Who Are The Laws For?

Posted: October 1, 2015 in politics

So this morning I am driving my son to school as I do every day.  We are listening to 94.3, “The Talker” as we usually do and David Madeira was talking about Hillary Clinton’s email “issues.”  I say “issues” because that’s what they are….nothing more than “issues.”  Now for you or I they would be crimes; but let’s be clear, she is part of the ruling class.  Make no mistake we DO live in a class society where there are clear delineations between different classes including the political elites of the ruling class who are funded by the rest of society, live off the fruits of THEIR labor and basically steal their money so they can control the very people who are funding their lifestyle.

Yes, you and I work for the political class; NOT the other way around.  Let’s be clear about that.  There was a time before I was born, probably as far back as the 1920’s or even earlier when politicians worked for the people.  After that, nit somehow changed and now the people work for the politicians.  Clearly that MUST be the case based on simple daily observations of what our political leaders do TO us on a daily basis, making laws that restrict us, demean us and negatively impact us at every turn, instead of making laws that expand our freedom and liberties and make positive change in our lives.

Now we are faced with the United Nations Plan called Agenda 2030.  Agenda 21 was discovered and outed and people went berserk!  So they changed the name and revamped it and made it even worse!  Agenda 2030 is even more restrictive and calls for a one world government with communist ideals.  it destroys the US Constitution and makes Americans subservient to the United Nations and you and I were never asked, consulted or even informed because that’s the way our political leaders work.  They believe THEY know what’s best for us.

Back to Hillary Clinton.  Here is a woman who tolerated her husband’s extramarital escapades when he was the governor of Arkansas because she knew some day she would have real power by riding his coat tails.  So she looked the other way.  When Bill Clinton was elected president she looked the other way as the US Secret Service was used as a late night dating service shuttling the President in and out of the White House under the cover of night with woman after woman.  Yep…she simply pretended it wasn’t happening because she had power and wanted more!

After Clinton left office, she still stood by her man because she wanted more power and used Bill and the brand new Clinton Foundation to grab even more power and was elected to the US Senate taking a seat from New York; her new home; but a place where she had never set foot before.  Yet New Yorkers were stupid enough to elect her.  She didn’t care because it was about one thing:  power.  She got it.  She had it.  She loves it.  She feels and has felt throughout her life that she was better than the average person and deserved more and to be treated better than the average person; you know, us common peasants.

So is it any wonder why when she became one of the most powerful people in the world, the United States Secretary of State she felt she could pretty much do whatever she wanted?  It’s no secret that the Clintons hated Barack Obama and vice versa.  She was put in the cabinet because Obama believed in the old adage keep your friends close and your enemies closer. So Clinton decided that she was so powerful, so special that she didn’t need to have those pesky representatives and senators poking around her business as secretary of state.  That was HEAR business and no one elses!  Who did they thing they were trying to exercise their oversight duties?  Hillary Clinton didn’t need oversight from the US Congress, she’s HILLARY CLINTON DAMN IT!  So she paid out of her own pocket ton have a personal server set up in a bathroom closet of a private residence so she could use her own email server.  After all, she was much too important to be bound by the rules and regulations that applied to other government employees.  She is Hillary Clinton after all.

So she conducted her business….her emails about her yoga classes(God help us, couldn’t imagine that leotard!) about Chelsea’s wedding, etc…. ad nauseum.  Unfortunately for her, mixed in was also a plethora of information and classified documents on everything from Syria to Benghazi.  He explanation was that she used her own private server because she didn’t want to carry more than one device which was a blatant lie because she was carrying several devices and as a 10 year old knows, one device can have numerous accounts on it.

It has been lie after lie after lie with Hillary regarding her email.  She has squirmed and lied and misdirected and obfuscated over and over again and the fact remains, she received and sent classified, US Government Email on an unsecured private email server.  She knew what she was doing and felt she was “entitled” to do what she pleased.  She disregarded established protocols and thumbed her nose to the law.  The result has been investigations by the House and Senate and the FBI. She is under investigation and it seems as though every week, more emails are leaked and more information is released by the government.

The puzzling part is that even though it seems to be universally accepted at this point that she broke the law, there seem to be no concern that she will be prosecuted.  Well, how does that work.  If you or I break the law you better believe we will be prosecuted with all deliberate speed!  Yet her we have a private citizen who has clearly broken the law and there is no talk of prosecution at all.  INSTEAD, we are talking about her popularity in the polls because this supposed criminal is running for president! Yes, running for president!

If this very scenario isn’t enough to make you believe that money and power talk and that there are indeed classes in American Society than I don’t know what will.  People like Hillary Clinton are above the law.  it’s just that simple.  Has she broken the law?  Yep.  You betcha!  Will she go to jail? Nope.  Will she be prosecuted?  Doubtful.  Because she’s one of the rich, connected, special people in America.  She is one of those people who runs around reaching that we are a nation of laws and that no one is above the law…except people like her.

Now try to explain this to a 12 year old…how the laws apply to some people but not others.  Try to explain why he should be a good person and a good citizen and never break the law while he sees a high profile person breaking the law.  Explain to him how some people must obey the law while others don’t have to.  Try to explain to him that if he breaks the law bad things will happen to him while others can break the law and run for resident.  I’m not sure what happened in America.  I’m not sure when it happened or how, but I know it’s wrong.  I know it’s messed up and I know we need a reset.  I know we need it soon because we arre on the very precipice of losing our way of life.  We are in trouble unless people wake up.


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