The Syrian Question and WWIII

Posted: September 11, 2015 in politics, Politics

Featured image    A few years back, then Secretary of state Hillary Clinton labeled Syrian President Bashir Assad a “reformer.”  She visited Syria and came back with a twinkle in her eye and a spring in her step.  Shortly after that trip, open rebellion began in Syria with various forces including ISIS allied against the Bashir Government which is backed by Russia and is a former client state of the USSR.

Hosni Mubarek had been the President of Egypt since the assassination of Anwar Sadat.  Mubarek was a brutal dictator, plain and simple.  However, he was at peace with Israel and a stalwart support of the United States witnessed by the M-1 Abrams Battle Tanks purchased by the Egyptian Army.  When an uprising began in Egypt, the Obama Administration which has been infiltrated by the Muslim Brotherhood at the highest levels, illustrated by Hillary Clinton’s top aid Huma Abedeen whose entire family is tied to the Muslim Brotherhood simply stood by and did nothing.  Rather than help a staunch ally, they threw Mubarek to the wolves and labeled the uprising “Arab Spring.”  At the time I and many others said be careful what you wish for.  Soon Egypt was a country in chaos and was taken over by terrorists and murdering thugs.  Ah, a success for King Obongo’s Foreign Policy.

Next, his Royal Highness King Obongo destroyed the government of Libya and caused open civil war including the deaths of Mummar Quadaffi and the US Ambassador and his party in Benghazi, Another booming foreign policy success by Hillary Clinton and the Obongo White House!

Then, with the wind at his back, King Obongo decided to simply move on to Syria.  A country which was by now also in open civil war.  There were allegations chemical weapons were used and King Obongo issued his famous “Red Line” speech telling Assad NOT to use them again and to stop killing his own people.  Of course Assad no intention of allowing himself to have the same fate as Quadaffi had, where he was shot and his body abused and dragged down a road.  Syria had been a client state of the USSR and now Russia for decades.  Assad had no intention of backing down or being killed or negotiating with the US or the United Nations.

About a year later, US and European Intelligence reported that chemical weapons had been used again; they believed by the Assad Military, although it later seemed as though the rebels may have used them on their own people in order to pull the US and Europeans into the conflict.  That didn’t happen.  Regardless, King Obongo’s “Red Line” was apparently ignored.  No one feared the United States and no one feared King Obongo. Now into its fifth year the Syrian Civil War continues.

Indeed it has been accelerated by ISIS which is attempting to created a caliphate, or should I say, re-create the caliphate which existed around the seventh century where Islam ruled from Austria and Turkey in the east, across the Middle East across North Africa into Spain and Europe to the west.  ISIS or ISIL, whichever you prefer stands for Islamic State in Iraq and Syria or Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant. They have are sweeping across the Middle East and North Africa instituting Sharia Law throughout the area and strictly enforcing it.  Many have been murdered and tortured and now we see huge numbers of refugees.  I can understand Christian Refugees because they are being tortured, raped and murdered simply because Sharia Islam considers them the enemy.  They must submit, convert or be killed.  There are such small numbers of Christians relative to the Muslims in the area they have no real choice except to try and flee.  Indeed ISIS is even destroying holy sites which don’t conform to strict Islamic Law.  Priceless treasures have been destroyed because of their intolerance and hatred of other religions and cultures.

As I said, the Christian flight I can understand.  I am currently trying to raise money to help relocate the Christians from the Middle East.  However I DON’T understand all of the able bodied Muslims who are running from their homes, their lives and their countries.  The images we have seen for the past week are mainly of young, able bodied Muslim Males fleeing to Europe to Hungary, Greece and trying to get to Germany where they believe “Mama Merkel” is waiting for them with benefits and safety.  Why?  There are relatively few women and children.  Why?

In 1776 a small, rag tag group of American Colonists banded together and told King George that he no longer had control of the colonies in America and that they were declaring their independence from England.  They did this for far less than what is being done by ISIS.  The American Colonists rebelled because of many issue, among them unfair taxation by the crown, military issues including quartering, natural resource quotas and an oppressive colonial governmental system.  ISIS is slaughtering Syrians and others!

Why are these young, able bodied Syrian men not standing up to ISIS and telling them it’s THEIR country!  Why are they not declaring THEIR independence? The assumption is that these people are waiting for someone else to go into the Middle East and wipe out ISIS; then they will return home.  Does anyone REALLY believe that?

Why are they not defending themselves, their homes and families as the Americans did over 200 years ago?  Surely there are no fundamental differences between Americans and Syrians.  Both are freedom loving people who want the best for themselves and their families; 7yet the bulk of them refuse to fight ISIS and they are now sweeping through Europe by the tens of thousands with no vetting, no background checks, no security checks at all.  Of course our brave and brilliant leader, his grand exalted highness King Obongo has ALSO decided to take Muslim Syrian Refugees.  In fact he has said we will accept up to 10,000 of them!  We of course will also accept them sight unseen with no security checks so we could in theory be bringing in hundreds or thousands of ISIS Terrorists disguised as refugees!  Yet he and the US State Department in their infinite wisdom will NOT allow Christian Syrians into America!  Not one!  Howe does that work!  We KNOW they’re not terrorists!

By not enforcing his “red line” and dealing with the Syrian Problem several years ago, it is Obongo who has contributed mightily to the refugee problem and allowed the growth of ISIS.  Now we have reports of heavy Russian Military Cargo Planes landing in Syria and constructing bases.  It seems as though the Russians are helping their ally and will be flying combat air patrols, bombing the Syrian Rebels and will have a permanent ground presence in Syria.  Meanwhile, the best America has been able to muster under our impotent leader is a few measly airstrikes against ISIS.  Now that Russian Aircraft will be operating in the area including Russian Combat Aircraft, how long will it be before Russian and America Aircraft end up in a shoot out in the skies above the Middle East?  What will that lead to?  Is this really what Obongo wanted all along?


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