Note To Bernie Sanders: Socialism Doesn’t Work!

Posted: October 21, 2015 in politics


Why don’t these clowns get it?  Probably because they have never lived in the USSR or Finland or North Korea.  Look at the workers’ paradise of Venezuela.  The economy there is now in full melt down.  Why?  Because socialism doesn’t work.  It never has and it never will.  It always sounds great to the workers of the world; but it’s like the old saying, be careful what you wish for, you just may get it.

It is fatally flawed for several reasons, most of all is that it removes all incentive for improvement at every level.  Why open a business, invent a product or service or come up with any new idea when the government and others will benefit from your work?  Why work hard when someone else will pay your bills, feed your family, etc…?  The problem is that the world quickly found with the USSR, only those in the government prosper:  Those in control.  The party leaders have villas, expensive food and the best of everything because after all, someone has to run things.  The average shlep…the guy who was supposed to benefit ends up merely existing…that’s it.  He does all of the work yet receives few of the rewards; the very thing socialists claim to be the problem with capitalism.  One need only look at President Obama.  His vacations cost the taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars.  How much did your last vacation cost?

You see, in socialist countries, the average worker…you and me can never better our lot in life or that of our families and socialism ends up creating nothing more than an unfair class system where hard work is expected but never rewarded.  Indeed if you don’t work hard you are punished.  Ask survivors of the Soviet Gulags.  Not everyone incarcerated was a political prisoner, although most were.  Many simply didn’t perform and/or meet quotas set for them by the state and ended up in Siberian Workcamps or worse.  Many died.  Many more were tortured and wished they had.  THIS was the “workers’ paradise,” where the “Five Year Plans” of the great socialist economies failed time after time because supply and demand were not allowed to be factored in.  That’s the way a command economy works.  The result is shortages of some goods and massive stockpiles of others.  Often factories were kept running when there was no demand at all for what they were producing.  As a result, corruption, greed, graft and all of the things socialists condemn about capitalism become intensified dramatically under socialist regimes.

We have seen failure after failure after bloody, destructive failure from Angola to Cuba to the USSR and the left still doesn’t seem to get it.  There’s no such thing as a free lunch or free anything for that matter.  Someone pays for everything.  THAT is a fact!  Bernie Sanders himself had to admit this week that EVERYONE’S taxes would have to be increased to pay for his programs.  Immediately that takes a bite out of the working poor, the vast majority of whom, under the current system pay no taxes at all.  Under Sanders’ Plan they would start paying for all of that “free stuff” a Sanders Administration would provide.

Just as I forced myself to watch the liars and buffoons that were on stage for the Republican Debates;  I forced myself last week to watch the clown show that was the Dumbocrat Debate as well.  I began laughing uncontrollably almost from the start as these fools tried their level best to rewrite history.  The “debate” soon devolved into a contest over who could promise to spend more taxpayer money and give away more “free” stuff!  It was an absurdity on its face.  Apparently they haven’t heard that this country is running an almost $20 trillion debt in addition to a massive monthly deficit!  If you add in forced “entitlements” like Medicare and Social Security our actual debt in around $300 trillion!

We could in fact collect every dollar from every person in the United States and we still couldn’t pay off the debt!  That is staggering!  Staggering!  Yet no politician has the courage to even speak of changing Social Security or Medicare because they know it would kill their chances of re-election immediately.  So we keep “kicking the can down the road” as the pundits say.  The problem is that we have run out of road.  Indeed next year in 2016 Social Security Disability will no longer be able to pay full disability benefits. Then what?  Either the government will have to shift some money from other funds to make up the shortfall, or those on disability will be looking at cuts in their monthly check of up too 25%!  No politician wants to be the one who tells the disabled “tough breaks folks, you’ll have to make do.”

Perhaps the bigger problem is that Social Security is what I call a forced entitlement.  We have no choice but to pay into the fund along with the other FICA Taxes that are forcibly deducted from every worker’s paycheck every time they are paid.  We are not allowed to opt out or decide to save our own money.  We are FORCED to pay into Social Security and Medicare.  That’s why it’s so difficult to cut those programs or really even modify them.  Americans feel entitled to them and rightly so.  No one ever asked me if I wanted to pay into those programs.  Did they ask you?  Not unless were a federal government worker in the 1980’s who were actually allowed to opt out of Social Security and that program was phenomenally successful!  But the other 99% of us were never given a choice.

Social Security was broken from day one and is a classic ponzi scheme where money is taken from one person to pay another.  This is done millions of times over.  There is no secret Social Security Trust Fund…no pot of gold…no “lock box” like Al Gore famously talked about.  If you or I ran a system like this we would be prosecuted and tossed in jail; yet the government runs a criminal enterprise and calls is public policy!  Astounding!  Indeed, the very first person who ever received a Social Security check had never paid in a single penny.   Yes, the system was self sustaining when there were 12 workers for every retired person but today because of a dozen reasons, the number is closer to 2 workers for every retiree.  Then of course you add in LBJ’s expansion of Social Security in 1965 which created Social Security Disability Payments as well.  Yet another reason liberals want illegals given amnesty…to fund their socialist agenda.  They see the possibility of 20-30 million more taxpayers as a giant piggybank not to mention the votes.

America is at a crossroads right now.  There has never been an election as important as the 2016 Presidential Election; at least not in my lifetime.  I believe this election signals one of two things: 1. the end of the republic and the final conversion to a Western European Style Social Democracy…the job Woodrow Wilson and the Progressives started at the turn of the century which will be completed if a democrat is elected, or 2., the return to a Constitutional Republic where the rule of law prevails and we stop living beyond our means as a country.  It’s either one or the other.  If we elect a true Constitutionalist like Rand Paul or Ted Cruz we have a chance.  There is no in between and time has run out for this country.

One thing we know for sure and that is that socialism doesn’t work.  It’s is fatally flawed and always ends badly in unimaginable suffering, massive death tolls and economic ruin.  Even the Chinese have realized it and are moving ever closer to capitalism.  We know something else too.  We know that until the administration of President Woodrow Wilson, there was no federal income tax, no Federal Reserve and no welfare state in America and we were the envy of the world.  We were powerful, resourceful and a happy nation that followed the Constitution and lived within its means.  Where we are today in 2015 is a direct result of Progressives and their socialist programs.  A long time ago your mom and dad told you “There’s no such thing as a free lunch.”  Guess what?  It’s still true.


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