Why Not Trump?

Posted: August 22, 2015 in politics, Politics
So why is this so very hard for people to accept? The Founders set this nation up to be run by the citizens who would leave their jobs and professions for a time and then leave politics and return to their previous lives. They envisioned bankers, teachers, accountants, merchants, you name it, as representatives and senators and even presidents who would serve and then return home. The career politician is a creation of the political class; a creation never envisioned by our Founders. They believed fresh faces and new ideas would keep the republic fresh and vibrant and most of all, responsive and honest.

Nowadays it seems once people become involved in politics that becomes their new profession and they are constantly campaigning for re-election instead of actually fulfilling their campaign promises to the people who sent them there and put them in office. Look at the politicians in office today on the national stage. How many are rookies? Look at the presidential candidates. How many are freshman? ALL are long time politicians at one level or another; in fact some have held multiple elected offices. Some have NEVER had jobs in the private sector and as such have never bought a gallon of milk a loaf of bread or pumped a gallon of gas. They have fed at the public trough their entire lives.

As we look at the field of Republicans which today numbers 16, they are all career politicians except one: Donald Trump. He has never held political office. As a result he is immediately questioned by the political class because he is not one of them and they of course believe it is only THEY who can solve America’s problems. Then I ask a simple question: Why haven’t they? If politicians have all of the answers to all of our problems then why haven’t they solved all of our problems?

Almost 50 years ago Lyndon B Johnson declared a "War on Poverty." I wasn’t even born yet! Welfare, AFDC, WIC, Medicaid, Section 8 Housing, Foodstamps you name it and after 50 years there is even more poverty then when the "War on Poverty" was declared! For half a century democrat/liberal/lefty/progressives told America it was THEY who were working to stamp out poverty and provide opportunity and they would end poverty as we knew it. Yet after 50 years they have lost the war.

What they created was generational, institutionalized poverty and dependency where one generation after another signs up for welfare benefits and never even tries to lift themselves from poverty. THIS is how they stayed in power and this is how they STAY in power. In fact when you look at any of the major problems in recent memory; politicians have failed and failed miserably, usually on a grand scale after squandering millions or billions of taxpayer dollars.

One need only look at the state of immigration in the United States. The U.S. is one of the only nations in the world which doesn’t enforce its borders. In 1987 President Ronald Reagan signed a new immigration law that would secure the border and grant amnesty to millions. Except we never did secure the border. Why? After the Iraq War we spent billions to secure the Iraq Border; yet we won’t secure our own. Indeed President Obama has authorized a higher fence at the White House to keep people out; yet won’t enforce the US border to keep people out.

Enter Donald Trump. A media darling, a real estate mogul and a billionaire; he has in the past toyed with running for president. This time he declared and currently leads in the polls. IMMEDIATELY the political class refused to take him seriously saying this was a publicity stunt, etc… Maybe it is. I doubt it. I believe Trump, like millions of Americans is tired of the good old boy network that continually allows politicians to line their pockets and become rich while ignoring the citizens of this country.

Trump is brusque, short tempered and lashed out at his attackers. He is crude, rude and socially unacceptable and Americans love the straight talk! They are tired of the political promises which invariably turn out to be just another pack of lies. When he is attacked he fights back unlike John McCain and Mitt Romney who allowed Barack Obama and the media to make fools of them. He is sometimes outrageous and says what’s on his mind and he answers questions not with political double speak but with plain spoken words!

Barack Hussein Obama was elected and re-elected with a twisted pack of lies and half truths and a few truths thrown in. Obama was a community organizer turned state senator turned U.S. Senator…a politician. He promised “Hope and change”,whatever that is, “Change you can believe in,” “Fundamental transformation of America,” and gave us more political lies and campaign bullshit. He enriched his friends, the labor unions, and Black Power groups. He did nothing for the average American or for the working people he promised to help and presided over the worst expansion and explosion of poverty in American History.

So why would a Donal trump Presidency be so bad? What could he do that Obama, Bush and Clinton haven’t? Yes, Trump has in the past supported democrats to further is business interests. Yes, Trump went Bankrupt, but clawed his way back to the top without a government bailout. Trump deals with foreign nations from a position of economic and brand strength. He gets things done and cut through the bullshit. So I say let’s give this guy a chance. After all, we’ve seen what politicians have done.

At the end of the day, maybe he is nothing more than a Clinton operative to distract America from Hillary’s email crimes.  Maybe he has a deal with the dumbocrats to run as an Independent and siphon votes away from the Republican Candidate.  Who knows?  Only “The Donald” and the Clintons.  But just on the off chance that he IS real and he IS telling the truth, why not give him a shot?

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