When Is A Six Pack More Important Than Voting?

Posted: August 22, 2015 in politics, Politics
Do you know who you are? I think it’s safe to say most Americans know who they are. But usually, no one else does. So we carry identification. It’s really a simple concept and has been in use for hundreds of years. How does someone else know who you are?

Most Americans carry a state issued drivers’ license, a state issued ID Card or a military ID card. Why? Well let’s take a look at American society in 2013. If you want to enter a bar or club, frequently you must use an ID. I feel pretty good when I get “carded” & although it has been happening less and less lately!

Have you cashed a check at a bank? Gotten on a plane? Applied for a loan? Applied for a job? Entered a government building? Purchased certain OTC medication? Been pulled over by the police? Changed physicians? I could go on. Indeed, for something as simple as buying a case of beer you MUST have an ID. Ahhhhh yes….that ice cold Summer Nectar…Yuengling Lager…..you must prove you are twenty one or older; or you my friend, are out of luck! By now, you get the point.

And just what is that point? Simple. For the every day, the basic, the boring, the mundane activities that string together the days of our lives we invariably need to show some form of identification. We understand it. We are accustomed to it. We do it without question. Quite simply the average person simply couldn’t function in society in any meaningful way without identification.

Yet the progressives on the left in this republic would have us believe that the most sacred duty of a citizen…casting a ballot should require nothing more than showing up at the polling place! Illegals, non-citizens, unregistered, even criminals…it’s a free for all! Come one, come all and cast your vote! So you’re an illegal alien from Honduras! So what! EVERYONE should be able to vote and oh by the way if you don’t subscribe to this argument YOU; my friend are a right wing hater who is interested in nothing more than suppressing the vote! But not just suppressing the vote. No, no you are guilty of suppressing minority votes, the votes of the working and the poor because they can’t be expected to have ID’s and you know it! Yes, you are a hate filled radical!

So goes the argument and mantra of the left. Anyone with even a marginal amount of gray matter knows that CLEARLY they are looking for votes because all f those they claim would be harmed are predominately democrat voters who look to feed at the trough of government handouts and worship at the alter of the welfare state!

My grandfather passed away a few years back. He was a life long democrat. A police chief, a fire chief and a union member. But NEVER! NEVER; would anyone convince him that a person who had illegally crossed over the border from Mexico had the”right” to vote in the United States! At the same time, my grandmother who was a Nixon Republican and who believed he was innocent would NEVER believe that an American who sneeked across the border into Mexico would have the “right” to vote there!

It’s preposterous on its face. When you hear and read the arguments it’s clear that the only goal is to gather democrat votes. Why else would you want to allow people who aren’t even citizens to vote? They can’t even read the ballot in most cases. But they vote democrat.

One of the basic rights of a nation as outlined by the United Nations is the right to control its border. The United States has the right to control its border and to determine qualifications for those who vote. Indeed the Supreme Court recently ruled that voter ID laws ARE constitutional…finally!

I find it ironic that while Mexico chooses in many cases to shoot and kill illegal aliens on their borders; they not only want their citizens to have free entry into the USA, but they EXPECT IT! And of course the democrats us your tax money…your tax money to advertise in Spanish, in Mexico for Mexicans to cross the border ad come to America for Food Stamps and other government goodies that you and I have paid for! Sometimes I feel like I live in an alternate universe.

Public opinion regarding the U.S. Government is a sad joke. Congressional approval ratings are hovering around twelve percent. OBongo’s unfavorable rating is hovering around sixty percent. Unemployment within certain segments of the American Workforce is outrageously high despite the administration lies of the past five years with Black Unemployment around thirty percent, teen unemployment around twenty five percent and real unemployment overall; the U-6 number around twenty percent. So WHY….WHY would you push for more people to enter the country and be given the right to vote:?

We have lost control of much of what my generation prized and loved about America. Much has been lost. Much has simply been taken away. We are told that if we want to control our borders we are haters. If we want only qualified people to vote, we are haters. We are told that if we demand that only qualified United States Citizens vote in United States Elections, we are haters. So let me ask the question. When did buying a six pack of beer become more important than voting. Buying a six pack requires ID….voting doesn’t? Just a thought from an American Patriot.


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