Civil War or Revolution: Which One Is Coming?

Posted: August 22, 2015 in politics, Politics
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Give me a moment while I climb up on my soapbox. There that’s better. Now, close your eyes and take a deep breath. Now, imagine a place where all people were equal and no group, ethnicity or religion got any preferential treatment over any other. Imagine a place where all people were treated the same regardless of skin color. Imagine a place where citizens had a list of written, guaranteed rights the government could never take away or infringe on. Imagine a place where citizens had the right to bear arms to protect themselves and their families from tyranny and to protect their liberties. Imagine a place where people were to choose, free to live, learn, do what they wanted to do; not what some king or government bureaucrat told them to. Imagine a place where citizens had control over their bodies and what was, and was not put into them.Imagine a place that protected private property and where taxation was fair, reasonable and made sense. Imagine a place where the laws were made to protect rights, not to diminish them. Imagine a place where you were free to worship as you chose without fear of government infringement. Imagine a place where government existed for the benefit of the citizens, not the other way around. Imagine a place where where the federal government had ONLY the powers that the states and the people had given it. Imagine a place where the government protected liberty instead of curtailing it. Imagine a place where the government protected its citizens from all enemies, both foreign and domestic and controlled its borders so that citizens would be secure. Imagine a place where privacy was valued and protected, especially from government intrusion. Imagine a place where the government had the consent of the governed.

Imagine such a place…a place where basic rights were believed to have been bestowed not by man, but by God and hence every citizen was born with them. A set of fundamental rights so very fundamental, so very important that they had to put them in writing so nothing would be left to chance or interpretation. These ten amendments were believed so important that they were listed before all others! Over two hundred years ago a group of men got together from all walks of life and put together a plan for a new form of government…a form of government that would make America the envy of the world.

That place WAS The United States of America. In 1861 that came to an end with the first shot of the American Civil War. A war NOT fought for slavery, but rather for states to continue to have the rights enumerated in the Constitution. Regardless of what those rights were, the states had exercised those rights and had never agreed to surrender them to the federal government. President Abraham Lincoln disagreed and went on to wage war against his own fellow countrymen pitting family against family, brother against brother. While slavery was an issue the South fought to preserve; ending slavery was NEVER seen as something worth fighting for by Northern Soldiers who had just as much contempt for Blacks as Southerners did. Indeed before the Civil War, America was ALWAYS referred to as “these” United States because America was a collection of sovereign states that had voluntarily joined the union.

After the civil war, America was simple referred to as “the” United States. The forced union had taken away the sovereignty of the states forever and they had all in effect, become one. You see, before the civil war, America was correctly perceived as a collection of states which had agreed to get together for a common good and had agreed to give certain powers to a central, federal government. All of the rights the states did NOT give to the federal government were to be retained by the states and the people.

After the civil war, the federal government began TAKING rights away from states and citizens. THAT was never the intent of the Constitution which is spelled out in writing. Pandora’s Box was now open. A government and a country which had lasted from 1789 until 1865 would never be the same again. Then came reconstruction with all of its problems; followed by the industrial revolution in America which exploded bringing with it new technology, new growth and of course, new problems.

The United States of America had expanded from the Atlantic to the Pacific…from Mexico to Canada. It’s farms fed the nation and the world. Its factories mechanized the nation connected by mighty railroads. It’s people melted together into one nation under God from all over the world; with cultures customs, foods and ideas that all became, American! America grew and prospered and was truly the land of the free and the home of the brave.

America stood for moral values, truth, justice, honesty and good; but when the nineteenth century turned into the twentieth century, all of this changed. They called themselves the “Progressives” and were led by Robert LaFollete of Wisconsin. The Progressives felt that America’s growing problems could and should only be solved by the federal government and that the government should be supreme over the individual. They felt that many of the rights guaranteed by the Constitution were flawed. The progressives decided it needed to be changed. Because after all, if it ain’t broken, let’s fix it anyway!

Unhappy with what had arguably become the greatest nation on earth, this group of liberal, left wing idealists decided that government was the solution to all of the growing pains this republic was having and that government and only government could solve people’s problems; hence it should reign supreme and the rights and needs of the individual should be secondary to the government. Thus, they embarked on a program to change America. They knew it would take decades, but were willing to wait and slowly chip away.

The actions that would truly lead to the demise of the United States Constitution would arguably take place early in the twentieth century: the founding of the Federal Reserve Bank and the imposition of the Federal Income Tax. These two actions taken together and coupled with actions taken later in the century by other progressives, namely Franklin D Roosevelt, Lyndon B Johnson and Richard M Nixon would lead to the destruction of the Constitution and the slow, but steady collapse of the American Economy and American Society. What they didn’t do, George W Bush and Barack Hussein Obama did!

America had grown and prospered. It had saved civilization from two world wars, put a man on the moon and split the atom. Yet problems still remained. Nagging economic and social problems exasperated by 50 years of liberal promises and the make believe “War on Poverty” started by LBJ who had done little more than create generational poverty where in some parts of the inner cities grandmother, mother and daughter all lived in the same apartment, receiving government assistance; food stamps, WIC, AFDC, you name it. No educations, no jobs, no hope. The inner city schools had failed because the progressives forced integration and busing and middle class Whites said “Nope. Not my kids.” They moved out of the cities and took their tax money with them, which left the inner cities to fall into disrepair and decay and the educational process along with them. Populated by gangs, drugs guns and violence against students, even teachers. When a few of conscience tried to clean up the mess, the progressives slapped them down as well.

The Founders, Thomas Jefferson in particular believed that an “enlightened citizenry” was CRUCIAL for a republic to function. That is the main reason we have public schools in America. However, the Progressives hijacked the public schools along with the teachers’ unions and instead of encouraging independent thought and critical thinking; decided to turn out mind numbed drones who neither think, nor question and are used as guinea pigs in the grand social experiment of the left in America! The United States spends more money per student than any other country on Earth; yet we consistently lag behind every other country particularly in math and science. Instead of teaching the three R’s; we teach anger management and multiculturalism!

Students emerge from the public schools programmed to be good little progressive, liberal drones who believe the government can and will solve all of their problems and the world needs to be fair for everyone. All the way through school we have eliminated winners and losers as not to damage their delicate self esteem. So EVERYONE gets a trophy…winners AND losers. Then when the kids get to college they can’t understand why they get failing grades! They can’t understand why they cant keep a job and get fired! They can’t understand why they don’t get rewarded for everything because all the way through school, instead of teaching them to be competitive to win, we have taught them to be kind and gentle and play just for the sake of the game!

They get to college and they cant read. They cant write. They cant think critically. They can’t balance a checkbook and they have no idea how their own government works; nor do they care. They have no concept of what it means to be a good citizen or even what citizenship is. Yet we wonder why we repeatedly elect the same political morons and imbeciles and allow them to feed at the public trough.

Now we have reached the point where Blacks murder Blacks wholesale by the dozens on the weekends in American cities. Yet when a White kills a Black, or a White policeman kills a Black, it becomes a national circus led by ringmasters, the likes of race baiting ass clowns like Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson. Both of whom claim to be reverends but seem to be little more than shakedown artists and tax cheats looking for face time in the lame stream media!

We have arrived at the point where Blacks in America walk the streets demonstrating and yes, rioting chanting the “Black Lives matter,” and chanting “What do we want…WAR,” “When do we want it…NOW!” An America where politicians say ”All lives matter” and are forced to APOLOGIZE and say that only Black lives matter and they do it!!!

We have a federal budget deficit that it out of control. We have a federal debt that is approaching twenty trillion dollars and can NEVER be repaid! The Constitution has become a hollow document where nearly every one of our fundamental rights has been abridged, curtailed or disregarded! Free speech is limited to “Free speech zones!” Certain words are not allowed to be spoken and are considered hate speech! Our right to privacy is all but gone because of things like “No knock” warrants where police dressed in full military battle gear use battering rams to smash in the front doors of homes to make arrests and often kill the wrong people at 3 am! We have allowed a surveillance state where EVERY phone call, EVERY cell call, EVERY email, EVERY text message is intercepted, categorized, studied and stored and in classic Nazi Style, we are told that if we have nothing to hide we have nothing to fear!

We are forced to pay taxes in order to exercise our right to own private property. If we don’t pay it is taken by the state. This is called extortion! Our right to bear arms is limited, taxed, registered and in some cases lost because of criminal offenses, which in many cases are non-violent and have nothing to do with guns! We are told that our fundamental rights are God given. Yet the government curtails or takes them away. THAT was always the basic foundation of the American Constitution and what set America apart from every other government around the world. ONLY the United States Constitution SPECIFICALLY outlined our basic fundamental rights and clearly…clearly stated that our rights were innate and present at birth.

They were NOT given to us by a government, but rather we were born with them! In every other government, rights were granted by the state! But not in America. Yet somehow in 2015 Americans can lose their rights. They can commit a felony for writing bad checks or driving drunk and lose their right to defend themselves and their family since felons cannot bear arms. They lose the right to sit on a jury because felons cannot be jurors. They lose the right to hold public office because in most states felons cannot hold office. Finally and perhaps most importantly, they lose the right to vote…the most critical right in a republic because in most states felons cannot vote! Yet felons can be taxed! In one breath we are told these rights are given to us by God. Yet in another breath they are taken away by man…specifically a tyrannical government. How can something given by God be taken by man? Then Founders would be ashamed!

Politicians make speeches and use fancy words to try and speak above the common American. Yet their words are hollow and offer no relief and no hope. They all add up to nothing more than elected used car salesmen who sell clunkers and lemons to the American People! Americans watch week after week as a loaf of bread approaches $5 and a gallon of milk approaches $6, a pound of butter is $3 and we are told there is no inflation!

When GW Bush left office a gallon of gasoline was $1.86. Today it is nearly $3 a gallon and there is a massive world oil glut, and we are told there is no inflation! People are losing their homes! Living pay check to pay check! Mortgaging their futures and living on credit cards and we are told everything is just peachy! Our Federal Reserve Bank has monetized trillions of dollars after they repeatedly said they would never monetize debt; and the more fiat currency they print, the less our dollars are worth. Worthless dollars which, thanks to Richard Nixon are backed by nothing!

I have merely scratched the surface of the issues America faces in 2015. I haven’t even touched on many issues because I could write a book if I really went into detail! Many people believe an economic collapse is coming. I count myself among them because the path we are on is simply unsustainable. It simply can’t continue. They believe there will be an economic collapse and a civil war…or a race war or a combination of both. I disagree. I believe there will be bloodshed. I believe the US Military will split and part of it will stand with the tyrannical US Government and the rest will side with the people and we will have a second revolution.

Yes, a second American Revolution to throw out the United States Code which adds over 1000 new laws every year! 1000 new laws! The revolution will restore the United States Constitution and the Bill of Rights with changes that guarantee we NEVER, EVER get to this place again! It’s time. Republics and democracies generally, historically last about 200 years at the most. We are due for a revolution. The Founders knew it. They EXPECTED it! Thomas Jefferson wrote “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of tyrants.” The Founders also believed that “When the people fear the government there is tyranny. But when the government fears the people there is liberty.” Right now there is tyranny! It’s time for a second American Revolution. Which side will you be on?


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