America’s Moral Authority? Please

Posted: August 22, 2015 in politics, Politics
Mass murder? Mass killings? The worst of the worst in world history?  Genocide? Well, let’s just take a look:
Mao Tse Tung murdered 49,000,000 people……..
Joseph Stalin murdered 9,000,000 people………
Adolph Hitler murdered 12,000,000 people…………
Kim IL Sung murdered 1,600,000 people………
Hideki Tojo murdered 5,000,000 people………….
Pol Pot murdered 1,700,000 people………….

Abortions in the United States since Roe vs Wade……approximately  54,500,000!!!!  That’s right…the United States of America has murdered almost 55 million people!

So who is the world’s worst mass murderer? over 54 million Americans MURDERED, yes, MURDERED since the passing of Roe v Wade and the creation of a Constitutional Right to murder unborn babies in America!

We Americans have been murdering babies for 40 years and now we chop them up and sell their body parts (thank you Planned Parenthood) we allow man on man and woman on woman relations and now we have created a Constitutional Right to "Gay Marriage," we celebrate, yes CELEBRATE transgender freaks as though they are somehow courageous! God is going to judge America and it’s not going to be pretty! Not at all! Make sure you stand up and have your voice heard saying NO to all of these abominations!

Too many times throughout history, people sat idly by and said and did nothing as things around them went horribly wrong like Nazi Germany and Communist Russia. Don’t be one of those people. Make sure you voice your opinion and your voice is clearly heard lest you be judged with these degenerates! America has become a very, very sick nation. God help us all because Americans are being conditioned to think these things are not only normal, but good.


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