Illegal Aliens ARE Criminals Right?

Posted: August 22, 2015 in politics, Politics
In the massive discussion over amnesty, pathways to citizenship and what King Obongo calls The Dreamers, one thing is lost: They are all criminals! Every illegal alien is a criminal. They broke the law to get here! That makes them criminals right?

Here’s a thought. There are 11-12 million illegal aliens in America. Now the REAL unemployment number…not the bullshit number the government tells us is around 15%. So let’s start building buses, hiring bounty hunters and investigators to find the illegals, and building thew infrastructure to send these people back.

At the same time begin constructing a border wall, not a fence. We will be able to put people back to work AND take care of the illegals!

Just a thought…..If the dumbocrat/lefty/progressives and RINO’s get their way and we give the estimated 11 million illegal aliens a “path to citizenship” ie… amnesty, I have a question and here it is: Since all of these illegal aliens broke federal immigration law by illegally entering the United States, won’t they all have criminal records if someone were to do a background check? The answer would have to be yes right?

After all, if you break the law you are a criminal and they have all broken the law. Therefore, logically, they are all not only illegal aliens but criminals aren’t they? Just sayin.’


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