Why Is It Evil To Control The Border?

Posted: August 22, 2015 in politics, Politics

We have locks on our doors. We have fences around our yards. We have fences around our swimming pools. We have fences around the White House. We have fences around other government buildings. Why? To keep people out! Simple.

The United States Military spent billions securing the Iraqi Border. Why? To keep people out. Yet there are millions in America who are opposed to building a fence on or securing the United States Border with Mexico. Why?

Did you know that Mexico has some of the toughest immigration laws in the world?  Mexican Immigration Laws
How Mexico Deals With Immigrants

A quick look at Mexico’s Immigration Laws make one wonder why America can’t do the same thing. Why aren’t people protesting Mexican Immigration Laws? Why do they ignore them? Why do they INSIST that the US has an open border? Even the United Nations Charter states that nations have the right to defend their own borders and sovereignty. America had better wake up or we will very shortly simply become another state in Mexico.There should be a fifty foot high concrete wall on the border wight minigun turrets on top of the CIWS type that the US Navy mounts on warships. Legal immigration should be strictly enforced and those here illegally should be deported, plain and simple. They have broken the law. Illegal immigration in Mexico is a felony. In America it seems to be a reward!  That’s wrong on every level!

Further, the “anchorbaby” nonsense is just that…nonsense.  The 14th Amendment was not written to grant birthright citizenship to illegals.  The second part of the amendment repeatedly refers to jurisdiction and that is the key.  Mexican Citizens are not under the jurisdiction of the United States of America.  Period!  Some bureaucrat obviously decided that if an illegal was born here he was a citizen and no one ever thought to look at the Constitution.
I agree that a nation; especially one with a low birth rate needs immigration.  However, no other country allows illegals birthright citizenship.  Further, nearly every country has extremely strict legal immigration guidelines and very small quotas.  It’s time to stop illegals and rewrite our immigration laws completely.  A nation that cannot control its border cannot survive and a nation that allows its culture to be destroyed cannot survive.

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