Maybe The Left Wants To Get Rid of Police Altogether?

Posted: October 28, 2015 in politics

bgh,kjhkgf   I just watched the latest incident where a high school student; a female was told to get off her phone in class by the teacher and the vice principal.  They told her to get out of the classroom and she still refused.  They called the school resource officer who used force to remove her.  Did he use force?  Yes!  But there was no other way to get this disobedient brat out of the classroom.  She assaulted a police officer and now the vultures…ooops, I mean the lawyers are saying the cop is at fault.  Then let me ask the question.  Why do we have cops?

Maybe the girl and others should just be allowed to do whatever the Hell they want.  Maybe we should just remove every school resource officer period and let our schools further degenerate like Fort Apache!  Maybe we should let kids sit in class talking on cell phones and thumbing their noses to teachers and administrators. It seems as though we have now reached the point where we can punch a cop, punch a teacher, pretty much do whatever we want right up to daring the police officer to do something and it is THEY who get in trouble!

We either need to start respecting and standing up for cops on the street and in the schools or just disband them.  It seems as though the left WANTS that…anarchy.  They seem to want anarchy everywhere because each time a police officer is murdered, there is not a mention anywhere by the mainstream media.  Yet if a police officer even lays a hand on someone, especially a Black, it is open season on the police!  We have now gone full circle back to the 1960’s where the Black Panthers declared war on “the man.”  Today, it is Black Lives Matter that disrupt events, shoves people off stages and takes the microphone, and now actively supports the murder of police.  Where the Hell am I living?

The government has decided that if you go to church, worship God, love the Bible and own a gun you are a terrorist.  Yet Obama has actually come out and spoken in FAVOR of these anarchist animals that call themselves Black Lives Matter.  How can it be?  How can it be that loving the Constitution makes you a terrorist but advocating the murder of police makes you an activist?

America had better wake up.  We had better elect the right people before it’s too late or the very country so many have fought to protect will very soon descend into an open civil war.  Personally, I welcome it; because I believe a civil war is long overdue…a second American Revolution if you will; but there will be dead in the streets from the smallest towns to the biggest cities and it will be very ugly.  Even the FBI has now warned police all over the USA of possible attacks on Halloween by an activist group.  We have gone so far left in this country we have lost our way.  When Quentin Tarantino calls cops “murderers” after a NYC Cop is himself murdered while responding to a call of “gunshots fired” something is wrong and clearly….clearly the wrong people are in charge and there has been some really bad parenting in this country!


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