The Immigration Nightmare

Posted: August 29, 2015 in politics, Politics

The United States of America allows MORE LEGAL immigrants than any other country.  Places like Ireland and Australia demand that in order to emigrate to those countries you have large sums of money and specific skill sets; even that emigres plan to open a business!  The United States has no such requirements to come here and become a legal American Citizen.  We allow many, many more people into the country than any other nation.  Indeed many people enter the USA with Visas and simply overstay them  by blending into the population and they never go home.

Those who come here and overstay their visas and never leave have committed a criminal act.  Those who enter the USA illegally whether in a cargo container at Long Beach, California, or swimming across the Rio Grande into Texas from Mexico, or being smuggled in by a coyote.  Entering the country illegally is a crime.  Did everyone get that?   It’s a crime and those people are criminals.  Their first act upon entering the United States is to break the law!

If you rob a bank, we capture you, charge you, give you a trial either by judge or jury or both.  When you are convicted, you go to jail.  If you murder someone, the process is similar:  you are charged, convicted and imprisoned for life or given the death penalty.  Even something as mundane as shoplifting ends with conviction and either probation or jail time.

WHY THEN, is it that when someone breaks the law, be they Irish, Slovak, Brazilian, Mexican or anything else nothing happens.  That’s right…NOTHING HAPPENS!  Indeed, in many cases they are given free medical care, their children are enrolled in school for free, they are given drivers’ licenses and fake social security numbers and they simply go to work every day as though they have done nothing wrong.  And WE ALLOW IT!  WHY?  Would we allow rapists or child molesters to simply go free?  I would argue that illegally entering the United States is even worse than either of these crimes because illegals congregate, naturally.  They congregate and they end up changing the culture!

If we are going to REWARD illegals for making it into the United States then why don’t we just open the borders?  Why continue pretending that we care about controlling the borders when we clearly don’t?  His Royal Highness King Obongo has instructed I.C.E. Agents to let illegals go.  Border Patrol Agents have been instructed to look the other way.  King Obongo tells us that these young law breakers are “Dreamers.”  What about the children of legal Americans like MY 12 year old son?  Isn’t HE a “Dreamer” or is it only the children of illegals?  Are they some how better than the children of legal citizens?

Let’s face it, some ass clown bureaucracy in the State Department or somewhere else decided that if you are born in America you are a citizen, even though the 14th Amendment CLEARLY states that citizenship can only be granted to those under the jurisdiction of the United States.  Citizens of other nations clearly are not!  So what do we do?  Even the far left United Nations recognizes the “fundamental right of nations to control and regulate their borders.”  Does that BOT apply to the United States?

Here’s my plan.

  1. The United States should stop ALL IMMIGRATION for ten years, just as we did in the 1920’s; in order to assimilate the immigrants already here.
  2. Make English the official language of the United States and all other languages secondary.
  3. Within one year, STOP printing any/all government paperwork, announcements, signs, etc….in foreign languages.  They are to be English only!
  4. Make ALL immigrants, whether new or old learn English, both written and spoken.
  5. Begin construction of a fifty foot high, twenty foot wide wall on the Mexico-USA Border, topped with electrified razor wire and General Electric 20mm auto mini-guns of the type used on US Naval Ships.  The wall will also be patrolled by armed border patrol agents.
  6. on the US Side of the border, a multi-sensor active mine field.
  7. Begin deporting all illegals!  Yes, round them all up:  mom, dad and the kids, put them on a bus and bus them back to Mexico.
  8. Legal U.S. Welfare recipients will be put to work construction the immigration collection buses which will be used to deport the illegals.  They will work for their welfare!
  9. Other, able bodied welfare recipients will be put on temporary duty with the US Immigration Service to assist in the round up of illegals.
  10. IMMEDIATELY STOP all illegals from working in the US by raiding businesses and farms.  Business Owners will no longer be fined, they will be shut down!  Their business will be auctioned off at public auction.  This will end the very reason illegals come to the USA.
  11. Anyone found to have hired, be paying or otherwise using illegal labor will get 10 years in a federal prison for the first offense.  20 years for the second offense.
  12. A 3% tariff will be imposed on all Mexican Goods entering the United States.  This will fund the wall and the deportation effort.

Just sayin’…… CAN be done.


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