The Next Paris Will Be in America! Wake Up Americans! Wake up!

Posted: November 14, 2015 in politics

obama-burns-constitution  How long will it be before Heinz Field is bombed during an NFL Football Game? How long before the Mall of America is bombed or attacked by gunmen? How long before a major Islamo-fascist attack here in America? Answer: Not to F-ing long! You think you’re safe?  THINK AGAIN!  We have a man in the White House who has basically eliminated the US-Mexican Border!  Border Patrol Officials will tell you they have no idea who is coming into this country right now!  No idea!

You think because we have a bunch of agencies with cute little acronyms like TSA and DHS you’re safe?  Really?  Even the FBI and CIA admit they cannot prevent all attacks and it’s only a matter of time before America is hit with a major attack!  Ask the people who survived the Boston Marathon Bombing how safe we are in America.  We watched innocent Americans killed and injured and where was TSA and DHS and FBI and CIA?


Innocent Americans forced from their home at gunpoint in defiance of the Bill of Rights!

Then to make it even worse, we watched as the Bill of Rights was simply ignored by police and Gestapo-Style government thugs going house to house looking for the perpetrator(s)! In express violation of the U.S. Constitution, government agents and police forced their way into people’s homes without warrants, dragged innocent Americans out of their homes at gunpoint and detained them illegally!  The Constitution was completely ignored and not a peep from the media or civil rights groups!  It was like watching a house to house search in El Salvador or some other third world shit hole!  But it was here!  It was in MY country!  It was the exact type of thing the Constitution and Bill of Rights specifically were created to protect Americans from!  It was the kind of thing the British did to the colonists and yes, it happened here, NOT in 1778, but in 2013!

Ask the people who were on the airline flight with the underwear bomber or the shoe bomber how safe we are!  They will tell you!  If the underwear bomb hadn’t malfunctioned that airplane would have been blown up!  The same with the shoe bomber!  Ask the people who test the TSA and are able to penetrate security over 90% of the time how safe we are!  The testers have smuggled everything from guns, to knives to explosives through TSA Security more than 90% of the time!  You think because we pat down 89 year old grandmothers in wheel chairs and pat down 4 year old girls and allow our government agents to basically grope and fondle our women we are somehow safer than before 9/11???  We were not safe!  Since Barry has opened the US-Mexican Border we are even LESS safe!

Barack HUSSEIN Obama, aka Barry Soetoro’s ass clown, executive orders have forced ICE and Border Patrol Agents to stop making arrests, stop deporting illegal aliens and look the other way! Barry has basically given us the “open border” the liberal/progressive/lefty/democrat ass clowns want, and instead of impeaching him, and throwing his Kenyan, Muslim ass in jail or putting him in front of a firing squad for high treason, the republicans play games and use the court system, where Barry has lost case after case but simply ignores court orders and what happens? NOTHING!   That’s right…NOTHING!  U.S. Law offers the death penalty for high treason!  Whether he is deliberately planning and executing the destruction of the U.S.A. from within, or simply creating a permanent voting block, what Barry is doing is illegal and it is treason!

Barry has repeatedly violated and ignored the Constitution and issued illegal executive orders! He has reportedly gone so far as to put together a special group in the White House to figure out how to expressly circumvent court decisions that are not in his favor! Don’t believe me. Do a little research of your own.  You can find all of this information online.

We have three co-equal branches of government to ensure that we have checks and balances. Congress is to make laws and the executive is to either ratify and enforce or veto those laws. The Supreme Court is to determine whether those laws are consistent with the Constitution. THAT is the way the system is SUPPOSED to work!

We now have a president who deliberately defies court orders and is for all intents and purposes, making his own laws via the issuance of executive orders. Richard Nixon was forced to resign because of an amateur burglary and some audio tapes!  Compared to Barry, Nixon and even Slick Willie both look like Boy Scouts!

The things Barry has done are a thousand times worse and he continues to issue executive orders despite the fact that when he ran for president, he complained about GW Bush’s use of executive orders and pledged NOT to use them.  Another Obama/Soetoro lie!  Many presidents have issued them in the past; but not with the breadth or the scope of those issued by Barry and DEFINITELY not on the MAJOR and CONTROVERSIAL ISSUES Barry has issued them on. It’s quite simple…when Barry can’t get Congress to do what he wants, he simply issues an executive order…and voila…makes the law himself!

This has now been done numerous times! Indeed there are various lists with many, many instances where Barry has either ignored the Constitution, committed unconstitutional acts or ignored the will of Congress and the people by issuing illegal executive orders. The vast majority of these violations are in fact, high treason punishable by the death penalty; but we can’t even get a majority republican House or Senate to impeach Barry! Why? He DEFINITELY deserves to be impeached, convicted and sentenced according to federal guidelines which does provide for the death penalty.  Obama/Soetoro took an oath to protect and defend the United States Constitution.  Far from it, he has repeatedly committed treasonous acts and is at this point a traitor!  he has openly voiced on numerous occasions his dislike for the Constitution because it is a document of negative rights which places numerous limits on the government.  He believes it is old, outdated and irrelevant and this from a man who was supposedly a Constitutional Law Professor!

Our country is lost because the three co-equal branches of government are no longer functioning as they were designed because we have elected gutless, blobs of mush, or we have elected corrupt scum who can be easy targets for blackmail and thus don’t want to rock the boat, lest they themselves be thrown out of office! No doubt it is a mix of the two. Funny when most lawmakers enter the House or Senate, the earn and average of about $60,000 a year, yet they all leave multi-millionaires,. How can that be? But that is a subject for another post.

So Barry rules the United States more like a king than a president…that is when he’s not golfing (more than any other president) or pissing away tens of millions of taxpayer dollars vacationing (more than any other president)! How long will it be before an Islamist either from Al Quaeda or ISIL walks across the Mexican Border with a suitcase nuke or a dirty bomb? How long before they cross the border with some of those guns from “Fast and Furious” (Thanks Eric Holder …criminal scum) and shoot up a shopping mall or sporting event or church?

And lest we forget at the very same time the ass clown, Kenyan, Muslim in the White House is leaving this country wide open to attack, due to his open borders policy and gutting of the military not to mention his “catch and release” border patrol program. He wants to leave us wide open so anyone can enter this country and of course wants to take our guns by ignoring the Second Amendment! If Barry had his way we would be completely defenseless in the face of what is basically an invasion of illegal aliens from not only Mexico, but many other Latin American Countries including Honduras, Guatemala, even China and several Middle Eastern Countries!!!

Barry promised “Hope and change” and all he has left us with is change….change in our pockets! He promised to “fundamentally change America” because his Silver-back, jumbo-hipped, cheeseburger eating wife has always been ashamed of America! He has turned into a lightning rod of racism and hate and always comes down on the side of the racists and the criminals! He is divisive and has surrounded himself with extremists on every level! He has allowed the US Government to be infiltrated at every level by Islamists to the point where even FBI Agents are issued politically correct directives! America is indeed a nation in distress and people had better get ready for what’s coming because it’s going to be ugly!

We are headed for an economic collapse combined with a civil/race war and maybe a second American Revolution! Get ready folks because it’s coming! You can bury your heads in the sand, you can think I’m crazy, but do the research as I have and you will see what’s coming! God Bless you all and God bless America!


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