What Happened To The Right To Your Opinion In This Country?

Posted: August 22, 2015 in politics, Politics
I have to ask the question. What happened to being allowed to your own views and opinions in America? There was a time when we had our own opinions, but listened politely to the other guy and sometimes een learned a thing or two.

Today, we draw lines around our views and create little boxes and tell everyone else to stay out! This is m opinion and that’s it! I’m right and therefore everyone else is wrong! I don’t want to discuss it or even bring it up. Just shut up. Seems to me that’s where we are today.

Of course we have the other response which is name calling. If you disagree with me then you are automatically negative and your views are negative, or you are a racist, a homophobe, a hater…you know the drill. Really? Can you imagine the Founders at the Constitutional Convention with this attitude? There would never have been a Constitution and there would be no republic with people as opposed as Hamilton and Jefferson for example.

Imagine Adams, Hancock and others telling Jefferson he was wrong and he was negative and just walking away. yet this is where we have arrived in America.

I recently had such a discussion with my own brother over Cecil the Lion of all things. You of course recall Ceci8l and how his killing affected every citizen on the planet and just how mind numbingly devastating his death was. After all, it’s not like wild animals all over the world are killed every day right?

Of course I’m being sarcastic. To become so worked up about the death of a single lion while innocent babies are murdered by the millions seems a little disingenuous to me.

Anyway, I pointed out the facts that big game hunting has gone on for hundreds of years or more. I pointed out the fact that many Africans don’t want to hear about American Views because they simply don’t care. I pointed out how easy it is and how frequently we give human characteristics to deadly beasts like lions. I finally said that perhaps if there was such an outcry about abortions in America, we would be a better nation.

Was I greeted with thoughtful discourse? No. Were my points retorted? No. Were my points even addressed? No. Instead I was scolded in classic liberal fashion. I was called negative, mean spirited and told I would be blocked from his Facebook Page because of my negativity. If you are that sensitive then maybe Facebook isn’t the place for you or your views because newsflash: Not everyone has the same views.

Guss what folks. If we have arrived at the point in America where we all have to think, feel and behave the same way, then the Founders have failed and the P.C. police have won! When expressing an opposing viewpoint in a thoughtful way is labeled mean spirited and negative then we really have ended discourse in America and we deserve what we get!


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