Save The Lions, Kill The Babies? Welcome To America In 2015

Posted: August 22, 2015 in politics, Politics
I look back to the way I was raised. I grew up in the 70’s and 80’s, went to school and church and lived in a typical American Family with a mother, father,a sister and a brother. I am the oldest and as such was supposed to set an example; and I did and still try to. Yet the way we grew up, loving our parents, our siblings, God and our country now we are told is all wrong.

We are told that words like and wife are no longer to be used. We are told that if we are religious and believe in God we are stupid and ignorant and somehow backward as if we can’t believe in science AND religion and intelligent design. We are told that men can be women and women can be men even when they have the wrong genitals! We are told we need genderless bathrooms and that men should be allowed to dress in women’s locker rooms and when women complain, they are thrown out of the health club and have their membership revoked!

To me, we are living in an upside down America that is some sort of evil, nonsensical mirror image of the America I grew up in and loved. In many cases the “good old days” really weren’t so good. But in my cases, as a 49 year old White male, the good old days really WERE good! Men were men and women were women and Bruce Jenner was on the Wheaties Box, not on the cover of a woman’s magazine!

Now the entire world, ESPECIALLY self righteous, left wing democrat, liberal, progressives in America are incensed….infuriated…simply beside themselves that an American Dentist went to Africa, got a legal hunting permit and shot and killed a lion, named Cecil.  How dare he? This man actually did something people have been doing for centuries: sport hunting. Sport hunting like President Theodore Roosevelt once did. Yet somehow, somehow this man has become the focus of evil in the modern world! His dental practice has been targeted and actually forced to close and his life is being threatened. The outcry is profound!

Yet at the very same time, the fourth in a series of undercover videos surfaces, showing "doctors" from Planned Parenthood discussing the best way to deliver aborted fetuses so that their body parts can be harvested for the maximum income; and there is no mainstream outcry. None at all. In fact Planned Parenthood, the very organization started by eugenicist Margaret Sanger who wanted to abort the African American race out of existence has been playing the victim claiming the recordings are “doctored” “taken out of context” and simply “distortions;” despite the fact that the recording have been released in their entirety! There are no mistakes. These barbaric animals discuss the appropriate ways to remove fetal brains and organs while eating their salad and sipping white wine. It’s casual conversation like discussing a movie! Again, where is the outrage?

It seems as though only conservative are outraged and liberals don’t even want to address the videos. They are just to be ignored and why? Why? Because they know there’s simply no defense. The leftist, liberal, progressives who run the public schools and child welfare organizations and pretend to hold the welfare of children above all else see these poor unborn babies as a commodity to be bought and sold like beef sides or pork bellies.

Of course what re we to expect in a country where people define baby murder as healthcare. Yep. let’s call it what it is…baby murder…infanticide. Murder is not healthcare. Setting broken bones, administering antibiotics, suturing wounds, those are examples of healthcare. Murder is NOT healthcare and pregnancy is NOT an illness! Of course the other camouflage is a “woman’s right to choose.”  Right to choose what? Murder? Funny how we create such interesting moral conundrums for ourselves where a woman can CHOOSE to murder her baby out of convenience. Yet if she is shot and killed while she is pregnant and the unborn baby dies the killer is charged with a double murder. How does that work?

Which brings me full circle to Cecil the lion. Disney’s “Lion King” and many other cartoons portray horrific, carnivorous beasts as gentle, playful, human creatures which we anthropomorphize as people. We make them talk and sing and laugh and love. meanwhile lions murder and eat villagers throughout Africa on a daily basis and the Africans…the very people one would expect to be upset about the death of Cecil can’t understand what the big deal is and why Americans are interfering in Africans issues. How true.

How can America or Americans, ESPECIALLY pro-abortion Americans like our bungling, Muslim, impostor president claim moral authority when it comes to killing lions when they support killing fact killing them right into the third trimester. Indeed our King, his exulted Highness King Obongo has supported every single form of abortion including partial birth abortion where is is well documented that the babies have complete sensation and feel pain completely. Yet we and he are outraged over the shooting of a lion! Maybe if Planned Parenthood was killing lion babies and chopping them up for parts to sell Americans would be outraged, because clearly they don’t care about human babies!


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