Let’s Talk Trump

Posted: August 22, 2015 in politics, Politics

It seems as though everyone from the mainstream media to Red State.com are having a meltdown over Donald Trump’s comments regarding Megyn Kelly. They are also attacking Trump for changing his positions and supporting democrats in the past including Hillary Clinton.

So let’s look at Trump’s flip flop. Yes, he is guilty as charged. Guess who else was guilty of flip flopping? He went from being California’s top democrat and president of the Screen Actors’ Guild…a MASSIVE union to being arguably, the greatest republican president of all time and the sole standard bearer for conservative republicanism and the Goldwater republicans. Reagan famously said, “I didn’t leave the democrat party. The democrat party left me.”

Trump did much the same. As a businessman, he greased the people he needed to grease to succeed in business. Some were democrats, some were republicans. All were related to his business dealings. He finally got to the point where his conscience kicked in and he said “No mas!” He became a conservative republican; JUST like Ronald Reagan did.

As far as Megyn Kelly; the fix was clearly in. Fox was clearly given marching orders from someone to take Trump down. Every other candidate got opening questions on policy, while Trump was, instead, attacked for his past treatment of women! Scott Walker wasn’t attacked for his stand on unions. Huckabee wasn’t attacked for his Christian beliefs. Yet Trump was attacked. Instead of taking the time to attack lunatic Bernie Sanders or the Queen, Hillary Clinton; they deliberately provoked Trump in an effort to evoke a response. Well, they got one.

Unfortunately for Fox and Megyn Kelly, Trump was not injured and actually went up a few points in the polls because everyone who watched the “debate” saw right through Megyn Kelly’s attack. He responded like “The Donald” always does. Again; funny how he has been derided as unpresidential while Bill Clinton is worshiped and glorified to the tune of millions of dollars via the Clinton Foundation. I guess it’s ok for liberals to be presidential.

For what it’s worth, I, my family and many of my friends are now finished with Megyn Kelly and Fox. Too bad. The debates are about the candidates, NOT the moderators. One would think after the treatment republicans got in past debates from the liberal mainstream media, a conservative outlet like Fox would be safe. Apparently not.

So bye bye Fox. Megyn Kelly might have gotten a temporary ratings boost, but now both she and Fox will suffer. What she did was wrong and it is not Trump who owes her an apology, but rather Kelly who owes Trump the apology for grandstanding and wasting his time when she could have asked him a policy question. Grow up Ms. Kelly!


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