Stop Trying To Change My America; you’ve Done Enough Already!

Posted: November 10, 2015 in politics

america  Stop trying to change my America!  You know who you are so stop it!  You are an American now, so stop flying the flag of Mexico!  You are an American now, so stop flying the flag of Puerto Rico!  You are an American now, so stop speaking Spanish and start speaking English!  I’m sick of it and it needs to stop and stop now!  That’s how I feel.  Have you noticed how much of this is going on?

Time was, when groups emigrated to America, they did so because of many reasons, but they were PROUD to be Americans.  They wanted to fly the Stars and Stripes and sing the National Anthem.  They wanted a better life so they left the places they were born in and came to America.  They never looked back.  They came, they learned and they assimilated! Indeed, there were so many immigrants in America at one point in the 1920’s that all immigration was stopped!  This was done in order to allow the folks who came here to assimilate and become “Americanized” before we let more foreigners into this country.  A common sense move.  Can you imagine if anyone even suggested doing such a thing today?  The left would go insane. Sometimes it seems like they ALL want to destroy the United States because that’s what their policies are doing and would do even more.

I was born in 1966 and watched many things go on in America. My dad went to Vietnam to fight for this country and came home to anger and resentment instead of thanks and praise for defending his nation.  I lived through America putting a man on the moon,  Watergate, the end of the Cold War, sat in the Supreme Court and watched Oliver North’s trial, watched Bill Clinton’s Impeachment, watched planes destroy the towers on 9/11, watched “W” gut the Bill of Rights and watched Obama lie every time he opened his mouth.  In between I watched the continuing degradation of the “American Way” and all that makes us American.  I watched Mexican Pride Parades and Puerto Rican Parades where there was not an American Flag in sight and I wondered why.  Why would people leave such places if they were so great?  I mean, they really must have been awesome places to live if they are waving their flags right?  WRONG! If they were they wouldn’t have come to America.  They came to America for many reasons; but they have one thing in common:  They all thought it was better here than where they were.

I think what upsets me the most is the shift in the attitudes of immigrants here, both legal and illegal; though there seems to be a difference in their attitudes as well.  We have had many family reunions and my last name is Smith, so you can imagine the lineage I have.  Many years ago I became a sort of defacto family historian and genealogist.  I researched both my maternal and paternal lineages back as far as I could.  On my father’s side my family traces back to 1745.  In fact I have had a relative in every major war ever fought by America, even the colonies from the French and Indian War through the Gulf War.  I have relatives who fought in the War of 1812 and a great great grandfather who died at Gettysburg.  My great grandfather was in the army artillery in WWI and I have his field manual.  I have an uncle who fought his way across Europe and crossed the Rhine with General Patton in WWII.  Another uncle fought in North Africa and Korea.  My father volunteered to Vietnam and fought there in 1964-65; while my brother was in the Army during the Gulf War.

On my mother’s side the history is not so grandiose.  My maternal great grandmother emigrated to America from Shannon Ireland in the 1830’s during the Potato Famine, while my paternal grandfather came to America from Lithuania as a boy.

What amazed me though in tracing my family’s history was how my ancestors were so very excited to become “Americans.”  They couldn’t wait to be real American Citizens!  They learned English and soon spoke both their native languages and English!  They followed the rules and became Americans by following the law.  They NEVER flew the Lithuanian Flag or the Irish Flag.  They began celebrating American Holidays and learning and adopting American Traditions.  They were assimilating….just like they were supposed to.  They were overflowing with joy that they had become Americans and my maternal grandfather joined the Merchant marine during World War II to serve his country.

This is a common theme in U.S. Immigration right through the 1980’s for the most part.  In the 1990’s something changed.  People began coming to America NOT to be Americans but simply to LIVE and WORK in America.  They wanted nothing to do with American Culture, values, ideas or traditions.  Over the past 30 years we have had enclaves spring up all over America   Places where you would scarcely recognize the fact that you were in America.

Yes there were always ethnic neighborhoods like Little Italy in New York City and Chinatown in San Fransisco.  But these areas readily and happily acknowledged their American Citizenship and identities.  Today there are areas of the United States where for example, if you don’t speak Spanish you must simply avoid because it’s like being in another country.  There are spots like this in Florida and California to name a few.  Likewise in parts of Minnesota and Michigan if you are a non-Muslim, people won’t even talk to or deal with you.  Women roam the sidewalks (when they are allowed) in full Burkas.  Indeed  Detroit is the Muslim capital of America and Hamtramck, Michigan just elected a Muslim Majority City Council! This the first time a Muslim Majority has controlled a municipality in America and they fully support Sharia Law and believe it should be instituted across America.

This is a major paradigm shift in immigration.  As I said earlier, immigrants had come here to BECOME Americans!  They wanted to be Americans in every way; not just name only.  Today the trend continues to be growing that immigrants come to America and either blend in and work illegally or follow the system and obey immigration law but continue to follow their own customs, traditions and values rather than assimilating to become true Americans.

There is no doubt that each immigrant group to America has always brought its own uniqueness and added it to the melting pot.  But the melting pot went away long ago and was replaced by a mosaic; a mosaic which I believe will lead to the eventual “Balkanization” of America.  No one is saying that immigrants should abandon their traditions and histories and ideas and cultures.  However, they left those things behind to become Americans and they should blend those with the cultures and traditions of America, their new home!  After all, can you imagine New York without Pizza or Wilkes-Barre without pierogies?  No pork and sauerkraut for New Year’s?  Of course not.

But insisting that the American Flag is offensive and refusing to stand for the National Anthem are offensive and unacceptable and surely don’t show that you are proud to live in the land you fought so hard to immigrate to!  Nothing upsets me more than watching people waving the Mexican or Puerto Rican Flags or the Italian or Irish Flags!  There should only be one flag waved, respected, saluted and loved and that should be the American Flag!  After all, if  we are all Americans, how can we have different banners to show allegiance?

Muslims have carried this to the extreme refusing to honor many American Laws, refusing to salute the flag or stand for the Pledge of Allegiance or even the National Anthem, yet they claim to be America Citizens.  God knows they take advantage of all that America has to offer.  Instead they work hard from without and within to change America, via American Laws and pressure and lobbying at the state level and in Washington, D.C.

Particularly worrisome is the extreme Muslim Groups like the Muslim Brotherhood which has ingratiated and infiltrated itself into the U.S. Government and lobbying groups.  They are in Obama’s inner circle, as well as former  Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s inner circle and have infiltrated every level of American Government to the point where FBI Field Manuals had to be redacted because Muslim Groups found them offensive.

Well I’m sick of it.  Totally, completely disgusted and heartsick!   I love America; particularly the America I grew up in!  The traditions, the holidays, the games we played, the way we related to each other have either all been forever changed in a negative way or are under attack because some ethnic group finds them offensive.  Well you don’t have the right not to be offended!

If you loved your country so very much with all that entailed why did you come to America?  Go back.  Please!  Go back!  Stop trying to turn my America into Tijuana or Damascus or Beirut!  Stop it!  Be Americans!  Learn our values and traditions and customs and yes keep yours but blend them with ours!  But for God’s sake stop ruining America!  I was here before you and this is MY country!   If you like it, please by all means feel welcome and stay, but ASSIMILATE! 

The way you did things in your country led to rape and murder in the streets, discrimination, torture, no educational and economic opportunities and many, many other bad things.  That’s why you came here.  Why would you want to make America more like those places….the places you came from?  No you can’t have Sharia law or any other law.  In America we follow the United States Constitution which has led to the US Code.  Each state has their own constitution as well and there are local laws; but they are all modeled and based on the United States Constitution and the Declaration of Independence which are our Founding Documents.  If you can’t accept that, then America is not for you.  You have no right to expect people in Cleveland, Ohio or Utica, New York, or San Bernadino, California to live under Sharia law.  So stop trying to force them to!

If you don’t want to or feel you can’t assimilate, then PLEASE go the Hell back to wherever it is you came from because I am tired of changing what I say, what I see and what I do because someONE from someWHERE else doesn’t like it!  That’s just too bad!  We did fine before you came here and we’ll do fine without you.  You are welcome to stay if you come here legally, but if you choose to do so, then suck it up!  Like the old bumper sticker from the 1970’s says, “America, Love it Or Leave It!”


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