Do Black Lives Really matter? Does Any Life Matter?

Posted: August 22, 2015 in politics, Politics
I watched with my 11 year old (at the time) son last year as Black Citizens burned their own neighborhood stores, shops, etc… to the ground in protest over a White Police Officer shooting a Black Offender to death. My son couldn’t understand why these people were burning down and destroying their own town. I thought back to the Rodney King episode back in the early 1990’s and the L.A. Riots. The same things happened. At the time I thought the same thing. Why burn down my own home to protest something?

Fast forward to 2015 and I just watched some of the same nonsense again in Ferguson. To commemorate the one year anniversary of the shooting which was judged legal by a numerous law enforcement agencies, courts and even the Eric Holder USDOJ, these same people again took to the streets chanting that they wanted war. I thought war on whom? On all Whites? Why? I had nothing to do with that. Nor did anyone I know. Even so, the shooting was judged legal and necessary.

So it made me wonder even more. These people from Ferguson and NYC have gone on to create what’s called the Black Lives Matter movement. They disrupt political events, they protest government agencies and officials, etc…. They basically pushed democrat presidential candidate Bernie Sanders off the stage at his most recent campaign event and simply took over. But that wasn’t enough. Then they went on to set up a pseudo kangaroo court to put him on trial for not caring enough about Blacks.

Then on to Jeb Bush, republican presidential campaign. Bush met with them before an event yesterday, but that didn’t stop them from disrupting his event near the end. He then went to shake one of their hands and the BLM member hesitated awkwardly, but finally shook Bush’s hand. They then started the chant that Black Lives matter. Last week at democrat presidential candidate Martin O’malley’s campaign event, they forced him off the stage and attacked him mercilessly after he said, Black Lives matter, White Lives matter, ALL lives matter. They forced him to recant and state that only Black Lives matter.

What does that mean? Here is a man running for president and he was forced to say that ONLY Black Lives matter! I was astonished! So I guess all other ethnic groups: Whites, Hispanics, Asians, etc… should just what, disappear? More importantly, how does a presidential candidate ALLOW himself to be bullied into such a clearly racist, hateful response? Is he going to only be the president of Blacks or all of the people?

So let me ask the question. Don’t ALL lives matter? Before we answer the question, let’s add to this discussion the now, six undercover videos from the Margaret Sanger founded Planned Parenthood. For decades they have told us abortion was not killing people. These were not babies, nor were they human. They were collections of cells, zygotes, etc… then in the undercover videos we see little tiny arms and legs on a petri dish and we hear Planned Parenthood workers saying things like, "Oh there’s a boy…oh there’s another boy."

Clearly to Planned Parenthood, NO LIVES MATTER. Only profit matters. Clearly to the Black Lives Matter Group only Blacks have any value in America. Or Do they? While they disrupt high exposure meetings, events, etc… they overlook what is going on in Hell Holes like Detroit and Chicago where Blacks KILL Blacks by the dozens on an average weekend. Where’s the outrage? Where’s the outrage against Blacks killing Blacks?

Moreover, where’s the outrage against Planned Parenthood? When you look at the number of abortions performed by them, the vast majority of abortions are on Blacks…..not Whites, Hispanics, or any other group, but Blacks. Shouldn’t "Black Lives Matter" be protesting Planned Parenthood who are chugging ahead full steam with Margaret Sanger’s agenda?

We have murdered fifty nine million babies since Roe v Wade. Fifty nine million! Most of them Black! So do Black Lives really matter? Do any lives really matter? At the same time yesterday the state of Connecticut’s Supreme Court ruled that the death penalty is unconstitutional. Really? Why? Who are we saving? So murderers cant TAKE life but their own are protected, while at the same time Blacks murder each other in the streets and abortion mills murder babies with the efficiency and care of an auto assembly line?

As Americans we need to ask ourselves, "Does life matter to us as a people, a nation, a culture?" Do we really care? If we do, we need to start taking action to show it. Not just Blacks, but Whites , Asians, Hispanics, ALL Americans. We need to stop killing the future Thomas Edisons, Steve Jobbes, Bill Gates, before they are even born!

We condemn Al Qaeda and ISIS/ISIL and terrorists all over the world for how little they value human life. Yet look at America. Look at our inner cities. Look at Planned Parenthood. Whether killing in an abortion clinic or on the streets with a gun or knife, murder is murder. How can we claim to value human life when we don’t?

We need to start ACTING like ALL lives really DO matter. Let’s stop the abortions. Let’s stop the inner city murder fueled by drugs and gang activity. Let’s put our families back together because having a mom and a dad DO MATTER! We had better wake up as a nation because if ALL lives don’t matter….NO LIVES MATTER.


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