiefs have said publicly there is no way to vet these people and ISIS has promised to plant terrorists in their midst!  But Obama and even Hillary Clinton are insistent that these people be allowed in!  Sure.  They have security details to defend them, but the average person doesn’t and they don’t even want the average American to be allowed to have a gun to defend themselves or their families. It leaves us with another “why?”  Obama is supposed to be the smartest guy in the room; sop why would he demand this, unless of course he wants more attacks.

The left of course wastes no crisis as Rahm Emanuel recommended a few years back.  They IMMEDIATELY began calling for gun control which now clearly means gun confiscation.  A guest on CNN immediately blamed this on a right wing militia group!  Can you believe it!  That’s what the left does.  They hate the right and believe only the military and the police and pf course they and their entourages should be allowed to have weapons.  Of course they don’t allow soldiers to carry weapons on military bases(thanks Bill Clinton) even after the Fort Hood shootings.

Then the lowest form of insult came from the left when on New York City paper called out the goodness in men’s hearts!  The Republican Presidential Candidates all sent prayers for the survivors and the dead and asked God to bless them and this paper said on the front page, in bold letters, “God Isn’t Fixing This,” mocking their prayers.  Worse, Twitter and other sites lit up blaming the NRA, conservatives, all gun owners, the Republican Party, everyone EXCEPT ISIS!  Then of course today the same New York City paper’s front page in giant letters said “He’s a Terrorist,” claiming the attacks were Muslim Terror.  Accordingly, there were no apologies made for any of the horrible things said or horrible charges levied against the NRS or anyone else!  Because again, that’s the way the left works.  They are a sanctimonious, self-righteous group if ignorant, self important fools who rarely if ever examine facts.  One need only look at their arguments for Climate Change to see that.

Gun sales in America, far from what Obama would want have accelerated even faster!  They had already been breaking records and continue to set new records every week only to have them broken again!  Americans are arming themselves because they have had enough.  They are going to do what the government can’t… protect themselves and their families.  Meanwhile Obama and his ilk continue to tell us more guns won’t make us safer.  Strangely enough, if there was one person at the center in San Bernadino, the number of killed and injured might have been lowered because the two terrorists would have had someone shooting back!  A lesson lost on Obama and the left who simply dismiss the hundreds of times each year the private citizens successfully defend themselves with firearms.

So what have we learned boys and girls?  The day after the attacks in Paris I warned that Islamic Terror was coming here and soon. I am no soothsayer and I cannot predict the future; but it was pretty plain to see what was coming.  And now it is here.  Instead of fighting ISIS, Obama is enabling them.  He s deliberately bringing more of these savages to America and he KNOWS what they are going to do. He doesn’t care about you or your family because at long last we can now say he is the “Manchurian Candidate.”  There can be no doubt that his agenda is the destruction of America.  Dark days are coming my friends.  We are going to reach a point of no return and this country is going to experience disaster.  I humbly suggest you stockpile food, water, medicine and most of all, make sure you have the means to defend yourself and your family.  Keep your shields high and your powder dry and God bless you.








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