Remember The Communists?

Posted: October 8, 2015 in politics

dfbgtyrhjIs it me or does anyone remember the communists?  Does anyone remember the Soviet Union and Red China?  Does anyone remember what it was like living under the constant threat of nuclear annihilation?  I am 49 years old and graduated high school in 1984.  I can vividly remember how we lived our lives and had a blast; but always in the back of our mind was the idea that at any moment we could really see mushroom clouds on the horizon.

We were so scared that the Soviets would roll their tanks through the Fulda Gap in Germany and invade West Germany.  NATO would be overwhelmed an would respond with tactical nuclear weapons like GLCM’s and the Pershing II and the whole thing would escalate into a full nuclear exchange.  I remember.  My parents remember the “Duck and Cover” insanity from the 1950’s as though somehow they could survive a nuclear attack.

I remember.  I remember how the democrats and the left in America were running around screaming that the end of the world was coming because Ronald Reagan was elected and was immediately going to blow up the world!  Yes, he was going to walk into the Oval Office and blow up the world.  Of course what actually happened was that he destroyed the Soviet Union without ever firing a shot and defeated Soviet Communism! The world celebrated because “Mr. Gorbachev DID tear down that wall.”  We won!  After nearly a century, capitalism and the American Way had defeated planned economies, and central planning of every facet of life.  It was over.

Or was it?  How far we have come and how twisted Americans’ Logic has turned.  Fast forward to 2015 and suddenly Americans WANT to have things given to them!  They WANT to be controlled by the government!  They WANT to be told what to do.   I watch this happening before my eyes and I want to puke!  I cannot understand how this happened!  We went from a society that believed in hard work and success to putting out our hand and having the government give us money, food, housing, and control us.  Sound familiar?  Yeah.  Just like the USSR….the Soviet Union!  You know…the guys we worked so hard to defeat!

We have Americans….Namely democrats and lefties who want and are doing their best to create a one party system.  That’s what the immigration debate is all about.  If the illegal amnesty being talked about happens, there will never be another Republican president again, because immigrants are given handouts by the left and vote solidly for the left; even though conservatism is much more in line with their views.  No matter.  We will have a one party system forever.  The Constitution will be gradually unraveled and dismantled until we live in a full blown Socialist nation just like the Soviet Union.

We have a president right now in Barack Hussein Obama who in all likelihood was not born in America but was allowed to be sworn in anyway and no one challenged it until it was too late.  He is a Socialist as his father was and his mentors were.  He has skirted the Constitution and simply ignored it at multiple turns issuing executive orders to push his Socialist agenda the Congress would not move on.  No one stepped in to stop him.  Whether you like him or not he has committed multiple impeachable offenses and yet no impeachment proceedings have ever been started.

Americans are becoming more engaged with our Founders and Founding Documents and are learning why and how our government was set up and we don’t like what it has been perverted into.  Yet nothing happens.  We have a representative republic form of democracy and yet our views and desires are not represented but rather just ignored as a political ruling class passes their own agenda.

In fact, when you bring up the Constitution, various amendments and the Bill of Rights, you are called an extremist!  An EXTREMIST for talking about our greatest document!  The law of the land that all of us are supposed to live by!  Yes, the left has plenty of scorn and ridicule for the Constitution and seem to prefer rule of man rather than rule of law.  In fact Barack Hussein Obama has repeatedly said the Constitution is an impediment to his progressive agenda and really has no use for the document because it is a document of negative power rather than positive power in that it restricts the government rather than empowering it.  Hmmmm…..sounds like communism doesn’t it?

We have a full blown, avowed Socialist running for President of the United States in Senator Bernie Sanders!  A real, honest to God Socialist running for president!  This would have been unthinkable in my childhood! Yet now we have it in the open, front and center in our faces and people like it and they want it!  They want socialism!

It begs the question of just what the Hell is being taught in high schools and colleges.  I was in line a few weeks ago in a convenient store and there was a Black Kid standing next to me, maybe in  his early 20’s.  He was wearing a t-shit with a huge picture of Che Guevara printed on the front.  I asked him if he knew what Che stood for.  He said yes.  I played dumb and asked if he could tell me.  He told me to piss off.  So I told him.  I started off by telling him that Che Guevara hated Blacks and wanted all Blacks killed and/or removed from Cuba.  He felt they were stupid and subhuman and didn’t deserve to live. He was also a huge homophobe, and anti-Semite.

Yet the brainwashed young people of today hold this ass clown in the highest esteem as though he were some liberator.  never-mind all of the innocent people he murdered.  Of course these are the people who are voting for Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton.  A generation that would rather be told what to do and get handout s front eh government than  work for themselves.

I remember communism.  Do you?


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