When Does A Person Become A Racial Slur?

Posted: November 17, 2015 in politics

ukjfghbtyjryt.jpg  Racial slurs have been around as long as people have.  We have long made comedy of our differences between villages, towns, cities, states and countries.  At different times in history these things have been acceptable, while judged against today’s standards they would be seen as racist slurs.

When I was a kid there were Polish Jokes.  There were Irish Jokes and even Black Jokes.  We even made fun of differences between the genders like blonde jokes, etc…  Again, at different points in our history these things were funny, or hurtful or downright nasty depending on the group and the particular historical period.

Then we go from racial jokes to racial slurs with names like “Nigger,” “Redskin,” “Kike,” “half-breed,” “Mick,” “Gook,” and “Pollock,” to name a few.  This started in America from the time White European Settlers and Colonists met American Indians for the first time.  It grew from there through slavery and the perception that Blacks were inferior to Whites.  The it grew again through waves of immigration particularly from Ireland and southeastern Europe.

As America grew and time passed different groups assimilated into American Culture and we all became more or less, Americans.  What were divisive and mean spirited name calling became funny ethnic joke and jabs that we all laughed about.   But the names seem to have stuck.  I still sometimes here my dad say things like, “Oh yeah, Frank is a Pollock from Nanticoke” or something like that.  He means no harm.  It’s the way he was brought up and “Frank from Nanticoke” would take no offense.  Gradually as successive generations of Americans come onto the scene even statements like that are disappearing.  Or are they?

We like to think of ourselves as this advanced culture in an advanced nation with lofty morals, etc, etc…  But are we?  The 1960’s and 1970’s gave us race riots and we came close to a race war.  There has always been a slow simmering cauldron of hatred just beneath the surface in America, primarily between Blacks and Whites, but more recently between Blacks and Hispanics.  In the late 1980’s and early 1990’s we again saw eruptions of Black rioting and then things again quieted down for the most -part in America.

Fast forward to 2013.  Suddenly the issue of racism again reared its head with what seemed to be an escalating number of police shooting where White Officers were shooting dead, Black Perpetrators.  In nearly each case the officer was cleared of wrong-doing.  No matter.  The Black Community took it as it was open season on Black Men.  The Trayvon Martin Cases aggravated the situation as did several others including that of Freddie Gray.

Suddenly we had protesters taking to the streets again, as usual, destroying private property, homes and businesses, burning and looting as usual right in their very own communities.  This came to a head in Ferguson, Missouri.  From the events there a new group appeared called “Black Lives Matter.”

At first, their goal seemed rather noble and was merely to demonstrate and illustrate the fact that so many young Black Men were being killed by White Police Officers.  I think many people understood their frustrations and even the US Justice Department became involved as did President Obama himself.  But that wasn’t enough.  The BLM organization decide it wanted more.  But what?

The organization seemed to be growing all over the country and began to get funding from several liberal sources.  They were lavished with praise from left wing groups and politicians.  They seemed to be on a roll; but again the overriding question is why?

The group soon moved beyond demonstrating in the streets to disrupting events of all types all over the country.  They stormed political rallies like those of candidate Bernie Sanders where he was actually pushed off the stage and had the microphone taken away from him….at his own event! They were equal opportunity disruptors and went after former Florida Governor Jeb Bush and then Donald Trump, with little success.  At one point former Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley dared….DARED to say “All lives matter,” and he was shouted off the stage and forced to issue an apology!  Can you imagine a man running for president having to apologize for saying ALL lives matter?

So they soon turned their attention to colleges and universities and began to belittle and force students into joining them or at least listening to them.  Students who openly disagreed were bullied, screamed and shouted at and assaulted!  They took over the campus the the University of Missouri and ended up costing the president his job.  They began issuing demands like free tuition for college kids and $15/hr for on campus work study jobs!  They demanded representation in college administrations and actually running the schools!

The demonstrations spread from Mizzou to Ithaca College, Minnesota and Dartmouth.  Perhaps the worst was what they did at Dartmouth and what in my mind turned them from demonstrators into nothing more than a racist, hate fueled gang of thugs and bullies!  They entered the Dartmouth Library shouting their usual lines and chanting “Black Lives Matter.” Then it degenerated as outlined in this article: Black Lives Matter.

What they did went far beyond the level of demonstrating for change.  Americans have always done that.  It’s written into the Bill of Rights.  What’s not allowed is using racial slurs of the kind that you would never tolerate being used against you!  Assaulting people by pushing and shoving them!  Intimidating people because they simply don’t happen to agree with you on a particular issue.  Throwing open doors of study rooms and screaming and shouting and rampaging through study areas and libraries.  Newsflash…..those students all paid to be there!  They are all paying tuition and a lot of it to be in that library and studying and some of them are actually working there to help pay their tuition while you are intimidating people and disrupting their lives.  What gives you the right BLM?  Just what exactly gives you the right?

You are engaging in much of the very same behavior that you clam to rail against and claim is indefensible in a civilized nation.  Yes, Black Lives do matter.  So do White Lives, and Red and Yellow and every other life!  ALL LIFE MATTERS and ALL LIVES MATTER!  What makes Black Lives any better or worse than any other?  I’d like one of these “demonstrators” to tell me that in a logical, civilized way.

They are not helping their cause.  If I was a student at Dartmouth and was harassed the way the students in that article were I would be suing the school.  It is their job to provide a safe, well equipped place to learn and study.  It is NOT their obligation to provide a podium for demonstrations.  That can be done outside on the commons, NOT in a library.  When these imbeciles act like this and do these things they have become the racial epithet they dread: “niggers.”  That is how they are, and will be perceived and that is how they will be treated.  Like almost everything in life there is a right and a wrong way to do things.  Clearly, this is the wrong way.






























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