If Its Heart Is Beating, What Is It?

Posted: August 22, 2015 in politics, Politics
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Thu, 20th August, 2015

If it has a human face, is it a human being? If it has little arms and legs is it a human being? If it has ten fingers and ten little toes is it a human being? If it has all of these things and has a beating heart, is it a live human being? If so, and of we slice open this little human being, have we not just committed murder?

Logic is a peculiar thing. It burns away the false, the superfluous, the unnecessary, the emotional and what remains is truth. Two plus two is four. That is an indisputable truth no matter how you feel or what you may believe. No matter how emotionally invested you get believing that two plus two is eleven, it simply cannot be, because logic intervenes and gives us truth.

Likewise, the shortest distance from one point to another is a straight line. Now, you may WANT the shortest distance from one point to another to be a curve; but it simply cannot happen because logic dictates otherwise. You can rant, rave even demonstrate and the truth will remain the same. Truth is truth and facts are facts. They are irrefutable; regardless of how you may feel.

We have now seen numerous undercover videos from Planned parenthood. Yet they continue to deny the facts of what’s in those videos.  They seem to believe facts and logic do not apply to them.  These videos detail a system whereby organs, limbs, brains, etc… are harvested from aborted human fetuses and sold making millions of dollars to make a profit for Planned parenthood.

In the latest video, the discussion centers around cutting through the face of an unborn human fetus in order to most successfully harvest its brain. Planned Parenthood also shows how to cut into an unborn fetus while its heart is still beating. Hmmmmm, if this is just a collection of cells how can it have a face? How can it have a heart, let alone a beating one? If it has both isn’t it clearly life? Even if you say it’s not human life, like the left would have us believe isn’t it life nonetheless. If it were an animal and were tortured like this someone would be prosecuted. Why not in this case where the thing in question is clearly a human being?

I think what infuriates me the most is that for YEARS, we have been told by the left that abortion was not murdering human babies. These were not little human beings. They were simply tissue, clumps of cells, zygotes by any other name or description and their removal was simply like excising a tumor.

What they have demonstrated to the entire world thanks to the series of undercover videos taken in multiple places is that these are indeed little human beings, little human lives they are not just destroying, but in some cases torturing.

You see, only little human beings have human arms. legs, brains and organs. These are not baby cows, sheep, giraffes, lizards or anything else. These are little human beings. Don’t they deserve better than to be cut apart alive? Filleted like pieces of meat? Have their organs cut out of them while their hearts are still being and they can feel everything?

Can you imagine having someone slice into your face and cut their way through to open your face up and take out your brain…all with no Novocaine, no anesthetic? You would feel everything! Imagine being carved up for your body parts and your organs with no anesthetic. That’s what these ghouls are doing!

Make no mistake, the people doing this are ghouls. They are ghouls, plain and simple. These are EXACTLY the kind of horrific, grotesque, sickening things that Joseph Mengle did in the concentration camps in WWII. It’s horrible and most Americans seem to hear it and see it and yawn! Yawn!

If they don’t yawn, they just simply refuse to see the videos and the truth because then they will have to deal with the facts and they simply don’t want to. They refuse. They bury their heads in the sand and chant: Safe legal abortion, safe legal abortion, over and over. That way they can justify the acts of barbarism being committed with taxpayer money by Planned Parenthood.

God, whether you believe in him or not is coming. He is coming soon and he is going to judge this country. When he issues his judgement it is not going to go well for many Americans and or this country. We had better get ourselves and our nation squared away or it’s going to be ugly.


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