Turns Out Obama DID Lie! Thanks Congressman Wilson!

Posted: August 22, 2015 in politics, Politics

Everyone remembers when Republican Representative Joe Wilson of South Carolina shouted “You lie!” His outburst was directed at President Barack Obama, aka King Obongo during a joint session of Congress on his (at that time) proposed healthcare law. Obongo was discussing the fine points of his”Affordable”Care Act or ACA when Wilson shouted, “YOU LIE!”  Wilson was rebuked by colleagues and of course the Obongo controlled state run media. In November 2009 he apologized. Well, guess what? Representative Wilson should never have apologized because he was right and turns out that Obongo was wrong.

Of course there’s no shock here. Anyone with even half a brain and an IQ above fifty knows that if it costs $1000 to feed 1000 people, you can’t feed 1500 people for the same $1000. It will cost significantly more. The logic that Obongo and his court jester buffoons Reid and Pelosi used said that America could insure an estimated forty million uninsured people and not only would prices stay the same, but that prices would actually DROP because Obongo would be able to use his magical, superhero powers and “bend the cost curve” downward.

Well, after passage on Christmas Eve 2010 without a single republican vote and still requiring everything from kickbacks to payoffs, the time for roll out neared. Three years of taxes had to be collected before any benefits could be paid because the system is actually so flawed it cannot sustain itself. So there had to be money in the coffers before the program could start. So Americans had been paying for Obamacare for the past three years without enjoying any real benefit.

As Summer of 2013 went by, contractors signed on to construct the federal, “healthcare exchange” repeatedly told the White House the system, a web based application and shopping system for the healthcare plan was not ready. “Damn the torpedoes!” shouted Obama…..or something like that. He was not interested in an delays regardless of whether the system worked or not. He just wanted it launched…case closed!

Along the way, republicans and even some democrats began to have reservations about the whole thing. Remember, it was passed without a single republican vote and was announced as a system that would allow delivery and access of high quality healthcare to everyone in America. It would allow 26 year olds to stay on parents’ policies, guarantee coverage even if you have a pre-existing condition and be portable, even if you change jobs it would go with you. it would guarantee access to all and subsidies for those who couldn’t afford it. It would mandate that all policies had to cover the same core benefits regardless of cost. Most importantly was the mandate. Every American must have coverage by January 2014 or face a fine levied by the IRS, that squeaky clean wonderfully warm hearted government institution that everyone loves!

But as things went along, cracks began to develop. By the time October 1st, 2013 rolled along, Obongo himself had issued some 1200 exemptions to groups or individuals. Those “special” connected people would not have to purchase Obamacare or they would not have to obey the same rules as you and I would. Then Obongo even exempted Congress and their staffs and the White House Staff and himself! WAIT A SECOND HERE! If this was so wonderful, why wouldn’t the very people that wrote it want to have it? Hmmmm, maybe because it is a steaming pile of shit with a swarm of flies hovering above it! Kinda’ like the chef refusing to eat his own food!

So the government runs out of money and needs a continuing resolution and then we hit the debt ceiling. The republicans decide to fund the entire government except Obamacare. Obama decides he will throw a tantrum and simply shut down the government or what actually amounted to about of it. They realized they couldn’t defund it, so they tried to remove the exemptions for Congress and the executive branch. That failed so the Republicans demanded a delay for a year. That failed. Finally they demanded a repeal of the medical device tax buried in Obamacare. That too failed. But all of this highlighted the problems with Obamacare and how much more than half the country did not and does not want it and at the very least believes that everyone in the country should play by the same rules and if the law isn’t going to be applied evenly then it shouldn’t be applied at all.

The drama ended and the government was funded and as Obongo insisted, even though his own people knew it wasn’t ready, with much fanfare, on October 1st Obamacare was officially “Open for business.” To those who were sick or needed healthcare it was great. To everyone else, it was a giant, yawn. So people tried to log on to Healthcare.gov and they found (drum-roll please) IT DIDN’T WORK! THAT’S RIGHT, IT DIDN’T WORK! Americans paid an estimated $500 million and it doesn’t work! From incorrect or missing prices, to inability to create an account or even log on at all, it doesn’t work! In many states where there would be promised competition to drive down prices there is only one or perhaps two providers! It is necessary to go through a multi-page enrollment process just to see prices and comparison shop! The list of problems goes on and on!

Obongo holds a press conference in the Rose Garden complete with a fake fainting woman and discusses “glitches.” He calls these glitches! GLITCHES! Glitches are a missing line or picture, etc…. Obamacare doesn’t work…PERIOD! That’s not a glitch! That’s complete, total failure!  Yet even now the White House refuses to offer a delay for the American People in enrollment or fines. It’s just business as usual in yet another illustration of everything government touches turning to shit and today, Obongo simply moves on to his next debacle, giving illegal aliens, citizenship. You can’t make this shit up! It’s all too real!

Americans must be enrolled in Obamacare or an equivalent policy by January 1st or they will face a fine. The question begs, how can you fine someone for not enrolling in a plan that they can’t enroll in? An imbecilic Democratic Congressman today said people can call on the phone and enroll or fill out forms. Yes, they can enroll by phone IF and only IF they can find someone qualified and willing to enroll them because with usual government efficiency, the phone enrollment system works just over 40% of the time too! Of course you can go to a government office and try to enroll in person. There, you will probably get some sort of assistance from on of thousands of “navigators” hired by the Obongo Administration to assist in enrollment.

Trouble is they have little training so you ma know more than they do. They have also not had background checks or been vetted so you may be giving your personal information to an identity thief, although that’s really not a big concern to the Obongo People because right on the Obamacare Website it says “You have no expectation of privacy or security or that your data is safe.” Then why would I even THINK about enrolling in this bad joke!?!?!?!

Ironically, today, several Democratic Senators and Democratic House Members joined the Republicans and began calling for delays in enrollment and penalties. Ironically, this is the very thing that caused the partial government shutdown, yet Obongo has dug in his feet and still refuses.

What we are left with is a website that cost by one estimate, $632,000,000, and do0esn’t work. There is no other real means of practical enrollment on a large scale. Those who have managed to actually get into the system have found that the system is completely untrue to its name and is ANYTHING but affordable! One man’s premiums will increase $10,000 a year! In other cases the monthly premiums are so expensive they are devastating and in other cases the deductibles are $5000, $6000, or $7500 a year per person effectively amounting to no insurance at all!

The whole idea was to give over 40 million uninsured, access to affordable healthcare. Well anyone can purchase a healthcare policy. They could do it before Obamacare. The main reason those folks didn’t is because they couldn’t afford it. Hence the “Affordable”Care Act was supposed to change that. But just as the Republicans and anyone else with a brain predicted it would, it has done anything but! Forcing someone who earns $9/hour to spend $400/month with a $6000 deductible is millions of miles away from affordable.

Perhaps the worst feature of Obamacare, aka the Affordable Care Act is that it relies on forcing young, healthy Americans to purchase expensive plans they neither want nor need to offset the cost for sicker older Americans and it so far is simply not working. There is a fine if you don’t comply. That fine increases every year but the first year is $95 or 1% of a person’s income. So for most of the young, they will simply pay the fine. Obamacare is built on a theoretical “house of cards.”

Politicians lie….all of them. I despise them all. But some lies are worse than others. It’s important to remember some of the whoppers Obongo sold the willing listeners of America:

-If you like your current health insurance you can keep it. Over 10,000,000 Americans have been dropped from their policies so far and it’s only October 24th. Analysis–Obongo lied!

-If you like your doctor you can keep him. Actually thousands of doctors nationwide have decided to retire rather than work under Obamacare so millions of Americans are being forced to switch doctors. Millions more are losing their doctors because they are losing their current health plans. Analysis—Obongo lied!

-The average American Family will see their health insurance plans drop by $2500 per year. Actually, the average family is seeing between a 10% to 400% INCREASE in premiums coupled with ridiculous and unaffordable deductibles. Analysis—Obongo lied!

-Lastly, Obongo said that every American would be guaranteed access to affordable, high quality health care. In actuality, many fall between the cracks of receiving a subsidy and Medicaid. Still others may be able to afford the insanely high premiums but not the ridiculous deductibles and will simply not participate. Indeed one study finds that even with a successful Obamacare there would still be between 30-40,000,000 uninsured which is exactly where we started,so we will have destroyed the healthcare system for nothing!

So at the end of the day, when the dust settles, Representative Wilson was right when he shouted at Obama “You lie!” He was lying then and is lying now. Now on to immigration so he get his lie machine back in full operating mode and tell us how allowing 40 million more Americans into the country will actually CREATE more jobs! That way he can finish off the middle class once and for all!


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