Where Do I Live?

Posted: September 22, 2015 in politics

IMG_20150115_212328I was sitting here today wondering what to write about and then it hit me.  Write about where I live; I mean the country I live in.  I was watching some old reruns the other day and they took me back to the 80’s.  What now seems to be such an innocent time in my life; such a fun time…a time of curiosity and happiness and good times when life was so, so much simpler, easier and slower and yes, better than today.  We actually talked to one another, face to face or on the phone but there was no such thing as LMAO or OMG, or texting.  We had real friends and real lives and ate real food and did real things in the real world; not in some make believe, online world that is far too much better than we could ever dare to live.

Then I thought about now, here, today, September 22, 2015 where if you say Merry Christmas you are evil and shunned because you might offend a non-Christian.  A place where a group of Muslim Fanatics murdered 3000 innocent Americans in a cowardly sneak attack and now we bend over backwards to accommodate Muslims in every facet of life while condemning Christians and Jews, there very groups upon which this nation was founded and built.  How did we allow that to happen?  No matter how you slice it Islam IS the enemy and we bend over backwards to treat Muslims like royalty!  Ben Carson was right; there is no place for a Muslim President in America.  We have one now by his own admission and yet if you say that you are excoriated by the press and the public as if you are a lunatic  !He says it in his own words! 

We have members of the Muslim Brotherhood scattered throughout the federal government at various levels.  Huma Abedeen, Hillary Clinton’s top aide was closely tied to the Muslim Brotherhood including her father and brother.  Yet we are to believe there is no undue influence on the government or its policies.

Americans, REAL Americans like you and me know what needs to be done!  We actually know!  I find myself sitting talking to the “politicians” on television and on my laptop telling them what to do!  Yet they always do the wrong thing!  ALWAYS!  We elected these ass clowns to do our will.  That’s what a representative government is.  We’re supposed to live in a republic right, “and to the republic for which it stands?”  So many people, including politicians wrongly continue to perpetuate the utterly incorrect notion that we live in a democracy.  WE DON’T!  We never have, although maybe it would be good if we did.

It seems no one remembers their history classes.  Remember Mr Yanora and Mr Haramnos?  A democracy is a government form where all of the people get to vote on everything all of then time. period.  In a republic, we have representative democracy.  We elect people whom we believe have the same ideas, values and desires to do our budding in the government.  The problem is that for a very long time, they increasingly don’t.   Today it seems as though they lie to us to get elected and then simply ignore us preferring instead to run their own agenda, worrying about nothing more than their own re-election.  They enter the House or the Senate with a net worth of $80,000 and retire worth millions on a salary of just over $100,000.  How does that happen?

We see undercover videos of election fraud and we are told by one party the videos , the pictures and words are lies and to ignore them.  We see undercover videos of a group that carves up live human babies to sell their body parts for profit.  They laugh and joke about it and we are told the pictures and words are lies and to ignore them or that they may  be true but we shouldn’t talk about them!   How does that happen?

This isn’t the country I grew up in.  My dad was a steel worker and at times worked two jobs to take care of our family; to make sure that my brother, sister, mom and I had everything we needed.  My dad is a proud man; a Vietnam Vet who loves his country.  The way we were raised it would never occur to us to depend on someone else for our very survival, to put food on our tables and keep the lights on.  Yet today, we have people who are repulsed by the very notion of work or getting a job and they feel they are entitled!  Indeed these people BRAG about not working!

This is America today…a place where a Muslim President has openly attacked the Catholic Church at every turn yet praises Islam and celebrates Muslim Holidays.  A president who refused to light up the White House…the PEOPLE’S HOUSE red white and blue for Independence Day, but couldn’t wait to immediately light up the White House with rainbow lights when the Supreme Court made gay marriage the law of the land!  How does the Supreme Court…a group of 9 unelected ass clowns decide to make law?  Their role is to interpret law, NOT make it!  Yet we now have judicial supremacy in America where these ass clowns make laws!  Marriage is mentioned NOWHERE in the Constitution and is completely a state issue.  Yet just like Obamacare, the Supreme Kangaroo Court decided to make law and be judicial activists.  This is not America.  I’m sorry.  It’s not.

As an American I have never missed an election.  I did an internship in Washington DC in 1986 and even then I voted absentee.  I felt it was that important.  Yet now I feel it’s a waste of my time…a meaningless activity that is a waste of energy with no effect on any outcome because the decisions are all preordained by politicians and bureaucrats who have no more respect for me or you than they would a cockroach.

Some people will read this. Most won’t; because they just don’t care.  They post on Facebook about recipes or cookouts or drinks at a new bar they discovered on a road trip…you name it.  Most Americans are nothing more than useful idiots preferring to stay dumb, fat and happy and continue to run on the hamster wheel of life without ever looking at what’s happening around them.  Apathy.  It begins with the letter “A” just like America.  It seems they are the very same and that the word America actually is a synonym for apathy.  How did we get here?  Why?

Now we have a Pope who loves the poor and the sick and the infirmed.  Great.  As a Roman Catholic that’s what I ave come to expect from my Pope.  But this Pope?  Yep.  He is an ass clown.  He is a socialist in every sense of the word bordering on communist.  He complains that we in America should be ashamed of ourselves for using air conditioning!  Yes air conditioning because those in poor countries don’t have it and it is bad for the climate.  Indeed this new Pope hates America.  he is anti-capitalist, anti-American and anti-liberty.  When I was growing up the Catholic church FOUGHT communism!  Today the Pope IS a communist!  How does that happen?  And people will listen to him just because they are brainwashed to believe he actually is God’s representative on Earth!  They will listen to him lecture America about man made climate change…something which has been proven to be nothing more than a money making scheme for the left.  Lie after lie after falsified scientific work has been discovered and yet they continue to subvert and change scientific facts to fit their lies so they can control and enslave people and change the very way we live.  How did we get here?

What will you do about any of this?  Do you even care about any of this?  If you read this, I guess it’s a start; but maybe if enough of us got together and decided to start trying to change things we could make a difference.  Then again that would require work and devotion to something bigger than ourselves.  It would require taking an active role to make our communities better.  So really at the end of the day, does anyone care?  I wonder.


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