Liberals, The Pope and True Hypocrisy

Posted: September 25, 2015 in politics

So  here we are; the first visit from a  Pope in my lifetime!  What a great event!  But as he gets ready to go to Philadelphia, there are many more questions, than answers of this Pope’s visit.  For example, liberals like Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi seem to have all had “come to Jesus” moments!  They must have had true epiphanies!  Event the commentators on MSNBC…the Mostly Socialist news Broadcasting Corporation are singing the Pope’s praises!  INCREDIBLE!  But how can this be?  They supposedly hate religion, Christianity and Catholicism above all else!  Further, let’s not forget that pesky “separation clause” in the Constitution that liberals CONSTANTLY harp on!  We can’t have a cross or the Ten Commandments in a school or a government building and forget about a nativity set on government property!  Separation of church and state don’t you know!  Yet this is a state sponsored trip by the spiritual and religious leader of roughly forty million Catholics in America.  It’s being paid for by tax dollars!  Why he’s even addressing a joint session of Congress and visited the White House!  I can’t believe liberals’ heads are popping everywhere like teenage pimples!  Where are the demonstrators?  The pickets?  The signs?  The chants of “separation of church and state, separation of church and state?”  Nope.  Not a peep.

pop  Instead, left wing liberal bottom feeders like Chris Matthews and Rachel Maddow and Steve Corbett locally, want to lecture us on how this Pope is breaking barriers and addressing real issues, unlike any other Pope.  Yes, he is.  He is being extraordinarily political!  Something a Pope is NOT supposed to do and is not allowed in America.  Unless of course he is preaching the political arguments you support; then we don’t have to worry about that pesky Constitution.  Why a half dozen commentators on radio and television yesterday and today have lectured us on how Americans and Catholics specifically need to take the lessons the Pope is preaching and respect them by putting them into action.  I smell a little hypocrisy there!

Here we have an Argentine, Jesuit priest who became Pope, who has some chemistry in his background yet professes to read very little, never use the internet or watch television, and somehow, SOMEHOW he feels qualified to lecture the world on climate change!  Of course the climate is changing.  It’s been changing since the planet was created.  We have had hot spells, dry spells, droughts, ice ages. you name it.  Mysteriously, almost magically these things happened when man was still living in caves writing on walls; indeed even before man walked this planet.  Yet somehow man is responsible and now apparently God has told the Pope to tell Catholics to save the planet.  Of course liberals LOVE this because he is preaching their pet issue!  So religion be damned!  They love the Pope.  I smell a little hypocrisy there!

Then of course there is his lecture on immigration; where he described repeatedly, “the continent” over and over as though there aren’t even any borders in existence.  Meanwhile America does more for the poor, spends more money on welfare programs, Americans donate more money than anyone else on the planet; and this Pope decides to lecture Americans on welfare and helping our fellow man!  Are you kidding me?  Glaringly missing was any discussion of stopping the slaughter of Catholics and Christians worldwide, particularly in the Middle East.  No, not a peep.  Apparently they don’t matter much if at all.  Of course, again, the liberals were giddy with delight that the Pope apparently believes there are no borders and the people of the Americas should be able to move freely wherever, whenever they like without consequence!  Meanwhile, the Vatican itself rarely if EVER grants citizenship to ANYONE!  I smell a little hypocrisy there!

What the liberals DIDN’T like was the Pope’s speech regarding the sanctity of all life…ALL life.  Of course he never mentioned abortion deliberately, but again focused on things like eliminating the death penalty.  Mysteriously absent was any mention of the barbarism and grotesque practices being committed by Planned Parenthood.. Furthermore, he had no problem sitting with and “making nice” with the Castro Brothers in Cuba!  Two thugs who murdered thousands, many of whom were tortured first.  I smell a little hypocrisy there!

I think what got me the most was the Pope’s discussion and overall message of sharing everything with everyone.  Making everyone equal and giving, yes giving the same to everyone.  THAT my friends is called socialism; and it doesn’t work.  He seemed delighted with what was going on in Cuba even though nit remains one of the most repressive regimes on Earth.  When I was a kid, Pope John Paul RAILED against socialism and communism!  Now we have a Pope that outwardly supports it through his own words!  How the Hell did that happen?

I am a Roman Catholic.  I love the church and respect the Pope.  But in his visit he never mentioned God once!  He never talked about healing the sick.  Instead he told us we are greedy and selfish and use too much air conditioning!  Clearly this is a man who loves people.  He wants to help the sick, the dying, the poor and the downtrodden.  I get that and I think it’s marvelous.  I really do.  But don’t come to my country as a religious leader and lecture me and climate change…something that is the biggest hoax ever created. Don’t come to my country as a religious leader and lecture me on poverty and giving to the poor because Americans give until it hurts…both individually and through our federal government.  Don’t come to my country as a religious leader and lecture me on stealing from people who have worked hard for what they have and giving it to those who just don’t give a shit and would rather get a government check every month.

BE a Pope!  BE a man of the people!  BE a healer and a minister to the sick!  But stay out of politics unless you are on the side of freedom and liberty and Pope Francis…you are clearly not!  I shudder to think of how this Pope would have addressed to Soviet Union back in the 1980’s.  My guess is he would have been pretty happy.  Where are the Pope John Paul’s when you need them?  This world really needs on right now!


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