Should We Really Celebrate Abraham Lincoln?

Posted: August 22, 2015 in politics, Politics

president-abraham-lincoln-k02142014newsbiz-90ae503bbcd974dc   As children we all learn about “Honest Abe” and how Lincoln fought the Civil War to free the slaves. Yet it is not until college or later that most Americans learn the truth.

The Civil War was fought for money,company profits and government tariff revenues. The war was political pay back in return for the Northeastern manufacturing interests which supported the Republican Party and Lincoln’s campaign for the presidency.

Early in his career, Abraham Lincoln was an honorable statesman. Unfortunately, later, he was corrupted by election year politics and special interests. He knew what he was doing was both morally wrong and unconstitutional which is why he was so deeply depressed and lamented the war. In the end,he succumbed to the allure of money, power and ego just as politicians do today.

In fact, Lincoln said "Any people anywhere, being inclined and having the power, have the right to rise up and shake off the existing government, and form a new one that suits them better. This is a most valuable, a most sacred right – a right which we hope and believe is to liberate the world. Nor is this right confined to cases in which the whole people of an existing government may choose to exercise it. Any portion of such people, that can, may revolutionize, and make their own of so much of the territory as they inhabit.– Abraham Lincoln January 12, 1848

The cause of ending slavery was NOT the high and lofty goal that books and films would ascribe to Lincoln and the Northern States. Indeed Northerners had little use foe Blacks and had no interest in fighting to end slavery…none at all. This would later fuel the New York City Draft Riots where New Yorkers refused to fight to free Black Slaves.

The fact is that the North was losing the war and Lincoln felt a high, moral cause would help rally the Northern Armies.

Lincoln fought the war to preserve high tariffs and corporate profits for the Northeastern businesses. Earlier Lincoln had obviously favored the right of peaceful secession. But his ideals changed and he went on to provoke a war that killed 600,000 Americans, as a pay back to the eastern manufacturing establishment that bankrolled his presidential campaign.

These special interests clearly would have suffered massive financial loss if a low tariff, business friendly, Confederate States of America were allowed to be created on the North’s doorstep.  The Constitution clearly allows for states to democratically and constitutionally secede from the United States in lawful state constitutional conventions of secession, just as those states had joined the union in identical conventions.

The real reasons for the carnage and destruction of Lincoln’s War have been deliberately glossed over and conveniently forgotten by self righteous historians who, even today, continue to deny the truth and hide the ultimate costs of Lincoln’s American Holocaust.

Once Lincoln used the United States Army illegally and unconstitutionally to wage war against sovereign, southern states, the following wars became inevitable as George Washington’s warnings about avoiding foreign wars and entanglements was simply washed away by leaders who no longer felt bound by the constraints of the Constitution. The Spanish American War, occupation in Cuba, were the first expressions of the practice of simply ignoring the Constitution. It would culminate later with the unconstitutional Federal Reserve and income tax.

The fact that Lincoln alone was responsible for the slaughter of more Americans than in any other war is simply, conveniently ignored by historians more intent on perpetuating legends than tell the truth. Some 600,000 American dies as a result of Lincoln’s War.

While he pales in comparison to other butchers lit Pol Pot, Mao Tse Tung, Lenin, Stalin, Franco, etc… Lincoln does continue the ultimate truth that governments make war on their own people far more than they declare war on foreign countries and the slaughter is usually much more massive!

It’s important to look beyond the Gettysburg Address and the Emancipation Proclamation to what Lincoln actually did in prosecuting his illegal war. Lincoln denied the rights of citizens he was sworn to protect, suspended the writ of Habeas Corpus, closed courts by force, and arrested citizens and elected officials without cause. He raised troops without the consent of Congress and closed-down newspapers whose writers displayed any dissent to U.S. policy.

United States Army Troops razed the South and doomed generations of Southerners to poverty, for many years to come. General Sherman‘s “March to the Sea” was a marauding rampage of robbery, rape, and murder. These men were less soldiers on a military mission and more common thugs on a crime spree. Northern armies brought war to women, children, and privately held property deliberately, as a matter of official policy (rather than as so-called “collateral damage”).

Lincoln ordered the arrest of Baltimore police chief George P. Kane, as well as police commissioner Charles Howard, and fellow commissioners: William H. Gatchell, John W. Davis, and Charles D. Hinks. Baltimore Mayor George W. Brown was arrested and sent to Fort McHenry. The men were incarcerated because they dared to publicly disagree with Lincoln and refused to carry-out the President’s tyrannical orders. Where in the Constitution did Lincoln get these rights?

Baltimore was placed under federal control and a military police force was formed. Again, unconstitutionally.

Europe and South America ended the practice of slavery, and did so without murdering 700,000 of their own citizens using the issue as little more than political cover for an unpopular war. The fact is that slavery would have been ended in this country, without ever firing a shot because of technological advances which would have rendered slaves obsolete.

Contrary to popular belief (as perpetuated by government schools), slavery was a national institution, and was in no way unique to the South. Upon his inauguration, Lincoln could have freed the slaves in the Northern States immediately, which would have put severe diplomatic pressure on the South. However, besides being a tyrant. Lincoln was also an incredible hypocrite. His multitude of personal letters show his outright disgust for the black man and his true racist views.

It’s rarely discussed that Northern General U.S. Grant continued to hold a slave for nearly a year after the war. In fact, it took an act of Congress to finally free the man from Grant’s possession. While Northern General Tecumseh Sherman was arrested many times for brutally abusing several of his slaves.

At the same time, Confederate General Robert E. Lee freed all of his slaves prior to the start of the war. That act by the military leader of the South truly displays that for the Confederacy, the war was only about states’ rights and a just rebellion against tyranny…not about slavery! But these facts are rarely written about or discussed.

Abraham Lincoln’s American Civil Was had NOTHING to do with freeing oppressed blacks and everything to do with the federal government exerting complete control over all citizens. Lincoln’s actions were a direct assault upon the wishes of our founding fathers. He cared very little for the rule of law, as evidenced by his numerous suspensions of U.S. Constitutional rights.

There’s no doubt that had the Civil War ended with a different outcome, Lincoln and many of his generals would have been deservedly tried and convicted as war criminals. History would have been vastly different had Lincoln survived and completed his second term. Of course the victors write the history.

1. Lincoln waged a war that cost the lives of 620,000 Americans. Including the murder of 50,000 innocent Southern civilians.

2. He arrested several thousand Marylanders suspected of Southern sympathies, including 30 members of the State legislature, a US Congressman representing Maryland, the mayor and police commissioner of Baltimore, and most of the Baltimore city council. These political detainees were imprisoned in Fort McHenry and Point Lookout without trial, in many cases, for several years.

3. He suspended the writ of habeas corpus without the consent of Congress (as required by the Constitution).

4. He illegally shut down and confiscated the printing presses of dozens of newspapers that had spoken out against him.

5. He re-instated and summarily promoted an Army officer who had been court martialed and cashiered by the US Army for war crimes.

6. He had an arrest warrant issued for the Chief Justice of the US Supreme Court because said justice refused to back his illegal actions.

7. Chief Justice Roger B Taney ruled that Lincolns actions were illegal, criminal and unconstitutional.

8. He invaded the South without the consent of Congress as required by the Constitution.

9. He blockaded Southern ports without a declaration of war, as required by the Constitution.

10. He imprisoned without trial, hundreds of newspaper editors and owners and censored all newspaper and telegraph communication.

11. He created two new states without the consent of the citizens of those states in order to artificially inflate the Republican Party’s electoral vote.

12. He ordered Federal troops to interfere with Northern elections to assure his Parties victories.

13. He confiscated private property, including firearms, in violation of the Second Amendment; and effectively gutted the Tenth and Ninth Amendments as well.

14. He had his Generals attack US cities full of women and children and burn them to the ground.

Lastly, Lincoln allowed and indeed encouraged the targeting of innocent civilians on a massive scale. Sherman himself admitted after the war that he was taught at West Point that he could be hanged for the things he did. Last, Lincoln had no use for Blacks. In fact , he had an elaborate plan to deport all Blacks out of the United States. Initially he wanted to deport them to Africa, but felt they wouldn’t be accepted. So instead he devised a plan to send every single Black in America to South America. Lincoln may have freed the slaves, but he didn’t love them or even like them!

So before we go celebrating Abraham Lincoln’s hypocritical words, let’s consider his hypocritical deeds first.


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